Stacie Boone

Stacie moved to Tallahassee in 1997 with her husband Gavin Boone.  Gavin’s family is a long time Tallahassee family.  Gavin was born and raised in Tallahassee and is a graduate of Leon High School.  Gavin’s father, Eddie Boone, spent his career in Tallahassee as the Leon County Sheriff.

Stacie Boone Tallahassee Real Estate

Prior to moving to Tallahassee, Stacie and Gavin lived and worked in Atlanta, Georgia where she called home during her high school and college days.  Stacie received her B.A. in accounting from Furman University in Greenville, SC where she also met Gavin.  After graduation she worked in Atlanta in public accounting at Arthur Andersen doing tax work.

Stacie and Gavin moved to Tallahassee to start their family and live close to relatives.  They wanted to raise their children in a smaller close nit community and away from the hectic city life.  They have two children.  Graham is 17 and is at Lincoln High School.  Anna is 15 and is in 9th grade at Montford Middle School.

Stacie enjoys spending time with her husband and kids and participating in their activities which include golf, baseball and volleyball.  She works with the middle school girls in the youth group at Celebration Baptist Church.

After leaving Atlanta she worked as the Finance Director for the Leon County Sheriff’s office.  She left this job she loved to stay at home with her two small children.  As they got a little older, Stacie had the opportunity to get her real estate license and work part time with her brother in law in his small real estate firm.  This was a very natural progression for Stacie as she had always had an interest in homes and home improvement.

Stacie joined Joe Manausa Real Estate at its inception and is a very important contributor to our customer service solution. She is able to use her expertise in tax and accounting to help her clients in the financial end of their buying and selling decisions.

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#1 By don dorough at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

hi stacie - i don't know if you remember me and sylvia but we were good friends with you parents for many years. we have lost touch with them - no christmas card last year and this year ours was returned.

have they moved.. i hope everything is ok. would love to talk with them if you can give me their phone no.

thanks ---= don

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