Buyers Flock To Top Selling Tallahassee Subdivisions

As we approach the end of May, I was curious to see which Tallahassee subdivisions were getting the most attention from homebuyers.

It turns out the neighborhoods that we typically see as most active still are … but they are in a different order in 2014.

Currently, the top selling area in Tallahassee is Killearn Lakes Plantation, and the number two is not the one you might expect.

Top Selling Tallahassee Subdivisions

The average price of a home in Killearn Lakes Plantation in 2014 has been $196,000 ($113 per square foot of heated and cooled space), which is a good bit lower than the second most active neighborhood.

Killearn Estates has seen one fewer home sold than our top subdivision, at an average sales price of $228,000 ($105 per square foot).

This first real estate graph shows the top 26 most active communities around Tallahassee. The solid vertical bars measure the number of homes sold thus far in 2014 (recorded on the left vertical axis), while the transparent bars measure the average home sales price (recorded on the right vertical axis).

Tallahassee Subdivisions And Neighborhoods In Real Estate

The second graph is similar to the first, however instead of average home sale prices, this graph shows the average home value sold in each neighborhood. From left to right, we observe the most active to the less active top 26 neighborhoods in Tallahassee.

Subdivisions In Tallahassee Real Estate

Southwood comes in at the #3 position with an average price of $330,000 ($143 per square foot). For the past several years, either Killearn Lakes Plantation or Southwood has filled the top position, and this year looks to potentially be the same. Currently, Southwood is only two sales back from Killearn Lakes on the top neighborhoods list.

Filling out the top five neighborhoods list is Bull Run ($287,000, $142 per square foot) and Piney Z ($190,000, $110 per square foot).

All five of our neighborhoods have been in or around the top five for the past several years. Often times, we see our #6 neighborhood (Golden Eagle Plantation, $414,000, $130 per square foot) or our #7 neighborhood (Killearn Acres, $147,000, $92 per square foot) break into the top five.

Your Tallahassee Neighborhood

If you don’t see your Tallahassee subdivision on this list and want to know more about home values in your area, just drop me a note and we’ll answer your questions as best we can.

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