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Which Tallahassee Zip Code Has The Most Expensive Homes?

If you are new to the Tallahassee real estate market, you might wonder what each zip code has to offer.

Currently, the most expensive homes are found in this zip code, and it also happens to have sold the second most number of homes thus far in 2017!

32312 Zip Code Home Listings



Why Online Data Is Not Enough When Selling A Home

The internet provides access to data that helps consumers better prepare for a transaction.

With home selling, as with many other assets and commodities, relying solely on data found online can lead to poor decision making for both sellers and buyers.

Here is a real world example that should cause you to better prepare when it comes time to selling your home.

Let's say you had your home on the market and were waiting to put an offer on your next home until you received a good contract on your current one. If you studied data that can be found online, you might assemble something like the graph below.

Relying solely on data found online often times causes home sellers and buyers to make poor decisions...

February Records Strong Year Over Year Home Sales Gain

Year over year home sales in Tallahassee grew by more than 14% in February. This is the second month in a row where sales in a month from the current year exceeded sales from the same month the year prior.

Additionally, the strength of the growth trend can be seen in the fact that only 5 months have posted declines going all the way back to July 2012.

February Year Over Year Home Sales

The real estate graph below shows market changes each month when compared to the same month of the prior year. For example, the green vertical bar on the far right of the graph represents the 14.4% improvement of home sales in February of 2016 as compared to the number of homes sold in February of 2015.

February 2016 Year Over Year Home Sales Graph...

Arbor Hill Home Sales Report November 2015

There are two types of homebuyers that should pay close attention to the Arbor Hill neighborhood in Northeast Tallahassee.

First time homebuyers will love the fact that they can get a single family detached home and a yard for less than $150,000, while investors will appreciate the fact that they can buy an income producing property in the Montford Middle School (Lincoln High School) zone for under $100 per square foot.

Arbor Hill is situated adjacent to Killearn Estates which means it is a neighborhood with excellent access to town and a premium location in Northeast Tallahassee.

In this report, we will look at home prices, home values, and home sizes in Arbor Hill, as well as show current listings in the ...

Just How Oversold Is The Luxury Home Market In Tallahassee?

I have been pondering the problem of the luxury home market in Tallahassee for quite some time, trying to figure out how to succinctly demonstrate my concerns for the top 5% of homeowners in our area.

You see, these high priced homes have been selling like hotcakes, blowing away historical norms ever since mortgage interest rates plunged.

So the questions that I have concerning the more expensive homes in Tallahassee relate to the amount of high end homes that we have created and how the future supply and demand imbalance can be corrected when mortgage interest rates return to normal..

Well, I think I have it figured out. I've established a model that has created a forecast for high end home sales and we can compare the current rate of sales with this forecast.


New Listings On The Market Should Appear Fresher Today

If you have been looking for a home to buy in Tallahassee for several months, you might be noticing that the newest listings on the market are getting fresher.

When I use the term fresh, I mean so as a way to describe "homes for sale" that have not been on the market recently. By tracking "fresh" listings (versus "stale listings"), we can get an idea of the improving health of the market.

Years ago, we recorded a whopping 70% of home sellers failing to sell their homes, so often times, "new" listings entering the Tallahassee MLS were not new at all. They were merely recycled from a previous listing period when the home had failed to sell.

So the purpose of today's post is to examine the quality of the newest MLS listings, and to observe whether or not the Tallahassee real estate market is...

Latest Review of Supply And Demand For Tallahassee Real Estate

While the normal seasonal surge of new homes for sale in Tallahassee are entering the market, don't be surprised if you are finding fewer homes that appear to be available.

Buyer activity has taken off faster than seller activity thus far in 2015, so the impact on the market is both welcome and exciting.

Our report covers and extensive review of the supply and demand for houses in Tallahassee.

Relative Supply Of Homes Rises

Our first real estate graph shows that both the real supply of homes (red line) and the relative supply of homes (blue bars) rose this month.

Months of supply of homes

This simply...

2014 Was A Good Year For Tallahassee Real Estate

Today we will put 2014 to bed with a year end review of the Tallahassee real estate market.

It was a good year, as home sales were up 7% over 2013 and it was the second year of growth in home sales for Leon County, Florida.

So take a look at six graphs that demonstrate key real estate trends in Tallahassee.

Home Sales By Type

We track three different types of residential properties in this first real estate graph. Single family detached homes are shown in green, townhouses are reported in red, while blue represents condominium sales each year.

Home Sales By Type


Goose Creek Home Sales Report November 2014

Located on the NE side of Tallahassee just south of Buck Lake Road, Goose Creek offers three and four bedroom homes in a super-convenient location.

Goose Creek has 169 homes built from 2002 through 2007, so you can expect this neighborhood to be the poster-child for boom neighborhood behaviors. Roughly 150 families moved into Goose Creek in a three year period of time, thus we anticipate that now is the "normal" time to move for most of them. There could be a serious pent-up supply issue growing in Goose Creek.

In this report, we will look at prices, values, and sizes of homes in Goose Creek, as well as show current listings in the Tallahassee MLS and all closed home sales going back to 2003.


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