Shopping Guide: All Homes For Sale On Tallahassee Golf Courses

If you have always wanted to live on a golf course in Tallahassee, now is a great time to consider a move. Mortgage interest rates are low and home prices are only going higher from here.If you have always wanted to live on a golf course in Tallahassee, now is a great time to consider a move. Mortgage interest rates are low and home prices are only going higher from here.

Today's report includes all listings of homes for sale on Tallahassee golf courses as well as charts, graphs, and an analysis of the golf course housing market.

Homes For Sale On Tallahassee Golf Courses

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Average Home Prices On The Golf Course

The average price of a home sold on a Tallahassee golf course has risen more than 10% in the first half of 2020, and alarming rate to say the least. Currently, the average price of a golf course home is just under $450K.

The average price of homes that sold on golf courses in Tallahassee

To give you an idea of how hot these homes are, there just 13 homes for sale on a golf course and 11 of them are already under contract with a buyer. If you find a golf course home that you like, you better jump on it before it goes to another buyer!

Average Home Values On The Golf Course

The value of homes on the different golf courses in Tallahassee ranges widely, so average values fluctuate greatly depending on which ones have sold recently.

The average value of homes that sold on golf courses in Tallahassee

Home for sale in the Golden Eagle Plantation neighborhood in NE Tallahassee

Thus far in 2020, homes have sold for as little as $42 per square foot (Hilaman Golf Course townhouse) to $223 per square foot (Golden Eagle Golf Course single-family detached home).

If you plan on buying a golf course home, make sure you work with a local expert who understands the golf community well.

Some of the best buys on homes in these communities are the homes not directly on the course (like this great home in Golden Eagle Plantation).

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Where Have All The Houses Gone?

Average Home Sizes On The Golf Course

Similar to values, average home sizes also fluctuate greatly depending upon the course involved.

The average size of homes that sold on golf courses in Tallahassee

Thus far in 2020, we've seen the home sizes range from as little as 790 square feet (Hilaman Golf Course townhouse) to as large as 7,403 square feet (Southwood Golf Course single-family detached home).

There is a lot going on with several golf courses in town, so make sure you understand the dynamics of ownership changes and golf course improvements and how they impact home values in each golf course community.

If you're ready "Fore" a move to the golf course, just let us know and we'll take great care of you.

Your Local Expert In Tallahassee

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