Why Home Buyers Want To Choose A Real Estate Agent First

Choose A Real Estate Agent FirstHave you ever seen a home for sale in Tallahassee that you really wanted to see, like right away? Maybe you called the agent listed on the sign and asked if she could show you the home, only to find that you first had to drive to meet the agent at the real estate office, and then turn right back around and come back to the home. Doesn't seem to be the best "green" solution, does it?

I bring this up because we require prospective homebuyers to meet with us first at our office before we will show them a home. Many times, it means somebody has to drive across town in order to see a home for sale that is just blocks away from their current home. Occasionally, before we explain why we do it, we are often told that they do not want to make the drive. But we know that it is best for a home buyer to choose a real estate agent first, and once we explain, it is rare that our customers do not agree.

If you are thinking about buying a home in Tallahassee, then this might help you before you get started. Not only will you understand why all real estate agents in Tallahassee should make this a policy, you will also get an idea of why you as a future homebuyer should choose a real estate agent first before viewing properties.

Safety Tops The List When Meeting A Real Estate Agent

In today's crazy world where violent acts against strangers happen far too often, I think it is crazy that two strangers attempt to meet at an empty property. It is not safe for the buyer, and it is not safe for the real estate agent. What if an imposter of either party just happens to be at the property before the first person arrives? There have been numerous cases in the US of muggings and murders in situations where a real estate agent was supposed to meet a customer at a vacant property. This won't happen to you if you choose a real estate agent first!

Home Seller Privacy Should Be Protected

Another reason that we choose to meet with prospective homebuyers before we show them property is because we have pledged to do so for the home sellers who have entrusted us with the security of their home and the privacy of their families. While every home seller wants a high traffic of prospective buyers through their home, they have no desire and no need for people who do not have any interest in buying their property to wander throughout the home.

It does not take long with an expert buyer's agent to rule out homes that will not fit your needs, so you really do not to visit homes that do not fit your needs to find what you are looking for. If you ever have had a real estate agent show you a home that did not have enough bedrooms, then you know exactly what I mean.

Why Home Buyers Want To Choose A Real Estate Agent First

Finally, if homebuyers are smart, they will want to choose a real estate agent before viewing a property, and here's why. Imagine you call on a property and the office sends a part-time agent who has never negotiated a contract on behalf of a buyer. Imagine that you love the property and want to own it ... now guess who is going to attempt to get it for you, at the best possible price?

Smart homebuyers interview and hire a buyer's agent before they put themselves in a position to get emotionally attached to a property. You might think you are immune to falling in love with a home, but anybody who has been in the business for many years can tell you that it happens all the time. Just make sure you have the best real estate team in Tallahassee working for you first, and you will end up very happy with your real estate purchase.

If you would like to schedule an initial interview to see how we will help you save money when you buy a home, just drop me a note and we will get started as soon as you would like.

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