Camellia Oaks Listings And Sales Report July 2024

Camellia Oaks in Tallahassee, Florida, is a unique 55+ community offering a serene, retirement-focused living experience. It features a variety of detached and attached single-family homes, specifically designed for seniors, with spacious layouts and maintenance-free living.

Camellia Oaks, a delightful neighborhood in Tallahassee, Florida, caters exclusively to residents aged 55 and over. This community, the first of its kind in Tallahassee, provides a unique living experience tailored for those pursuing a relaxed, retirement-centered lifestyle.

The neighborhood is peaceful, with lush green spaces, walking paths, and outdoor amenities perfect for enjoying Florida's weather.

Strategically located, Camellia Oaks is near essential amenities like grocery stores, shopping, dining, and medical facilities, with easy access to downtown Tallahassee's arts and recreational activities.

Camellia Oaks thus provides seniors with tranquility and convenience in a well-maintained setting, ideal for a relaxed lifestyle.

Homes for Sale in Camellia Oaks

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Camellia Oaks Schools

Camellia Oaks is an age-restricted neighborhood designed for residents aged 55 and older. Thus, the proximity to schools might not be a primary concern for homebuyers here. The condominium regulations of Camellia Oaks restrict residency of individuals under 19 to no more than 30 days within a calendar year.

However, for residents interested in community involvement or mentoring, information about the Leon County public schools serving the Camellia Oaks area is available. These links are useful for those looking to engage with the local educational community or participate in volunteer activities.

This report offers an in-depth look at average home prices, values, and sizes in Camellia Oaks, including a complete record of all home sales since the neighborhood's first year of sales in 2020.

The real estate graphs in this report display the annual number of closed home sales as red columns on the left vertical axis. Additionally, a key real estate metric is shown in blue on the right vertical axis.

It's important to note that the data includes sales up to December for past years and extends through June for 2024. These graphs and the sales table will be continually updated to provide the most current information. For ongoing updates on Camellia Oaks, bookmark this page.

Camellia Oaks Home Prices

In Camellia Oaks, the average home price reached $520K in 2023, marking an increase of nearly 9% from the previous year.

The market remains robust for these homes. Currently, two homes are listed for sale in the neighborhood, and both are under contract with buyers. Sellers in Camellia Oaks using an aggressive, omnichannel pre-marketing strategy can anticipate prompt and substantial offers.

Camellia Oaks Home Values

In 2024, the average home value in Camellia Oaks has risen by 3%.

The average value for homes sold in Camellia Oaks in 2024 has reached $270 per square foot.

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Camellia Oaks Average Home Size

Homes in Camellia Oaks typically range from 1,500 to 2,000 square feet, a trend that has continued into 2024.

In 2024, the five homes sold in Camellia Oaks averaged 1,922 square feet.

Camellia Oaks Home Sales History

Here is a detailed list of home sales in Camellia Oaks since its first year of sales in 2020.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
4245 Oak Run Lane$535,000$2722024-07-1520211,964Resale
473 Karcher Avenue$540,000$2752024-05-2820221,967Resale
4417 Grace Park Trail$625,000$2872024-04-3020222,180Resale
4248 Oak Run Lane$389,000$2572024-04-1220211,512Resale
610 Winter Bloom Way$535,000$2652024-03-2220212,018Resale
4305 Terebinth Trail$512,500$2652024-03-0820201,936Resale
602 Winter Bloom Way$520,000$2602023-12-1920212,000Resale
249 Camellia Oaks Avenue$450,000$2742023-09-1520201,642Resale
190 Camellia Oaks Avenue$434,900$2832023-09-0820221,535Resale
578 Winter Bloom Way$535,000$2682023-06-3020231,996New
4320 Terebinth Trl$560,000$2952023-06-2620211,892Resale
570 Winter Bloom Way$509,900$2532023-05-2220232,018New
471 Karcher Avenue$514,900$2582023-05-1620231,996New
465 Karcher Avenue$509,900$2532023-05-1520222,018New
576 Winter Bloom Way$514,900$2552023-04-2720232,018New
191 Camellia Oaks Avenue$410,000$2672023-04-2020221,535Resale
574 Winter Bloom Way$512,500$2612023-03-3120231,964New
197 Camellia Oaks Avenue$430,000$2802023-03-1620221,535Resale
199 Camellia Oaks Avenue$390,000$2542023-03-0320221,535Resale
473 Karcher Avenue$509,900$2592023-03-0320221,967New
4303 Terebinth Trail$405,000$2902023-02-2720201,398Resale
193 Camellia Oaks Avenue$387,500$2522023-02-2320221,535New
475 Karcher Avenue$512,500$2612023-02-2120231,964New
308 Dahlonega Drive$459,900$2382023-02-0320201,936Resale
572 Winter Bloom Way$504,900$2572023-02-0220231,967New
568 Winter Bloom Way Avenue$493,221$2472023-01-0620231,996New
469 Karcher Avenue$485,400$2472023-01-0420221,964New
566 Winter Bloom Way$509,900$2602022-12-2320221,964New
467 Karcher Avenue$469,402$2392022-12-1620221,967New
197 Camellia Oaks Avenue$379,900$2472022-12-0820221,535Resale
4239 Oak Run Lane$492,000$2732022-12-0820211,803Resale
4421 Grace Park Trail$492,400$2362022-11-1420222,088New
4423 Grace Park Trail$502,400$2302022-11-1020222,180New
4413 Grace Park Trail$489,900$2352022-11-0420222,088New
465 Karcher Avenue$501,664$2492022-11-0420222,018New
4415 Grace Park Trail$490,400$2352022-10-3120222,088New
4417 Grace Park Trail$502,400$2302022-10-1720222,180New
506 Karcher Avenue$484,900$2402022-10-1720212,018New
190 Camellia Oaks Avenue$424,900$2772022-10-1420221,535New
4419 Grace Park Trail$490,450$2362022-09-3020222,075New
4411 Grace Park Trail$488,400$2352022-09-3020222,075New
4409 Grace Park Trail$507,400$2332022-09-2320222,180New
192 Camellia Oaks Avenue$371,775$2422022-09-2020221,535New
194 Camellia Oaks Avenue$373,400$2432022-09-1920221,535New
4405 Grace Park Trail$484,400$2482022-09-1620221,957New
4403 Grace Park Trail$490,900$2372022-09-0620222,075New
196 Camellia Oaks Avenue$364,900$2382022-09-0620221,535New
198 Camellia Oaks Avenue$373,400$2432022-08-2920221,535New
4401 Grace Park Trail$504,900$2322022-08-1920222,180New
4395 Grace Park Trail$499,900$2392022-08-0520222,088New
4316 Terebinth Trail$548,000$2832022-07-2820221,936New
4391 Grace Park Trail$469,900$2392022-07-1520221,967New
4407 Grace Park Trail$502,400$2302022-07-1420222,180New
4248 Oak Run Lane$370,000$2452022-07-1320211,512Resale
4227 Oak Run Lane$474,900$2422022-06-1720211,964Resale
4224 Oak Run Lane$386,000$2512022-06-0120201,535Resale
4389 Grace Park Trail$464,900$2302022-05-1720222,018New
4387 Grace Park Trail$447,400$2272022-05-1320221,967New
4385 Grace Park Trail$454,900$2282022-05-0620221,996New
4383 Grace Park Trail$457,400$2332022-04-2920221,964New
476 Karcher Avenue$428,725$2682022-04-2920221,598New
4221 Oak Run Ln$384,900$2752022-04-2620201,398Resale
4381 Grace Park Trail$454,900$2252022-04-2220222,018New
307 Dahlonega Drive$435,000$2252022-04-2220201,936Resale
472 Karcher Avenue$429,275$2472022-04-1520221,738New
474 Karcher Avenue$443,400$2462022-04-1320221,803New
466 Karcher Avenue$431,450$2482022-04-0820221,738New
464 Karcher Avenue$457,500$2862022-04-0820221,598New
468 Karcher Avenue$436,525$2422022-04-0620221,803New
610 Winter Bloom Way$449,900$2232022-03-2920212,018New
418 Tea Blossom Place$380,000$2482022-03-2920201,530Resale
4312 Terebinth Trail$426,775$2402022-03-1820221,779New
463 Olivia Rose Avenue$437,400$2432022-03-1520211,803New
305 Dahlonega Drive$395,000$2582022-03-1520201,530Resale
469 Olivia Rose Avenue$427,400$2462022-03-1120221,738New
467 Olivia Rose Avenue$436,775$2422022-03-0720221,803New
4313 Terebinth Trail$409,900$2692022-03-0720221,522New
465 Olivia Rose Avenue$422,400$2642022-02-2820221,598New
461 Olivia Rose Avenue$429,900$2472022-02-1820221,738New
4316 Terebinth Trail$449,900$2322022-02-0420221,936New
199 Camellia Oaks Avenue$339,900$2212022-02-0420221,535New
197 Camellia Oaks Avenue$359,900$2342022-02-0420221,535New
612 Winter Bloom Way$434,900$2412022-02-0120211,803New
191 Camellia Oaks Avenue$339,900$2212022-01-2820221,535New
4318 Terebinth Trail$445,000$2452022-01-2820221,818New
189 Camellia Oaks Avenue$334,900$2182022-01-2720221,535New
602 Winter Bloom Way$463,900$2322022-01-2620211,996New
604 Winter Bloom Way$441,900$2192022-01-2120212,018New
606 Winter Bloom Way$446,775$2272022-01-2120211,967New
608 Winter Bloom Way$446,900$2282022-01-2120221,964New
193 Camellia Oaks Avenue$339,900$2212022-01-2120221,535New
195 Camellia Oaks Avenue$339,900$2212022-01-2120221,535New
415 Tea Blossom Place$434,900$2252021-12-3120201,936New
4320 Terebinth Trail$449,900$2322021-12-2920211,936New
600 Winter Bloom Way$451,900$2302021-12-2220211,964New
4322 Terebinth Trail$439,900$2422021-12-1020211,818New
4324 Terebinth Trail$449,900$2322021-12-0620211,936New
4251 Oak Run Lane$447,500$2282021-11-1720211,967New
221 Camellia Oaks Avenue$360,000$2352021-11-1520201,535Resale
223 Camellia Oaks Avenue$379,500$2472021-11-1520201,535Resale
314 Dahlonega Dr$390,000$2292021-09-3020201,530Resale
4247 Oak Run Lane$434,900$2182021-09-1720211,996New
507 Karcher Avenue$421,895$2142021-08-3120211,967New
509 Karcher Avenue$428,875$2182021-08-3120211,964New
503 Karcher Avenue$399,495$2222021-08-3120211,803New
4245 Oak Run Lane$427,000$2172021-08-2720211,964New
4241 Oak Run Lane$426,775$2172021-08-2020211,967New
511 Karcher Avenue$429,900$2152021-08-1320211,996New
515 Karcher Avenue$428,995$2182021-08-1320211,964New
4239 Oak Run Lane$424,900$2362021-08-0920211,803New
513 Karcher Avenue$419,900$2132021-07-2920211,967New
4244 Oak Run Lane$325,275$2122021-06-3020211,535New
4242 Oak Run Lane$323,400$2112021-06-0420201,535New
412 Tea Blossom Place$372,000$2442021-05-2820201,522Resale
4306 Terebinth Trail$356,900$2332021-05-1020201,530New
4232 Oak Run Lane$323,400$2112021-04-2920201,535New
504 Karcher Avenue$429,900$2152021-04-2920211,996New
4230 Oak Run Lane$321,775$2102021-04-2120201,535New
506 Karcher Avenue$409,900$2032021-04-1520212,018New
4226 Oak Run Lane$314,900$2052021-04-1220211,535New
4240 Oak Run Lane$314,900$2052021-04-0720211,535New
508 Karcher Avenue$409,900$2092021-04-0620211,964New
4219 Oak Run Lane$389,000$2142021-03-3120201,818New
315 Dahlonega Drive$364,900$2222021-03-3120201,642New
4250 Oak Run Lane$309,900$2022021-03-2620201,535New
4234 Oak Run Lane$316,775$2062021-03-1920201,535New
4228 Oak Run Lane$319,900$2082021-03-1620201,535New
407 Tea Blossom Place$366,775$2232021-03-1520201,642New
510 Karcher Avenue$409,900$2052021-03-1520211,996New
512 Karcher Avenue$409,900$2032021-03-0920212,018New
417 Tea Blossom Place$345,000$2472021-03-0420201,398New
305 Dahlonega Drive$356,900$2332021-02-2620201,530New
4238 Oak Run Lane$309,900$2022021-02-2620201,535New
413 Tea Blossom Place$374,900$2062021-02-2320201,818New
4233 Oak Run Lane$399,900$2042021-02-1220211,964New
241 Camellia Oaks Avenue$356,900$2332021-02-1120201,530New
4227 Oak Run Lane$409,900$2092021-01-1220211,964New
4229 Oak Run Lane$409,900$2052020-12-3120211,996New
4224 Oak Run Lane$309,900$2022020-12-1820201,535New
4225 Oak Run Lane$399,009$2032020-12-1820211,964New
233 Camellia Oaks Avenue$379,900$1962020-12-1720201,936New
409 Tea Blossom Place$379,900$2092020-12-1620201,818New
412 Tea Blossom Place$359,900$2362020-12-1520201,522New
231 Camellia Oaks Avenue$327,900$2352020-12-1520201,398New
403 Tea Blossom Place$356,900$2332020-12-1120201,530New
415 Tea Blossom Place$386,775$2002020-11-3020201,936New
418 Tea Blossom Place$356,900$2332020-11-3020201,530New
411 Tea Blossom Place$334,900$2402020-11-1620201,398New
4221 Oak Run Lane$334,900$2402020-10-2020201,398New
4219 Oak Run Lane$369,900$2032020-10-1520201,818New
314 Dahlonega Drive$349,900$2292020-09-3020201,530New
313 Dahlonega Drive$369,900$1912020-08-3120201,936New
309 Dahlonega Drive$371,775$2052020-08-1420201,818New
307 Dahlonega Drive$379,900$1962020-07-3020201,936New
217 Camellia Oaks Avenue$314,900$2052020-06-3020201,535New
211 Camellia Oaks Avenue$316,775$2062020-06-2620201,535New
215 Camellia Oaks Avenue$314,900$2052020-06-2620201,535New
221 Camellia Oaks Avenue$314,900$2052020-06-1920201,535New
4307 Terebinth Trail$369,900$2032020-06-1520201,818New
247 Camellia Oaks Avenue$334,900$2402020-06-1120201,398New
223 Camellia Oaks Avenue$316,775$2062020-06-0520201,535New
4211 Oak Run Lane$327,900$2352020-05-1520201,398New
4213 Oak Run Lane$369,900$1912020-04-3020201,936New
243 Camellia Oaks Avenue$359,900$1982020-04-3020201,818New
209 Camellia Oaks Avenue$309,900$2022020-04-2820201,535New
304 Dahlonega Drive$349,900$2302020-04-0620201,522New
4303 Terebinth Trail$327,900$2352020-03-3120201,398New
4335 Terebinth Drive$349,900$2302020-03-3020201,522New
4305 Terebinth Trail$369,900$1912020-03-2720201,936New
417 Tea Blossom Pl$258,000$1392020-03-2420201,856New
411 Tea Blossom Pl$275,000$1482020-03-2420201,856New
415 Tea Blossom Pl$248,000$1032020-03-2420202,394New
413 Tea Blossom Pl$275,700$1222020-03-2420202,246New
308 Dahlonega Drive$369,900$1912020-03-2420201,936New
403 Tea Blossom Pl$275,000$1392020-03-2020201,976New
407 Tea Blossom Pl$275,000$1312020-03-2020202,088New
409 Tea Blossom Pl$275,000$1202020-03-2020202,276New
310 Dahlonega Drive$359,900$2042020-03-1620201,764New
418 Tea Blossom Pl$200,000$1012020-03-0320201,976New
231 Camellia Oaks Ave$200,000$1072020-03-0320201,856New
4221 Oak Run Ln$200,000$1072020-03-0320201,856New

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Zillow Housing Market Update
Examining the historical context of home availability to interpreting the implications of rental rate adjustments, we provide insights essential for making informed decisions in today's Zillow real estate landscape.

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When moving to, in, or from Tallahassee, you will fare better if you work with a local expert. We are here to help. If you have further questions on the Tallahassee real estate market, you can leave a comment below, give us a call at (850) 366-8917, or drop us a note and we'll give you the local information needed to ensure a successful, smooth transaction.

As a local born and raised in Tallahassee with a focus on customer service, I promise you'll find great success when working with Joe Manausa Real Estate, just as have our past customers. You can read thousands of their reviews reported on Google, Facebook and Zillow right here: Real Estate Agent Reviews Tallahassee.

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Real Estate Agent reveals in Tallahassee, Florida

Think all REALTORS are alike?

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