Free Webinar Teaches Modern Home Selling Techniques

Modern Home Selling Techniques WebinarTo sell as many homes as Joe Manausa Real Estate, you have to understand the process that the HOME BUYER undergoes … and this is always changing.

Just as other industries have had their standards of practice turned upside-down by the internet, so too has the real estate brokerage business. The process of marketing a home to sell looks very different than it did just ten years ago, and homeowners must have an understanding of modern home selling techniques if they want to succeed in a market where sixty percent of home sellers are failing.

Our local office is fortunate to belong to the Joe Manausa Real Estate network and to take advantage of the research that only a large organization can afford and address in our ever-evolving technical world. The use of the internet to sell a home was only a thought just five years ago, now modern home selling techniques center on using the internet as the primary method of exposing a home to the most prospective buyers in the market.

Modern Home Selling Techniques Reflect Buyer Behavior

The most recent poll of homebuyers by the National Association of REALTORS® showed that 94% of homebuyers used the internet during their home buying process, so our organization has researched buyer behavior and has developed processes that ensure that our listed properties are exposed to the right types of buyers. You might think selling a home is all about exposure, but that is just not so, it is only a piece of the puzzle.

We know that roughly 60% of the homes that hit the market over the past year failed to sell, and 100% of these properties were "exposed" on all the major real estate websites. Obviously, if being on these sites that offer the most gross exposure counts does not sell a home, there must be something missing in the traditional real estate marketing plan.

Learn Modern Home Selling Techniques

Joe Manausa Real Estate has prepared a Free Webinar to present modern home selling techniques to the public. We are researching the best time to offer the webinar, so please take part in the opinion poll below to tell us when the most convenient time would be for you to attend. If you have no interest in the webinar, you can make that known as well. Remember, if you subscribe to the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog by email, you will need to "click through" to the blog site to participate in the poll (and we want you to do so!). Thank you for your feedback.

Reader Poll: Would You Attend A Free Webinar?

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I hope you'll attend AGI.

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