How To Sell Unique Houses In A Status Quo Market

Owners of unique houses have been the most frustrated segment of the Tallahassee real estate market during the past seven years.

Of course, the one thing that all homes have in common is that they are unique ... think about it. No two homes are exactly alike, so is being unique really any different for you than it is for your neighbor?

But there are certain features in homes that you do not find very often, so how do owners of unique houses get their homes sold in a housing market where buyers are being very cautious?

Unique Houses Require Attention

Unique HousesThe first bit of advice I would share to people trying to sell unique houses is that you have to put your personal feelings and opinions aside. This is true for any type of home seller, you have to look at your house as a commodity and see it through the eyes of your prospective buyer. If you make your personal opinion an issue, you will probably end up being the highest bidder on your home!

Some of the things I hear when the owners of unique houses are asking my home selling advice include:

  • There are no corners in my barrel house
  • Wall paper on the ceiling brings symmetry to the room
  • My wife and I don't need more than 2 bedrooms in our high-end home
  • It's designed that way to blend into the surroundings
  • Green shag carpet never went out of style
  • Those 1970s appliances are still working fine
  • Who needs a kitchen, don't most people eat out?

So whatever it is that makes your home unique, it may or may not be a selling point to most of the people in the current pool of homebuyers.

The key is to identify all of the features (unique or otherwise) that buyers are currently seeking in the market.

Marketing Unique Houses

Selling unique houses is conceptually the same as selling all the other houses in the Tallahassee real estate market.

So if you know how to sell a home, all you have to do is make some modifications for how you will handle marketing a home that has something very special (good or bad) going on.

My experience on marketing unique houses is that most people try to "sell" the uniqueness, and that does not make sense when you are trying to generate multiple interested parties. We know that getting more than one person interested in a home is how we drive up the selling price, so marketing the unique feature of the home is rarely going to attract the most people.

A professional analysis of the best marketing features of your home, combined with a plan for how the unique feature(s) will be handled, will result in an optimum marketing plan for your unique home.

Unique houses can be sold in any market, so if you find yourself trying to sell one today, just drop me a note and we can schedule a time to review your situation and identify the best marketing plan for your home.

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