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Emerald Acres Listings And Home Sales Report July 2020

Emerald Acres in NE Tallahassee is a smaller neighborhood of just over 125 three and four-bedroom homes built since 1995

Emerald Acres in NE Tallahassee is a smaller neighborhood of just over 125 three and four-bedroom homes built since 1995.

Located in the popular 32309 zip code off of Crump Road on the east side of town, Emerald Acres provides great access to town coupled with the newer style of homes that today's buyer craves.

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Emerald Acres Schools

Emerald Acres has access to the following A-rated Leon County public schools:

Today's home sales report for Emerald Acres includes graphs of the average home prices, home values, and home sizes, as well as a list of the 1,000 most recent,  closed home sales.

When viewing the real estate graphs found in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis.

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years and through three weeks of July in 2020. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Emerald Acres).

Home Prices In Emerald Acres

The average price of the homes sold in Emerald Acres in 2020 is currently $268K, but we'll see this move higher based upon what is currently listed for sale (average asking price of $295K).

The Emerald Acres neighborhood is in the high-demand 32309 zip code with far more buyers than there will be sellers, so prices here will continue to move higher.

Currently, there are two homes for sale in Emerald Acres, and neither one is under contract with buyers.

Home Values

Average home values in Emerald Acres have been on the rise for the past three years. This year, we've seen the average value rise more than 6%, but some of this rapid growth is due to the fact that smaller homes were sold. Expect to see average values come down as larger homes sell.

The average value of the homes sold in Emerald Acres in 2020 is $150 per square foot.

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Emerald Acres Home Sizes

The average size of the homes sold in Emerald Acres typically falls in a range of 1,900 to 2,200 square feet, but the two homes sold thus far in 2020 have been smaller.

The two homes sold in Emerald Acres in 2020 were measured at an average size of 1,775 square feet.

Homes Sold In Emerald Acres

The following list contains more than 260 home sales in Emerald Acres going back to 1996 when the first home was sold here.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
8712 Opal Drive$265,000$1462020-04-1719991,812Resale
8577 Marquis Street$270,000$1552020-03-1320051,738Resale
8834 Sapphire Drive$245,000$1272019-10-1819981,924Resale
8700 Opal Dr$443,000$1512019-08-2920062,930Resale
8582 Marquis St$330,000$1372019-07-0320052,415Resale
2658 Topaz Way$299,900$1542019-05-3019961,947Resale
8570 Marquis Street$325,000$1422019-05-2220052,288Resale
8737 Opal Drive$277,000$1372019-03-2920002,021Resale
2724 Gemstone Ln$250,000$1202018-12-1119982,090Resale
8697 Alexandrite Court$265,000$1462018-11-1620011,812Resale
8577 Marquis Street$255,000$1472018-06-2220051,738Resale
8830 Sapphire Drive$268,000$1242018-06-0719982,167Resale
2654 Topaz Drive$210,500$1202018-06-0119961,748Resale
2654 Topaz Way$210,500$1202018-05-3019961,748Resale
8661 Alexandrite Court$275,000$1402018-05-2319991,960Resale
8656 Alexandrite Court$325,000$1412018-05-0720022,298Resale
8716 Opal Drive$265,000$1502018-04-3019961,766Resale
2501 Garnet Ln$260,000$1392018-04-3020001,866Resale
8691 Alexandrite Court$287,000$1112018-01-3020022,590Resale
8717 Opal Dr$259,900$1302017-10-2019991,994Resale
8724 Opal Drive$250,000$1372017-09-2919961,828Resale
8720 Opal Drive$256,000$1222017-09-0819972,096Resale
2642 Topaz Way$235,000$1212017-07-1719961,935Resale
2817 Topaz Way$232,500$1322017-05-2320001,760Resale
2511 Opal Court$325,000$1172017-04-0619992,780Resale
8830 Sapphire Drive$251,000$1162017-03-1019982,167Resale
8697 Alexandrite Ct$235,000$1302017-02-2220011,812Resale
8752 Opal Drive$175,000$892017-02-0819961,973Resale
8741 Opal Drive$247,000$1122017-02-0319982,208Resale
8716 Opal Dr.$244,500$1382016-12-1619961,766Resale
8716 Opal Dr$244,500$1382016-12-1619961,766Resale
8665 Alexandrite Court$195,600$912016-10-1819992,147Resale
8839 Sapphire Drive$232,500$1292016-09-1919981,809Resale
2729 Gemstone$220,000$1202016-06-3019991,826Resale
2729 Gemstone Ln$220,000$1202016-06-3019991,826Resale
2725 Gemstone$245,000$1122016-06-2219962,189Resale
8589 Marquis St$300,000$1382016-05-1320052,175Resale
8581 Marquis Street$292,500$1212016-05-0920052,419Resale
8830 Sapphire Drive$249,900$1152016-01-2019982,167Resale
2646 Topaz Way$217,000$1252015-12-1419961,731Resale
8590 Marquis Street$333,000$1332015-12-1020052,508Resale
8569 Marquis Street$225,000$1362015-12-0720051,650Resale
8696 Alexandrite Court$245,000$1212015-11-2320002,028Resale
8810 Sapphire Drive$225,000$1282015-10-1519981,752Resale
8830 Sapphire Drive$240,000$1112015-07-3119982,167Resale
8676 Alexandrite Court$245,000$1212015-07-1720022,020Resale
8692 Alexandrite Court$269,500$1272015-06-1220022,124Resale
8669 Alexandrite Court$230,000$1002015-04-1020002,294Resale
2729 Gemstone Ln$162,000$892015-03-0519991,826Resale
2638 Topaz Way$150,000$862015-02-2519961,739Resale
8716 Opal Dr$230,000$1302014-12-0119961,766Resale
8561 Marquis St$255,000$1212014-11-2520052,108Resale
8555 Marquis St$255,000$1162014-11-2120052,204Resale
2671 Topaz Way$268,000$1222014-05-1320052,194Resale
8684 Alexandrite Ct$215,000$1082013-12-0620021,992Resale
8717 Opal Dr$215,000$1082013-10-0819991,994Resale
2510 Opal Ct$217,000$1062013-09-2019992,055Resale
2810 Sapphire Ct$218,000$1052013-08-1419972,068Resale
2518 Opal Ct$187,000$1042013-05-3119981,794Resale
8720 Opal Dr$220,000$1052013-04-1819972,096Resale
2721 Gemstone Ln$195,000$922013-03-2719992,125Resale
8661 Alexandrite Ct$215,000$1102012-11-0919991,960Resale
8657 Alexandrite Ct$264,900$1332012-09-1420011,993Resale
8819 Sapphire Dr$218,000$1022012-08-1419962,130Resale
8819 Sapphire Dr$218,000$1022012-07-0119962,130Resale
2725 Gemstone Ln$150,000$692012-04-2019962,189Resale
8581 Marquis St$246,500$1112011-09-2020052,215Resale
2677 Topaz Way$240,000$1012011-08-0520052,379Resale
8589 Marquis St$231,000$1062011-06-0220052,175Resale
2654 Topaz Way$202,500$1162011-04-2019961,748Resale
8752 Opal Dr$225,000$1182011-03-3019961,911Resale
8573 Marquis St$232,000$1152010-12-3120052,022Resale
2510 Opal Ct$179,500$872010-09-2919992,055Resale
2802 Topaz Way$175,000--2010-08-232010--New
2806 Topaz Way$235,000$1132010-06-1520052,078Resale
8585 Marquis St$323,000$1212010-04-2820052,677Resale
2634 Topaz Way$190,000$932010-03-3119962,044Resale
8676 Alexandrite Ct$243,500$1212009-11-2320022,020Resale
8697 Alexandrite Ct$217,000$1202009-10-0120011,812Resale
8698 Alexandrite Ct$245,000$1212009-08-3120022,033Resale
2657 Topaz Way$235,000$1092009-08-1419972,159Resale
8712 Opal Dr$195,000$1082009-07-1019991,812Resale
2671 Topaz Way$293,500$1342009-04-3020052,194Resale
8590 Marquis St$360,000$1442008-09-3020052,508Resale
8578 Marquis St$350,000$1322007-10-1520052,654Resale
8689 Alexandrite Ct$253,900$1802007-09-1420021,410Resale
8586 Marquis St$338,500$1482007-07-2720052,288Resale
2721 Gemstone Ln$279,800$1322007-07-2519992,125Resale
2512 Garnett Ln$225,000$1212007-07-1119971,857Resale
8556 Marquis St$349,900$1532007-05-3120052,288Resale
2725 Gemstone Ln$255,000$1162007-03-0219962,189Resale
2671 Topaz Way$349,000$1592007-01-1920052,194Resale
2818 Sapphire Ct$268,000$1322007-01-0519992,035Resale
2661 Topaz Way$270,000$1342006-09-2219972,020Resale
8589 Marquis St$326,500$1502006-08-1120052,175Resale
8569 Marquis St$286,000$1732006-07-0620051,650Resale
8589 Marquis St$326,500$1502006-06-2920052,175Resale
8673 Alexandrite Ct$259,900$1432006-01-1320011,822Resale
8698 Alexandrite Ct$298,600$1472005-12-2220022,033Resale
8661 Alexandrite Ct$274,900$1402005-11-0119991,960Resale
2814 Topaz Way$244,900$1402005-10-3120011,754Resale
2826 Sapphire Ct$242,000$1232005-09-2119961,973Resale
8692 Alexandrite Ct$289,000$1362005-09-0220022,124Resale
2671 Topaz Way$291,500$1332005-08-1020052,194New
8573 Marquis St$290,000$1432005-07-2220052,022Resale
2677 Topaz Way$295,600$1362005-07-1820052,175New
8748 Opal Dr$232,000$1182005-07-1519981,963Resale
8838 Sapphire Dr$295,000$1382005-07-1519972,131Resale
8569 Marquis St$217,600$1322005-06-3020051,650New
8589 Marquis St$284,000$1312005-06-2920052,175New
2646 Topaz Way$217,000$1272005-06-2719961,711Resale
8564 Marquis St$255,400$1132005-06-2420052,263New
2806 Topaz Way$260,000$1252005-06-2120052,078New
8581 Marquis St$262,300$1182005-06-1620052,215New
8570 Marquis St$323,500$1412005-06-0220052,288New
8830 Sapphire Dr$265,000$1222005-05-2619982,167Resale
8573 Marquis St$279,000$1382005-05-1820052,022New
2654 Topaz Way$222,000$1272005-04-2519961,748Resale
8565 Marquis St$288,400$1242005-04-1320052,333New
8665 Alexandrite Ct$285,000$1332005-03-3119992,147Resale
8556 Marquis St$256,800$1122005-03-2420052,288New
8586 Marquis St$302,600$1322005-03-2420052,288New
8590 Marquis St$315,000$1262005-03-1020052,508New
8689 Alexandrite Ct$227,500$1612005-02-2820021,410Resale
8835 Sapphire Dr$213,900$1142005-02-2519971,873Resale
8582 Marquis St$280,900$1162005-01-3120052,415New
2826 Sapphire Ct$205,000$1042005-01-2819961,973Resale
2511 Opal Ct$198,000$1052004-10-1919991,891Resale
8569 Marquis St$170,000$782004-10-1220052,184New
2721 Gemstone Ln$231,000$1092004-09-3019992,125Resale
2518 Opal Ct$187,500$1052004-09-2419981,794Resale
8585 Marquis St$170,000$642004-09-2420052,677New
8810 Sapphire Dr$184,500$1052004-08-2719981,752Resale
8555 Marquis St$170,000$652004-08-0420052,616New
2818 Sapphire Ct$186,900$922004-06-1119992,035Resale
2511 Opal Ct$179,000$952004-06-0819991,891Resale
8819 Sapphire Dr$200,100$942004-06-0319962,130Resale
2657 Topaz Way$187,000$872003-11-2019972,159Resale
2501 Garnett Ln$175,000$942003-10-2720001,866Resale
8830 Sapphire Dr$199,900$922003-09-2919982,167Resale
8697 Alexandrite Ct$180,000$992003-09-2920011,812Resale
8740 Opal Dr$190,800$942003-08-0519982,028Resale
8676 Alexandrite Ct$196,000$972003-07-2520022,020Resale
8696 Alexandrite Ct$196,000$972003-06-1820012,028Resale
2724 Gemstone Ln$188,500$902003-05-3019982,090Resale
2642 Topaz Way$165,000$852003-05-2919961,935Resale
8677 Alexandrite Ct$173,000$942003-04-2420021,834Resale
8752 Opal Dr$179,000$942003-03-2119961,911Resale
2501 Garnett Ln$170,700$912003-02-2420001,866Resale
8698 Alexandrite Ct$197,500$972002-10-2520022,033New
8692 Alexandrite Ct$187,000$882002-07-2620022,124New
8688 Alexandrite Ct$198,900$972002-06-2820022,058New
8691 Alexandrite Ct$203,000$882002-06-2420022,294New
8685 Alexandrite Ct$182,200$1042002-05-3120021,755New
8680 Alexandrite Ct$174,300$822002-05-3020022,116New
2511 Opal Ct$162,000$862002-05-2919991,891Resale
8728 Opal Dr$164,500$852002-05-1019971,939Resale
8811 Sapphire Dr$169,000$792002-04-2919962,135Resale
8656 Alexandrite Ct$198,900--2002-03-292002--New
8693 Alexandrite Ct$164,200--2002-03-292002--New
8684 Alexandrite Ct$168,500$852002-03-1520021,992New
8672 Alexandrite Ct$159,500--2002-02-282001--New
8729 Opal Dr$160,000$822002-02-1319981,959Resale
8676 Alexandrite Ct$177,200$882002-02-0820022,020New
8677 Alexandrite Ct$164,700$902002-01-2820021,834New
2825 Topaz Way$181,600--2002-01-162001--New
8657 Alexandrite Ct$177,500$892001-11-3020011,993New
2801 Topaz Way$176,300--2001-11-272001--New
8668 Alexandrite Ct$189,800--2001-11-212001--New
8823 Sapphire Dr$166,900$822001-10-1219962,044Resale
8819 Sapphire Dr$164,900$772001-07-1119962,130Resale
8748 Opal Dr$160,000$822001-06-2919981,963Resale
8697 Alexandrite Ct$158,100$872001-06-2920011,812New
2818 Sapphire Ct$160,000$792001-06-2919992,035Resale
8740 Opal Dr$159,900$792001-06-1819982,028Resale
2814 Topaz Way$159,000$912001-05-3120011,754New
2813 Topaz Way$162,000--2001-05-292001--New
2646 Topaz Way$138,000$812001-05-1419961,711Resale
2513 Opal Ct$150,000--2001-04-302001--New
2805 Topaz Way$174,900$812001-04-3019992,169Resale
5251 Wide Field Dr$200,000$622001-03-0120013,239New
2809 Topaz Way$182,000--2001-02-282000--New
8752 Opal Dr$163,500$862001-02-2819961,911Resale
8737 Opal Dr$164,900--2001-02-272000--New
2646 Topaz Way$135,800$792001-01-1619961,711Resale
2661 Topaz Way$149,900$742000-12-2919972,020Resale
8721 Opal Dr$155,000--2000-12-212000--New
8713 Opal Dr$168,300--2000-12-142000--New
2724 Gemstone Ln$165,000$792000-12-1119982,090Resale
8673 Alezandrite Ct$100,000$432000-11-1620002,322New
2818 Topaz Way$186,200--2000-10-202000--New
2661 Topaz Way$141,000$702000-08-2819972,020Resale
8732 Opal Dr$149,900$772000-08-2519961,935Resale
8661 Alexandrite Ct$166,600$852000-07-2719991,960New
8665 Alexandrite Ct$174,900$812000-06-1419992,147New
2501 Garnet Ln$100,000$402000-05-1620002,511New
8704 Opal Dr$150,000$812000-05-0419961,850Resale
2500 Garnett Ln$139,900$802000-04-1819991,746New
2510 Opal Ct$153,200$752000-03-1519992,055New
2509 Garnett Ln$150,000$792000-02-0119991,895New
2511 Opal Ct$141,500$751999-12-3019991,891New
2665 Topaz Way$155,700$811999-12-2919991,932New
8709 Opal Dr$141,400$791999-12-2319991,797New
2657 Topaz Way$160,000$741999-12-2019972,159Resale
8810 Sapphire Dr$139,900$801999-12-1319981,752Resale
2661 Topaz Way$148,000$731999-11-0119972,020Resale
8712 Opal Dr$141,000$781999-10-2919991,812New
8728 Opal Dr$147,000$761999-09-2419971,939Resale
8830 Sapphire Dr$152,000$701999-08-3119982,167Resale
2646 Topaz Way$129,000$751999-08-1119961,711Resale
2505 Garnett Ln$150,700$781999-08-1119991,940New
2721 Gemstone Ln$165,800$781999-07-2319992,125New
2646 Topaz Way$130,000$761999-06-1619961,711Resale
2724 Gemstone Ln$134,000$641999-05-2719982,090New
2515 Opal Ct$136,000$781999-05-0719991,746New
2508 Garnett Ln$150,000$771999-04-3019991,959New
2818 Sapphire Ct$148,900$731999-03-2919992,035New
2822 Sapphire Ct$148,400$781999-03-1619991,911New
8810 Sapphire Dr$131,400$751999-03-0519981,752New
2514 Opal Ct$153,000$711999-01-1519982,162New
8725 Opal Dr$135,000$781999-01-0519981,725New
2519 Opal Ct$149,800$821998-12-3019981,832New
2523 Opal Ct$165,300$751998-12-2919982,192New
8839 Sapphire Dr$136,400$751998-12-1119981,809New
8729 Opal Dr$140,000$711998-11-3019981,959New
8736 Opal Dr$140,000$711998-10-2819981,963New
8748 Opal Dr$146,100$741998-10-2319981,963New
8740 Opal Dr$146,500$721998-10-1519982,028New
2518 Opal Ct$134,000$751998-07-2119981,794New
8819 Sapphire Dr$135,000$631998-07-1019962,130Resale
2504 Garnett Ln$154,000$701998-06-2519982,190New
2724 Gemstone Ln$151,500$721998-03-3119982,090New
8830 Sapphire Dr$150,000$691998-03-3119982,167New
8728 Opal Dr$138,800$721998-03-3119971,939New
8842 Sapphire Dr$137,000$711998-02-2719971,924New
8720 Opal Dr$147,900$711998-02-2519972,096New
8834 Sapphire Dr$142,500$741998-02-2019971,924New
2512 Garnett Ln$138,000$741997-12-1919971,857New
2819 Sapphire Ct$139,900$731997-10-2319971,909New
2661 Topaz Way$142,800$711997-10-2219972,020New
8831 Sapphire Dr$154,200$711997-10-1519972,171New
8752 Opal Dr$144,000$751997-08-1419961,911New
8838 Sapphire Dr$149,900$701997-07-3119972,131New
2646 Topaz Way$125,000$731997-07-2519961,711New
8835 Sapphire Dr$135,000$721997-05-2819971,873New
2810 Sapphire Ct$169,000$821997-04-1519972,066New
2814 Sapphire Ct$147,000$661997-02-2819962,233New
8708 Opal Dr$149,900$721996-12-2719962,082New
8701 Opal Dr$163,200$721996-12-2019962,270New
8827 Sapphire Dr$151,200$731996-11-1519962,082New
8716 Opal Dr$132,100$751996-10-2819961,766New
8823 Sapphire Dr$122,500$601996-10-2219962,044New
8811 Sapphire Dr$154,500$721996-09-1019962,135New
8815 Sapphire Dr$137,100$741996-08-3019961,850New
2638 Topaz Way$125,000$721996-08-0119961,739New
8819 Sapphire Dr$134,000$631996-07-3119962,130New
8704 Opal Dr$138,000$751996-07-3019961,850New
2642 Topaz Way$136,900$711996-07-3019961,935New
2658 Topaz Way$130,400$671996-06-2719961,947New
2823 Sapphire Ct$129,900$701996-04-1819961,850New
2634 Topaz Way$145,000$711996-03-2819962,044New
2654 Topaz Way$138,000$791996-03-2619961,748New
2725 Gemstone Ln$146,500$671996-03-0619962,189New
2662 Topaz Way$134,700$701996-02-2919951,926New
8732 Opal Dr$139,200$721996-02-2819961,935New
2826 Sapphire Ct$146,400$741996-02-1619961,973New

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