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Current market conditions in Tallahassee require selecting a real estate firm of the highest caliber. Every local real estate firm will tell you their #1 goal is to market your Tallahassee home for maximum value and sell it in the time that you would like it to sell.But before you list your home for sale, ask each agent to provide you a copy of his or her marketing plan.Since we are talking about selling one of your most valuable possessions, why shouldn't you demand on meeting the office team that will help the agent market the home to the entire world (as opposed to just those who drive by the sign)?Please don’t risk listing your Tallahassee property with just any real estate agency. Remember, not all real estate firms are created equal. Here is what you can expect when you list your Tallahassee home with Joe Manausa Real Estate.Click Here To View Our Active Listings

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Notice that Joe Manausa Real Estate dominates the local market in selling Tallahassee homes. When this report was pulled from the MLS, nobody was even close. Our office works as a team, not as a separate group of individual agents. Can you really afford to sell your Tallahassee home with less than the best? Look at the homes below that we have sold, we can sell yours too!

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Some Homes We Have Sold

Joe Manausa Real Estate has sold over 1,000 homes in Tallahassee. To see some of our recent sales, click here.

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Online Marketing

Click here to see how our online marketing system is different than our competition!

We do not run a typical real estate agent marketing plan, we run a progressive real estate marketing plan that keys on targeted exposure for each unique home that we are selling.

Joe Manausa Real Estate is a brokerage company headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Its unique business model provides specialists to both home sellers and home buyers, and the results speak for themselves. JMRE has significantly more 5-star reviews on google than any other local competitor. Joe Manausa Real Estate is a leader in internet marketing and utilizes search engine optimization, email marketing, social media and data analytics to get their clients’ home sold faster and for more money than any other Tallahassee brokerage firm. For more information, visit or call us at (850) 366-8917.


#1 By Mark Daniel at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

You have a terrific website with a lot of valuable, useful information. I appreciate the effort you put into it. While looking for some very specific information, I have discovered important issues and have been motivated to contact the Federal Rules committee about changing the Sellers' financing rule and I have been motivated to contact my representative about the upcoming Florida Bankers' Association bill which gives banks the right to demand immediate, partial repayment of loans that are not in default.

However, I have not found the information I'm seeking: I want to know which properties your firm currently has listed (not the whole MLS), and I want to see a list of properties you have sold. These two pieces of information are important to me, as a potential seller, in evaluating your effectiveness as a firm. I suspect, but am not sure, that your MLS link is for just your listings, but that is not clear.

Also, it would be nice to have a form to send you a comment which does not become a public comment. I guess you're mostly in the real estate news business, rather than the real estate selling business.

#2 By Joe Manausa, MBA at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

Thanks Mark, it took me a while to complete the project, but everything is here!

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