Hammock At Oak Grove Home Sales Report June 2023

The Hammock at Oak Grove is a prestigious and exclusive neighborhood situated in the heart of Tallahassee's 32312 zip code. Tucked away amidst lush greenery and sprawling oak trees, this community offers residents a serene and luxurious living experience.

The homes in the Hammock at Oak Grove are meticulously crafted, showcasing elegant and timeless architectural designs. From grand estates to spacious single-family homes, the neighborhood offers a variety of housing options to suit different preferences and lifestyles. 

With its tranquil ambiance and luxurious homes, the Hammock at Oak Grove represents fine living in Tallahassee. It caters to those seeking a private and exclusive community while providing access to some of the city's most favored amenities.

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Hammock At Oak Grove Schools

The Hammock At Oak Grove is zoned for the following A-rated Leon County Public Schools:

In this report, we have included graphs of average home prices, home value trends, home sizes in Hammock At Oak Grove, and a table of the most recent closed home sales to provide an accurate view of the real estate market in the Hammock At Oak Grove.

For the three real estate graphs found below, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis) and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative below is for sales through December for all previous years but through the first week of June in 2023. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated in the future (meaning, bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in the Hammock At Oak Grove).

Hammock At Oak Grove Home Prices

The average price of the homes sold in the Hammock At Oak Grove in 2023 is $592K, a gain of nearly 3% over last year.

Activity in the Hammock At Oak Grove remains solid. Eight homes are for sale in the Hammock At Oak Grove, and three are under contract with buyers. One interesting observation is that the average price of the homes under contract is $631K, while the average asking price of the homes not under contract is 9% higher at $686K (and nearly 16% higher than the current average sales price). Will the market come up to meet these prices? I suspect yes, as there is no inventory elsewhere.

Hammock At Oak Grove Home Values

The Hammock At Oak Grove home values have risen by more than 7% in 2023.

The average value of a home sold in the Hammock At Oak Grove thus far in 2023 is $263 per square foot.

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Hammock At Oak Grove Home Sizes

The average size of the homes sold in the Hammock At Oak Grove typically falls between 2,000 and 2,400 square feet, and 2023 has been no different.

The four homes sold thus far in 2023 were measured at an average size of 2,269 square feet.

Hammock At Oak Grove Home Sales

The following list shows the most recent home sales in the Hammock At Oak Grove, going back to the first sale in 2022

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
569 Knotted Pine Drive$617,000$2582024-04-3020222,389Resale
600 Knotted Pine Drive$647,700$2912024-04-3020242,226New
8524 Castle Pine Drive$736,848$2722024-04-2620242,709New
626 Knotted Pine$561,763$2752024-04-0520242,043New
8504 Castle Pine Drive$763,900$2562024-02-1520232,986New
8501 Castle Pine Drive$684,450$2702023-12-1520222,535New
608 Knotted Pine$576,100$2822023-12-0820232,043New
8516 Castle Pine Drive$670,560$2542023-09-1520232,640New
8517 Castle Pine Drive$653,796$2542023-08-1120232,574New
8512 Castle Pine Drive$692,000$2772023-07-1820222,494Resale
521 Knotted Pine Drive$569,800$2652023-06-0920232,151New
568 Knotted Pine Drive$551,060$2752023-05-2520232,004New
550 Knotted Pine$729,900$2442023-03-1020222,986New
560 Knotted Pine Drive$579,000$2642023-02-1620222,196New
564 Knotted Pine Drive$509,900$2702023-01-0620221,892New
561 Knotted Pine Drive$701,385$2552022-11-0420222,746New
505 Knotted Pine Drive$459,900$2532022-10-1420221,818New
549 Knotted Pine Drive$643,750$2582022-10-0420222,500New
8521 Castle Pine Drive$567,791$2362022-09-2320222,408New
8520 Castle Pine Drive$652,960$2192022-09-0920222,986New
8512 Castle Pine Drive$612,500$2502022-09-0220222,450New
8529 Castle Pine Drive$560,000$2212022-09-0120222,535New
546 Knotted Pine Drive$569,260$2652022-08-2420222,151New
573 Knotted Pine Drive$562,500$2222022-08-1920222,535New
565 Knotted Pine Drive$587,760$2642022-08-1220222,226New
569 Knotted Pine Drive$569,260$2652022-07-2920222,151New
553 Knotted Pine Drive$569,900$2692022-07-2920222,118New
545 Knotted Pine Drive$517,600$2412022-07-1520222,147New
8508 Castle Pine Drive$719,900$2232022-05-2720223,229New
509 Knotted Pine Drive$481,980$2352022-02-1820222,050New
517 Knotted Pine Drive$453,488$2492022-02-0220221,818New

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