69 Highly Sought-After Homes Along The Thomasville Road Corridor In NE Tallahassee

Some of the most highly sought after real estate in Tallahassee exists along the Thomasville Road Corridor.

From $99,000 to well over $5M, take a look at what draws the bulk of homebuyers in Tallahassee.

Thomasville Road Corridor In NE Tallahassee

Starting from I-10 and heading up almost to Bannerman Road, those neighborhoods directly located on either side of this main traffic artery contain the houses that "everybody" wants to buy.

Some of the neighborhoods in this part of town might be obvious to our long-term readers, but for those newer to the Tallahassee real estate market you will discover some smaller neighborhoods here that deserve consideration when it comes time for a move to Tallahassee.

More than 50% of Tallahassee homes sold in the past ten years have been in NE Tallahassee, and the Thomasville Road Corridor is at the heart of these purchases.

So let's take a quick written tour of what you'll expect to find and then look below to the map and list of homes for sale along the Thomasville Road Corridor.

Homes for sale along the Thomasville Road Corridor In NE Tallahassee, Florida

East Side Of Thomasville Road

As you head north from the Interstate, you'll cross through a commercial area filled with restaurants and shopping. Immediately thereafter, the far western edge of Killearn Estates greets you with 2,000 to 3,000 square foot homes that were built from the mid 1960s and on.

Moving north, you'll cross through Shannon Forest (with a home right now priced below $100,000), a wonderful little area with homes recently selling at prices very near $200,000.

Continuing further, you'll find Royal Oaks, Foxcroft, Mint Hill, St. Ives, and Lenox Mill (where there is currently an outstanding "best buy" priced well below its competition CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS HOME). Further north near the end of our east side run is the new neighborhood of Kingsmill, with home still being built today in the mid $200s mostly.

Homes For Sale Along The Thomasville Road Corridor

The following map and list show all of the homes for sale along the Thomasville Road Corridor. Below them you'll find the continuation of tour heading southward on the west side of Thomasville Road.

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West Side Of Thomasville Road

As you head south from Bannerman Road, you cross a scattering of older homesteads and newly built-up commercial areas until you reach Persimmon Hill, a new construction neighborhood featuring 3,000 square foot homes selling in the mid $500s.

Next, you pass through the Bull Run and Barrington Park Condominiums area, featuring single family homes in the $300s and condos down to the low $100s.

Next you'll pass two very new neighborhoods, Ox Bottom Crest and Ox Bottom Meadows which are located on the northern side of Ox Bottom Road. South of these you'll encounter a mix of neighborhoods (some without access out onto Thomasville Road including Circle J Acres, Hollystone and Stonebriar.

Highgrove is the final large neighborhood you'll encounter on the west side of Thomasville Road, and it features large homes that can be found from $300,000 to well over $600,000. This area also features access to Lake Hall, where you'll find homes priced as high as $5.69M dollars.

So this concludes our roundup of the homes for sale along the Thomasville Road Corridor. If you have one specific one that you'd love to see, why not make an appointment with one of our dedicated buyer's agents and we'll set it up for as soon as your are ready.

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