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Special Weekly Real Estate ReportNinety weeks after we started reporting real estate news with the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter, we are instituting a change in our publication schedule in order to improve upon our timely reporting service. As advocates of the "if it ain't broken ... break it!" school of change, we felt that we had more to offer.

In the past, the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter was published every third Monday and it contained charts, graphs, and analysis of the Tallahassee real estate market, as well as an update on important real estate news. When readers had questions, they were most often addressed in replies via email (and thus were not available to the rest of the subscribers). We are going to try something new which might allow for a better distribution of reader prompted insight.

Weekly Special Real Estate News ReportThe "Weekly Special" real estate news report will be a short, simple, one or two page single-graph report that will demonstrate a singular observation in the real estate market. With over 100 real estate graphs that we update on a regular basis, there should be plenty of material with which to work.

We will publish the "Weekly Special" every Monday morning, except on the third Monday of each month, when we will publish the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter. By changing the newsletter to a monthly publishing schedule, we believe it will free up enough time to provide these responsive weekly reports.

Reader Feedback Requested

As always, we wish to solicit feedback from our readership in order to help guide the direction of the real estate blog, the newsletter, and now the "Weekly Special" real estate news report.

We usually find that our best-read material comes from reader questions and feedback, so we wish to perpetuate this an open offer for questions which we can address in all three publications. Your questions will guide our discussions.

If you have already subscribed to the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter, then you are all set to receive the "Weekly Special." If you have not yet done so, you can click here to subscribe to both the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter and the "Weekly Special" real estate news report.

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