Pending Home Sales Rising March 7, 2010

Pending home sales are on the rise in the Tallahassee real estate market. The 365 day trend of pending home sales is monitored daily by the best real estate agents in the Tallahassee housing market as a barometer of current and future market movements.

In the real estate graph below, we can see both the fall of pending home sales (reaching a market bottom in mid July of 2009) as well as the rise from the bottom of the housing market.

A pending home sale is a property in which a buyer and seller have agreed to terms, and is currently in the due diligence stage of the transactions. Many of these that are recorded never turn into a real home sale, but a good percentage of them do. That is why the measurement of pending home sales gives us a forward looking perspective on what should occur in the next 30 to 60 days in closed home sales.

The pending home sales graph above indicates that the number of homes that are selling in Tallahassee will continue to rise. They key date in the near future will be to sell what happens to this trend after the Homebuyer Tax Credit expires on June 30, 2010. With no extension to be found, we will see if the stimulus was just a short-term assist or if it actually stimulated the recover of a very distressed housing market.

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