Are You Going To The Year's End Sales Event For Real Estate?

I'm sure you are seeing all the commercials on TV announcing the annual year's end sales events for each of the automobile manufacturers, but do you ever wonder why they put so much emphasis on selling cars in December?

I suspect it occurs for numerous reasons, the most obvious being to help clear "old" inventory and make way for the new model year's offerings.

Well, the same thing occurs in the Tallahassee real estate market, and prudent home buyers are in the market now for some year-end savings.

Real Estate Year's End Sales Event

Unlike the automobile industry, where each manufacturer will have their own event featured at each of their local dealers, you can attend the year's end sales event for real estate right here on the Tallahassee real estate website.

That's right, our property search tool will show you all the listings in the Tallahassee MLS, and this is the time of year to find those home sellers who have to move. They waited too long to "get their price" in the Summer, and that means they are getting anxious and really want to move.

Think about it.

The people that are not so motivated have pulled their homes from the market and will try again in the Spring, but those home sellers that are willing to have their homes shown during the holidays are more than likely VERY SERIOUS about selling now.

Among the current list of homes for sale, you will find the best buys available for the next half year or more. If you have been thinking about buying, think about doing a little year's end shopping today.

Real Estate Seasonality

Every year we see the number of homes entering the market decline prior to year's end, only to pick back up a few months later to take advantage of the Spring market. If you have read any of our past reports on real estate seasonality, you will know that this time of year creates opportunities in the market.

The real estate graph below shows the short-term trend for listings entering the market has declined 55% over the past five months.

Best Buy In Real Estate

The blue bars in the graph above measure the average number of homes listed each day over the most recent 30 days. This trend peaked over 18 per day in May and has since declined to 8 per day.

Many of these listings are the most motivated sellers in the market, and you can find them consolidated neatly by using our property search tool. Why wait for the market to become littered with sellers testing the market, go for the best buys priced right today.

If you'd like some guidance of finding the true gems in the market, just drop me a note and we can schedule a time to help you link your needs and wants with the best homes for sale today.

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