Eastgate Listings And Sales Report June 2020

Eastgate is a uber-popular NE Tallahassee neighborhood that contains four and three-bedroom single-family detached homes on ample-sized lots.

The market is just waking up to the fact that Eastgate's 300 homes are grossly under-valued, so we're seeing appreciation rates here that rank among the very top of all neighborhoods in town.

Homes For Sale In Eastgate

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Eastgate Schools

Eastgate is zoned for the following public schools:

In this report, we will look at average home prices, average home values, and average home sizes in Eastgate, as well as show a table of all closed home sales going back to 1991.

For the three real estate graphs found below, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years, but through mid-June in 2020. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Eastgate).

Average Home Prices In Eastgate

Eastgate home prices are soaring. After setting a new all-time high annual average in 2019, 2020 has continued with average prices more than 5% higher through two weeks of June. The average price of a home sold in Eastgate in 2020 is $188K.

Currently, there are six homes for sale in Eastgate and four are under contract with buyers.

Eastgate Home Value Trends

The average value of homes sold in Eastgate shows an appreciation rate of more than 11% through 5.5 months of 2020! This is incredible and if the year closed out now would be a new all-time average annual value

The average value of the homes sold in 2020 is $140 per square foot, which if the year closed out now would be a new all-time average annual value.

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Home Size Trends

The average size of homes sold in Eastgate typically falls in a range of 1,200 to 1,500 square feet, and 2020 is no different.

The seven homes sold in Eastgate in 2020 were measured at an average of 1,347 square feet.

Home Sales In Eastgate

The following list more than 550 home sales in Eastgate going back to 1991.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
3009 Whisper Court$250,000$1552020-12-3019761,616Resale
2029 Eastgate Way$215,000$1752020-12-1819751,227Resale
2101 Eastgate Way$233,000$1752020-11-1619761,334Resale
2439 Dundee Drive$215,000$1452020-10-3019731,482Resale
2109 Wembley Way$225,000$1902020-10-1619781,184Resale
2350 Eastgate Way$130,000$842020-09-3019771,540Resale
2509 Bedford Way$150,000$1162020-09-3019751,293Resale
2729 Bedford Way$195,000$1442020-09-1719741,351Resale
2337 Eastgate Way$169,000$1542020-09-1119791,100Resale
3001 Eastgate Court$145,500$1212020-08-1419801,202Resale
2735 Raintree Circle$200,000$1232020-08-1219741,624Resale
2308 Dundee Court$196,500$1482020-08-1119741,332Resale
2049 Eastgate Way$215,000$1552020-07-2219771,385Resale
2710 Raintree Circle$234,000$1842020-07-1019731,271Resale
2717 Bedford Way$217,000$1282020-06-2419761,700Resale
2748 Raintree Circle$175,000$1052020-06-2219731,666Resale
2541 Lemon Lane$216,000$1492020-05-0119741,447Resale
2652 Byron Circle$180,000$1392020-04-2919731,298Resale
2333 Eastgate Way$195,000$1542020-04-2219771,270Resale
2205 Greenwich Way$200,000$1252020-04-2119741,598Resale
2809 Little Deal Road$204,000$1562020-03-2719731,304Resale
2701 Bedford Way$185,000$1472020-03-2519751,257Resale
2701 Bedford Way$135,000$1072020-01-2719751,257Resale
2213 Greenwich Way$117,500$782019-12-1319781,498Resale
2600 Bedford Way$170,700$1412019-12-1219761,209Resale
2533 Lemon Ln$230,000$1232019-11-1519741,865Resale
2325 Eastgate Way$134,600$962019-11-0519791,403Resale
2132 Danshire Drive$181,900$1202019-09-2719781,520Resale
2539 Whisper Way$172,600$1382019-09-1319781,253Resale
2438 Dundee Drive$175,500$1112019-08-2319731,588Resale
2737 Bedford Way$184,000$1182019-08-2219741,560Resale
2512 Whisper Way$182,500$1482019-08-0919751,233Resale
2528 Bedford Way$199,900$1302019-07-1919741,537Resale
2608 Byron Circle$199,900$1332019-05-0319761,498Resale
3005 Greenwich Court$185,000$1212019-04-2619781,534Resale
2520 Bedford Way$165,000$1222019-04-2419741,355Resale
2805 Little Deal Road$167,500$1302019-04-1919741,291Resale
2113 Eastgate Way$197,000$1272019-04-1819791,550Resale
3225 Shimmy Lane$187,000$1462019-04-1619801,282Resale
2119 Lytham Court$186,000$1522019-03-1519741,227Resale
2221 Branbury Ln$171,000$1172018-12-0519781,463Resale
2521 Ne Whisper Way$167,000$1282018-09-2719771,309Resale
2109 Wembley Way$184,800$1562018-08-2219781,184Resale
2412 Dundee Drive$130,000$1092018-08-1719741,188Resale
2313 Eastgate Way$195,000$1332018-08-0719781,464Resale
3008 Eastgate Court$175,000$1562018-05-3119791,124Resale
2713 Bedford Way$192,500$1112018-05-1619771,741Resale
2604 Bedford Way$176,000$1332018-05-1519761,316Resale
2721 Bedford Way$205,000$1592018-05-1119751,293Resale
2725 Bedford Way$130,000$992018-05-0319741,304Resale
2333 Eastgate Way$175,000$1382018-04-1019771,270Resale
2225 Greenwich Way$180,000$1402018-04-0419781,290Resale
2212 Branbury Lane$190,000$1422018-03-1319771,340Resale
2787 Raintree Cir$215,500$1272018-02-1519751,703Resale
2004 Eastgate Way$118,100$962018-02-1419761,232Resale
2333 Eastgate Way$109,200$852018-01-2419771,270Resale
2046 Eastgate Way$36,200$302018-01-0919781,206Resale
2201 Eastgate Way$204,500$1402017-12-2819771,464Resale
3001 Greenwich Court$185,000$1262017-12-2819791,468Resale
2612 Byron Circle$139,000$1292017-11-0919781,076Resale
2721 Bedford Way$40,000$312017-10-2619751,293Resale
2740 Raintree Cir$190,000$1292017-10-1919741,476Resale
2435 Dundee Drive$180,000$1112017-10-0619741,624Resale
2652 Byron Circle$165,000$1272017-09-1819731,298Resale
2635 Byron Cir$215,000$1392017-09-0519741,547Resale
3205 Shimmy Lane$163,000$1262017-06-1919801,296Resale
2104 Lytham Ln$169,000$1302017-06-1619761,302Resale
2009 Eastgate Way$170,000$892017-05-0519761,906Resale
2113 Danshire Drive$173,000$1382017-04-2819741,257Resale
3212 Shimmy Ln$174,000$1342017-04-2719761,301Resale
2216 Eastgate Way$155,000$1362017-03-3119801,140Resale
2105 Eastgate Way$156,000$1192017-02-2819791,315Resale
2201 Eastgate Way$188,700$1292017-01-0619771,464Resale
2337 Eastgate Way$135,900$1242016-12-2019791,092Resale
2101 Eastgate Way$171,000$1282016-11-3019761,334Resale
3009 Greenwich Court$92,000$592016-11-1419781,548Resale
3004 Whisper Court$125,000$1082016-08-3119741,156Resale
2724 Bedford Way$140,000$1252016-08-1819741,118Resale
2329 Eastgate Way$150,000$1202016-07-2619791,249Resale
2021 Eastgate Way$167,000$1182016-07-2019751,415Resale
3001 Greenwich Court$162,500$1112016-07-1519791,468Resale
2105 Eastgate Way$92,500$792016-06-2819791,175Resale
2756 Raintree Circle$163,000$1232016-06-0219731,330Resale
2509 Whisper Way$135,000$1062016-05-3119741,276Resale
2529 Lemon Lane$187,000$1082016-05-2719741,738Resale
2045 Eastgate Way$110,053$552016-05-2019772,004Resale
2809 Little Deal Road$156,000$1202016-05-0919731,304Resale
3005 Greenwich Court$172,000$1122016-05-0519781,534Resale
3008 Eastgate Court$163,000$1482016-04-2719791,103Resale
2764 Raintree Circle$140,000$1162016-03-0219751,204Resale
2304 Dundee Ct$182,000$1122016-01-2819741,632Resale
2119 Lytham Court$155,000$1262015-12-2319741,227Resale
2108 Eastgate Way$134,900$1072015-12-0219801,260Resale
2350 Eastgate Way$155,000$1012015-11-2719771,540Resale
2512 Bedford Way$158,000$1032015-09-2219741,530Resale
2787 Raintree Cir$165,000$972015-09-1519751,703Resale
3221 Shimmy Lane$52,000$432015-08-2119801,204Resale
2341 Eastgate Way$133,000$1082015-07-0119791,232Resale
2309 Eastgate Way$129,000$1162015-06-2919791,110Resale
2544 Bedford Way$159,900$1402015-04-2519731,143Resale
3212 Shimmy Ln$140,000$1082014-12-1819761,301Resale
2768 Raintree Cir$115,000$942014-12-1719761,220Resale
2724 Raintree Cir$187,500$1212014-12-1219741,552Resale
2120 Danshire Dr$155,000$1352014-11-2519781,148Resale
2504 Whisper Way$130,000$1132014-11-2119741,148Resale
2528 Whisper Way$135,000$1102014-11-0319791,224Resale
2420 Dundee Dr$189,900$1462014-10-1419741,300Resale
2541 Lemon Ln$182,000$1262014-09-1919741,447Resale
2710 Raintree Cir$171,500$1352014-09-1619731,271Resale
2521 Whisper Way$135,000$1032014-08-2119771,309Resale
2755 Raintree Cir$145,000$1232014-07-2919751,176Resale
2664 Byron Cir$135,000$1232014-07-2819731,100Resale
2705 Bedford Way$150,000$1232014-07-2119771,220Resale
2543 Whisper Way$122,000$932014-07-0319781,314Resale
3008 Whisper Ct$135,000$1042014-06-1719741,304Resale
2544 Bedford Way$85,000$762014-04-3019731,118Resale
2541 Lemon Ln$110,000$762014-04-2919741,447Resale
2624 Byron Cir$166,000$1382014-04-2519751,204Resale
2604 Bedford Way$159,000$1212014-04-1419761,316Resale
2212 Greenwich Way$110,000$672014-04-0719791,654Resale
2539 Whisper Way$149,000$1192014-04-0219781,253Resale
2431 Dundee Dr$126,000$1102014-03-2019731,144Resale
2303 Dundee Ct$161,000$1392013-10-3119741,162Resale
3201 Shimmy Ln$141,600$952013-10-3119901,492Resale
2208 Greenwich Way$152,500$1162013-10-2519791,310Resale
2537 Lemon Ln$143,500$832013-10-1519751,728Resale
2229 Greenwich Way$139,900$1102013-10-0419781,276Resale
2640 Byron Cir$125,000$1142013-09-3019731,100Resale
2724 Raintree Cir$103,200$662013-09-1219741,552Resale
2105 Danshire Dr$134,000$1132013-06-2819751,188Resale
2710 Raintree Cir$93,000$732013-05-3119731,271Resale
2759 Raintree Cir$161,000$1322013-05-1719751,218Resale
3212 Shimmy Ln$90,000$692013-04-3019761,301Resale
3201 Shimmy Ln$77,500$522013-04-1919901,492Resale
2612 Byron Cir$116,000$1112013-02-1519781,044Resale
2443 Dundee Dr$108,000$812013-01-3119741,332Resale
2220 Branbury Ln$158,000$1142013-01-3019781,386Resale
2005 Eastgate Way$145,000$972012-12-0720071,494Resale
2443 Dundee Dr$85,600$642012-11-2819741,332Resale
2112 Lytham Ln$155,000$1172012-10-1819761,328Resale
2220 Branbury Ln$95,300$692012-09-2119781,372Resale
2105 Danshire Dr$127,500$1072012-09-1319751,188Resale
2229 Greenwich Way$144,000$1132012-08-2719781,276Resale
2532 Bedford Way$108,000$922012-08-2419741,176Resale
2113 Eastgate Way$142,000$1062012-07-1319791,334Resale
2303 Dundee Ct$151,000$1302012-07-0219741,162Resale
2221 Branbury Ln$125,000$852012-06-2219781,463Resale
2113 Danshire Dr$150,000$1192012-06-0419741,261Resale
2724 Bedford Way$113,000$1012012-04-0419741,118Resale
2525 Whisper Way$100,000$732012-02-1519771,372Resale
2333 Eastgate Way$132,000$1042011-12-3019771,270Resale
2783 Raintree Cir$136,000$1062011-11-3019761,280Resale
2017 Eastgate Way$145,000$1062011-10-2819751,365Resale
3004 Eastgate Ct$84,000$722011-10-2619811,165Resale
2540 Bedford Way$75,200$662011-10-1919741,138Resale
2420 Dundee Dr$100,000$772011-09-2719741,304Resale
2512 Bedford Way$161,900$1272011-09-1319741,276Resale
2624 Bedford Way$112,000$982011-07-2919731,144Resale
2136 Danshire Dr$149,900$1062011-07-2919781,418Resale
2201 Eastgate Way$165,000$1212011-05-0219771,368Resale
2748 Raintree Cir$150,000$902010-10-2219731,666Resale
2713 Raintree Cir$187,000$1212010-09-1419741,541Resale
2817 Little Deal Rd$104,000$882010-07-2819731,181Resale
2529 Lemon Ln$149,000$862010-07-2819741,738Resale
2417 Dundee Dr$162,900$1342010-06-2519741,212Resale
2313 Eastgate Way$174,500$1372010-06-1519781,272Resale
3004 Greenwich Ct$159,000$1472010-06-1119791,078Resale
2809 Little Deal Rd$157,000$1202010-05-2819731,304Resale
2624 Byron Cir$142,500$1182010-04-3019751,204Resale
2784 Raintree Cir$150,000$1312010-04-2719731,144Resale
2317 Eastgate Way$165,000$1212010-04-0519781,360Resale
2212 Branbury Ln$130,500$972010-04-0119771,340Resale
2225 Greenwich Way$86,000$672010-03-3119781,290Resale
2624 Bedford Way$110,000$962010-03-3119731,144Resale
2713 Raintree Cir$102,000$662010-02-2319741,541Resale
2312 Eastgate Way$100,000$732009-12-0919791,365Resale
2760 Raintree Cir$173,000$1482009-07-1419731,172Resale
2748 Raintree Cir$110,000$662009-07-0119731,666Resale
2635 Byron Cir$173,100$1112009-04-2819741,562Resale
2608 Byron Cir$174,500$1162009-04-0619761,498Resale
2404 Dundee Dr$140,000$1252009-02-2719741,118Resale
3001 Greenwich Ct$178,000$1212009-02-1819791,470Resale
2706 Raintree Cir$135,500$1232009-02-0519731,100Resale
2201 Eastgate Way$140,000$1022008-12-0519771,372Resale
3009 Greenwich Ct$150,000$972008-09-3019781,552Resale
3204 Shimmy Ln$160,000$1302008-08-1219781,232Resale
2632 Byron Cir$179,900$1152008-08-1119741,559Resale
2350 Eastgate Way$174,000$1132008-06-2319771,543Resale
2109 Wembley Way$169,800$1432008-06-1819781,184Resale
2640 Byron Cir$158,200$1442008-06-1619731,100Resale
2012 Eastgate Way$170,000$1242008-06-1119761,372Resale
2136 Danshire Dr$189,000$1382008-05-2919781,374Resale
2038 Eastgate Way$154,600$1222008-05-2319771,268Resale
2548 Whisper Way$163,500$1252008-05-2219781,312Resale
2213 Eastgate Way$151,800$1362008-05-2019811,116Resale
2541 Lemon Ln$140,000$972008-03-2819741,447Resale
3204 Shimmy Ln$160,000$1302008-03-1519781,232Resale
2005 Eastgate Way$190,000$1272008-03-1320071,494Resale
2728 Raintree Cir$175,000$572008-02-1120073,075New
2233 Greenwich Way$55,000$402008-01-2519781,386Resale
2528 Bedford Way$175,000$1142007-12-2819741,537Resale
2112 Lytham Ln$131,000$992007-12-1919761,328Resale
2763 Raintree Cir$165,000--2007-12-17----Resale
2759 Raintree Cir$169,900$1392007-10-1719751,218Resale
2042 Eastgate Way$189,900$1442007-10-1519771,318Resale
2042 Eastgate Way$189,900$1442007-10-1519771,318Resale
3201 Shimmy Ln$160,000$1082007-09-1919901,480Resale
2540 Bedford Way$177,000$1562007-06-0819741,138Resale
2655 Byron Cir$187,500$1412007-06-0819741,334Resale
2045 Eastgate Way$191,800$1192007-06-0119771,608Resale
2221 Greenwich Way$182,500$1432007-03-2319781,273Resale
2357 Eastgate Way$180,000$1032007-03-2119761,741Resale
2301 Eastgate Way$181,100$1362007-02-2219791,328Resale
2508 Bedford Way$178,500$1442007-02-1419741,238Resale
2705 Bedford Way$160,000$1312006-08-1519771,220Resale
2108 Eastgate Way$177,000$1402006-07-2819801,262Resale
2308 Dundee Ct$165,000$1242006-06-3019741,332Resale
2710 Raintree Cir$185,000$1462006-06-2919731,271Resale
2724 Bedford Way$150,000$1342006-06-2919741,118Resale
2717 Bedford Way$205,000$1682006-06-1219761,220Resale
2112 Wembley Way$207,000$1132006-05-2619781,825Resale
2817 Little Deal Rd$175,900$1492006-05-0419731,181Resale
2706 Raintree Cir$187,500$1702006-05-0419731,100Resale
2201 Branbury Ln$195,000$1502006-04-1119761,301Resale
2713 Raintree Cir$189,900$1232006-03-2019741,541Resale
2034 Eastgate Way$125,000$1012006-03-0319771,240Resale
3201 Shimmy Ln$200,800$1362006-01-2719901,480Resale
2532 Bedford Way$173,000$1472006-01-2719741,176Resale
2216 Eastgate Way$149,000$1292005-12-1619801,155Resale
2220 Branbury Ln$189,000$1382005-12-0919781,372Resale
2128 Wembley Way$172,000$1492005-11-1419801,153Resale
2624 Byron Cir$157,400$1312005-10-2519751,204Resale
2225 Branbury Ln$150,000$1282005-09-3019791,168Resale
2325 Eastgate Way$130,000$1182005-08-0919791,103Resale
2224 Branbury Ln$100,000$662005-07-2919781,516Resale
2042 Eastgate Way$173,100$1312005-07-2219771,318Resale
2209 Branbury Ln$157,000$1222005-06-1719801,284Resale
2787 Raintree Cir$179,900$1402005-06-1519751,285Resale
2716 Bedford Way$105,000$892005-06-0119741,184Resale
2760 Raintree Cir$163,400$1392005-05-2519731,172Resale
2529 Whisper Way$139,900$962005-03-3119781,453Resale
2652 Byron Cir$157,500$1452005-03-3019731,089Resale
2004 Eastgate Way$136,500$1112005-03-3019761,232Resale
2038 Eastgate Way$158,000$1252005-03-0719771,268Resale
2759 Raintree Cir$120,000$992005-02-2519751,218Resale
2012 Eastgate Way$135,000$982005-02-2219761,372Resale
2537 Lemon Ln$159,900$932005-01-1819751,728Resale
2755 Raintree Cir$163,000$1392005-01-1419751,176Resale
2205 Eastgate Way$163,800$1082004-12-2919771,513Resale
2116 Lytham Ct$139,000$962004-12-2719751,453Resale
2201 Eastgate Way$154,000$1122004-12-2219771,372Resale
2009 Eastgate Way$137,000$1002004-11-2019761,369Resale
3201 Shimmy Ln$158,600$1072004-09-1019901,480Resale
2540 Bedford Way$147,000$1292004-08-1919741,138Resale
2021 Eastgate Way$141,000$1002004-07-3019751,415Resale
2050 Eastgate Way$166,000$812004-07-2919782,040Resale
2221 Greenwich Way$140,100$1102004-06-2419781,273Resale
2304 Dundee Ct$122,000$922004-06-1419741,332Resale
2717 Bedford Way$149,000$1222004-06-1119761,220Resale
2516 Whisper Way$140,300$952004-05-2719761,474Resale
2443 Dundee Dr$128,500$962004-04-3019741,332Resale
2109 Wembley Way$132,000$1112004-04-2919781,184Resale
2117 Danshire Dr$128,000$932004-03-2219741,376Resale
2209 Greenwich Way$129,900$1052004-03-1219781,242Resale
3009 Greenwich Ct$137,000$882004-03-0519781,552Resale
2736 Raintree Cir$137,000$872004-01-1619741,583Resale
2784 Raintree Cir$124,500$1092003-12-3119731,144Resale
2408 Dundee Dr$115,000$1052003-11-2619741,100Resale
2300 Eastgate Way$115,000$782003-10-2819791,472Resale
2029 Eastgate Way$132,000$1082003-08-2119751,227Resale
2528 Whisper Way$110,000$902003-08-1419791,224Resale
2120 Wembley Way$61,400$582003-07-3119791,050Resale
3009 Greenwich Ct$115,000$742003-07-2519781,552Resale
2724 Bedford Way$111,000$992003-07-2519741,118Resale
2109 Wembley Way$91,000$772003-06-1719781,184Resale
2724 Bedford Way$87,500$782003-06-1019741,118Resale
2119 Lytham Ct$125,000$1022003-05-2919741,227Resale
3004 Greenwich Ct$116,000$1082003-05-1619791,078Resale
2513 Bedford Way$134,800$972003-03-3119741,385Resale
2213 Greenwich Way$137,000$1132003-03-3119781,212Resale
2435 Dundee Dr$121,000$912003-02-2519741,324Resale
2608 Bedford Way$94,500$772003-01-3019761,232Resale
2205 Eastgate Way$130,000$862003-01-2719771,513Resale
2119 Wembley Way$114,000$862003-01-1519781,318Resale
2729 Bedford Way$100,500$742002-12-2019741,351Resale
2117 Danshire Dr$95,000$692002-11-2119741,376Resale
2751 Raintree Cir$120,000$832002-11-1919751,440Resale
2817 Little Deal Rd$101,000$862002-11-0119731,181Resale
2509 Bedford Way$107,500$832002-10-3119751,293Resale
2113 Eastgate Way$108,200$812002-08-0219791,334Resale
2120 Lytham Ct$108,900$822002-07-2619761,322Resale
2216 Branbury Ln$103,500$832002-06-2819781,246Resale
2119 Wembley Way$109,900$832002-06-2719781,318Resale
2350 Eastgate Way$115,900$752002-05-3119771,543Resale
2535 Whisper Way$95,000$732002-05-3019781,310Resale
2760 Raintree Cir$110,600$942002-05-2819731,172Resale
2821 Little Deal Rd$79,000$632002-05-1019731,252Resale
2119 Wembley Way$108,500$822002-05-1019781,318Resale
2421 Dundee Dr$119,200$962002-05-0319741,247Resale
2120 Wembley Way$81,000$772002-04-2619791,050Resale
2505 Whisper Way$100,000$802002-02-2819741,247Resale
2701 Bedford Way$105,200$842002-02-1519751,257Resale
2632 Byron Cir$116,500$752002-02-0719741,559Resale
2220 Branbury Ln$105,900$772001-11-2919781,372Resale
2733 Bedford Way$99,000$792001-11-1619741,253Resale
2636 Byron Cir$112,500$782001-10-2219741,450Resale
2628 Bedford Way$24,400$202001-08-1619731,247Resale
2212 Branbury Ln$106,000$792001-07-2619771,340Resale
2616 Byron Cir$97,000$932001-07-1619781,044Resale
2505 Whisper Way$85,000$682001-07-1219741,247Resale
2104 Danshire Dr$98,000$712001-06-2219741,379Resale
2313 Eastgate Way$105,000$832001-06-2019781,272Resale
2208 Branbury Ln$88,000$692001-05-2519771,283Resale
2117 Wembley Way$96,600$792001-05-1419781,216Resale
2128 Wembley Way$82,000$712001-05-0419801,153Resale
2713 Bedford Way$109,900$902001-05-0219771,220Resale
2608 Byron Cir$91,000$612001-04-0319761,498Resale
3005 Greenwich Ct$93,000$612001-03-3119781,534Resale
2205 Greenwich Way$100,000$752001-03-3019741,338Resale
2748 Raintree Cir$90,000$542001-03-2619731,666Resale
2784 Raintree Cir$80,000$702001-03-2219731,144Resale
2325 Eastgate Way$84,400$772001-03-2119791,103Resale
2109 Wembley Way$102,500$872001-03-1319781,184Resale
2307 Dundee Ct$99,500$752001-03-0919741,318Resale
2720 Bedford Way$86,500$712001-02-2719741,216Resale
2736 Raintree Cir$92,000$582001-01-2219741,583Resale
2136 Danshire Dr$90,000$662000-12-2819781,374Resale
2337 Eastgate Way$85,000$782000-12-1819791,096Resale
2113 Eastgate Way$86,000$642000-12-0819791,334Resale
2108 Lytham Ln$95,000$612000-11-3019761,566Resale
2317 Eastgate Way$94,900$702000-11-2719781,360Resale
2729 Bedford Way$95,000$702000-11-1719741,351Resale
2213 Greenwich Way$100,000$832000-10-2319781,212Resale
2221 Greenwich Way$95,600$782000-10-2319781,228Resale
2120 Lytham Ct$50,000$382000-10-1719761,322Resale
2119 Wembley Way$96,000$732000-09-2919781,318Resale
2037 Eastgate Way$69,500$662000-09-2919771,060Resale
2225 Branbury Ln$95,500$822000-09-2919791,168Resale
2201 Eastgate Way$92,900$682000-09-2519771,372Resale
2701 Bedford Way$96,500$772000-09-1419751,257Resale
2508 Bedford Way$75,000$612000-09-0619741,238Resale
2615 Bedford Way$95,000$732000-08-1519741,302Resale
2123 Lytham Ct$96,000$732000-08-1119741,311Resale
2539 Whisper Way$91,500$732000-07-2819781,253Resale
3212 Shimmy Ln$89,900$692000-07-2719761,301Resale
2209 Eastgate Way$84,500$712000-07-2419791,184Resale
2132 Wembley Way$97,500$642000-07-2119801,522Resale
2321 Eastgate Way$95,900$692000-07-2019771,380Resale
2308 Dundee Ct$91,900$692000-05-2519741,332Resale
2829 Little Deal Rd$87,300$742000-04-2819731,181Resale
2009 Eastgate Way$97,500$712000-03-3019761,369Resale
2620 Bedford Way$65,000$562000-03-2819731,162Resale
2718 Raintree Cir$89,000$652000-02-2119731,359Resale
2127 Wembley Way$94,900$792000-02-1019791,198Resale
2529 Lemon Ln$113,500$651999-12-2019741,738Resale
2228 Greenwich Way$80,000$781999-12-1319791,030Resale
2660 Byron Cir$101,000$851999-11-2919731,192Resale
2113 Wembley Way$94,900$821999-11-2419781,160Resale
3009 Greenwich Ct$95,900$621999-10-1219781,552Resale
2132 Danshire Dr$93,900$751999-09-3019781,259Resale
2517 Whisper Way$76,500$631999-08-3119731,211Resale
2128 Danshire Dr$91,900$811999-08-2719781,128Resale
2756 Raintree Cir$78,800$631999-08-1919731,251Resale
2116 Lytham Ct$95,000$651999-08-1719751,453Resale
2325 Eastgate Way$70,000$631999-07-2819791,103Resale
2624 Byron Cir$92,500$771999-07-1619751,204Resale
2521 Whisper Way$87,400$671999-06-3019771,309Resale
2755 Raintree Cir$103,900$881999-06-2219751,176Resale
2221 Branbury Ln$92,200$631999-06-0319781,463Resale
2504 Whisper Way$86,000$751999-05-1419741,148Resale
2420 Dundee Dr$97,900$751999-04-3019741,304Resale
2233 Greenwich Way$89,900$651999-03-3119781,386Resale
2025 Eastgate Way$85,500$671999-03-2519741,279Resale
2443 Dundee Dr$82,500$621999-01-2919741,332Resale
2045 Eastgate Way$93,500$581998-12-3019771,608Resale
2105 Danshire Dr$76,400$641998-12-1819751,188Resale
2041 Eastgate Way$75,500$761998-10-29--991Resale
2136 Danshire Dr$83,000$601998-10-1519781,374Resale
2760 Raintree Cir$98,000$841998-10-0819731,172Resale
2772 Raintree Cir$95,000$811998-09-30--1,172Resale
2532 Bedford Way$77,000$651998-08-1819741,176Resale
2329 Eastgate Way$79,500$631998-06-15--1,259Resale
2209 Greenwich Way$88,900$721998-04-3019781,242Resale
2776 Raintree Cir$99,500$821998-04-28--1,220Resale
2205 Eastgate Way$105,000$691998-04-2419771,513Resale
2316 Eastgate Way$73,500$581998-04-15--1,277Resale
2529 Lemon Ln$90,000$521998-03-0919741,738Resale
2224 Branbury Ln$95,000$631998-02-2719781,516Resale
2620 Byron Cir$73,000$551998-02-26--1,338Resale
2516 Bedford Way$84,000$631998-02-04--1,344Resale
2004 Eastgate Way$78,000$631997-12-1519761,232Resale
2129 Danshire Dr$86,000$721997-11-21--1,202Resale
2660 Byron Cir$94,500$791997-10-0119731,192Resale
2710 Raintree Cir$90,500$711997-08-2819731,271Resale
2728 Bedford Way$85,500$721997-08-21--1,188Resale
2780 Raintree Cir$96,500$801997-08-15--1,204Resale
2540 Bedford Way$72,800$641997-07-2919741,138Resale
2512 Whisper Way$85,000$691997-07-15--1,233Resale
2208 Branbury Ln$89,900$701997-07-0119771,283Resale
2313 Eastgate Way$81,700$641997-06-3019781,272Resale
2524 Bedford Way$75,000$621997-06-30--1,211Resale
2300 Dundee Ct$75,000$671997-06-20--1,118Resale
2224 Branbury Ln$69,500$461997-06-1819781,516Resale
2128 Danshire Dr$79,000$701997-06-0919781,128Resale
2108 Eastgate Way$91,000$721997-05-2919801,262Resale
2108 Eastgate Way$85,800$681997-04-3019801,262Resale
2119 Lytham Ct$87,000$711996-12-3019741,227Resale
2208 Branbury Ln$83,000$651996-10-2319771,283Resale
2216 Branbury Ln$84,400$681996-08-2819781,246Resale
2516 Whisper Way$85,000$581996-07-3019761,474Resale
2217 Branbury Ln$84,500$541996-07-24--1,566Resale
2748 Raintree Cir$85,000$511996-07-1519731,666Resale
2528 Whisper Way$82,500$671996-07-0319791,224Resale
2008 Eastgate Way$72,000$631996-06-27--1,144Resale
2104 Eastgate Way$92,500$681996-05-23--1,358Resale
2120 Danshire Dr$89,800$781996-04-1919781,148Resale
2516 Whisper Way$42,900$291996-04-1619761,474Resale
2548 Whisper Way$84,000$641996-03-2919781,312Resale
2123 Lytham Ct$89,900$691996-03-2919741,311Resale
2616 Byron Cir$76,000$731996-03-2819781,044Resale
2412 Dundee Dr$82,500$691996-02-29--1,188Resale
2709 Bedford Way$66,000$541996-02-27--1,220Resale
2736 Raintree Cir$85,000$541996-02-1619741,583Resale
3004 Eastgate Ct$70,000$601996-01-3119811,168Resale
2417 Dundee Dr$81,900$681995-12-2019741,212Resale
2042 Eastgate Way$75,000$571995-12-1419771,318Resale
2034 Eastgate Way$73,900$601995-11-3019771,240Resale
2632 Byron Cir$88,500$571995-11-2819741,559Resale
2112 Wembley Way$88,000$481995-11-1019781,825Resale
2768 Raintree Cir$94,000$771995-11-0219761,220Resale
2717 Bedford Way$85,000$701995-10-3119761,220Resale
2229 Greenwich Way$80,000$631995-10-3019781,276Resale
2717 Bedford Way$85,000$701995-10-0519761,220Resale
2672 Byron Cir$76,500$671995-09-28--1,144Resale
2205 Wembley Way$85,900$651995-09-27--1,320Resale
3001 Greenwich Ct$82,000$561995-09-1519791,470Resale
2049 Eastgate Way$83,500$601995-07-28--1,387Resale
2201 Eastgate Way$84,500$621995-07-2519771,372Resale
2321 Eastgate Way$81,900$591995-06-2719771,380Resale
2517 Bedford Way$79,900$661995-06-26--1,204Resale
2720 Bedford Way$78,000$641995-06-1419741,216Resale
2513 Whisper Way$78,000$621995-05-26--1,251Resale
2771 Raintree Cir$80,000$561995-05-24--1,430Resale
2536 Whisper Way$87,100$531995-05-14--1,640Resale
2221 Branbury Ln$81,300$561995-05-1219781,463Resale
2829 Little Deal Rd$78,000$661995-04-2819731,181Resale
2208 Greenwich Way$58,300$451995-04-2419791,310Resale
2821 Little Deal Rd$71,900$571995-04-1419731,252Resale
2213 Greenwich Way$78,900$651995-03-1419781,212Resale
2632 Byron Cir$85,000$551994-10-3119741,559Resale
2030 Eastgate Way$79,900$591994-10-2719751,365Resale
2540 Bedford Way$76,000$671994-10-1819741,138Resale
2535 Whisper Way$79,500$611994-10-0519781,310Resale
2309 Eastgate Way$59,000$531994-10-04--1,110Resale
2113 Wembley Way$69,000$591994-09-3019781,160Resale
2639 Byron Cir$80,000$561994-09-29--1,441Resale
2548 Whisper Way$64,000$491994-09-2119781,312Resale
2541 Lemon Ln$78,900$551994-09-0119741,447Resale
2768 Raintree Cir$72,000$591994-08-2919761,220Resale
3008 Greenwich Ct$76,300$611994-08-26--1,248Resale
2119 Lytham Ct$73,000$591994-08-2619741,227Resale
2016 Eastgate Way$42,900$231994-08-24--1,878Resale
2446 Dundee Dr$68,000$531994-08-23--1,276Resale
2435 Dundee Dr$84,900$641994-08-1719741,324Resale
2615 Bedford Way$77,200$591994-08-1019741,302Resale
2320 Eastgate Way$67,500$581994-08-05--1,165Resale
2128 Danshire Dr$73,000$651994-08-0119781,128Resale
2038 Eastgate Way$73,000$581994-07-1919771,268Resale
2508 Bedford Way$30,500$251994-07-1919741,238Resale
2112 Wembley Way$68,000$371994-07-0819781,825Resale
2539 Whisper Way$78,500$631994-06-1419781,253Resale
2713 Raintree Cir$82,500$541994-05-2019741,541Resale
2600 Bedford Way$73,300$611994-05-11--1,209Resale
2124 Lytham Ct$79,000$541994-05-02--1,474Resale
2829 Little Deal Rd$63,600$541994-04-2819731,181Resale
2720 Bedford Way$71,000$581994-04-2519741,216Resale
3204 Shimmy Ln$73,900$601994-04-0519781,232Resale
2509 Bedford Way$71,000$551994-03-1519751,293Resale
2220 Eastgate Way$75,000$601994-03-11--1,248Resale
2544 Whisper Way$76,000$541994-03-04--1,406Resale
2717 Bedford Way$77,000$631994-03-0419761,220Resale
2034 Eastgate Way$68,000$551994-02-2819771,240Resale
2701 Bedford Way$73,000$581994-02-2419751,257Resale
2325 Eastgate Way$70,000$631994-02-2319791,103Resale
2529 Whisper Way$14,700$101994-01-2019781,453Resale
2545 Bedford Way$28,000$191994-01-18--1,447Resale
2443 Dundee Dr$70,000$531994-01-0319741,332Resale
2412 Dundee Dr$76,900$651993-12-27--1,188Resale
2216 Eastgate Way$63,000$551993-12-2019801,155Resale
2337 Eastgate Way$68,000$621993-12-0719791,096Resale
2137 Danshire Dr$75,000$651993-11-1219801,154Resale
2724 Raintree Cir$68,900$441993-10-2119741,552Resale
2532 Bedford Way$62,000$531993-09-2019741,176Resale
2701 Bedford Way$14,700$121993-09-0719751,257Resale
2780 Raintree Cir$77,900$651993-09-03--1,204Resale
2350 Eastgate Way$83,500$541993-08-0319771,543Resale
2307 Dundee Ct$66,900$511993-07-3019741,318Resale
2029 Eastgate Way$75,500$621993-07-2319751,227Resale
2212 Greenwich Way$72,000$441993-07-0219791,647Resale
2228 Greenwich Way$43,300$421993-05-2819791,030Resale
2512 Bedford Way$70,000$551993-05-2619741,276Resale
2537 Lemon Ln$79,000$461993-05-1419751,728Resale
2615 Byron Cir$67,500$551993-04-30--1,238Resale
2825 Little Deal Rd$65,000$531993-04-05--1,227Resale
3201 Shimmy Ln$78,500$531993-03-2619901,480Resale
2505 Bedford Way$76,500$571993-02-01--1,349Resale
2505 Whisper Way$72,000$581992-12-0119741,247Resale
2132 Wembley Way$22,100$151992-11-1719801,522Resale
2216 Branbury Ln$66,900$541992-10-2619781,246Resale
2616 Byron Cir$59,900$571992-10-0919781,044Resale
2724 Raintree Cir$67,800$441992-09-2419741,552Resale
3009 Greenwich Ct$76,900$501992-08-0519781,552Resale
2628 Bedford Way$66,000$531992-07-2819731,247Resale
2408 Dundee Dr$72,000$651992-07-2819741,100Resale
2333 Eastgate Way$62,500$491992-07-1719771,270Resale
2755 Raintree Cir$73,500$631992-07-0619751,176Resale
2112 Lytham Ln$70,000$531992-05-1819761,328Resale
2740 Raintree Cir$71,700$491992-04-30--1,476Resale
2512 Bedford Way$69,000$541992-04-0819741,276Resale
2120 Danshire Dr$62,700$551992-04-0119781,148Resale
2300 Eastgate Way$75,000$511992-03-1219791,472Resale
2212 Branbury Ln$72,000$541992-03-1119771,340Resale
2817 Little Deal Rd$62,500$531992-03-0519731,181Resale
2113 Wembley Way$63,000$541992-03-0319781,160Resale
2718 Raintree Cir$64,500$471992-03-0219731,359Resale
2221 Branbury Ln$64,500$441992-02-2819781,463Resale
2124 Lytham Ct$69,000$471992-02-04--1,474Resale
2752 Raintree Cir$68,500$601992-02-03--1,144Resale
2620 Bedford Way$62,500$541992-01-1619731,162Resale
2300 Eastgate Way$50,000$341992-01-0919791,472Resale
3008 Eastgate Ct$50,000$451991-12-3119791,099Resale
2213 Eastgate Way$47,000$421991-12-0519811,116Resale
2133 Danshire Dr$68,000$481991-11-25--1,421Resale
2829 Little Deal Rd$60,000$511991-11-0519731,181Resale
2712 Bedford Way$67,000$561991-10-30--1,194Resale
2721 Bedford Way$65,000$501991-10-01--1,293Resale
2305 Eastgate Way$65,300$561991-09-27--1,160Resale
2205 Greenwich Way$68,000$511991-09-0519741,338Resale
2127 Wembley Way$60,000$501991-08-2119791,198Resale
2732 Raintree Cir$59,900$511991-08-19--1,176Resale
2034 Eastgate Way$57,300$461991-08-0719771,240Resale
2212 Eastgate Way$60,000$531991-08-07--1,125Resale
2706 Raintree Cir$72,000$651991-08-0119731,100Resale
2600 Bedford Way$65,000$541991-07-12--1,209Resale
2705 Bedford Way$77,000$631991-07-0319771,220Resale
2412 Dundee Dr$76,500$641991-07-02--1,188Resale
2517 Whisper Way$64,500$531991-06-2719731,211Resale
2025 Eastgate Way$63,000$491991-06-0419741,279Resale
2109 Danshire Dr$72,000$531991-06-04--1,365Resale
2041 Eastgate Way$60,000$611991-05-31--991Resale
2660 Byron Cir$68,900$581991-05-3119731,192Resale
2116 Lytham Ct$68,900$471991-05-2919751,453Resale
2030 Eastgate Way$68,500$501991-04-1919751,365Resale
2805 Little Deal Rd$65,000$501991-04-01--1,291Resale
2701 Bedford Way$72,400$581991-03-1119751,257Resale
2212 Eastgate Way$51,100$451991-03-06--1,125Resale
2021 Eastgate Way$69,000$491991-03-0419751,415Resale
2201 Branbury Ln$42,500$331991-02-2719761,301Resale
2201 Branbury Ln$58,900$451991-02-2719761,301Resale
2201 Branbury Ln$75,500$581991-02-2719761,301Resale
2421 Dundee Dr$76,000$611991-02-2519741,247Resale

Top Tips For Homebuyers

How To Buy Your First Home 2021 Step By Step
How To Buy Your First Home 2021 Step By Step
How To Buy Your First Home 2021 Step By Step - The home buying process from start to finish. Walkthrough the entire homebuying process, great for first time homebuyers and anyone buying a home in 2021. This is Home Buying 101 for 2021.
What are closing costs when buying a home?
What are closing costs when buying a home?
If you are planning to buy a home now, or in the next few months, there are some fees and expenses you’ll need to pay in addition to your down payment that you should know about. Other than your down payment, all money you spend when you buy a home are called “closing costs,” and you should know about them ahead of time. Even experienced buyers can be surprised at all the costs that are associated with buying a home today. This short video will cover what you need to know so that you can (one, be prepared,
What To Offer On A Home In A Sellers Market
What To Offer On A Home In A Sellers Market
We are experiencing the strongest seller's market on record, so you have to be prepared to make the right kind of offer if you want to buy a home today. And it's not all just about how much to offer, there is so much involved when making the "RIGHT" offer in a seller's market. I have shared my experience of selling thousands of homes in a seller's market, both with working for buyers and with working for sellers. I have shared 3 important home buying tips to enlighten you on what matters most to sellers so
Real Estate Appraisal Versus Fair Market Value Of A Home?
Real Estate Appraisal Versus Fair Market Value Of A Home?
What is the difference between a real estate appraisal and the fair market value of a home? If there is one practice that confounds both home buyers and home sellers alike it's the fact that the majority of real estate transactions close at the mercy of an appraisal conducted for a purpose that most consumers do not consider. Understanding these differences will save you money when it comes to buying or selling a home, and it will help you appreciate the need and value of a real estate appraisal. But here’s
What Is A Real Estate Hot Sheet?
What Is A Real Estate Hot Sheet?
What Is A Real Estate Hotsheet? - When agents are new to the real estate industry, they are trained to monitor the " MLS Hot Sheet" every morning in order to stay informed of the inventory changes. So what is a real estate hot sheet, and can non-Realtors get access to it? ?? Link to the current real estate Hot Sheet: https://www.TallahasseeHotSheet.com Up until now, the hot sheet was proprietary information only available to paid members of the MLS. But recognizing that inventory is so low in the Tallahass
Who is responsible for determining the value of the home you want to buy?
Who is responsible for determining the value of the home you want to buy?
If you are planning on buying a home now, or within the next three to six months, you are going to have all sorts of questions pop up for which you’ll want answers. Among the most important of these will have to do with figuring out what a home is worth. As a matter of fact, I was recently asked this question “Who is primarily responsible for determining the market value of the home you want to buy?” Questions about valuation are very common from buyers of all experience levels because nobody wants to overp
What Is The Definition Of Distressed Property?
What Is The Definition Of Distressed Property?
What Is The Definition Of Distressed Property? I received this question from "Rich" who asked: Joe, what is your definition of a "Distressed Property" - foreclosure, disrepair, time on market, location? That's a great question because we have a ton of people who have registered to receive our regularly updated list of distressed properties for sale in Tallahassee, so I know the topic is very popular today. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people just entering the market to buy a home to be focused on distress
Why Use A Buyer's Agent For New Construction?
Why Use A Buyer's Agent For New Construction?
Why Use A Buyer's Agent For New Construction? - I was recently asked about the benefits of having a buyers agent for new construction. Specifically, she asked why she should use a buyer's agent for new construction? My short answer is that you should always hire a well-trained advocate to help you buy any real estate, including new construction homes. This video though will specifically address several benefits of having your own advocate when purchasing a brand new home, whether it has already been built
What Is A Seller's Market In Real Estate?
What Is A Seller's Market In Real Estate?
You might have heard that we have a huge seller’s market right now in real estate. Do you know what that means? This real estate frequently asked question comes up from time to time when somebody is buying a home or selling a home. They want to know if its a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. Is now a good time to buy a home in the Tallahassee real estate market? I have prepared this short video to demonstrate the conditions that make this a seller’s market, and then we’ll show you the numbers and how we
What Is A Swimming Pool Worth?
What Is A Swimming Pool Worth?
What Is A Swimming Pool Worth? Recently, a customer buying a home asked me a simple question. She inquired “how much does a pool add to the value of a home?” Pretty simple question, right? Well, by the end of this short video, you’ll know the not-so-simple answer (and why this is so important).
How Many Times Will A Home Seller Counter Offer?
How Many Times Will A Home Seller Counter Offer?
This real estate frequently asked question is from a recent home buyer. If you are about to buy a home in Tallahassee Florida or beyond and you’re trying to better understand how the real estate negotiation process will work, then understanding how to better control the negotiation is going to keep some of your hard-earned money in your pocket!
What You Should Know About School Zones When Buying A Home
What You Should Know About School Zones When Buying A Home
What You Should Know About School Zones When Buying A Home - Buyers always ask about school zones, even when they do not have school-aged children. They understand that homes in the highest-rated school zones often fetch the most money, so they believe they are putting themselves in the best position for a future sale by purchasing a home in an acceptable school zone today. Unfortunately, this logic is flawed. If you are buying a home with no need for a school yet plan on including your opinion of the publi

Top Tips For Home Sellers

Home Selling Tip: Don't Price Your Home On The 9s!
Home Selling Tip: Don't Price Your Home On The 9s!
One of the most important steps in your marketing strategy when selling a home is setting the initial asking price for the home. While I have discussed this in previous videos, today I’m going to discuss a technique that I refer to as pricing on the 9s. It works to reduce the buyer pool for the home seller and reduce’s the seller’s chances of getting top dollar for the home. It is a terrible tactic and works against the seller. If you watch this short video, you’ll understand exactly why it hurts home selle
Home Staging Advice For Sellers
Home Staging Advice For Sellers
Do you wonder how to net more money selling your home? This is one of my top home selling tips. Today's video is everything you need to know about staging your home in order to NET the most money from your sale. ?? Here's a link to our FREE Home Sellers Checklist mentioned in the video: https://www.tallahasseechecklist.com/home-seller-checklist-downloadzh61xghm
What Is A Seller's Market In Real Estate?
What Is A Seller's Market In Real Estate?
You might have heard that we have a huge seller’s market right now in real estate. Do you know what that means? This real estate frequently asked question comes up from time to time when somebody is buying a home or selling a home. They want to know if its a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. Is now a good time to buy a home in the Tallahassee real estate market? I have prepared this short video to demonstrate the conditions that make this a seller’s market, and then we’ll show you the numbers and how we
How Much Margin For Negotiation Should I Include In My Asking Price?
How Much Margin For Negotiation Should I Include In My Asking Price?
I was recently asked "How much margin for negotiation should I include in my asking price?" This is a common question from experienced home sellers. They have sold homes in the past and understand the negotiation process involves a game of give and take, so doesn’t it make good sense to start with a little wiggle room in your price so that you can give it to the buyer to secure a sale? Here's what you should know. I explain EXACTLY how much margin for negotiation you should add to the price of your home t
Real Estate Appraisal Versus Fair Market Value Of A Home?
Real Estate Appraisal Versus Fair Market Value Of A Home?
What is the difference between a real estate appraisal and the fair market value of a home? If there is one practice that confounds both home buyers and home sellers alike it's the fact that the majority of real estate transactions close at the mercy of an appraisal conducted for a purpose that most consumers do not consider. Understanding these differences will save you money when it comes to buying or selling a home, and it will help you appreciate the need and value of a real estate appraisal. But here’s
First Right Of Refusal Meaning Explained
First Right Of Refusal Meaning Explained
What is a right of first refusal? What does first right of refusal mean when dealing with a real estate contract? Accepting real estate contingencies without understanding them often causes home sellers problems. I have shared a real-world example of how we handled a first right of refusal real estate contract negotiation, and the decision-making process used to put the home seller in the best situation possible. Pay close attention to this short video and you’ll have a better understanding of the right to
How To Sell A Home That Needs Repairs
How To Sell A Home That Needs Repairs
How To Sell A Home That Needs Repairs - If you want to know how to sell a fixer upper house fast, then there are some fundamentals of selling a fixer-upper that you should understand. Ideally, in real estate sales, when selling a home, you should bring a house to market-condition before you sell your house fast in order to attain top dollar during the sale. But ideal situations are not always possible. If you follow the tips and advice in this video, you will know how to sell a fixer-upper house fast and in
What Is Pre Marketing In Real Estate When Selling A Home?
What Is Pre Marketing In Real Estate When Selling A Home?
What is pre-marketing in real estate when selling a home? When your home hits the market and it "goes live," how many buyers will be standing in line to get in? Will it look like an Apple store on the day the new iPhone is released? If not, why not? ... it's all in the video ??????
How Digital Has Changed How We Sell A Home Today
How Digital Has Changed How We Sell A Home Today
Time to sell a home? The digital age has had a huge impact on what homeowners must do to get top dollar when selling their home. In this video, Joe Manausa explains why and how things have changed, and then lays out the plan for what home sellers must do.
5 Ways To Handle The House In A Divorce
5 Ways To Handle The House In A Divorce
If there is one thing that I see divorcing couples doing wrong more often than not, it is the decision on how to handle the house where the couple has lived. While I am not a lawyer and I'm not dispensing legal advice, take it from somebody who has helped hundreds of divorcing couples, there is a right way (and FOUR wrong ways) to handle the house in a divorce. Tell your attorney that you want to do it right!
Ugly Real Estate Listing Pictures | Real Estate Photography Tips
Ugly Real Estate Listing Pictures | Real Estate Photography Tips
I’ve got some funny, ugly real estate listing pictures to share with you today, along with some simple real estate photography tips. Take a humorous look at some of the WORST pictures I have seen used when marketing a home ... not the way to sell your house!
How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home In 2020?
How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home In 2020?
How long does it take a home to sell in 2020? I've been asked this question a lot recently, and it made me realize a full explanation was in order. Why? Because if you understood how to sell a home for top dollar, you would know that it is a trick question. Trust me on this. Invest the few minutes it takes to watch the video and you'll have a better understanding of selling a home than do most people in the real estate industry (and I'll prove it!).
What Is A Swimming Pool Worth?
What Is A Swimming Pool Worth?
What Is A Swimming Pool Worth? Recently, a customer buying a home asked me a simple question. She inquired “how much does a pool add to the value of a home?” Pretty simple question, right? Well, by the end of this short video, you’ll know the not-so-simple answer (and why this is so important).

Recent Housing Market Reports

The Truth About The Housing Bubble Of 2021
The Truth About The Housing Bubble Of 2021
Will there be a housing bubble in 2021? - If you look at the most active real estate videos on YouTube, you'll find that the forecast for the next real estate bubble is very popular. Is there a housing crisis and will there be a housing crash in 2021? Or is it just sensationalism that drives people to watch these so-called reports? This video exposes real evidence and I will give you data that tells you everything you need to know about a housing bubble in 2021.
Luxury Home Sales Report 2020
Luxury Home Sales Report 2020
The term "luxury homes" has many meanings to different people. As with many things, "Luxury" is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to real estate though, luxury is often defined by lifestyle, location, amenities, land size, as well as the physical size of a home. For today's luxury real estate report, we include all luxury homes priced in the top 1% of the market.
Foreclosures 2020: The Coming Coronavirus Foreclosure Crisis
Foreclosures 2020: The Coming Coronavirus Foreclosure Crisis
Is there a foreclosure crisis or is it fake news? I’m seeing a lot of videos and articles about the impending doom of the housing market. A tsunami of foreclosures? Evictions by the millions? Home prices dropping by 40%! There are a lot of doomsayers getting a lot of attention these days. Wouldn’t it be interesting to take a fact-based look at the housing market instead? Sit back, relax, and watch our Housing Market 2020 Forecast, and you'll discover the real deal about the impending foreclosure crisis in
Housing Market Report November 2020
Housing Market Report November 2020
November is over, we're through ten months of this crazy 2020 year, and I have a powerful report on the current housing market. As I have mentioned in recent real estate market reports, the Tallahassee real estate market is behaving more like we'd expect in the Summer as opposed to normal October and November conditions. I have created some graphs that I will share with you now, they accurately depict current housing market conditions and make it possible to forecast what we will see next in the Tallahassee
Year Over Year Home Sales Report November 2020
Year Over Year Home Sales Report November 2020
Year Over Year Home Sales Report November 2020 - October is over, November is upon us, and we’ve already put together our Year To Date Home Sales Report November 2020. Most companies that provide Tallahassee real estate reports take several weeks to produce something for consumers, but we’ve managed to wrap up October in just three days. This report will show you that something special happened in October, and it’s a sign of how the housing market is responding to the global pandemic. If you stick around to
Real Estate Crystal Ball | Pending Home Sales Report October 2020
Real Estate Crystal Ball | Pending Home Sales Report October 2020
My real estate crystal ball (aka the Pending Home Sales Report) will tell you what you need to know about the current real estate market as well as a forecast for the next quarter. What I will reveal is nothing like you would expect to hear during a global pandemic, so just sit back and relax, grab a cool drink, and take a look at pending home sales in the Tallahassee real estate market.
November 2020 Inventory Report
November 2020 Inventory Report
The November 2020 Inventory Report is ready to go, and the theme for November is “musical chairs.” So how does this relate to the housing market? Well, watch the video through the end. I’ll show you who the players are, what the music is, and when the hunt for chairs will come to and end.

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