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I was recently contacted by Kathy Fredericks, the publisher of many fine Home Owner Association newsletters in the Tallahassee real estate market. Kathy was hoping I could generate some "quick" content relevant to SummerBrooke and Ox Bottom Manor on the Northeast side of Tallahassee. I think this post will be pretty quick, but you will have to be the judge on relevancy...

Two of the larger neighborhoods in Northeast Tallahassee are Ox Bottom Manor and SummerBrooke. I have watched them grow from upstarts to mostly-full developments over the past 17 years. The homes in these two communities are larger than the Tallahassee median and they cost more as well. As a quick overview, I went to the Leon County Tax records in order to see the historic sales in each of the subdivisions. For the purpose of this blog, I have combined Ox Bottom Manor, Ox Bottom Estates and Ox Bottom into one subdivision that is titled "Ox Bottom." Therefore, in each of our market graphs, you will see four subdivisions. Ox Bottom, Ox Bottom Gardens, Ox Bottom Reserve, and Summerbrooke.

Ox Bottom And Summerbrooke Long-Term Trend

Tallahassee-Ox-bottom This first graph shows us the kind of information that homeowners love to see. Values climbing over time. This is the reason that people choose to buy homes rather than rent. All four neighborhoods represented in the graph have done very well over the long-term.

Ox Bottom And Summerbrooke Short-Term Trend

Tallahassee Summerbrooke The trend for the past two years has been one of recovery for these strong Northeast Tallahassee communities. As you can see, the run-up in prices was very steep and each community is seeing corrective pricing at this time. The following table shows how much the average price has fallen from its high in each corresponding neighborhood:

Subdivision Value vs. Market High
Ox Bottom -17%
Ox Bottom Gardens -6%
Ox Bottom Reserve -8%
Summerbrooke -8%

Look for an in-depth analysis of the Ox Bottom communities and the Summerbrooke community near the first of November. If you would like to see something specific included in that analysis, please use the comment feature of this blog.

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