The Most Diverse Zip Code In The Tallahassee Real Estate Market

There is one zip code in Tallahassee that truly is like no other.

The diversity of homes here provides the greatest range you'll find in our real estate market.

Homes For Sale In The 32301 Zip Code


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Homes For Sale In The 32301 Zip Code In Tallahassee, Florida

The 32301 Zip Code Offers Diversity

Whether you are looking for a townhouse for less than $100,000, or a $1M+ mansion, or even if you want a high-end condo with an elevated view of downtown Tallahassee and the Florida State campus, the 32301 zip code has something you might want to see.

No other zip code in Tallahassee has the combination of low-end to high-end and condominium to town home to single family detached home as does the 32301 zip code. The listings above cover a wide array of price ranges and property types, and all are located within the heart of downtown Tallahassee.

Americans Moving To The City

If you google the term "moving to cities," you'll find a wide array of articles (more than 20 million of them) that will forever confuse you on moving trends in the US. "Experts" will tell you people are moving to the city, while other experts will tell you people are moving away from cities. Some will tell you millennials want city living, while others will tell you millennials want to live in the suburbs.

The bottom line is that people are always moving around. There is some evidence that most cities in the world are growing, but who's to say that the suburbs aren't growing too. That's not something I have great data on, so let's explore what we do know about the city of Tallahassee.

Downtown Living In Tallahassee

There are some exciting options to buy a home in downtown Tallahassee that did not exist 20 years ago.

While there have always been inexpensive town houses and single family homes of all price ranges, the "high rise" condo is a relatively new entrant in the downtown Tallahassee real estate market.

Older hotels and buildings that have been converted to residences adorned with fine gingerbread are starting to develop a downtown living lifestyle that hitherto just did not exist. Many of these developments were hurt immensely with the crash of the housing market in 2007, but they are again gaining traction and there is a market for people wanting to live within the heart of Tallahassee.

The 32301 zip code provides the best views that one can find of downtown Tallahassee, and it's the closest thing to "big city" living that we have to offer.

Buy A Home In The 32301 Zip Code

Regardless of the property type that you favor, if you want to buy a home in the 32301 zip code, you'll be happier and get a better deal if you work with a world-class real estate buyer's agent.

Our buyer's agents only work with buyers, and they work together as a team. This means that we can cater to your schedule regardless of what is going on in our world. We have the best trained and the highest rated agents that work with buyers only in the Tallahassee real estate market, and we can guide you through the diverse offerings of homes for sale in the 32301 zip code. All you have to do is ask for our help ... and we'll be there! 

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