Eagles Ridge Listings And Real Estate Report December 2019

Eagles Ridge in NE Tallahassee is a patio home community filled with 127 single-family detached three and four-bedroom homes.

Located on the western edge of Golden Eagle Plantation and its popular Tom Fazio designed golf course, Eagles Ridge is often the low-maintenance solution to living within a popular gated community.

Homes For Sale In Eagles Ridge

The following list of homes for sale in Eagles Ridge is current and updated multiple times daily.

2 Properties

Eagles Ridge School System

Homes in Eagles Ridge are zoned for the following Leon County Public Schools:

Killearn Lakes Elementary School

Deerlake Middle School

Chiles High School

In this report, we will look at average home price trends, home value trends, and home size trends in Eagles Ridge. Additionally, we have provided a list of all closed home sales going back to 1991.

For all of the real estate graphs below, we show the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), as well as an important real estate statistic is shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis.

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through years' end for all previous years, but through Christmas Day in 2019. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Eagles Ridge).

Eagles Ridge Home Prices

Average home prices in Eagles Ridge have moved nearly 5% higher when compared to last year's average and are now just 7% below the all-time high recorded in 2007.

Eagles Ridge is a popular low-maintenance neighborhood and we expect prices to move to set a new record high, possibly in 2020.

Home sales activity in Eagles Ridge remains excellent, with every properly marketed home selling fast. Currently, there is just one home for sale in Eagles Ridge.

Home Values In Eagles Ridge

The average home value in Eagles Ridge in 2019 is $140 per square foot, up only slightly when compared to last year's average.

With relatively few home sales each year, coupled with the fact that some are on the golf course (versus those on the interior which are less valuable), we often see fluctuations in the "average" value here. Whether selling or buying in Eagles Ridge, beware of online valuation tools and inexperienced real estate agents who might not truly understand actual market values.

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Eagles Ridge Home Sizes

The average size of homes sold in Eagles Ridge typically falls in a range of 1,800 to 2,400 square feet, and this year has been no different.

The 11 home sales thus far in 2019 have averaged 2,285 square feet.

Eagles Ridge Home Sales

The following table shows more than 300 home sales in Eagles Ridge since 1992. You can sort the table by clicking on any of the column headings.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
1647 Eagles Watch Way$365,000$2292024-05-0919951,596Resale
8981 Eagles Ridge Drive$530,000$2212024-05-0620002,399Resale
9062 Eagles Ridge Drive$469,900$2072024-04-3020032,275Resale
9033 Eagles Ridge Drive$300,000$1712024-03-2619931,755Resale
9063 Ridgeview Trail$515,000$2192023-10-3020022,351Resale
8977 Eagles Ridge Drive$470,000$2202023-09-2019952,141Resale
8978 Eagles Ridge Drive$383,500$2112023-05-3119951,815Resale
9037 Eagles Ridge Drive$565,000$2322023-04-1419982,432Resale
9055 Eagles Ridge Dr$383,000$2042023-01-0619941,882Resale
1656 Eagles Watch Way$420,000$1902022-12-1920032,216Resale
1626 Eagles Watch Way$340,000$2052022-11-2919981,659Resale
9068 Eagles Ridge Drive$460,000$2072022-10-1820042,223Resale
1627 New Legend Court$350,000$1892022-08-0419931,851Resale
8984 Eagles Ridge Drive$420,000$2302022-07-1119951,827Resale
1625 New Legend Court$407,000$1962022-01-2820012,077Resale
9067 Eagles Ridge Drive$435,000$1922022-01-2720012,260Resale
9057 Eagles Ridge Drive$450,000$1552021-12-1720002,904Resale
9015 Eagles Ridge Drive$405,000$1782021-12-0620042,280Resale
9087 Ridgeview Trl$406,000$1872021-11-3020032,172Resale
0 New Legend Court$420,000$2272021-10-2220211,849New
9037 Eagles Ridge Drive$418,000$1722021-10-1519982,432Resale
9175 Eagles Ridge Drive$430,000$1932021-09-2420072,233Resale
1626 New Legend Ct$320,000$1232021-09-0120212,594New
1641 Eagles Watch Way$329,800$1952021-08-2320011,688Resale
9053 Eagles Ridge Drive$430,000$2102021-08-1819952,048Resale
9045 Eagles Ridge Drive$465,000$2012021-07-1620032,314Resale
1648 Eagles Watch Way$404,000$2002021-07-1620012,020Resale
1639 Eagles Watch Way$350,000$1892021-07-1520021,856Resale
9182 Eagles Ridge Drive$508,500$2142021-07-1520172,371Resale
9044 Eagles Ridge Drive$341,250$1982021-06-1720001,726Resale
1623 New Legend Court$378,000$1942021-06-1620041,948Resale
9021 Eagles Ridge Drive$439,000$1952021-05-2820152,254Resale
0 Eagles Watch Way$420,000$2272021-05-0720211,849New
9062 Eagles Ridge Drive$400,000$1762021-05-0620032,275Resale
9043 Eagles Ridge Drive$385,000$1942021-02-0519981,981Resale
8982 Eagles Ridge Drive$383,000$1582021-01-2819932,418Resale
1619 New Legend Court$405,000$1862020-11-1620002,175Resale
1652 Eagles Watch Way$305,000$1472020-08-1420022,071Resale
8980 Eagles Ridge Drive$330,000$1272020-07-2419942,598Resale
9037 Eagles Ridge$415,000$1712020-06-2319982,432Resale
1619 New Legend Court$382,000$1562020-02-2820002,452Resale
1623 New Legend Ct$165,000$852019-12-0520041,948Resale
1663 Vintage Ridge Ct$200,000$702019-11-0119982,857Resale
1629 New Legend Court$335,000$1632019-10-2920012,057Resale
9029 Eagles Ridge Drive$339,000$1322019-10-2319922,577Resale
8986 Eagles Ridge Drive$299,000$1352019-10-2120022,207Resale
9074 Eagles Ridge Drive$365,000$1582019-10-1520042,307Resale
9194 Eagles Ridge Drive$415,000$1852019-09-1320162,249Resale
8982 Eagles Ridge Drive$289,000$1202019-06-0419932,418Resale
1660 Eagles Watch Way$274,000$1282019-05-3020032,134Resale
9116 Eagles Ridge Drive$320,000$1462019-04-1520072,197Resale
8984 Eagles Ridge Drive$275,000$1442019-02-0519951,906Resale
9175 Eagles Ridge Drive$365,000$1632019-02-0120072,233Resale
9045 Eagles Ridge Drive$315,000$1362018-12-2120032,314Resale
1626 Eagles Watch Way$246,000$1482018-10-0519981,659Resale
9011 Eagles Ridge Dr$319,590$1422018-08-1420042,257Resale
8982 Eagles Ridge Drive$280,000$1162018-07-2019932,418Resale
1640 Eagles Watch Way$230,000$1412018-03-3019951,633Resale
1658 Eagles Watch$252,500$1432018-03-3019951,770Resale
9051 Eagles Ridge Dr.$375,000$1342018-03-1620012,809Resale
9027 Eagles Ridge Dr$390,000$1472018-02-2620002,652Resale
1628 Eagles Watch Way$239,900$1452017-12-2819981,659Resale
9083 Ridgeview Trl$345,500$1542017-10-1220022,250Resale
1625 New Legend Ct$303,000$1462017-09-1820012,077Resale
8972 Eagles Ridge Dr$262,000$1372017-08-2819971,918Resale
9080 Eagles Ridge Dr$375,000$1652017-08-2520052,274Resale
9140 Eagles Ridge Drive$400,000$1462017-08-0720042,736Resale
9055 Eagles Ridge Drive$290,000$1542017-07-3119941,882Resale
9163 Eagles Ridge Drive$410,000$1462017-06-3020042,815Resale
1652 Eagles Watch$267,000$1292017-06-2720022,071Resale
9199 Eagles Ridge Drive$341,000$1552017-06-1620072,202Resale
9052 Ridgeview Trail$245,000$1512017-04-2119961,623Resale
1643 Eagles Watch Way$295,000$1232017-04-1420032,406Resale
1626 Eagles Watch Way$230,000$1392017-03-2919981,659Resale
1658 Eagles Watch Way$240,000$1402017-03-1719951,717Resale
9185 Eagles Ridge Drive$405,900$1482016-12-1420052,734Resale
9057 Eagles Ridge Drive$325,000$1062016-12-0520003,058Resale
9044 Eagles Ridge Dr$232,500$1352016-09-3020001,726Resale
1661 Eagles Watch Way$250,000$1332016-09-2020001,883Resale
9005 Eagles Ridge Drive$477,000$1412016-09-1520073,381Resale
1646 Eagles Watch Way$289,000$1452016-08-0120012,000Resale
1660 Vintage Ridge Ct$280,000$1202016-07-2919912,332Resale
9053 Eagles Ridge Dr$305,000$1502016-07-1219952,028Resale
2004 Eagles Landing Court$290,000$1392016-07-0520022,086Resale
9066 Eagles Ridge Dr$320,000$1372016-05-2220032,334Resale
2010 Eagles Landing Court$245,000$1052016-05-1919932,330Resale
9017 Eagles Ridge Dr$355,000$1412016-04-1219992,516Resale
9083 Ridgeview Trl$315,000$1402016-02-2920022,250Resale
1656 Eagles Watch$285,000$1292015-12-1020032,216Resale
9098 Eagles Ridge Drive$217,000$1082015-11-2420042,010Resale
8978 Eagles Ridge Dr$215,000$1182015-09-2419951,815Resale
9104 Eagles Ridge Drive$302,400$1342015-07-2320042,259Resale
1648 Eagles Watch Way$263,500$1302015-06-3020012,020Resale
1641 Eagles Watch Way$193,000$1142015-06-1920011,688Resale
9001 Eagles Ridge Dr$268,000$1442014-12-3120031,864Resale
9011 Eagles Ridge Dr$275,000$1222014-11-2620042,257Resale
9021 Eagles Ridge Dr$220,000--2014-11-032014--New
1656 Eagles Watch Way$279,900$1262014-09-1920032,216Resale
9037 Eagles Ridge Dr$350,000$1632014-09-0519982,150Resale
1623 New Legend Ct$235,000$1212014-08-2220041,948Resale
1658 Vintage Ridge Ct$268,000$1012014-08-1919952,666Resale
1660 Eagles Watch Way$279,000$1312014-03-2620032,134Resale
1621 New Legend Ct$239,000$1212013-11-2620021,968Resale
1643 Eagles Watch Way$280,000$1382013-10-3120032,026Resale
1622 Eagles Watch Way$270,000$1352013-10-2420132,002New
9009 Eagles Ridge Dr$240,000$902013-10-1119932,665Resale
1632 Eagles Watch Way$203,000$1202013-08-0719971,693Resale
1627 New Legend Ct$175,000$952013-06-1019931,851Resale
9070 Eagles Ridge Dr$238,000$1152013-05-3120042,072Resale
1623 New Legend Ct$225,000$1162013-05-0920041,948Resale
9083 Ridgeview Trl$270,000$1202013-03-2920022,250Resale
9002 Eagles Ridge Dr$224,000$1162013-01-0919931,939Resale
1654 Eagles Watch Way$193,000$1242012-12-2119951,558Resale
1622 New Legend Ct$243,000$1232012-11-2619961,981Resale
1660 Vintage Ridge Ct$245,000$1052012-10-0519912,336Resale
8984 Eagles Ridge Dr$232,500$1272012-10-0519951,827Resale
9042 Eagles Ridge Dr$205,000$1172012-07-2720021,755Resale
9040 Eagles Ridge Dr$185,000$1232012-06-2219961,506Resale
1643 Eagles Watch Way$187,000$922011-12-1320032,026Resale
1627 Eagles Watch Way$215,000$1082011-10-1919931,990Resale
9019 Eagles Ridge Dr$250,500$1102011-07-2919912,287Resale
9059 Eagles Ridge Dr$352,500$1472011-06-3020032,400Resale
1628 New Legend Ct$233,000$1112011-06-1519922,090Resale
9001 Eagles Ridge Dr$268,500$1442011-05-0220031,864Resale
8972 Eagles Ridge Dr$231,000$1202011-04-2919971,918Resale
1646 Eagles Watch Way$200,000$1222011-03-2220011,646Resale
1641 Eagles Watch Way$180,000$1122011-02-0320011,611Resale
1628 Eagles Watch Way$215,000$1302010-10-2519981,659Resale
9051 Eagles Ridge Dr$340,000$1212010-10-2520012,809Resale
1661 Eagles Watch Way$240,000$1332010-10-1820001,804Resale
1630 New Legend Ct$315,000$1122010-06-1019922,824Resale
1644 Eagles Watch Way$236,000$1212010-04-3020011,948Resale
8985 Eagles Ridge Dr$290,000$1262010-04-2619922,294Resale
9023 Eagles Ridge Dr$340,000$1302009-08-2119922,612Resale
1662 Eagles Watch Way$315,000$1582008-09-1920001,992Resale
9078 Eagles Ridge Dr$275,000$1382008-08-2720051,988Resale
9042 Eagles Ridge Dr$235,000$1342008-07-3120021,755Resale
9051 Eagles Ridge Dr$440,000$1572008-06-2620012,809Resale
8981 Eagles Ridge Dr$380,000$1582008-06-0920002,399Resale
9044 Eagles Ridge Dr$315,000$1822008-03-0720001,735Resale
9041 Eagles Ridge Dr$240,500$1442008-01-1819971,672Resale
9013 Eagles Ridge Dr$295,000$1332007-12-2720052,216Resale
9040 Eagles Ridge Dr$260,000$1732007-12-0619961,506Resale
9052 Ridgeview Trl$278,000$1842007-09-1919961,507Resale
1643 Eagles Watch Way$295,000$1462007-09-1820032,026Resale
9005 Eagles Ridge Dr$513,600--2007-08-172007--New
8988 Eagles Ridge Dr$440,000$1682007-08-1320042,625Resale
9037 Eagles Ridge Dr$402,500$1872007-06-1119982,148Resale
9013 Eagles Ridge Dr$388,700$1752007-03-1520052,216Resale
1625 New Legend Ct$335,000$1612007-03-0120012,077Resale
9052 Ridgeview Trl$229,000$1522007-02-2219961,507Resale
8983 Eagles Ridge Dr$318,000$1822007-02-2019951,743Resale
9076 Eagles Ridge Dr$380,000$1602006-12-2920042,368Resale
1642 Eagles Watch Way$250,000$1552006-10-2019951,609Resale
9002 Eagles Ridge Dr$356,000$1842006-07-0519931,939Resale
9009 Eagles Ridge Dr$380,000$1432006-06-0919932,665Resale
1662 Eagles Watch Way$355,000$1782006-05-3020001,992Resale
1625 New Legend Ct$340,000$1642006-05-3020012,077Resale
9051 Eagles Ridge Dr$425,000$1512006-05-1720012,818Resale
9072 Eagles Ridge Dr$330,000$1422006-05-0120042,316Resale
2008 Eagles Landing Ct$295,000$1512006-04-2820041,948Resale
9037 Eagles Ridge Dr$367,000$1712006-04-0719982,148Resale
9065 Eagles Ridge Dr$380,000$1732006-02-2719972,193Resale
1638 Eagles Watch Way$249,500$1402006-02-1719951,781Resale
9079 Ridgeview Trl$362,000$1622006-02-1520022,235Resale
9001 Eagles Ridge Dr$337,500$1812006-02-0620031,864Resale
1636 Eagles Watch Way$257,500$1522006-01-2419951,689Resale
8980 Eagles Ridge Dr$382,000$1672005-12-0219942,286Resale
9007 Eagles Ridge Dr$426,600$1882005-12-0119992,266Resale
9035 Eagles Ridge Dr$307,000$1352005-09-3019982,280Resale
8985 Eagles Ridge Dr$335,000$1462005-09-0119922,294Resale
8970 Eagles Ridge Dr$290,000$1462005-08-1919971,987Resale
1626 Eagles Watch Way$236,000$1422005-07-0819981,659Resale
2008 Eagles Landing Ct$289,900$1492005-07-0120041,948Resale
9064 Eagles Ridge Dr$340,900$1452005-06-2220032,349Resale
9078 Eagles Ridge Dr$329,900$1662005-06-1520051,988New
1621 New Legend Ct$275,000$1402005-06-1020021,968Resale
1647 Eagles Watch Way$235,000$1502005-06-0319951,568Resale
9045 Eagles Ridge Dr$355,000$1532005-05-2620032,316Resale
9080 Eagles Ridge Dr$331,100$1462005-05-2520052,274New
9013 Eagles Ridge Dr$345,000$1562005-05-1820052,216New
1640 Eagles Watch Way$211,900$1302005-04-1519951,633Resale
1648 Eagles Watch Way$260,000$1292005-02-1820012,020Resale
8978 Eagles Ridge Dr$249,000$1382005-01-0619951,800Resale
1634 Eagles Watch Way$246,500$1402004-12-3019961,759Resale
1658 Vintage Ridge Ct$340,000$1282004-12-0919952,666Resale
9075 Ridgeview Trl$294,900$1182004-11-3020042,509New
1629 New Legend Ct$285,000$1392004-11-1720012,057Resale
9019 Eagles Ridge Dr$295,000$1302004-11-1519912,272Resale
1641 Eagles Watch Way$221,900$1382004-10-2820011,611Resale
1623 New Legend Ct$269,900$1392004-10-0120041,948New
9079 Ridgeview Trl$315,000$1412004-09-3020022,235Resale
9037 Eagles Ridge Dr$330,000$1542004-09-2919982,148Resale
9040 Eagles Ridge Dr$187,500$1252004-09-2719961,506Resale
9011 Eagles Ridge Dr$279,900$1242004-09-2420042,257New
1637 Eagles Watch Way$263,500$1302004-09-1020032,034Resale
9076 Eagles Ridge Dr$290,400$1232004-09-0820042,368Resale
9009 Eagles Ridge Dr$280,000$1052004-09-0219932,665Resale
9015 Eagles Ridge Dr$290,100$1272004-08-1920042,280New
9072 Eagles Ridge Dr$286,900$1242004-08-0420042,316New
1662 Vintage Ridge Ct$294,500$1302004-07-3020022,266Resale
2004 Eagles Landing Ct$249,000$1192004-06-2520022,086Resale
9044 Eagles Ridge Dr$239,000$1382004-06-1720001,735Resale
9044 Eagles Ridge Dr$239,000$1382004-06-0720001,735Resale
9074 Eagles Ridge Dr$285,800$1242004-05-2820042,307New
8984 Eagles Ridge Dr$230,000$1262004-05-2419951,830Resale
1642 Eagles Watch Way$175,000$1092004-05-1919951,609Resale
9068 Eagles Ridge Dr$269,900$1212004-05-1320042,223New
9041 Eagles Ridge Dr$225,000$1352004-04-2819971,672Resale
9038 Eagles Ridge Dr$175,000$1162004-04-2619961,506Resale
1661 Eagles Watch Way$231,200$1282004-04-1420001,812Resale
9066 Eagles Ridge Dr$269,900$1162004-02-2620032,334New
9069 Eagles Ridge Dr$299,900$1282004-02-0920032,336New
9067 Eagles Ridge Dr$280,000$1242003-12-0820012,260Resale
8981 Eagles Ridge Dr$305,000$1272003-11-0720002,399Resale
2006 Eagles Landing Ct$190,000$1062003-09-1919951,800Resale
9001 Eagles Ridge Dr$255,000$1372003-09-1120031,868New
9037 Eagles Ridge Dr$223,000$1042003-09-1019982,148Resale
9076 Eagles Ridge Dr$260,000$772003-09-0320043,375New
2010 Eagles Landing Ct$229,000$992003-08-2919932,314Resale
1648 Eagles Watch Way$204,000$1012003-08-1520012,020Resale
8980 Eagles Ridge Dr$265,000$1162003-08-0819942,286Resale
1641 Eagles Watch Way$175,000$1092003-07-3120011,611Resale
1628 Eagles Watch Way$189,500$1142003-07-3119981,659Resale
1655 Vintage Ridge Ct$230,000$1222003-07-3020011,885Resale
9062 Eagles Ridge Dr$266,400$1172003-07-2120032,275New
1619 New Legend Ct$239,000$1102003-07-1820002,175Resale
9052 Ridgeview Trl$179,000$1192003-07-1619961,507Resale
9064 Eagles Ridge Dr$264,900$1132003-06-2020032,349New
1644 Eagles Watch Way$212,500$1092003-05-3020011,948Resale
1643 Eagles Watch Way$209,600$1032003-05-0220032,026Resale
9045 Eagles Ridge Dr$190,000$582003-04-3020033,294New
9230 Eagles Ridge Dr$232,000--2003-04-282003--New
1644 Eagles Watch Way$212,500$1092003-04-0320011,948Resale
9046 Eagles Ridge Dr$249,900$1142003-02-2120032,193New
1624 Eagles Watch Way$172,000$1002003-01-1719961,721Resale
1658 Vintage Ridge Ct$244,500$922002-12-2019952,666Resale
9057 Eagles Ridge Dr$284,900$1002002-12-1220002,858Resale
1652 Eagles Watch Way$204,900$992002-12-0620022,071New
1650 Eagles Watch Way$169,000$1062002-11-2119971,590Resale
9019 Eagles Ridge Dr$242,000$1072002-11-0719912,272Resale
1622 New Legend Ct$225,000$1142002-10-3019961,973Resale
9079 Ridgeview Trl$236,000$1062002-10-0720022,235New
1638 Eagles Watch Way$154,600$872002-09-1319951,779Resale
1653 Vintage Ridge Ct$230,000$1102002-09-0920022,086New
1662 Vintage Ridge Ct$207,800$922002-08-2720022,266New
8970 Eagles Ridge Dr$196,000$992002-08-2319971,987Resale
9047 Eagles Ridge Dr$287,000$1052002-08-1519972,721Resale
1662 Eagles Watch Way$206,000$1032002-07-2320001,992Resale
1643 Eagles Watch Way$75,000$322002-07-0120032,366New
1637 Eagles Watch Way$75,000$332002-07-0120032,301New
1621 New Legend Ct$237,000$1202002-06-2820021,968New
9067 Ridgeview Trl$248,900$1132002-06-0320022,193New
1648 Eagles Watch Way$190,000$942002-05-3120012,020New
1646 Eagles Watch Way$184,900$1122002-05-1020011,646New
8986 Eagles Ridge Dr$189,000--2002-04-252002--New
Eagles Ridge Dr$294,000--2002-03-13----Resale
8983 Eagles Ridge Dr$224,000$1292002-02-1919951,743Resale
2004 Eagles Landing Ct$206,600$992002-02-1520022,086Resale
9057 Eagles Ridge Dr$259,900$912002-01-1120002,858Resale
1639 Eagles Watch Way$170,000--2002-01-082001--New
1664 Vintage Ridge Ct$221,000$1052001-12-1319912,098Resale
1644 Eagles Watch Way$189,000$972001-09-2820011,948New
1661 Eagles Watch Way$177,900$992001-09-2420001,804Resale
2004 Eagles Landing Ct$118,000$462001-09-1320022,567New
1625 New Legend Ct$188,500$912001-07-2720012,077New
1640 Eagles Watch Way$150,000$922001-07-1919951,633Resale
9051 Eagles Ridge Dr$265,600$952001-07-0620012,800Resale
8970 Eagles Ridge Dr$171,300$862001-06-1819971,987Resale
9055 Eagles Ridge Dr$195,000$1182001-06-1819941,658Resale
1629 New Legend Ct$198,500$962001-06-1320012,057New
8978 Eagles Ridge Dr$180,000$1002001-06-1219951,800Resale
9044 Eagles Ridge Dr$186,400$1072001-05-1720001,735New
9052 Ridgeview Trl$145,500$972001-05-0919961,507Resale
2012 Ealges Landing Ct$170,000$592001-04-2420012,876New
9042 Eagles Ridge Dr$144,800$692001-04-0920022,105New
1634 Eagles Watch Way$148,000$842001-03-1519961,759Resale
8979 Eagles Ridge Dr$210,000$722001-02-1520002,937New
1647 Eagles Watch Way$165,000$1052000-11-3019951,568Resale
9051 Eagles Ridge Dr$200,000$712000-11-2920012,800New
9057 Eagles Ridge Dr$232,500$812000-11-2220002,858Resale
1661 Eagles Watch Way$169,900$942000-11-1720001,804New
1662 Eagles Watch Way$180,500$912000-11-1720001,992Resale
1659 Vintage Ridge Ct$189,000$932000-11-0319952,029Resale
1619 New Legend Ct$195,000$902000-09-2820002,175Resale
1628 Eagles Watch Way$148,000$892000-09-2019981,659Resale
Eagles Ridge Rd$160,000$562000-08-0720002,868New
9002 Eagles Ridge Dr$186,500$982000-07-2119931,901Resale
9057 Eagles Ridge Dr$260,000$912000-07-1420002,858Resale
9029 Eagles Ridge Dr$214,400$812000-06-1519922,639Resale
1650 Eagles Watch Way$145,000$912000-05-0319971,590Resale
9054 Ridgeview Trl$156,000$931999-10-2219951,677Resale
9027 Eagles Ridge Dr$175,000$481999-09-1719993,663New
9055 Eagles Ridge Dr$178,000$1071999-08-2519941,658Resale
8980 Eagles Ridge Dr$182,500$801999-08-0919942,286Resale
1632 Eagles Watch Way$153,000$901999-05-2519971,693Resale
1619 New Legend Ct$154,900$611999-05-2120002,529New
9047 Eagles Ridge Dr$230,000$851999-04-1319972,721Resale
1626 Eagles Watch Way$152,000$921999-03-3119981,659New
9054 Ridgeview Trl$150,000$891998-12-1119951,677Resale
1628 Eagles Watch Way$145,500$881998-12-0319981,659New
1660 Vintage Ridge Ct$204,000$871998-09-0219912,336Resale
9031 Eagles Ridge Dr$195,000$571998-08-3119983,426New
8973 Eagles Ridge Dr$192,000$851998-08-14--2,256Resale
2006 Eagles Landing Ct$135,000$751998-07-3119951,800Resale
9037 Eagles Ridge Dr$198,000$921998-07-0919982,148New
1663 Vintage Ridge Ct$100,000$301998-05-1319983,337New
1654 Eagles Watch Way$137,500$881998-05-0819951,558Resale
1833 Halstead Blvd$98,000$421998-05-0519982,355New
1632 Eagles Watch Way$145,000$861998-05-0419971,693New
1658 Eagles Watch Way$132,500$771998-03-2719951,717Resale
9039 Eagles Ridge Dr$160,000$841997-10-29--1,906Resale
8970 Eagles Ridge Dr$180,000$911997-10-1019971,987New
1622 New Legend Ct$175,800$891997-08-1119961,973Resale
9054 Ridgeview Trl$144,200$861997-06-0519951,677New
1664 Vintage Ridge Ct$195,000$931997-01-1519912,098Resale
8972 Eagles Ridge Dr$100,000$431997-01-1319972,330New
9052 Ridgeview Trl$129,000$861997-01-0119961,507New
8984 Eagles Ridge Dr$130,000$711996-12-2019951,830Resale
1650 Eagles Watch Way$106,000$711996-12-2019971,500New
1642 Eagles Watch Way$112,800$701996-11-1919951,609New
8982 Eagles Ridge Dr$185,000$771996-10-31--2,418Resale
1622 New Legend Ct$185,000$941996-09-2719961,973New
1657 Vintage Ridge Ct$179,900$841996-09-19--2,154Resale
1647 Eagles Watch Way$134,500$861996-07-1919951,568New
8980 Eagles Ridge Dr$155,000$681996-06-2819942,286Resale
1645 Eagles Watch Way$126,500$761996-06-1119961,659New
8978 Eagles Ridge Dr$145,000$811996-05-2819951,800New
1634 Eagles Watch Way$141,000$801996-03-1519961,759Resale
1638 Eagles Watch Way$286,000$1611996-01-0419951,779New
8973 Eagles Ridge Dr$230,000$1021995-12-08--2,256Resale
2006 Eagles Landing Ct$172,000$961995-11-0119951,800New
8984 Eagles Ridge Dr$170,000$931995-11-0119951,830New
1634 Eagles Watch Way$90,000$371995-08-2519962,420New
1636 Eagles Watch Way$143,800$851995-07-2419951,689New
9055 Eagles Ridge Dr$179,900$1091995-07-0519941,658New
1657 Vintage Ridge Ct$185,000$861995-02-0619942,154New
9002 Eagles Ridge Dr$189,500$1001994-12-0519931,901New
9053 Eagles Ridge Dr$160,000$761994-11-0119942,110New
1661 Vintage Ridge Ct$187,000$991993-08-2519931,889New
8976 Eagles Ridge Dr$243,100--1993-01-041992--New
8985 Eagles Ridge Dr$233,800$1021992-12-0319922,294New
2010 Eagles Landing Ct$118,300$511992-10-1919932,314New

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As a local born and raised in Tallahassee with a focus on customer service, I promise you'll find great success when working with Joe Manausa Real Estate, just as have our past customers. You can read thousands of their reviews reported on Google, Facebook and Zillow right here: Real Estate Agent Reviews Tallahassee.

The digital marketing guide for small businessesHave you heard about my new book "The Business of Getting Business?" It's a comprehensive guide for small businesses to help them make the move to digital. For those of us who want to survive and thrive in a world where large corporations are taking over, it is a must-read. It's also the perfect guide for how to sell a home in the digital age. You can find The Business Of Getting Business by clicking on any of the trusted retailers below.

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