Kingsmill Listings And Home Sales June 2023

Situated on the east side of Thomasville Road just north of Northampton, Kingsmill offers residents convenience, transportation access, and A-rated schools.

The homes in Kingsmill exude charm and character, featuring a modern architectural style that is consistent with what today's buyer wants. Kingsmill boasts well-maintained yards and picturesque landscaping, creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment.

With its newer homes, strong community spirit, and easy access to amenities, this neighborhood offers a welcoming and fulfilling living experience in Tallahassee.

1 Property

Kingsmill Schools

Kingsmill is so popular today because it offers great prices, a premium location, and A-rated schools.

The highly sought-after Leon County public schools for which Kingsmill is zoned include:

Due to the neighborhood's small size, there are rarely homes available in Kingsmill. But demand for these homes remains near an all-time high, so if you are considering selling, you will be pleasantly surprised at what a top real estate marketing plan will deliver in today's market.

In this report, take a close look at home price trends, home value trends, home size trends in Kingsmill, and the table of all closed home sales going back to 1991. 

For the real estate graphs found in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis) and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative below is for sales through December for all previous years but through the first week of June in 2023. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated in the future (meaning, bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Kingsmill).

Kingsmill Home Prices

The average home price in Kingsmill has risen more than 4% in 2023 to $419K (though the "average" is just one home sold).

Homeowners who aggressively pre-market their homes will sell immediately upon hitting the market. There is just one home for sale in Kingsmill, and it is already under contract with a buyer.

Kingsmill Home Values

The average home value in Kingsmill in 2022 was $251 per square foot. The one home sold thus far in 2023 went for nearly 4% higher.

The average home value in Kingsmill thus far in 2023 is $260 per square foot.

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Kingsmill Home Sizes

The average size of the homes sold in Kingsmill typically falls between 1,600 and 1,900 square feet, and this year has been no different.

The one home sold in Kingsmill thus far in 2023 was measured at 1,611 square feet.

Kingsmill Home Sales

The following lists all home sales in Kingsmill since the first home sold here in 2014.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
3341 Sagee Place$415,000$2522024-01-2220141,644Resale
5832 Bascom Drive$405,000$2252023-06-1620161,803Resale
5877 Bascom Drive$419,000$2602023-05-0920151,611Resale
3313 Sagee Pl$424,500$2052023-05-0120142,065Resale
5873 Bascom Drive$385,000$2422022-07-2920141,588Resale
5877 Bascom Dr$419,000$2602022-04-2820151,611Resale
3325 Sagee Place$419,000$2202021-10-2820141,908Resale
5865 Bascom Drive$400,000$1922021-06-0420142,083Resale
5820 Bascom Drive$350,000$1942021-05-1920161,803Resale
3313 Sagee Place$400,000$1942021-05-1420142,065Resale
3341 Sagee Place$320,000$1952020-08-1220141,644Resale
3305 Sagee Place$315,000$1952020-07-2720161,616Resale
3333 Sagee Place$313,500$1882020-07-2120141,666Resale
3309 Sagee Place$310,000$1922020-03-3120151,616Resale
5876 Bascom Drive$415,000$1662020-02-2720152,502Resale
3337 Sagee Place$337,500$1512020-01-2420142,241Resale
3345 Sagee Place$300,000$1822019-09-1220141,644Resale
5820 Bascom Drive$315,000$1752019-06-0420161,803Resale
3357 Sagee Place$287,000$1782019-02-1520151,611Resale
5824 Bascom Drive$305,000$1702018-09-2620161,798Resale
3329 Sagee Place$277,000$1682017-10-2520141,644Resale
5832 Bascom Drive$285,450$1592017-01-0920161,798New
5824 Bascom Drive$279,575$1552016-12-0720161,798New
5812 Bascom Drive$284,000$1582016-11-1820161,798New
3357 Sagee Place$258,000$1602016-11-1820151,616Resale
3357 Sagee Pl$258,000$1602016-10-2620141,611Resale
5808 Bascom Drive$327,998$1342016-10-0720162,444New
5873 Bascom Drive$251,838$1532016-09-2020141,646New
5828 Bascom Drive$278,700$1552016-08-2920161,798New
5852 Bascom Dr.$293,682$1632016-06-3020161,798New
5816 Bascom Drive$278,700$1552016-06-2420151,798New
5846 Bascom Dr.$284,265$1582016-06-1720161,798New
3305 Sagee Place$249,000$1542016-06-0220161,616New
3337 Sagee Place Street$280,000$1252016-04-2220142,241Resale
5836 Bascom Drive$333,004$1362016-04-2220152,444New
5870 Bascom Drive$285,865$1592016-03-0420151,798New
5820 Bascom Drive$269,500$1502016-02-2220151,798New
5840 Bascom Drive$282,565$1572015-12-3020151,798New
3309 Sagee Place$258,833$1602015-12-1420151,616New
5864 Bascom Drive$284,415$1582015-11-2420151,798New
5876 Bascom Dr.$322,700$1322015-11-1920152,444New
3349 Sagee Place$259,226$1602015-09-3020141,616New
5881 Bascom Drive$256,523$1592015-09-1020151,616New
3357 Sagee Place$255,228$1582015-08-3120141,616New
5858 Bascom Drive$288,720$1612015-08-2720151,798New
3353 Sagee Pl$256,423$1592015-08-2120141,616New
3301 Sagee Place$256,588$1592015-08-1420151,616New
5877 Bascom Drive$263,018$1632015-07-0220151,616New
5885 Bascom Drive$259,608$1612015-06-1620151,616New
3325 Sagee Pl.$275,000$1362015-05-0820142,026New
Sagee Pl$263,200--2014-12-292014--New
Sagee Pl$295,400--2014-12-082014--New
5865 Bascom Dr$288,800--2014-12-022014--New
Sagee Dr$256,300--2014-11-202014--New
3337 Sagee Pl$285,000--2014-07-242014--New
3333 Sagee Pl$255,500--2014-07-112014--New
Sagee Dr$255,000--2014-06-232014--New
3321 Sagee Pl$250,700--2014-05-222014--New

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