BP Oil Spill Has Not Hit Tallahassee

We are fortunate that the BP oil spill has not yet hit Tallahassee (not the economic effects). Last week I wrote a quick article from Cape San Blas, Florida while my family and I spent two days there. I noted that I had never seen the beach look better and there was absolutely no oil on the beach at Cape San Blas.

Since that article, I have received numerous emails and comments from readers who apparently live in other parts of the country (and world) and would like updates on BP oil spill and how much it is affecting the beaches. Additionally, I've had a few questions asking if the oil spill has reached Tallahassee.

Picture Of BP Oil On GoogleI have included a tool in this blog to follow the oil spill live. The picture on the right shows how to collapse the sidebar in the tool below so that you can get a full-screen view of the BP oil spill and track it's location in the Gulf of Mexico. Just click on the double-arrow collapse link and you can cruise around the Gulf.

Your browser does not support iframes. Try using Internet Explorer or another browser to use this tool.  

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