Win An iPad - Tell Me Why This Home Hasn't Sold

OK, it's time to give another iPad away, and we are going to give it to the person who provides the best answer to why a certain home for sale in Tallahassee has not sold.

This is no gimmick, you really can win an iPad (see our last contest winner), and we really want sincere thoughts on why a waterfront property in Golden Eagle Plantation has not sold.

It initially went on the market at the end of 2006 and has gone through three separate real estate companies prior to being listed for sale with Joe Manausa Real Estate.

So tell me what you think, and you might walk away with a brand new iPad!

What You Will Find In This Report

Win an iPadIn order to help you with current conditions in the Tallahassee real estate market, I have provided some graphs and analysis on home value trends.

It starts with the big picture (single family detached homes in Tallahassee), then it drills down to Northeast Tallahassee, and finally it focuses just on home sales in Golden Eagle Plantation.

Finally, it identifies the specifics of the home in question.

Hopefully you will have a good feel for what the competition is now, and what it has been in the recent past, so you can win an ipad by telling me why this home hasn't sold!

About The Tallahassee Real Estate Market

There has been a lot of change in Tallahassee's housing market since 2006. In fact, our market peaked in the middle of 2006, and 2007 really brought about the proof that a real estate market bubble had burst.

When we look at the graph below, it shows home sales in Tallahassee for the past eleven years, and we can see a dramatic change in both unit sales and home value trends that began at the end of 2006.

Tallahassee Home Values

The dots in the graph above shows the average price per square foot of a single family home sold in Tallahassee each month. The red line shows the one-year average home value. Currently, average home values in Tallahassee are about $101 per square foot.

About Northeast Tallahassee

The largest and most expensive homes can be found in Northeast Tallahassee, something that is supported in the real estate graph below.

Northeast Tallahassee Home Values

The dots in the graph above shows the average price per square foot of a single family home sold in Northeast Tallahassee each month. The red line shows the one-year average home value. Currently, average home values in Northeast Tallahassee are about $115 per square foot, well above the average everywhere else in Leon County.

About Golden Eagle Plantation

Golden Eagle Plantation is the most active neighborhood in Tallahassee that features high end homes. But like all other areas of Tallahassee, the highest price ranges have been heavily over-built, and values are still under pressure due to the imbalance between supply and demand.

Golden Eagle Plantation Home Values

The dots in the graph above shows the average price per square foot of a single family home sold in Golden Eagle Plantation each month. The red line shows the one-year average home value. Currently, average home values in Golden Eagle Plantation are about $102 per square foot. Bear in mind these values include both arms length home sales as well as distressed home sales.

Clearly, Golden Eagle home values are nearly identical to the rest of NE Tallahassee, so we can assume that there isn't anything "wrong" with the neighborhood. In fact, note how similar the home value graph for Golden Eagle mirrors the one featuring the entire Tallahassee real estate market.

Homes For Sale In Golden Eagle Plantation

The following map shows all of the homes for sale in Golden Eagle Plantation. Simply hover over a marker and a picture of the home will appear, as well as limited information on the home. If you want to know more about the home, simply click on the picture and the entire detail page will be revealed.

List Of Homes Sold In Golden Eagle Plantation

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
8905 Winged Foot Dr$599,000$2192024-02-1319952,733Resale
3071 St Andrews Way$950,000$2262023-12-1820054,202Resale
8524 Heathcliff Court$590,000$2102023-11-3020002,806Resale
8539 Heathcliff Court$635,000$1972023-11-2120003,226Resale
9658 Deer Valley Drive$935,000$2482023-10-3120033,765Resale
9722 Prestancia Way$1,250,000$2712023-10-2020054,620Resale
9020 Glen Eagle Way$890,000$2722023-10-1019923,271Resale
8840 Winged Foot Dr$203,700$632023-09-2120033,213Resale
8393 Inverness Drive$789,000$2522023-09-0619993,127Resale
2684 Wharton Circle$699,900$2342023-08-2319982,995Resale
2814 Royal Isle Drive$829,000$2742023-07-2819993,030Resale
9037 Muirfield Court$850,000$2012023-07-2819874,228Resale
9676 Deer Valley Drive$1,375,000$2392023-07-1020045,758Resale
8905 Winged Foot Drive$460,000$1752023-06-3019952,633Resale
8531 Congressional Drive$624,000$1702023-06-3019893,670Resale
8545 Heathcliff Court$675,000$2132023-06-2320013,175Resale
2113 Doral Drive$630,000$2072023-06-1619983,047Resale
9683 Pebble Beach Way$850,000$2502023-06-1620053,401Resale
9200 Shoal Creek Drive$765,000$2432023-06-1620053,143Resale
2215 Gates Drive$549,000$2172023-06-1520002,532Resale
2131 Golden Eagle Dr W$1,450,000$2192023-05-2619936,593Resale
2131 W Golden Eagle Drive$1,450,000$2202023-05-2619936,593Resale
8996 Glen Eagle Way$785,000$1952023-04-2119944,034Resale
3230 Pablo Creek Way$580,000$2362023-04-0520042,462Resale
9640 Deer Valley Drive$1,050,000$2602023-03-3120074,035Resale
9591 Deer Valley Drive$1,005,000$2182023-03-1320094,600Resale
9682 Deer Valley Drive$1,199,000$1982023-03-1020056,064Resale
9692 Prestancia Way$645,000$2122023-03-1020063,049Resale
2838 Royal Isle Drive$575,000$2002023-03-0619982,875Resale
9018 Winged Foot Drive$585,000$1882023-02-2819913,111Resale
8836 Winged Foot Drive$779,000$1892023-01-2019954,120Resale
9580 Deer Valley Dr$1,700,000$2952022-12-2120165,750Resale
2507 Double Eagle Court$900,000$1832022-12-2020024,922Resale
2968 Saint Stevens Drive$620,000$1922022-12-0919953,230Resale
9196 Shoal Creek Drive$660,000$1812022-10-2520043,637Resale
2958 St. Stevens Drive$950,000$2702022-10-1020213,524New
2576 Bishops Green Trail$655,000$2042022-09-2620003,213Resale
2962 Golden Eagle Drive East$592,500$1912022-09-1419873,110Resale
9270 Shoal Creek Drive$735,000$2432022-08-2920163,023Resale
9216 Shoal Creek Drive$817,000$2552022-08-2520153,199Resale
3018 Golden Eagle Drive East$860,000$2352022-08-1919873,660Resale
3448 Osprey Ridge Court$786,000$2472022-08-0120173,185Resale
9021 Glen Eagle Way$530,000$2172022-08-0119902,446Resale
9699 Pebble Beach Way$729,900$2132022-07-1920033,425Resale
2713 Waterford Glen Court$618,800$2242022-07-0119962,767Resale
9722 Prestancia Way$1,017,000$2202022-06-2420054,620Resale
3418 Osprey Ridge Court$935,000$2362022-06-1020073,957Resale
2714 Wharton Circle$615,000$2052022-06-0620023,004Resale
9677 Deer Valley Drive$666,000$2592022-05-2720022,572Resale
2972 Medinah Court$515,000$2182022-05-2619902,360Resale
9019 Winged Foot Drive$805,000$2102022-04-1520013,842Resale
8875 Winged Foot Drive$720,000$2552022-04-1420002,827Resale
9698 Prestancia Way$700,000$2442022-04-1220192,864Resale
9208 Shoal Creek Drive$660,000$2242022-03-1120072,942Resale
2325 Gates Drive$699,000$2202022-03-1019993,178Resale
9677 Pebble Beach Way$785,000$2072022-01-2720053,801Resale
9197 Shoal Creek Drive$470,000$1592022-01-2020062,953Resale
2929 Golden Eagle Drive$890,000$1852022-01-0719914,818Resale
3017 E Golden Eagle Drive$960,000$2022021-12-3119934,760Resale
8519 Congressional Drive$1,250,000$3032021-12-2319934,131Resale
8931 Winged Foot Drive$620,000$2272021-12-2320002,736Resale
9084 Shoal Creek Drive$722,000$2072021-12-2019973,482Resale
8392 Inverness Drive$675,000$2282021-12-1720152,964Resale
2177 Gates Drive$515,000$1742021-12-0620002,954Resale
2013 Herb Court$489,000$1982021-10-2019992,474Resale
8535 Congressional Drive$557,000$1822021-10-0820013,063Resale
9212 Shoal Creek Drive$665,000$1962021-09-1520183,400Resale
3212 Pablo Creek Way$660,000$2002021-09-1420143,299Resale
3064 St. Andrews Way$925,000$2132021-08-3020074,338Resale
3064 E Saint Andrews Way$925,000$2132021-08-3020074,338Resale
2312 Gates Drive$606,000$1772021-08-2519973,419Resale
8198 Glenmore Drive$760,000$2222021-08-1619993,422Resale
2122 Golden Eagle Drive$625,000$1762021-08-0619893,555Resale
3448 Osprey Ridge Court$696,450$2252021-07-3020173,089Resale
8889 Caledonian Court$520,000$1882021-07-3020012,765Resale
9617 Deer Valley Drive$722,000$2132021-07-2820043,384Resale
3200 Pablo Creek Way$800,000$2142021-07-1520053,732Resale
9215 Shoal Creek Drive$650,000$2282021-07-1220172,853Resale
9037 Muirfield Court$674,900$1602021-07-0919874,228Resale
8368 Inverness Drive$485,000$1822021-07-0919982,658Resale
9023 Winged Foot Drive$575,000$1442021-07-0219873,987Resale
9244 Shoal Creek Drive$650,000$2252021-06-1520162,887Resale
2708 Wharton Circle$510,000$1922021-06-1419972,652Resale
9658 Deer Valley Drive$810,000$2152021-06-1120033,765Resale
2006 Herb Court$639,000$2082021-06-0419993,067Resale
8846 Glen Abby Drive$527,500$1142021-06-0220034,618Resale
8969 Winged Foot Drive$540,000$1812021-06-0119932,986Resale
3089 E Saint Andrews Way$612,000$1822021-05-2820043,347Resale
2162 Golden Eagle Dr W$610,000$1592021-05-2719953,819Resale
9252 Shoal Creek Drive$675,000$2212021-05-1020043,049Resale
8554 Congressional Drive$538,529$1952021-05-0719882,760Resale
8869 Glen Abby$670,000$2072021-04-0719953,242Resale
3095 E Saint Andrews Way$618,000$1842021-04-0220033,342Resale
2147 Golden Eagle West Drive$1,315,000$1872021-03-0320027,048Resale
9022 Winged Foot Drive$533,000$1952021-03-0219882,740Resale
8167 Glenmore Drive$771,500$1862021-02-1620004,147Resale
2953 E Golden Eagle Drive$892,500$2052021-02-0919924,364Resale
9698 Prestancia Way$600,900$2102021-02-0520192,864Resale
3001 Golden Eagle Drive$830,000$1812021-01-1520034,576Resale
8338 Inverness Drive$527,000$1732020-12-3119993,044Resale
9233 Shoal Creek Drive$470,000$1802020-12-1120072,618Resale
9010 Bob O Link Court$486,000$1682020-12-0919882,898Resale
9274 Shoal Creek Drive$650,000$1952020-12-0420193,334New
2158 W Golden Eagle Drive$740,000$1772020-11-2019954,172Resale
2012 Herb Court$426,000$1612020-11-1620042,648Resale
9149 Shoal Creek Drive$475,000$1622020-11-1319962,932Resale
9078 Shoal Creek Drive$577,500$1582020-11-1020003,653Resale
2961 Medinah$425,000$1462020-10-2619882,907Resale
2911 Royal Isle Drive$950,000$1852020-10-2320045,133Resale
8487 Congressional Drive$455,000$1842020-10-2219922,476Resale
9097 Shoal Creek Drive$579,000$1542020-10-1520003,755Resale
8191 Glenmore Drive$625,000$1872020-09-1719983,337Resale
9018 Bob O Link Court$749,900$1632020-09-1019894,592Resale
3406 Osprey Ridge Court$693,000$2012020-09-0120043,452Resale
9019 Shoal Creek Drive$526,000$1442020-08-2719973,660Resale
8900 Winged Foot Drive$470,000$1302020-08-1319993,615Resale
9025 Glen Eagle Way$495,000$1572020-08-0519913,149Resale
3009 E Golden Eagle Drive$580,000$1472020-07-2919973,941Resale
3009 Golden Eagle Dr E$580,000$1752020-07-2919973,311Resale
8498 Congressional Drive$575,000$1422020-07-2019894,063Resale
2228 Gates Drive$445,000$1632020-07-1719992,730Resale
2631 Wharton Circle$640,000$2052020-07-0320013,118Resale
2292 Cobb Drive$625,000$1652020-07-0220043,778Resale
2307 Gates Drive$520,000$1662020-06-3019993,142Resale
2667 Wharton Circle$590,000$1812020-06-3019973,252Resale
3213 Pablo Creek Way$525,000$1572020-06-2620063,337Resale
2138 Amanda Mae$665,000$1862020-06-1019973,578Resale
8770 Dunblane Court$500,000$1422020-06-0119933,516Resale
9568 Deer Valley Drive$1,500,000$2932020-06-0120195,122Resale
9580 Deer Valley Dr$1,160,000$2012020-06-0120165,750Resale
9002 Glen Eagle Way$699,000$1662020-05-2219874,208Resale
8125 Glenmore Drive$504,900$1692020-05-2019982,991Resale
9030 Shoal Creek Drive$665,000$1622020-05-1519964,100Resale
9224 Shoal Creek Drive$553,000$1932020-04-3020122,869Resale
2281 Cobb Drive$480,000$1592020-04-1420003,022Resale
9212 Shoal Creek Drive$595,000$1752020-04-0820183,400New
2127 Golden Eagle Dr W$715,000$1752020-04-0620014,082Resale
9604 Deer Valley Drive$869,000$2232020-04-0120053,898Resale
3238 Pine Brook Court$525,000$1702020-03-3020063,084Resale
9203 Shoal Creek Drive$615,000$1672020-03-2620043,674Resale
2214 Gates Drive$459,000$1722020-03-2320002,669Resale
2569 Bishops Green Trail$490,000$1542020-03-2020013,175Resale
3226 Pablo Creek Way$520,000$1842020-02-2820062,825Resale
9018 Bob O Link Court$340,000$872020-02-2119893,906Resale
2508 Double Eagle Court$625,000$1772020-02-1420013,526Resale
9652 Deer Valley Drive$765,000$1662020-02-0720024,610Resale
9244 Shoal Creek Drive$560,000$1942020-01-2720162,887Resale
9060 Shoal Creek Drive$765,000$1982020-01-2420013,872Resale
8149 Glenmore Drive$489,000$1632019-12-2020132,998Resale
2138 Golden Eagle Drive$690,000$1552019-12-1019994,449Resale
8893 Winged Foot Drive$520,000$1682019-12-0519923,095Resale
9067 Shoal Creek$450,000$1352019-12-0420003,330Resale
2613 Wharton Cir$690,000$1892019-12-0320013,653Resale
9016 Glen Eagle Way$399,900$1382019-11-1519892,890Resale
3231 Pablo Creek Way$590,000$1832019-11-0820153,217Resale
2024 Herb Court$455,000$1372019-11-0719993,325Resale
9037 Muirfield Court$517,000$1332019-10-3119873,880Resale
8924 Winged Foot Drive$570,000$1332019-10-2819944,289Resale
9683 Deer Valley Drive$500,000$1542019-10-2220033,242Resale
9670 Deer Valley Drive$815,000$1912019-10-1820034,259Resale
9569 Deer Valley Drive$510,000$1562019-09-2720043,264Resale
3009 Golden Eagle Dr E$325,300$982019-09-2319973,311Resale
3025 Eagle Point Way$535,000$1862019-09-1320122,869Resale
8888 Saltcoates Court$492,500$1502019-09-1219923,282Resale
8978 Winged Foot Dr$492,500$1522019-09-0620023,250Resale
9224 Shoal Creek Drive$550,000$1922019-08-3020122,869Resale
8973 Winged Foot Drive$380,000$1072019-08-2319893,560Resale
9029 Glen Eagle Way$383,000$1402019-08-1619922,740Resale
2655 Wharton Circle$970,000$1802019-08-1620055,375Resale
2845 Royal Isle Drive$425,000$1592019-08-1519982,675Resale
9236 Shoal Creek Drive$625,000$1952019-08-1420193,209New
3029 Eagle Point Way$536,000$1822019-07-1020142,943Resale
2113 Doral Dr$461,000$1512019-06-2819983,047Resale
9107 Shoal Creek Drive$494,000$1742019-06-2820012,842Resale
9688 Deer Valley Drive$725,000$2122019-06-2820033,423Resale
2558 Bishops Green Trail$475,000$1532019-06-2719983,114Resale
9292 Shoal Creek Drive$480,000$1502019-06-2620043,191Resale
9568 Deer Valley$1,300,000$2362019-06-2320195,500New
8881 Winged Foot Drive$500,000$1642019-06-2120013,053Resale
8368 Inverness Drive$410,000$1542019-06-1419982,658Resale
9716 Prestancia Way$525,000$1412019-06-0620053,718Resale
9096 Shoal Creek Drive$780,000$1682019-06-0319964,639Resale
9695 Deer Valley$484,000$1682019-05-3120032,878Resale
9150 Shoal Creek Drive Drive$499,900$1752019-05-3019962,856Resale
9673 Pebble Beach Way$755,000$1902019-05-0120143,980Resale
3100 St Andrews$755,000$1902019-05-0120143,980Resale
8882 Glen Abby Drive$335,000$1392019-04-3019952,411Resale
9694 Deer Valley$610,000$1592019-04-3020043,829Resale
9263 Shoal Creek Drive$495,000$1772019-04-2920042,802Resale
2299 Cobb Drive$472,000$1472019-04-2920013,202Resale
8875 Winged Foot Drive$434,000$1542019-04-2620002,827Resale
3050 St. Andrews Way$467,000$1472019-04-1220053,185Resale
8950 Winged Foot Drive$650,000$1912019-04-0920013,404Resale
8983 Winged Foot Dr$548,300$1902019-03-2919892,880Resale
9664 Pebble Beach Way$545,000$1682019-03-2920033,237Resale
8495 Congressional Drive$648,000$1342019-03-2719934,854Resale
9616 Deer Valley Drive$729,900$1532019-03-1520054,759Resale
9149 Shoal Creek Drive$450,000$1532019-03-1519962,932Resale
8326 Inverness Drive$450,000$1632019-03-1219982,754Resale
2149 Amanda Mae Court$508,500$1672019-03-0120043,044Resale
9664 Deer Valley Drive$1,050,000$2092019-02-2820035,019Resale
9216 Shoal Creek Drive$617,000$1902019-02-2620153,250Resale
3076 St Andrews Way$475,000$1592019-02-0820052,979Resale
8911 Hawick Ln$357,000$1082019-01-3019903,317Resale
3006 Golden Eagle Dr E$925,000$1702018-12-0620075,428Resale
2281 Cobb Drive$450,000$1492018-12-0620003,022Resale
2137 Doral Dr$452,500$1502018-11-3020003,013Resale
9694 Dancing Rabbit Way$515,000$1802018-11-1620042,868Resale
9586 Deer Valley Drive$640,000$1872018-11-0520063,431Resale
2013 Herb Court$370,000$1502018-11-0219992,474Resale
3024 Eagle Point Way$633,000$1832018-10-3120183,450New
2704 Waterford Glen Court$780,000$1872018-10-1820034,179Resale
2709 Wharton Circle$435,000$1622018-10-1519992,681Resale
2012 Herb Ct$415,000$1572018-09-2720042,648Resale
2228 Gates Drive$410,000$1502018-09-2019992,730Resale
2147 Golden Eagle Drive W.$1,325,000$1882018-09-1420027,048Resale
2968 Saint Stevens Drive$419,000$1292018-09-1419953,258Resale
9676 Deer Valley Drive$1,100,000$1912018-09-1020045,758Resale
9658 Deer Valley Dr$680,000$1812018-09-0520033,765Resale
3022 Eagle Point Way$500,000$1772018-08-3120062,825Resale
2307 Gates Drive$487,500$1552018-08-3119993,150Resale
9234 Mcdougal Ct$255,000$1452018-08-2420021,759Resale
9060 Shoal Creek Drive$752,500$2032018-08-2220013,700Resale
9682 Dancing Rabbit Way$525,000$1512018-08-1620053,481Resale
8386 Inverness Drive$725,000$1602018-08-0720004,519Resale
3224 Pablo Creek Way$792,500$1792018-08-0720084,428Resale
8931 Winged Foot$449,000$1642018-07-3120002,736Resale
2250 Cobb Drive$419,000$1462018-07-1920022,872Resale
2180 Gates Drive$415,000$1582018-07-1920062,634Resale
8321 Inverness Drive$475,000$1502018-07-1619993,170Resale
9269 Shoal Creek Drive$515,000$1682018-07-1220063,067Resale
9617 Deer Valley Drive$592,250$1722018-06-2920043,453Resale
1644 Eagles Watch Way$298,000$1532018-06-2220011,948Resale
2316 Cobb Drive$450,000$1452018-06-2020003,104Resale
8380 Inverness Drive$689,000$1692018-06-1119974,067Resale
8881 Winged Foot Drive$500,000$1642018-06-0420013,053Resale
8866 Blackheath Way$379,000$1452018-05-3119992,608Resale
2655 Wharton Cir$930,000$1822018-05-3120055,085Resale
2185 Gates Drive$435,000$1672018-05-2520002,608Resale
9194 Shoal Creek Dr$172,600$642018-05-1620042,691Resale
9704 Prestancia Way$555,000$1692018-05-1520153,285Resale
2679 Wharton Cir$640,000$1662018-05-0420053,852Resale
8877 Blackheath Way$380,000$1692018-05-0419952,249Resale
8125 Glenmore Drive$462,000$1542018-05-0419982,991Resale
9021 Turnberry Ct$550,000$1652018-04-3019923,316Resale
2514 Double Eagle Ct$690,000$1892018-04-1619963,656Resale
9197 Shoal Creek Drive$459,000$1552018-04-1120062,953Resale
2113 Golden Eagle Dr W$385,000$1642018-04-0619892,342Resale
9240 Shoal Creek Dr$569,900$1842018-04-0220173,105New
9018 Winged Foot Dr$443,500$1442018-03-3019913,076Resale
8204 Glenmore$579,000$1542018-03-2619983,770Resale
2018 Herb Court$420,000$1442018-03-1920012,920Resale
9652 Deer Valley Dr$700,000$1522018-03-0920024,610Resale
3233 Pinebrook Court$540,000$1272018-02-1620064,245Resale
9018 Shoal Creek Dr$800,000$1742018-02-1519964,588Resale
3445 Osprey Ridge Ct$525,000$1542018-01-2320133,407Resale
9688 Pebble Beach Way$471,000$1682018-01-1620032,796Resale
8925 Winged Foot Dr$410,000$1552018-01-1219972,641Resale
9194 Shoal Creek Dr$435,000$1572017-12-2720042,766Resale
8551 Congressional Drive$495,000$1302017-12-2219953,806Resale
2985 Medinah Court$370,000$1192017-12-0420003,115Resale
3448 Osprey Ridge Ct$545,000$1762017-11-1520173,089New
3053 St Andrews Way$348,100$1252017-10-3020162,787Resale
9264 Shoal Creek Drive$539,000$1892017-10-1620172,850New
2304 Cobb Dr$695,000$1612017-09-2920044,315Resale
2668 Wharton Circle$534,900$1392017-09-2219993,862Resale
2336 Gates Dr$450,000$1472017-09-2020023,068Resale
8551 Congressional Dr$510,000$1582017-08-3019953,222Resale
9680 Prestancia Way$546,418$1822017-08-1720173,007New
2982 E Golden Eagle Drive$439,000$1352017-08-0419873,260Resale
2982 Golden Eagle Dr E$439,000$1632017-08-0419882,695Resale
2833 Royal Isle Dr$502,461$1462017-07-2820033,440Resale
9029 Glen Eagle Way$380,000$1392017-07-2819922,740Resale
8884 Winged Foot Drive$389,900$1632017-07-1419952,385Resale
3068 St. Andrews Way$525,000$1812017-07-1220172,896New
8983 Winged Foot Dr$665,000$1582017-06-2919894,213Resale
2031 Herb Ct$560,000$1732017-06-2119983,237Resale
9184 Shoal Creek Drive$422,000$1592017-06-2120052,646Resale
8113 Glenmore Dr$385,000$1612017-06-0519982,395Resale
2736 Waterford Glen Court$575,000$1792017-06-0220123,204Resale
2954 Golden Eagle E Drive$389,900$1562017-06-0219882,496Resale
2970 Golden Eagle Dr E$587,000$1432017-05-3019874,104Resale
9682 Dancing Rabbit Way$515,000$1482017-05-2620053,481Resale
3200 Pablo Creek Way$540,000$1462017-05-2520053,710Resale
9036 Winged Foot Drive$428,550$1462017-05-1919932,926Resale
9215 Shoal Creek Drive$525,000$1872017-05-1920172,809New
2625 Wharton Circle$485,000$1542017-05-1019993,150Resale
9673 Deer Valley Drive$427,500$1472017-04-0320032,902Resale
8893 Saltcoates Court$367,000$1572017-03-3019942,338Resale
8888 Saltcoates Ct$425,000$1292017-03-3019923,282Resale
9002 Glen Eagle Way$600,000$1432017-03-2419874,208Resale
2214 Gates Drive$395,000$1482017-03-2420002,669Resale
2916 Royal Isle Drive$425,000$1572017-02-2820052,715Resale
2832 Royal Isle Drive$495,000$1442017-02-2820003,429Resale
2722 Waterford Glen Ct$512,000$1392017-01-3019963,686Resale
8873 Blackheath Way$383,000$1502017-01-2619952,553Resale
9268 Shoal Creek Drive$524,900$1722016-12-2920173,044New
8338 Inverness Drive$415,500$1372016-11-3019993,044Resale
2520 Double Eagle Ct$595,000$1752016-11-1620023,400Resale
9676 Pebble Beach Way$499,000$1712016-11-1120162,910New
3026 Golden Eagle Drive$345,000$852016-10-3119874,056Resale
2146 Golden Eagle Dr W$749,000$1782016-10-2820014,197Resale
2990 Golden Eagle Dr E$630,000$1282016-10-1119984,923Resale
8174 Glenmore Drive$485,000$1422016-10-1120023,412Resale
2113 Golden Eagle Dr. W.$345,000$1472016-09-1619892,342Resale
2900 Royal Isle Drive$462,500$1412016-09-0720053,281Resale
9621 Deer Valley Drive$454,000$1742016-09-0220102,613Resale
9270 Shoal Creek Dr$515,000$1742016-08-3120162,963New
8812 Winged Foot Dr$390,000$1342016-08-1719952,919Resale
8909 Winged Foot Drive$600,000$1542016-07-2219913,905Resale
2968 Medinah Ct$380,000$1342016-07-2220012,826Resale
2214 Genevieve Ct$865,000$1822016-07-2219974,741Resale
8539 Congressional Drive$530,000$1662016-07-1520013,201Resale
3213 Pablo Creek Way$539,150$1622016-07-1420063,337Resale
2312 Gates Dr$402,000$1182016-06-3019973,419Resale
2312 Gates Drive$402,000$1182016-06-3019973,419Resale
9026 Winged Foot Dr$420,000$1442016-06-3019932,910Resale
9085 Shoal Creek Drive$437,000$1442016-06-2919993,034Resale
2978 St Stevens Dr$379,000$1442016-06-2319972,638Resale
2113 Doral Drive$445,000$1462016-06-2019983,047Resale
8930 Winged Foot Drive$380,000$1252016-06-1719943,050Resale
3418 Osprey Ridge Court$629,900$1592016-06-1620073,957Resale
3064 St Andrews$638,000$1472016-06-1520074,338Resale
8893 Winged Foot Drive$457,000$1482016-06-0619923,095Resale
2826 Royal Isle Dr.$560,000$1442016-05-2720013,886Resale
2655 Wharton Circle$835,000$1552016-05-2620055,375Resale
8966 Winged Foot Dr$360,000$1242016-05-1220012,897Resale
2563 Bishops Green Trl$410,000$1212016-05-0619963,384Resale
8374 Inverness Drive$455,603$1312016-05-0220023,467Resale
2684 Wharton Circle$438,000$1462016-04-2919982,995Resale
9188 Eagles Ridge$399,000$1762016-04-2920142,265Resale
8551 Congressional Drive$400,000$1242016-04-2619953,222Resale
9016 Glen Eagle Way$365,000$1262016-04-2219892,890Resale
9292 Shoal Creek Dr$420,000$1322016-04-2020043,191Resale
2942 Golden Eagle Dr E$484,900$1022016-03-2519894,742Resale
2287 Cobb Drive$380,000$1332016-03-2420012,865Resale
8949 Winged Foot Drive$400,000$1312016-03-1820023,052Resale
8368 Inverness Dr$380,000$1432016-03-1819982,658Resale
2138 W Golden Eagle Drive$682,500$1532016-03-1619994,449Resale
2974 E Golden Eagle Drive$748,000$1332016-03-1119885,636Resale
9244 Shoal Creek Drive$499,900$1752016-03-1120152,850Resale
2814 Royal Isle Dr$391,000$1342016-03-1019992,914Resale
8886 Caledonian Ct$375,000$1412016-03-0919962,651Resale
9640 Deer Valley Drive$775,000$1922016-03-0920074,035Resale
9688 Deer Valley Dr$570,000$1662016-02-2520033,443Resale
2954 E Golden Eagle Drive$335,000$1342016-02-2419882,496Resale
2954 Golden Eagle Dr E$335,000$1342016-02-2419882,496Resale
2322 Cobb Dr$353,000$1412016-02-1919992,502Resale
2330 Gates Dr$455,972$1432016-02-1920023,180Resale
9688 Dancing Rabbit Way$530,000$1532016-02-0420043,475Resale
8559 Congressional Drive$325,000$1322016-02-0219942,468Resale
3242 Pablo Creek Way$425,000$1522016-01-2120052,795Resale
2607 Wharton Cir$389,000$1112016-01-0720003,500Resale
2969 St Stevens Drive$399,000$1322015-12-2819953,016Resale
2667 Wharton Circle$540,000$1622015-12-1519973,325Resale
2292 Cobb Drive$584,425$1552015-12-1420043,778Resale
9019 Shoal Creek Drive$382,000$1062015-12-0419973,610Resale
9203 Shoal Creek Dr$525,000$1432015-12-0420043,674Resale
8495 Congressional Dr$595,000$1232015-12-0119934,832Resale
8503 Congressional Drive$695,000$1002015-11-2420016,960Resale
9216 Shoal Creek Drive$530,000$1632015-10-2920153,250New
9586 Deer Valley Dr$560,000$1572015-10-2320063,565Resale
9054 Shoal Creek Drive$759,000$1682015-10-0720004,526Resale
9610 Deer Valley Dr$605,000$1582015-09-2520043,834Resale
2963 E Golden Eagle Drive$725,000$1702015-09-1620004,271Resale
2969 St Stevens Dr$404,500$1342015-09-1419953,016Resale
9079 Shoal Creek Drive$390,000$1332015-09-1419992,936Resale
8186 Glenmore Dr$445,000$1482015-09-1419983,007Resale
2983 Golden Eagle Dr E$484,000$872015-09-0919895,521Resale
9030 Shoal Creek Drive$629,000$1532015-08-0719964,100Resale
3442 Osprey Ridge Court$485,000$1582015-07-2420083,069Resale
2250 Cobb Drive$400,000$1392015-07-2420022,872Resale
8881 Blackheath Way$354,000$1542015-07-2019972,303Resale
3213 Pablo Creek Way$465,000$1402015-07-1020063,317Resale
2607 Wharton Circle$244,650$852015-07-0920002,881Resale
2845 Royal Isle Drive$382,500$1432015-06-3019982,675Resale
9006 Shoal Creek Drive$439,000$1212015-06-3019973,619Resale
9184 Shoal Creek Dr$385,000$1462015-06-3020052,646Resale
2980 Medinah Ct$475,000$1432015-06-1920003,325Resale
2869 Royal Isle Drive$435,000$1432015-06-0820033,040Resale
2973 St. Stevens Drive$472,500$1212015-06-0419933,896Resale
9695 Deer Valley Dr$405,000$1412015-05-2820032,878Resale
9689 Deer Valley Dr$450,000$1482015-05-2220043,044Resale
9704 Prestancia Way$576,000$1822015-05-1920153,165New
8978 Winged Foot Dr$450,000$1442015-05-1520023,129Resale
9013 Bob O Link Ct$476,000$1102015-05-0819884,334Resale
9149 Shoal Creek Dr$397,000$1352015-05-0819962,932Resale
3231 Pablo Creek Way$495,000$1652015-05-052015--New
2221 Gates Dr$410,000$1452015-05-0120032,830Resale
2316 Cobb Dr$400,000$1292015-04-3020003,090Resale
9652 Deer Valley Dr$625,000$1382015-04-3020024,514Resale
9605 Deer Valley Dr$585,000$1762015-04-2720133,327Resale
2987 St. Stevens Drive$393,000$1502015-04-2319942,615Resale
2113 Golden Eagle Dr W$290,000$1242015-04-1719892,342Resale
3238 Pinebrook Ct$470,000$1522015-04-0220063,084Resale
8338 Inverness Dr$380,000$1282015-03-2619992,959Resale
8487 Congressional Dr$305,000$1232015-03-1919922,476Resale
8832 Winged Foot Dr$384,000$1182015-03-1219923,248Resale
9292 Shoal Creek Dr$348,600$1092015-03-0620043,191Resale
2220 Gates Dr$375,000$1262015-02-2620002,965Resale
9032 Winged Foot Dr$530,000$1702015-02-1319883,125Resale
9012 Shoal Creek Dr$417,000$1332014-12-1619963,125Resale
2961 Medinah Ct$254,000$872014-12-1519882,907Resale
3095 St Andrews Way$509,000$1522014-11-2620033,342Resale
3076 St Andrews Way$420,000$1412014-11-1720052,979Resale
2929 Golden Eagle Dr E$715,000$1242014-10-2719915,751Resale
2827 Royal Isle Dr$375,000$1312014-10-2220012,870Resale
2275 Cobb Dr$430,000$1422014-10-2220033,018Resale
8893 Glen Abby Dr$765,000$1722014-10-2019974,446Resale
9233 Shoal Creek Dr$390,000$1492014-10-1620072,618Resale
2325 Gates Dr$390,000$1232014-09-2219993,178Resale
9252 Shoal Creek Dr$475,000$1612014-08-2820042,956Resale
9010 Bob O Link Ct$385,000$1332014-08-1919882,898Resale
3437 Osprey Ridge Ct$480,200$1712014-08-0620142,815New
8883 Saltcoates Ct$401,000$1572014-08-0119962,560Resale
3430 Osprey Ridge Ct$520,000$1682014-07-3020143,100New
2709 Wharton Cir$400,000$1492014-07-2419992,681Resale
2684 Wharton Cir$425,000$1422014-07-1819982,995Resale
9096 Shoal Creek Dr$540,000$1192014-07-0719964,533Resale
3225 Pablo Creek Way$476,000$1462014-07-0120053,263Resale
3010 Golden Eagle Dr E$570,000$1822014-06-3019923,136Resale
9699 Dancing Rabbit Way$450,000$1472014-06-1020053,054Resale
2286 Cobb Dr$485,000$1542014-06-0620023,156Resale
8886 Glen Abby Dr$310,000$1022014-06-0619973,027Resale
2630 Wharton Cir$830,000$1622014-06-0220055,117Resale
2564 Bishops Green Trl$410,000$1402014-05-3020002,938Resale
9023 Winged Foot Dr$376,000$982014-05-2019873,824Resale
8840 Glen Abby Dr$390,000$1332014-05-1220002,941Resale
2685 Wharton Cir$419,900$1492014-05-0720002,822Resale
9150 Shoal Creek Dr$385,000$1352014-04-3019962,856Resale
2713 Waterford Glen Ct$380,000$1412014-04-1819962,688Resale
8889 Glen Abby Dr$490,000$1612014-04-0819973,042Resale
9658 Deer Valley Dr$530,000$1412014-04-0820033,765Resale
9067 Shoal Creek Dr$375,000$1152014-03-1920003,253Resale
3100 St Andrews Way$620,000$1612014-03-1420143,850New
8554 Congressional Dr$265,000$992014-03-0719882,672Resale
8532 Heathcliff Ct$387,000$1282014-03-0720033,027Resale
3058 St Andrews Way$475,000$1572014-02-2820133,028New
9022 Winged Foot Dr$236,500$862014-02-2119882,740Resale
9131 Shoal Creek Dr$305,000$932014-02-1919973,276Resale
2514 Double Eagle Ct$600,000$1812014-02-1019963,317Resale
2969 St Stevens Dr$364,000$1212013-12-1319953,016Resale
9002 Bob O Link Ct$315,000$902013-11-2619893,516Resale
9232 Shoal Creek Dr$455,000$1562013-11-2620132,914New
8889 Caledonian Ct$399,500$1442013-11-2520012,765Resale
9591 Deer Valley Dr$722,200$1412013-11-2120095,107Resale
2832 Royal Isle Dr$490,000$1462013-11-1820003,351Resale
9161 Shoal Creek Dr$400,000$1052013-11-0120053,824Resale
9585 Deer Valley Dr$665,000$1472013-10-2320074,520Resale
9667 Deer Valley Dr$419,900$1462013-10-1120032,871Resale
9024 Shoal Creek Dr$650,000$1652013-10-0419973,933Resale
8149 Glenmore Dr$386,500$1292013-10-0420132,998New
3005 Trestwick Way$265,000$1092013-10-0219962,431Resale
2736 Waterford Glen Ct$506,000$1542013-09-3020133,278Resale
8498 Congressional Dr$348,000$1122013-09-2719893,104Resale
2155 Amanda Mae Ct$380,000$1292013-08-3019992,945Resale
2950 Golden Eagle Dr E$348,000$1352013-08-2719982,583Resale
9162 Shoal Creek Dr$355,900$1162013-08-2320033,063Resale
8320 Inverness Dr$320,000$1142013-08-2020022,796Resale
9031 Winged Foot Dr$550,000$1522013-08-2020003,626Resale
2986 St Stevens Dr$398,000$1472013-08-0919942,712Resale
8962 Winged Foot Dr$250,000$972013-07-2519882,583Resale
2137 Doral Dr$340,000$1132013-07-2420003,013Resale
9689 Pebble Beach Way$365,000$1342013-07-1220132,733New
2220 Gates Dr$339,100$1142013-07-1120002,965Resale
2903 Royal Isle Dr$770,000$1422013-06-2520055,416Resale
2869 Royal Isle Dr$410,000$1372013-06-2120032,992Resale
2838 Royal Isle Dr$310,000$1082013-06-1519982,875Resale
2293 Cobb Dr$349,000$1282013-06-1419992,724Resale
9022 Winged Foot Dr$258,800$942013-06-0719882,740Resale
8530 Congressional Dr$365,000$1382013-05-3019932,652Resale
8958 Winged Foot Dr$320,000$1042013-05-2919913,076Resale
2007 Herb Ct$335,000$1322013-05-2820022,536Resale
8982 Winged Foot Dr$265,000$732013-05-2419883,632Resale
9073 Shoal Creek Dr$380,000$1422013-05-2420022,667Resale
3021 Eagle Point Way$691,400$1892013-05-2220133,657New
2158 Golden Eagle Dr W$376,000$922013-05-0819954,082Resale
9114 Shoal Creek Dr$465,000$1542013-05-0219973,011Resale
2149 Amanda Mae Ct$415,000$1392013-04-2920042,996Resale
2131 Golden Eagle Dr W$745,000$1132013-04-2619936,593Resale
9149 Shoal Creek Dr$357,000$1222013-04-2519962,932Resale
9605 Deer Valley Dr$489,900$1472013-03-2920133,327New
8137 Glenmore Dr$420,000$1252013-03-2820003,357Resale
2971 Golden Eagle Dr E$363,400$1032013-03-2219873,521Resale
9029 Glen Eagle Way$285,000$1042013-03-1519922,740Resale
9150 Shoal Creek Dr$285,000$1002013-03-0819962,856Resale
8910 Hawick Ln$377,000$1372013-02-2820032,745Resale
9682 Pebble Beach Way$485,000$1502013-02-2120133,241New
3018 Golden Eagle Dr E$405,000$1232013-01-3119873,284Resale
3418 Osprey Ridge Ct$650,000$1892013-01-1820083,442Resale
8167 Glenmore Dr$675,000$1662012-12-2020004,076Resale
9191 Shoal Creek Dr$403,500$1062012-12-2020053,794Resale
9184 Shoal Creek Dr$315,000$1192012-10-3120052,646Resale
8551 Heathcliff Ct$350,000$1192012-10-3120002,941Resale
2322 Cobb Dr$289,900$1162012-10-3119992,506Resale
9194 Shoal Creek Dr$282,500$1052012-10-3020042,691Resale
3200 Pablo Creek Way$480,000$1292012-10-1220053,710Resale
8999 Winged Foot Dr$875,000$1882012-10-0119904,662Resale
3225 Pablo Creek Way$480,000$1472012-08-2020053,263Resale
8314 Inverness Dr$418,000$1442012-08-1720002,898Resale
2619 Wharton Cir$370,000$1412012-08-1320012,620Resale
2968 Medinah Ct$350,000$1242012-08-1020012,826Resale
8983 Winged Foot Dr$452,500$1572012-08-0719892,880Resale
9013 Shoal Creek Dr$450,000$1472012-07-2719973,064Resale
2146 Golden Eagle Dr W$687,500$1652012-07-2720014,158Resale
2138 Amanda Mae Ct$440,000$1232012-07-1719973,578Resale
3025 Eagle Point Way$344,800$1202012-07-1020122,869New
2173 Gates Dr$325,000$1212012-07-0520002,693Resale
8522 Congressional Dr$240,000$752012-06-2919903,194Resale
9711 Prestancia Way$382,500$1182012-06-2920083,231Resale
2713 Waterford Glen Ct$335,000$1252012-06-1519962,688Resale
9569 Deer Valley Dr$400,000$1232012-06-1220043,264Resale
2582 Bishops Green Trl$390,000$1182012-06-0819983,313Resale
2319 Gates Dr$330,600$962012-06-0520003,449Resale
8524 Heathcliff Ct$350,000$1252012-06-0120002,806Resale
9211 Hampton Glen Ct$300,000$1012012-05-3120002,982Resale
8970 Winged Foot Dr$295,000$1242012-05-0319882,388Resale
9703 Prestancia Way$460,000$1412012-04-3020053,268Resale
8155 Glenmore Dr$560,000$1532012-03-3019973,664Resale
2507 Double Eagle Ct$740,000$1502012-03-2920024,922Resale
3406 Osprey Ridge Ct$465,000$1352012-03-1520043,452Resale
8869 Blackheath Way$280,000$1152012-03-0919952,444Resale
9233 Shoal Creek Dr$325,000$1242012-03-0720072,618Resale
9010 Winged Foot Dr$287,000$842012-02-0719933,417Resale
3014 Golden Eagle Dr E$640,000$1542012-02-0619994,152Resale
9667 Deer Valley Dr$395,000$1382012-02-0120032,871Resale
2124 Doral Dr$370,000$1332012-01-3119972,776Resale
3242 Pablo Creek Way$400,000$1432012-01-1320052,795Resale
2132 Amanda Mae Ct$538,000$1112012-01-0619994,847Resale
8881 Winged Foot Dr$414,000$1392011-12-2920012,973Resale
2903 Royal Isle Dr$750,000$1382011-10-1420055,416Resale
8969 Winged Foot Dr$400,000$1522011-10-1319932,626Resale
2220 Genevieve Ct$750,000$2032011-09-2820053,702Resale
9252 Shoal Creek Dr$450,000$1522011-09-2820042,960Resale
2147 Golden Eagle Dr W$1,200,000$1702011-09-1220027,055Resale
8362 Inverness Dr$345,000$1232011-08-3119992,800Resale
2307 Gates Dr$380,000$1212011-08-1919993,142Resale
8198 Glenmore Dr$440,000$1312011-07-2719993,366Resale
2887 Royal Isle Dr$372,000$1422011-07-2120112,623New
9054 Shoal Creek Dr$750,000$1652011-07-1520004,553Resale
3070 St Andrews Way$385,000$1292011-07-0620052,978Resale
8889 Glen Abby Dr$565,000$1852011-07-0519973,046Resale
2299 Cobb Dr$400,000$1262011-06-1520013,179Resale
2613 Wharton Cir$637,500$1752011-06-0220013,653Resale
9203 Shoal Creek Dr$515,000$1402011-05-2520043,676Resale
2024 Herb Ct$359,000$1082011-05-2319993,325Resale
9031 Winged Foot Dr$450,200$1242011-05-1620003,626Resale
8986 Winged Foot Dr$647,500$2032011-04-2919883,189Resale
2945 Golden Eagle Dr E$415,000$1332011-04-2919913,121Resale
2558 Bishops Green Trl$441,500$1422011-04-2719983,114Resale
9149 Shoal Creek Dr$354,900$1212011-04-1519962,932Resale
9006 Shoal Creek Dr$383,000$1062011-04-0819973,619Resale
2961 Golden Eagle Dr E$450,000$1312011-04-0819873,443Resale
9635 Deer Valley Dr$545,000$1562011-03-3120053,504Resale
2697 Wharton Cir$341,500$1282011-03-2219982,674Resale
8155 Glenmore Dr$560,000$1532011-03-1819973,664Resale
2262 Cobb Dr$450,000$1302011-03-1520063,471Resale
9664 Deer Valley Dr$840,000$1672011-03-0320035,019Resale
2869 Royal Isle Dr$345,000$1152011-03-0220032,992Resale
9221 Shoal Creek Dr$411,000$1272011-02-0820053,249Resale
8997 Bob O Link Ct$375,000$1092011-01-3119893,437Resale
2286 Cobb Dr$386,000$1222011-01-2720023,156Resale
2606 Wharton Cir$395,000$1432010-12-1620012,766Resale
9692 Prestancia Way$370,000$1372010-12-0320062,707Resale
2722 Waterford Glen Ct$430,000$1162010-11-3019963,697Resale
2684 Wharton Cir$419,300$1402010-11-1519982,995Resale
9015 Winged Foot Dr$745,000$1882010-11-0120023,955Resale
8893 Saltcoates Ct$329,000$1622010-10-0219942,033Resale
2987 Saint Stevens Dr$327,000$1252010-09-1619942,615Resale
8881 Blackheath Way$340,000$1562010-09-1319972,173Resale
9688 Deer Valley Dr$575,000$1672010-09-1020033,443Resale
2320 Gates Dr$382,000$1332010-08-1619992,866Resale
8823 Winged Foot Dr$354,000$1402010-08-1119972,531Resale
2702 Wharton Cir$340,000$1202010-07-1619992,844Resale
3027 Golden Eagle Dr E$760,000$1752010-07-0120054,350Resale
3233 Pine Brook Ct$670,000$1582010-07-0120064,245Resale
9030 Shoal Creek Dr$625,000$1642010-06-1519963,816Resale
3219 Pablo Creek Way$490,000$1492010-05-2520103,294New
8499 Congressional Dr$720,000$1272010-05-1419915,662Resale
8533 Heathcliff Ct$335,000$1352010-05-1419992,485Resale
9640 Deer Valley Dr$750,000$1932010-05-0320073,890Resale
2845 Royal Isle Dr$369,000$1382010-04-2219982,675Resale
2274 Cobb Dr$423,000$1362010-04-1420033,105Resale
2558 Bishops Green Trl$435,000$1402010-04-1219983,114Resale
9694 Dancing Rabbit Way$345,000$1202010-03-1520042,868Resale
9227 Shoal Creek Dr$390,000$1282010-03-1220063,039Resale
8950 Winged Foot Dr$630,000$1822010-02-2620013,465Resale
2968 Medinah Ct$390,000$1382010-02-2520012,826Resale
3059 Saint Andrews Way$435,000$1392010-02-1720053,132Resale
Prestancia Way$520,000$1382009-12-3020053,766Resale
9060 Shoal Creek Dr$540,000$1522009-12-2120013,564Resale
2896 Royal Isle Dr$485,000$1382009-12-0720033,512Resale
9090 Shoal Creek Dr$535,000$1442009-12-0420073,718Resale
9227 Shoal Creek Dr$500,000$1652009-11-1620063,039Resale
2701 Waterford Glen Ct$595,000$1572009-11-0219993,797Resale
2625 Wharton Cir$450,000$1432009-10-2919993,150Resale
2163 Golden Eagle Dr W$4,225,000$3292009-10-10200512,836Resale
3076 Saint Andrews Way$395,000$1332009-09-0420052,979Resale
8866 Blackheath Way$300,000$1152009-08-2419992,608Resale
3018 Golden Eagle Dr E$495,000$1512009-08-2119873,284Resale
9710 Prestancia Way$470,000$1452009-08-2120053,232Resale
2306 Gates Dr$465,000$1392009-08-1319993,349Resale
2624 Wharton Cir$495,000$1432009-07-0920003,450Resale
9686 Prestancia Way$430,000$1292009-07-0220043,338Resale
2974 Golden Eagle Dr E$535,000$972009-07-0119885,493Resale
2031 Herb Ct$475,000$1472009-06-1219983,237Resale
9233 Shoal Creek Dr$435,000$1662009-06-1020072,618Resale
9085 Shoal Creek Dr$420,000$1402009-05-0519993,004Resale
2287 Cobb Dr$400,000$1402009-03-1420012,865Resale
9688 Dancing Rabbit Way$517,500$1492009-03-0420043,465Resale
9015 Winged Foot Dr$782,500$1952009-02-2620024,021Resale
9015 Winged Foot Dr$782,500$1952009-02-2620024,021Resale
2893 Royal Isle Dr$545,000$1292009-02-1720054,209Resale
2709 Wharton Cir$330,000$1232009-02-0619992,681Resale
9194 Shoal Creek Dr$475,000$1772009-02-0420042,691Resale
9591 Deer Valley Dr$725,000$1422009-02-0420095,107New
9287 Shoal Creek Dr$525,000$1192008-12-2320064,413Resale
2961 Medinah Ct$400,000$1372008-12-0519882,917Resale
2649 Wharton Cir$750,000$1722008-12-0420004,357Resale
3010 Trestwick Way$370,000$1212008-12-0319913,067Resale
9079 Shoal Creek Dr$260,000$892008-11-1019992,936Resale
9598 Deer Valley Dr$750,000$1902008-10-0320053,939New
9085 Shoal Creek Dr$420,000$1402008-09-2619993,004Resale
2704 Waterford Glen Ct$1,050,000$2682008-08-2720033,923Resale
9006 Shoal Creek Dr$435,000$1202008-08-1519973,619Resale
2980 Medinah Ct$480,000$1442008-08-0820003,325Resale
8774 Dunblane Ct$253,000$822008-07-2819923,104Resale
9167 Shoal Creek Dr$440,000$1682008-07-2120072,618New
9676 Deer Valley Dr$675,000$1722008-07-1520043,924Resale
2112 Doral Dr$560,000$1772008-07-1520053,170Resale
9203 Shoal Creek Dr$577,000$1572008-07-1120043,676Resale
3022 Eagle Point Way$525,000$1862008-07-0820062,825Resale
3022 Eagle Point Way$550,000$1952008-07-0720062,825Resale
3031 Golden Eagle Dr E$338,700$1022008-06-2619923,327Resale
9699 Prestancia Way$415,000$1372008-06-1720063,025Resale
2322 Cobb Dr$375,000$1502008-06-1619992,506Resale
2322 Cobb Dr$375,000$1502008-06-1619992,506Resale
3082 Saint Andrews Way$499,000$1612008-06-0620063,098New
8332 Inverness Dr$418,000$1472008-05-2320012,852Resale
3224 Pablo Creek Way$750,000$1692008-05-1920084,428New
2106 Doral Dr$472,500$1692008-05-0220002,800Resale
8978 Winged Foot Dr$499,000$1592008-04-2920023,129Resale
9026 Winged Foot Dr$425,000$1462008-04-1819932,910Resale
9664 Deer Valley Dr$1,000,000$1992008-04-0920035,019Resale
2916 Royal Isle Dr$480,000$1782008-03-2620052,701Resale
2667 Wharton Cir$535,000$1702008-03-1719973,140Resale
8338 Inverness Dr$450,000$1522008-02-1519992,959Resale
9208 Shoal Creek Dr$500,000$1702008-02-1520072,942New
3418 Osprey Ridge Ct$780,000$2272008-02-1420083,442New
2916 Royal Isle Dr$480,000$1782008-02-1420052,701Resale
2262 Cobb Dr$477,800$1382008-02-1220063,471Resale
3226 Pablo Creek Way$500,000$1772008-02-1120062,825Resale
8527 Heathcliff Ct$409,000$1492008-02-1120012,743Resale
3042 Saint Andrews Way$467,500$1482008-01-0920043,159Resale
2961 Medinah Ct$439,000$1502007-12-1919882,917Resale
2977 Saint Stevens Dr$425,000$1362007-12-1819903,133Resale
2966 Golden Eagle Dr E$505,000$1562007-11-3019873,240Resale
9006 Shoal Creek Dr$524,000$1452007-11-1119973,619Resale
2880 Royal Isle Dr$600,000$1622007-11-0920073,705New
3009 Golden Eagle Dr E$510,000$1542007-10-2319973,311Resale
9635 Deer Valley Dr$595,000$1702007-09-2820053,504Resale
3047 Saint Andrews Way$599,900$1612007-09-2020053,731Resale
3064 Saint Andrews Way$686,500$1582007-08-3120074,338New
2631 Wharton Cir$512,000$1652007-08-3120013,104Resale
8997 Glen Eagle Way$487,000$2012007-08-3119912,422Resale
8555 Congressional Dr$467,000$1522007-08-3019923,071Resale
2631 Wharton Cir$574,300$1852007-08-3020013,104Resale
8886 Caledonian Ct$415,000$1572007-08-2119962,651Resale
9036 Winged Foot Dr$512,000$1742007-08-1719932,949Resale
2911 Royal Isle Dr$1,250,000$2692007-08-1620044,643Resale
8963 Winged Foot Dr$453,000$1512007-07-3120023,000Resale
9694 Pebble Beach Way$445,000$1632007-07-3020042,727Resale
8326 Inverness Dr$445,000$1622007-07-1919982,754Resale
2292 Cobb Dr$706,300$2012007-07-1820043,507Resale
9692 Prestancia Way$474,900$1752007-07-1820062,707New
8881 Winged Foot Dr$546,500$1842007-07-0520012,973Resale
9200 Shoal Creek Dr$575,000$1832007-06-2920053,143Resale
8912 Winged Foot Dr$775,000$2562007-06-2520003,027Resale
2146 Golden Eagle Dr W$750,000$1802007-06-2520014,158Resale
2146 Golden Eagle Dr W$825,000$1982007-06-2520014,158Resale
2714 Wharton Cir$530,000$1762007-06-0720023,005Resale
9196 Shoal Creek Dr$650,000$1792007-05-3120043,637Resale
9251 Shoal Creek Dr$950,000$1922007-05-1620074,948New
9670 Pebble Beach Way$485,000$1632007-05-1420042,977Resale
9085 Shoal Creek Dr$482,500$1612007-05-0719993,004Resale
2215 Genevieve Ct$558,000$2012007-04-1719972,771Resale
2950 Golden Eagle Dr E$475,900$1842007-04-0619982,581Resale
9585 Deer Valley Dr$837,500$1852007-03-1320074,520New
2972 Medinah Ct$409,000$1732007-02-2119902,360Resale
2281 Cobb Dr$456,000$1512007-02-2020003,022Resale
8527 Heathcliff Ct$463,000$1692007-01-1920012,743Resale
2161 Amanda Mae Ct$432,500$1642007-01-1219982,634Resale
9197 Shoal Creek Dr$535,000$1812007-01-1220062,953New
3006 Golden Eagle Dr E$1,250,000$2302007-01-0520075,428Resale
8883 Saltcoates Ct$455,000$1872006-12-2819962,436Resale
2281 Cobb Dr$470,000$1562006-12-1820003,022Resale
3018 Golden Eagle Dr E$531,400$1482006-12-1519873,584Resale
8174 Glenmore Dr$610,000$1822006-12-1520023,351Resale
9604 Deer Valley Dr$920,000$2362006-11-3020053,898Resale
8881 Winged Foot Dr$535,000$1802006-11-0220012,973Resale
3200 Pablo Creek Way$575,000$1552006-10-2520053,710Resale
3232 Pine Brook Ct$487,000$1872006-10-1320062,604New
8883 Saltcoates Ct$470,000$1932006-10-1219962,436Resale
9569 Deer Valley Dr$629,900$1932006-09-2220043,267Resale
2971 Golden Eagle Dr E$650,000$1842006-08-3119873,529Resale
3226 Pablo Creek Way$595,000$2112006-08-3020062,825New
8321 Inverness Dr$468,500$1482006-08-0419993,172Resale
2031 Herb Ct$590,000$1822006-07-2119983,237Resale
2703 Wharton Cir$470,000$1712006-06-3019992,755Resale
9032 Winged Foot Dr$637,000$2042006-06-2819883,125Resale
9031 Winged Foot Dr$860,000$2372006-06-2720003,626Resale
8881 Winged Foot Dr$565,000$1902006-06-1620012,973Resale
2215 Gates Dr$460,000$1822006-06-1620002,530Resale
9022 Winged Foot Dr$382,000$1402006-06-1519882,726Resale
8769 Dunblane Ct$439,900$1582006-06-0920052,791New
3022 Eagle Point Way$604,600$2142006-06-0920062,825New
2141 Amanda Mae Ct$989,900$2682006-06-0720063,698Resale
3077 Saint Andrews Way$559,900$1932006-05-3120062,908New
2942 Golden Eagle Dr E$770,000$1612006-05-3119894,772Resale
8547 Congressional Dr$500,000$1622006-05-3019903,088Resale
3213 Pablo Creek Way$574,300$1732006-05-1920063,317New
8344 Inverness Dr$479,000$1372006-05-1819983,489Resale
8344 Inverness Dr$479,000$1372006-05-1819983,489Resale
9699 Prestancia Way$536,300$1772006-05-1820063,025New
8884 Winged Foot Dr$419,000$1752006-05-1519952,393Resale
9716 Prestancia Way$620,000$1672006-05-1120053,718Resale
3059 Saint Andrews Way$575,000$1842006-05-0120053,132Resale
2162 Golden Eagle Dr W$822,000$2152006-04-2819953,819Resale
8773 Dunblane Ct$420,000$1632006-04-2619952,573Resale
8909 Winged Foot Dr$525,000$1502006-04-2119913,510Resale
2269 Cobb Dr$466,000$1552006-04-2120023,008Resale
2126 Golden Eagle Dr W$850,000$1972006-04-1419984,320Resale
2714 Wharton Cir$522,000$1742006-04-0720023,005Resale
8840 Glen Abby Dr$520,000$1772006-04-0720002,941Resale
9703 Prestancia Way$476,700$1462006-03-3120053,268New
9280 Shoal Creek Dr$720,000$1982006-03-2820063,644New
2661 Wharton Cir$625,000$1912006-03-2419983,276Resale
2833 Royal Isle Dr$560,000$1662006-03-1320033,383Resale
9131 Shoal Creek Dr$475,000$1452006-03-1019973,276Resale
9227 Shoal Creek Dr$549,000$1812006-03-0820063,039New
8835 Winged Foot Dr$530,000$1852006-03-0620002,861Resale
8887 Winged Foot Dr$460,000$1602006-03-0320012,876Resale
2274 Cobb Dr$649,000$2092006-02-2820033,105Resale
3225 Pablo Creek Way$549,900$1692006-02-2420053,263New
9269 Shoal Creek Dr$525,000$1712006-02-2120063,067New
9617 Deer Valley Dr$620,000$1982006-02-1520043,134Resale
2514 Double Eagle Ct$605,000$1822006-01-1219963,317Resale
2558 Bishops Green Trl$529,900$1702006-01-1019983,114Resale
2161 Amanda Mae Ct$413,000$1572005-12-3019982,634Resale
9710 Prestancia Way$595,000$1842005-12-3020053,232New
8887 Saltcoates Ct$472,500$1892005-12-1619962,504Resale
8881 Blackheathe Way$397,000$1832005-12-0219972,173Resale
3031 Golden Eagle Dr E$650,000$1952005-12-0219923,327Resale
8845 Glen Abby Dr$975,000$2452005-11-3020013,987Resale
2007 Herb Ct$409,000$1612005-11-2920022,536Resale
9694 Deer Valley Dr$759,900$1972005-11-2920043,849Resale
2113 Doral Dr$525,000$1722005-11-2819983,047Resale
2113 Golden Eagle Dr W$390,000$1792005-11-1819892,175Resale
9200 Shoal Creek Dr$565,000$1802005-11-1820053,143New
8823 Winged Foot Dr$410,000$1622005-11-1719972,531Resale
2173 Gates Dr$475,000$1762005-11-1420002,693Resale
2316 Cobb Dr$510,000$1652005-11-1420003,090Resale
2202 Gates Dr$445,000$1562005-11-1020022,857Resale
2667 Wharton Cir$505,000$1612005-11-1019973,140Resale
9131 Shoal Creek Dr$475,000$1452005-11-0919973,276Resale
9149 Shoal Creek Dr$217,000$742005-11-0719962,924Resale
8338 Inverness Dr$425,000$1442005-11-0419992,959Resale
2958 Golden Eagle Dr E$660,000$1492005-11-0319874,436Resale
3233 Pine Brook Ct$625,000$1472005-11-0120064,245New
2131 Golden Eagle Dr W$1,200,000$2412005-10-2819934,982Resale
9604 Deer Valley Dr$765,000$1962005-10-2820053,898New
2625 Wharton Cir$532,500$1692005-10-2719993,150Resale
9006 Shoal Creek Dr$520,000$1502005-10-2519973,469Resale
2214 Genevieve Ct$900,000$1982005-10-1419974,547Resale
2570 Bishops Green Trl$575,000$1542005-10-0520023,734Resale
9686 Prestancia Way$555,900$1672005-10-0320043,338New
2685 Wharton Cir$480,000$1702005-09-3020002,822Resale
8186 Glenmore Dr$462,500$1592005-09-2919982,904Resale
2013 Herb Ct$409,000$1652005-09-1919992,474Resale
2507 Double Eagle Ct$980,000$1992005-09-1620024,922Resale
9292 Shoal Creek Dr$619,900$1942005-09-0220043,191New
9677 Pebble Beach Way$655,000$1722005-08-3120053,801New
9677 Deer Valley Dr$490,000$1902005-08-2420022,573Resale
9006 Bob O Link Ct$447,900$1542005-08-1119972,915Resale
8778 Dunblane Ct$480,000$1672005-08-0520042,882Resale
2130 Doral Dr$540,000$1422005-07-2920023,799Resale
2707 Waterford Glen Ct$907,500$1812005-07-2720015,019Resale
9096 Shoal Creek Dr$780,000$1722005-07-2519964,533Resale
3076 Saint Andrews Way$430,000$1442005-07-2220052,979New
2306 Gates Dr$495,000$1482005-07-2219993,349Resale
9635 Deer Valley Dr$697,300$1992005-07-2020053,504New
2972 Medinah Ct$375,000$1682005-07-1919902,234Resale
2900 Royal Isle Dr$535,000$1632005-07-0820053,281New
2228 Gates Dr$429,900$1572005-07-0119992,730Resale
3050 Saint Andrews Way$619,900$1982005-06-3020053,129New
8332 Inverness Dr$495,000$1742005-06-3020012,852Resale
9695 Deer Valley Dr$517,900$1802005-06-3020032,878Resale
9060 Shoal Creek Dr$600,000$1682005-06-2920013,564Resale
2969 Saint Stevens Dr$415,000$1382005-06-2919953,018Resale
2968 Saint Stevens Dr$464,000$1602005-06-2719952,907Resale
9658 Deer Valley Dr$815,000$2142005-06-2420033,817Resale
8862 Winged Foot Dr$488,000$1552005-06-2119923,152Resale
9191 Shoal Creek Dr$650,000$1712005-06-1720053,794Resale
9664 Pebble Beach Way$577,500$1792005-06-1720033,228Resale
2325 Gates Dr$495,000$1562005-06-1019993,167Resale
2313 Gates Dr$489,900$1522005-06-0819993,221Resale
8969 Winged Foot Dr$382,000$1452005-06-0319932,626Resale
8930 Winged Foot Dr$489,000$1602005-06-0119943,050Resale
8380 Inverness Dr$700,000$1722005-06-0119974,067Resale
3070 Saint Andrews Way$446,000$1502005-05-2620052,978New
8374 Inverness Dr$774,000$2232005-05-2420023,467Resale
2006 Herb Ct$570,000$1962005-05-2019992,902Resale
8893 Glen Abby Dr$779,000$1752005-05-1719974,446Resale
2144 Amanda Mae Ct$598,500$2202005-05-0920002,715Resale
3059 Saint Andrews Way$489,900$1562005-05-0620053,132New
2185 Gates Dr$383,000$1482005-05-0420002,590Resale
8836 Winged Foot Dr$580,000$1542005-05-0319953,768Resale
2982 Saint Stevens Dr$455,000$1432005-04-1519933,178Resale
9622 Deer Valley Dr$950,000$1832005-04-1520045,183New
2679 Wharton Cir$700,000$1822005-04-1320053,852New
2149 Amanda Mae Ct$669,900$2242005-04-1320042,993New
8973 Winged Foot Dr$420,000$1532005-04-0819892,742Resale
2916 Royal Isle Dr$419,900$1552005-04-0120052,701New
2851 Royal Isle Dr$425,000$1432005-03-3120002,962Resale
3047 Saint Andrews Way$520,200$1392005-03-2520053,731New
9682 Deer Valley Dr$1,078,000$1892005-03-2520055,714Resale
2966 Golden Eagle Dr E$480,000$1482005-03-2119873,240New
2972 Medinah Ct$300,000$1342005-03-2119902,234Resale
8889 Caledonian Ct$430,000$1562005-03-2120012,765Resale
9006 Shoal Creek Dr$520,000$1502005-03-1519973,469Resale
3042 Saint Andrews Way$490,500$1552005-03-0920043,159New
9024 Shoal Creek Dr$750,000$1912005-02-2819973,937Resale
2814 Royal Isle Dr$398,000$1582005-02-2519992,514Resale
9221 Shoal Creek Dr$512,000$1582005-02-2420053,249New
3218 Pablo Creek Way$480,000$1802005-02-1420042,673New
8847 Winged Foot Dr$365,000$1252005-02-1019912,915Resale
2975 Golden Eagle Dr E$435,000$1492005-02-1019882,919Resale
9184 Shoal Creek Dr$425,900$1612005-02-0420052,646New
8113 Glenmore Dr$360,000$1502005-01-2719982,395Resale
2306 Gates Dr$460,000$1372005-01-2419993,349Resale
9700 Dancing Rabbit Way$549,000$1632005-01-1820053,366New
9673 Deer Valley Dr$459,600$1742004-12-3120032,646New
2969 Medinah Ct$370,000$1232004-12-2919882,999Resale
3406 Osprey Ridge Ct$556,000$1612004-12-2020043,456New
9688 Dancing Rabbit Way$545,000$1572004-12-2020043,465New
8950 Winged Foot Dr$635,000$1832004-12-1020013,465Resale
8997 Glen Eagle Way$385,000$1592004-12-0719912,422Resale
8885 Caledonian Ct$426,000$1392004-12-0620003,066Resale
2173 Gates Dr$376,900$1402004-12-0620002,693Resale
9263 Shoal Creek Dr$515,000$1872004-11-3020042,753New
9107 Shoal Creek Dr$460,000$1642004-11-1920012,809Resale
9676 Deer Valley Dr$685,000$1752004-11-1820043,924New
2137 Doral Dr$400,000$1332004-11-1720003,008Resale
2868 Royal Isle Dr$525,000$1782004-11-1520032,955Resale
2915 Royal Isle Dr$732,000$1692004-11-0920034,325Resale
2968 Saint Stevens Dr$475,000$1632004-11-0819952,907Resale
9694 Deer Valley Dr$725,000$1882004-11-0820043,849Resale
2281 Cobb Dr$405,200$1342004-11-0320003,022Resale
2690 Wharton Cir$329,200$1482004-10-2819972,228Resale
9694 Pebble Beach Way$405,000$1492004-10-2120042,727New
9695 Deer Valley Dr$407,500$1422004-10-1920032,878Resale
2299 Cobb Dr$429,900$1352004-10-1920013,179Resale
8883 Saltcoates Ct$379,000$1562004-10-1519962,436Resale
2220 Gates Dr$412,000$1392004-10-0520002,965Resale
9625 Deer Valley Dr$439,900$1402004-09-2820043,150New
9031 Shoal Creek Dr$550,000$1772004-09-0319963,110Resale
3401 Osprey Ridge Ct$545,000$1522004-09-0120043,578New
8559 Congressional Dr$340,000$1382004-08-2719942,462Resale
2808 Royal Isle Dr$469,900$1482004-08-2720043,182New
9286 Shoal Creek Dr$517,200$1922004-08-2620042,697New
8532 Heathcliff Ct$381,500$1382004-08-2320032,767Resale
9610 Deer Valley Dr$642,500$1682004-08-1720043,834New
8978 Winged Foot Dr$400,000$1282004-08-1220023,129Resale
8532 Heathcliff Ct$381,500$1382004-08-1020032,767Resale
9196 Shoal Creek Dr$525,000$1442004-08-0920043,637New
9569 Deer Valley Dr$499,000$1532004-07-3020043,267New
9143 Shoal Creek Dr$410,000$1542004-07-2619982,666Resale
2582 Bishops Green Trl$460,000$1392004-07-2119983,317Resale
9661 Deer Valley Dr$484,900$1442004-07-1920033,369Resale
9120 Shoal Creek Dr$550,000$1802004-07-1319993,060Resale
9613 Deer Valley Dr$570,000$1532004-07-0720043,720Resale
9203 Shoal Creek Dr$520,000$1412004-06-3020043,676New
8889 Glen Abby Dr$595,000$1952004-06-3019973,046Resale
2293 Cobb Dr$375,000$1382004-06-3019992,724Resale
2313 Gates Dr$407,300$1262004-06-3019993,221Resale
2714 Wharton Cir$430,000$1432004-06-2820023,005Resale
8911 Hawick Ln$412,000$1242004-06-2419903,317Resale
8877 Blackheath Way$315,000$1402004-06-2119952,248Resale
9670 Pebble Beach Way$435,000$1462004-06-2120042,977New
9683 Deer Valley Dr$495,000$1532004-06-1820033,242Resale
9694 Dancing Rabbit Way$416,900$1452004-06-1820042,868New
9689 Deer Valley Dr$425,000$1402004-06-1120043,044New
2734 Waterford Glen Ct$609,500$1632004-06-0220033,740New
8911 Hawick Ln$412,000$1242004-05-2819903,317Resale
8125 Glenmore Dr$430,000$1442004-05-2419982,991Resale
2986 Saint Stevens Dr$391,000$1452004-05-1919942,692Resale
2268 Cobb Dr$562,500$1412004-05-1820003,977Resale
9617 Deer Valley Dr$540,000$1722004-05-1420043,134New
9628 Deer Valley Dr$695,000$1652004-05-1320044,220New
8962 Winged Foot Dr$334,900$1302004-05-0719882,583Resale
2106 Doral Dr$350,000$1252004-05-0420002,800Resale
8869 Glen Abby Dr$459,000$1432004-04-3019953,212Resale
3083 Saint Andrews Way$459,900$1442004-04-2020043,192New
3089 Saint Andrews Way$469,900$1412004-04-1520043,338New
3235 Pablo Creek Way$476,000$1652004-04-0520042,892New
3207 Pablo Creek Way$519,900$1512004-03-3120043,446New
8931 Winged Foot Dr$386,900$1412004-03-1820002,738Resale
3031 Golden Eagle Dr E$470,000$1412004-02-2719923,327Resale
2965 Medinah Ct$305,300$1192004-02-1220012,572Resale
2968 Saint Stevens Dr$395,000$1362004-01-2819952,907Resale
9096 Shoal Creek Dr$635,000$1402004-01-2719964,533Resale
2950 Golden Eagle Dr E$394,000$1532004-01-2019982,581Resale
2131 Doral Dr$515,000$1472003-12-3019983,496Resale
2113 Doral Dr$367,500$1212003-12-2919983,047Resale
9664 Deer Valley Dr$849,500$1692003-12-2320035,019New
9162 Shoal Creek Dr$389,900$1272003-12-1920033,063New
8545 Heathcliff Ct$360,000$1602003-12-1620012,252Resale
2667 Wharton Cir$417,500$1332003-12-1519973,140Resale
2250 Cobb Dr$370,000$1292003-12-0520022,872Resale
2958 Golden Eagle Dr E$550,000$1242003-11-2619874,436Resale
9699 Pebble Beach Way$455,000$1332003-11-2120033,425New
2966 Golden Eagle Dr E$429,900$1332003-11-1319873,240Resale
8862 Winged Foot Dr$350,000$1112003-10-3119923,152Resale
8539 Heathcliff Ct$352,000$1262003-10-2020002,792Resale
8215 Glenmore Dr$670,000$1632003-10-1619984,107Resale
8326 Inverness Dr$345,000$1252003-09-3019982,754Resale
9695 Deer Valley Dr$395,000$1372003-09-2620032,878New
8339 Inverness Dr$389,900$1172003-09-1520013,322New
2966 Golden Eagle Dr E$385,300$1192003-09-1219873,240Resale
2130 Golden Eagle Dr W$645,000$1682003-09-0819993,847Resale
8551 Heathcliff Ct$339,500$1152003-08-1420002,941Resale
2025 Herb Ct$412,500$1172003-08-1119973,519Resale
2138 Amanda Mae Ct$685,000$1912003-08-0619973,578Resale
2863 Royal Isle Dr$409,900$1302003-08-0620033,165New
8875 Glen Abby Dr$550,000$1832003-07-3019973,008Resale
9655 Deer Valley Dr$425,000$1402003-07-3020033,028New
8885 Caledonian Ct$381,900$1252003-07-2920003,066Resale
9113 Shoal Creek Dr$374,900$1182003-07-2920013,184Resale
2963 Golden Eagle Dr E$725,000$1812003-07-2820004,007Resale
2868 Royal Isle Dr$449,000$1522003-07-2320032,955New
2018 Herb Ct$342,000$1162003-07-2220012,943Resale
2606 Wharton Cir$355,000$1282003-07-2220012,766Resale
9017 Turnberry Ct$361,300$1182003-07-2119923,049Resale
9688 Deer Valley Dr$630,000$1832003-06-2720033,443New
8314 Inverness Dr$349,000$1202003-06-2520002,898Resale
8314 Inverness Dr$349,000$1202003-06-2520002,898Resale
8823 Winged Foot Dr$264,000$1042003-06-1819972,531Resale
3095 Saint Andrews Way$494,900$1482003-06-1820033,342New
2570 Bishops Green Trl$452,500$1212003-06-1120023,734Resale
8889 Caledonian Ct$333,000$1202003-06-0620012,765Resale
2019 Herb Ct$292,000$1202003-06-0519972,431Resale
2915 Royal Isle Dr$694,500$1612003-05-2920034,325Resale
8913 Winged Foot Dr$295,900$1182003-05-2920012,502Resale
2177 Gates Dr$325,000$1212003-05-2320002,690Resale
2336 Gates Dr$329,900$1152003-05-1920022,875New
2869 Royal Isle Dr$425,100$1422003-05-1920032,992New
2221 Gates Dr$334,900$1182003-05-1520032,829New
3026 Golden Eagle Dr E$480,000$1182003-05-0819874,056Resale
8532 Heathcliff Ct$310,000$1122003-05-0220032,767New
8869 Blackheath Way$315,000$1222003-04-3019952,585Resale
2961 Saint Stevens Dr$331,400$1242003-04-1520002,678Resale
2137 Doral Dr$355,000$1182003-04-1120003,008Resale
9661 Deer Valley Dr$419,900$1252003-04-1120033,369New
2851 Royal Isle Dr$319,900$1082003-04-1020002,962Resale
8191 Glenmore Dr$520,000$1562003-03-2419983,337Resale
8912 Winged Foot Dr$485,000$1602003-03-2020003,027Resale
2570 Bishops Green Trl$452,500$1212003-03-1720023,734Resale
2514 Double Eagle Ct$480,000$1452003-03-0319963,317Resale
8539 Congressional Dr$420,000$1372003-02-2420013,062Resale
9037 Muirfield Ct$398,000$1032003-02-2019873,880Resale
2576 Bishops Green Trl$329,000$1162003-02-0720002,832Resale
2113 Golden Eagle Dr W$260,000$1202003-02-0719892,175Resale
2325 Gates Dr$370,000$1172003-01-2819993,167Resale
3001 Golden Eagle Dr E$720,000$1572003-01-0920034,576New
2982 Saint Stevens Dr$360,100$1132003-01-0619933,178Resale
9085 Shoal Creek Dr$341,400$1142002-12-3019993,004Resale
8321 Inverness Dr$329,500$1042002-12-2419993,172Resale
8174 Glenmore Dr$390,000$1162002-12-0920023,351New
8533 Heathcliff Ct$265,000$1072002-11-1419992,485Resale
8986 Winged Foot Dr$330,000$1032002-11-0819883,189Resale
2269 Cobb Dr$315,000$1052002-11-0420023,008New
2322 Cobb Dr$268,000$1072002-11-0119992,506Resale
9652 Deer Valley Dr$687,500$1522002-11-0120024,514New
8958 Winged Foot Dr$290,000$942002-10-3019913,076Resale
8905 Winged Foot Dr$275,000$1032002-10-3019952,658Resale
8198 Glenmore Dr$400,000$1192002-10-3019993,366Resale
8869 Blackheath Way$224,000$872002-10-2919952,585Resale
2957 Saint Stevens Dr$377,000$1092002-10-2919993,471Resale
2310 Cobb Dr$364,000$1222002-10-2519992,974Resale
2188 Gates Dr$331,400$1162002-10-1020022,865New
2975 Golden Eagle Dr E$315,000$1082002-09-2619882,919Resale
9021 Glen Eagle Way$210,000$952002-09-2419902,212Resale
8911 Hawick Ln$320,000$962002-09-2019903,317Resale
2714 Wharton Cir$358,100$1192002-09-0920023,005New
9002 Bob O Link Ct$365,000$1042002-09-0519893,516Resale
9042 Shoal Creek Dr$470,000$1382002-08-3019963,400Resale
2844 Royal Isle Dr$512,000$1262002-08-1620014,051Resale
2709 Wharton Cir$330,000$1232002-08-1519992,681Resale
2306 Gates Dr$362,500$1082002-08-1519993,349Resale
2697 Wharton Cir$305,000$1142002-08-1319982,674Resale

So now that you have examined an overview of the Tallahassee real estate market, drilled down to NE Tallahassee and then finally reviewed the housing market in Golden Eagle Plantation, let's take a detailed look at the home in question.

About The Waterfront Home

The home in question is located at 9096 Shoal Creek Drive on Lake Monkey Business. And when I say "on Lake Monkey Business," I really mean it. The view from the deck makes you feel like you are directly over the lake.

But it's not just another "pretty face."

This home has 6 bedrooms, 4 and 1/2 bathrooms, and sits on a premium 3/4th acre lakefront lot. It has 4,848 square feet of heated and cooled space, and it features a full three car garage. Currently, it is listed for sale at $570,000, which equates to $117.57 per square foot. That is cheaper than what it would cost to build this home (not even including the land).

The average arms-length home sale in Golden Eagle on a lakefront lot over the past year is $146.56, which would equate to a value of $710,500. So why do you think this home hasn't sold when it is priced $140,500 below that amount?

You might be wondering "what's wrong" with the home, maybe it has interior or exterior problems?

Nope, the house is in really good shape. It needs some modern updates, but those could be accomplished for well below $100,000, which means a buyer could buy the home today, modernize it to 2014, and still be sitting on some nice equity, right?

How To Win An iPad

OK, so here is how you can give us the feedback that we are looking for while simultaneously creating an opportunity for you to win an iPad.

Make sure you tell us what you think the home will sell for, and tell us why it has not sold up until now. If two people give the same answer, the one that is closest to the final sales price will win the contest (if two have the same answer and the same price, the first one to enter will win).

Now, go to the comments section below and tell us why you think this waterfront home in Golden Eagle Plantation has not sold.


#1 By Kerry Gaby at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Financing. Can sell for list price with 90% Jumbo loan program. (which is available through the right lender)

Think it will sell for $550,000

#2 By Debbie Gartner aka The Flooring Girl at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I'm guessing that there are a lot of "upkeep" expenses which might include taxes, flood insurance and keeping the place going and that in your market, there may not be that many that can afford that in your area.

If you had someone moving down to Tallahassee from my area, this house would seem like a huge bargain. It is listed below our average price for the whole county (and in my towns, this might even be the lower 20%).


#3 By Tony Starace at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

$495,000. This house needs updates throughout...Great ariel shots though!

#4 By Jennifer Bates at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Sell for 595,000 and give buyers chance to fix up :)

#5 By Peggy Tupper at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Selling a home is a competition. Above the 500K mark, the competition is fierce. The house is not new and it shows; every room needs at least new paint in neutral colors. Mature buyers are downsizing so would not be interested in a home over 4K square feet. The pool of buyers then is younger people who can afford over 500k. These young people are impressed by stainless steel appliances, dark hardwood floors, granite counters and glassed walled showers (a heated pool with great landscaping). This house has none of those features. A renovator will not be interested because by the time he/she has done all the upgrades, the price will be too high for them to resell.

Most young couples with over 500K to spend want move in ready. There may be a young couple willing to take on the project but the price will have to be much lower to attract their attention.

#6 By Barbie Phillips at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

This property is listed as a Flood Hazard Zone A - High Risk Areas

In high-risk areas, there is at least a 1 in 4 chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage. All home and business owners in these areas with mortgages from federally regulated or insured lenders are required to buy flood insurance. Buyers must look at the overall cost of home payment, property tax which this property is close to $10,000/year in addition to what the Flood Insurance is going to cost....Choke!!!. Leon county is up for flood zone map updating.

I think the house will sell for....$455,000.00.

#7 By Eva Armstrong at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Priced toooooo high for cost needed to update this home - doesn't help they keep a dehumidifier running.... $500k-$530k?

#8 By Tracy Cornwell at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

$500,000. Having just gone through the buying and selling process I can tell you the updating would make a HUGE impact on selling the house. All of the brass in there really ages the home, lake or not. Not to mention, if I am not mistaken the lakes just filled back in. The last few years they haven't been exactly overflowing (out of the owner's control but affecting the sale nonetheless).

#9 By Tom Hutchinson at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

$535,000 I think updating the HVAC system to eliminate the need for the dehumidifiers would make a huge impact on the marketability of the home.

#10 By Jeff Badger at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

My best guess for final sales price will be around $111 a sq ft or approximately $540,000. As for why it's still on the market, I would guess that the initial asking price (before you all got the listing) was way too high and this house has been chasing the market ever since. This is especially true if the owners wanted $950,000 back in 2010/11 (based on some online research).

Also, I agree with you. Someone is going to make a killing off this house assuming he or she is willing to ride out the luxury market and make modern upgrades.

#11 By Bobbi at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

We looked at this house. I remember there was a dehumidifier running and a mold smell (most noticeably in the rooms near the garage), which, we have a son with asthma and there was a concern of what might not be visible, but what might be behind the walls.

The house also has a beautiful setting, but it's positioned in such a way that it doesn't take advantage of the view. (The best view is from the window in the game room, which is upstairs, but I want to say that's the only window on that entire exterior wall.)

And then yes, it needs lots of updates.

#12 By Diane W at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

The updates required for this home will scare away any buyer that isn't a contractor. It would require a total gut to bring it to a showplace once more. There are also age issues with some items on the exterior (windows, deck, railing) when I last saw it. In this higher price range, buyers would rather have something move in ready. It would also show better with some furnishings so those 'updating issues' aren't staring you in the face. $479,000.

#13 By Jeremy Button at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I think it is a reasonably priced home for Golden Eagle Plantation, but like you said, needs $100,000 in work. Buyers in GEP (and many buyers nowadays) want either a turn key house that needs little to no work, or they want a STEAL, that provides a payoff for the amount of time and money required to fix up the house. Look at the video at 0:50. The yard looks rough. I'm guessing they sell the house at $540k, if they could commit $10-$15k for some landscaping, pressure washing, staging, and clean up work on the inside and out.

#14 By Jason Durbin at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I think it will sell for $529,500 and I don't think it is selling because it is too outdated inside. Folks at this price point will see this as a project and not move in ready.

Some of the issues I would see as a buyer in this price point are the following:

1. Lot size is too small at .77ac, no real backyard to enjoy the lake and have room for kids to play. Most of the land is in the side yard but there is no privacy with the street nearby and I don't see a dock.

2. Interior is way too dated for this price point. House needs to be repainted (the different colors in different rooms are a big turn-off to buyers), need to replace all the brass, remove the wood paneling around fireplace, paint cabinets white, and need to stage the home with higher end furniture (really need a kitchen table in there).

3. The last part is what I always hear that Kitchens and Bathrooms sell homes and this home fails on both of these points. The bathrooms desperately need the wallpaper removed, the fixtures changed out, higher end mirrors and shower surrounds installed and some more updated tiling done. The kitchen is the worst part though and is way too outdated for this price. Buyers want the dark cabinets, granite, stainless appliances, and dark wood floors. The cooktop also should be moved out of the island (you can't cook and have kids sit there) and get rid of that backsplash.

Just my .02 cents... good luck!

#15 By Nancy Wallace at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

It hasn't sold because it has too many "bedrooms." One bedroom should be displayed as an "office" and another as a "man-cave." Very few families need six bedrooms. They would want more general living space. Also, to fill that many bedrooms, you'd imagine a family with at least one small child. The lake being so close and unprotected could be a turnoff for a family. I think it will sell for $550,000 with a change in the way it is marketed.

#16 By Andres Mambuca at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Three things I noticed right away:

1- Paint

2- Furniture

3- Old appliances.

People now days want to get move in ready properties most of the time. They don't want to invest money in a property and go through the hustle of renovations. I really think the owners should spend a little bit of money and change the color of the walls to a more neutral color, get rid of the old furniture and maybe go with stainless steel appliances or newer and more modern appliances. That TV in the kitchen countertop have to go too. House doesn't have any decorations at all and I think owner should show this property totally empty of go and do some kind of staging. Price $530,000.

#17 By Christie Orros at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM


First, kudos for your awesome newsletter and website. Consumers love it and I know how much work you put into it, in addition to the hours you put in pounding the sidewalk pavement as a Realtor. Over the years, I've showed this house to three different sets of Buyers. They had similar things to say about it. I have my own opinions as an agent based on experience and the feedback I received to the Buyers. The suggestion I'll give below will be a combination of the two.

1.) BUYER BEWARE?: It looks too good to be true on paper ("Nearly 5000 sq ft waterfront home in Golden Eagle for only $117/ sq ft!!"). Buyers with little time on their hands may pass it over based on the incorrect assumption that there is a catch. Also, the fact that the house has been on the market for so long will also make Buyers scared about their ability to unload it when they need to move. There is little you can do to change these to items and I am NOT suggest that you increase the price or take it off of the market for a year, then put it back on...but I'm trying to examine all factors here.

2.) WHICH WING DO I SLEEP IN?: It's impossible to have an completely open plan in a 5000-ish square foot house, but the floor plan for this one goes a bit too far in terms of the separation of spaces/rooms. The downstairs living area is nice and open, even up to the second balcony views, but the rest of bonus room and bedroom quarters are quite far apart...especially upstairs. This may work for some families, but all three of the Buyers that I showed it to felt the floor plan to be way too choppy and separated everywhere but the downstairs living areas.

3.) WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE, BUT NOT A CONTRACT TO SIGN: While the dazzling water view visible immediately upon entry and from most of the downstairs living areas is seductive and breathtaking, it will not be enough to overcome the aforementioned and following issues, in my opinion. Also, this is the perfect place to mention that, for this price range, I would expect the outdoor features of the back yard and that view to be enhanced by more outdoor living features than just an older looking wooden deck. Also along the water subject, most Buyers in this price range expect an existing pool or want room to install one. If a pool can be installed on this site, I would definitely suggest getting a estimate on that, leaving stakes where the best pool locale would be and then leaving the estimate onsite.

4.) TOO MUCH BRASS AND TEAL CAN KILL A DEAL: Yes, the house is style-dated on the interior, but so are some of the other recently sold houses in Golden Eagle that sold for more per square foot. So, why does that matter so much with this house? The answer has to do with the total package: with a choppy bedroom plan and other floor plan issues, Buyers consider the "2-3 strikes and it's out" philosophy. In other words: if they loved the floor plan AND the price was right in their mind, they would open their minds to de-brassing, installing granite, re-facing cabinetry, removing wallpaper and painting nearly every room. However, there are too many other house choices out there within the price range that don't involve so much of a need for an immediate style change...some of which are also on the water. There are three ways to overcome this: First: lower the price to an amount that would justify the updates, say $525K or even better, $500K. Second: Spend $20K and conduct the work described above, then re-photograph. Lastly: Sit on the price and condition as it is and wait for the perfect Buyer, which could take years.

5.) SMELL, SMELL GO AWAY?: At one point when I showed it, there was an air purifier and/or ionizer (not sure which) buzzing away at the top of the staircase. The Buyers' first question was: "are there smell and/or mold and/or other issues up here?" I would suggest putting a note on that machine for a nice, soothing explanation, assuming it is still there.

6.) SHOW ME STAKES, PLEASE: While I could've printed out the GIS map and brought it with me, that not something we Realtors typically do for a first showing. All three of the Buyers I worked with wanted to know how much of the vacant space to the right of the house was part of the yard and which was HOA owned and/or owned by some one else. I could've done that research afterward, but having the information on site would help keep the house on the short list for more Buyers.

7.) THERE'S A REAR END FOR EVERY SEAT...IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT: Sellers hate hearing a suggestion for a price reduction. We Realtors hate giving them. (sigh) This house is a perfect example of how we can get three appraisals that show $550K +, do a comparable market analysis that shows the price is just fine, but ultimately, "the boss" doesn't like it. I call Buyers "the boss," since ultimately they do control this entire business and we have to please them above anyone else in the end. The boss has spoken, and he/she think the price is to high to bother with this one in its current condition.

I hope this helps, regardless of whether or not I get an iPad. :)

#18 By RHONDA PIGOTT at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

$469,000. Needs updating, put with the wrong realtor who hasn't tried to sell it!

#19 By Doris Mathis at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

$501,000....without the needed updates. $650,000 if the seller completes the updates.

Great location. Nice outdoor shots....a cheap pressure wash on the driveway would be very appealing. It might run around $300 to have it pressure washed. Shortage of high end buyers. So many in that class prefer to build their own dream home even if it costs more $ a square foot. When money doesn't matter to someone, they don't worry about the cost, more what they want. Good luck.

#20 By Lamar L at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

1. Since it has been on market so long there is a perception something must be wrong and why update and find out why it hasn't sold.. 2. Where's the large living room for entertaining? By the pictures on the website there are rooms but no central large room for entertaining guests ....

$ 529,000

#21 By Robert Barnette at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

The exterior and location are perfect. However, I'm pretty sure that the interior decor was outdated when the home was built in 1996. The kitchen is nice, but its not the kitchen for a $570,000 home. Unfortunately, most buyers have neither the imagination or financial resources to picture what this home could be. I would recommend doing 3 things:

1) Hire a staging company to fill the rooms and show off all the spaces. Most of the rooms are empty, and all the buyers see when they walk in are the colors of the walls.

2) Switch to neutral. Paint the interior walls to a neutral color. Remove the fluffy window treatments. Take down the wallpaper in the bathrooms. Paint the green bookcase in the living room a different color. The stager will proabbly tell you to do these thing and more. Setting a blank canvas will allow buyers to beter imagine what colors they want on the walls.

3) Partner with a remodeler to redesign the kitchen. Have them print large color posters to show what the kitchen could look like and include prices.

#22 By Jim Whatley at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

There are 5 keys to getting a home sold.

1. Location. It is where it is.

2. Condition. If it is in good condition, and repair it will sell.

3. Marketed correctly.

A. Is it in the MLS correctly.

B. In the correct sub Area.

C. On the map correctly

D. Does it have Good Pictures?

E. Has it been syndicated to, Zillow, Trulia ect.

F. Does it have it's own web Presents. Does google know it exists?

4. Is it accessible to show? Lock box, Easy to show,

5. Is it priced correctly? No one will pay a dime for a nickel.

Up to this point it has been missing one of these key points.

#23 By Stacey at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Its the updating that is needed vs the price IMO. I will be building a house next year that is approx. 4100 sq ft and coming in at about $180 a foot with the type of finishing we like. For me personally everything would have to be redone in this house: floors, complete overhaul of kitchen and baths, and painting thru out. I love remodels and building but I can tell you most people DO NOT. They either don't want to be bothered or truly are not good at that kind of stuff so they don't want to tackle. They want it ready to move in. I personally would end up putting in more than 100k to overhaul.

Once you get up to that price range people expect to get the best and for it to be exactly what they want and not settle. Unless it is offered around the $100/sq ft range I think it may be a hard sell. Even with that my guess is you will find someone who is maxing themselves out to get into a large sq ft home.

What are the energy costs on that home? My guess is it is probably on high side since it was built some time ago. (almost 20 yrs old).

If I recall when I toured this house when it was first built years ago it had some odd rooms/layout in it. It appears "tired" from the pictures. It has good bones I am sure, but most people tend to be visual beings. They like new and shiny and its hard for them to see potential in bones.

Good Luck!

#24 By Carol at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM


#25 By Rick Smith at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Price is above average for Golden Eagle and NE Tallahassee, and when buyer needs to spend about $100,000 on "upgrades", the equity would likely not be there on a resale. Next biggest gorilla in the room is does this property require flood insurance? Uncertainty with the Federal Flood Insurance program legislation could really add to the cost of living here if it is deternmined to be in a flood zone.

#26 By Marvin McPhate at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

It is under priced.

Someone will pick it up for around $500K

#27 By Curtis Hochstedler at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

First impressions go a long way to interest a buyer. The curb appeal/landscaping of this house looks bare/simple for this location. I don't know about the interior but wonder if it "needs updating" , to what scope does that mean. Does it feel open and airy inside or boxed and cramped.

I think it would sell for 535,000

#28 By Russell Tarin at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

This house has very poor curb appeal. The front lawn is not very inviting. The driveway appears to have a buckle in it from the photo. The wallpaper is a big turnoff. Just the fact that it has been on the market this long raises possible questions in the prospective buyers mind.


#29 By Roy C at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

$533K. Perception of the house. On the market a long time, over-priced for condition while other homes are selling around it, etc.

#30 By Nick Halley at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I believe that this home can sell for the asking price of $570,000. That being said, concessions have to be made.

I believe that you have a couple of glaring problems. The house needs to be better staged in all rooms. The curtains/drapes in the rooms do not do the rooms and windows overlooking the lake any justice and should be changed to something more modern, smaller and lighter colors.

The tv in the kitchen is completely out of place and eats up too much counter space. Try a smaller tv or under the counter mounted, etc.

The wallpaper in the bathrooms is HIDEOUS and needs to be painted, changed or completely removed.

Lastly, the landscaping in the front yard needs some major work. You don't buy a home in Golden Eagle with a patchy front yard with huge swatches of grass missing and not a single flower in the front yard.

These homes must look immaculate. With the curb appeal being lacking, this home needs to pop upon entrance. Then you walk into kitchen and bathrooms and see the work that needs to be done upon purchasing.

If I was a Realtor representing a client, I would say asking price with a buyers allowance somewhere between $5,000-$10,000 for the bathroom walls, kitchen tv, landscaping and other items.

#31 By Audey at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

$505,000 may be where the price ends up. The reason the house is not selling is

1- It is not staged. Buyers need to see how the home looks and feels with furniture.

2- Kitchens are a huge selling point and this kitchen needs updates. I realize that the sellers may not want to invest in new countertops, but they would go a long way. Also, the cabinets could be painted gray and new hardware would really improve the look and feel of the kitchen. Buyers lack imagination.

3- The wall coverings and paint are outdated. Hire a painter and a wallpaper stripper to update the colors. Simple fixes that would really encourage buyers to keep an open mind.

4- The view is amazing- highlight the back deck with outdoor furniture and lighting. Buyers are just quickly glancing at one of the homes best features.

5- Remove all the window coverings ASAP

The other factor in the sale of this home, and it is probably the largest is that there are not a lot of buyers in the $500,000 range. If you take a look at homes in Tallahassee in that price range you can see that many of them are far more updated and closer into town. They may not have a beautiful view, but to buyers this home features very little besides the view. Buyers just see work when they look at this house. Updates will go a very long way.

#32 By Terence Farrell at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

The look of the house. Remove the wallpaper and paint. Repaint rooms without wallpaper in neutral colors, too many dark colors currently. Fix up the yard, lots of dead grass, and pressure wash the driveway. If someone is buying a house on a lake, wouldn't they want a dock? I don't see a dock on the lake for this house.

#33 By Laura at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Wallpaper, room colors that are difficult to paint over, lack of window decent window treatments/shutters/blinds, high maintenance wood deck. Overall not a good value for that price from the pictures. $535k

#34 By Jeff Badger at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Looks like my previous comment disappeared. I'm guessing $540,000 for the final sale price. As for why it has taken so long, my guess is that the home has been chasing the market with an initial listing significantly higher than what homes were going for at the time.

#35 By Jacqui Jeffress at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

So often the reason a home does not sell is not due to obvious factual reasons but to "feelings". Buyers are not feeling comfortable as they view the home. Sure, it can use some up-dating, but paint is cheap. Have you thought about smells? If the home has been occupied by people from another country who cook differently, the home has different odors. Walk into the house, close your eyes and just feel the house. Please let me know how it goes

#36 By Alex Nunez at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I think a softwash of the roof and a pressure washing of the driveway would go a long way towards helping this house sell. Buyers hunting in this price range want perfection for the amount of money they are spending and improving curb appeal would help (your 13 inexpensive ways to help sell a home reinforces this recommendation). I did not look at the inside of this home but a modest investment in updates would also improve the likely hood of a sale. I would venture to say that more buyers than not would prefer to not have to deal with updates after spending good money on a house of this caliber. This would also justify a higher listing price which would prevent buyers from questioning why the home is priced so low and assume something is wrong with it. I would update the home, improve curb appeal and price at $133 per sq ft.

#37 By Jlyne Hanback at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

In this price point, people expect to have the latest in appliances, decor, etc. While the lot is beautiful, location is wonderful, and the home itself is gorgeous, it simply needs the additional features to compete with homes in the area that have had modern upgrades installed. $529,000

#38 By Ashley Moore at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

The problem is that the amount of work needed on this house seems too overwhelming. Why buy a house that needs tons of work to fit the buyers vision when there's a house up the street that feels more like "home?"

Frankly, I think this house would be snatched up if basic updates and staging are done. Replace all curtains with basic white or ivory curtains. Get rid of the outdated wallpaper. Make sure all rooms are painted with a neutral wall color - except for maybe one room as a focal point. (I personally like the green parlor!) And then stage each room so the buyer can picture using it! Most families have no need for 6 bedrooms. Stage one as an office, one as an entertainment room or man cave... I bet the feel of the house could be updated for $1000.

If that minimum work is done, I bet the house can sell for the asking price of $570,000, easy.

If the seller is determined to sell as-is, the selling price will probably be around 515,000.

Good luck to the seller!

#39 By Debbie at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I'm going with $450,000. People want to just be able to move in not have to do updates.

#40 By Morris Massre at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

If you take the last three homes that sold that were not a distress sale and were of same caliber you would have an average sales price of $601,000., an average well above what you are asking, which begs me to wonder why it is not selling. And though yours is probably better in location, it still has to go up against lesser competition in terms of price.

This is what is killing you and the fact that Tallahassee is hurting. I think your best bet is to find an out of town buyer who possibly wants a second home like this or someone of high caliber who knows a good location when he sees it and market it to them via social media worldwide.

This is the type of property that you need to find a client for and that requires shopping around. They will not come to you.

#41 By Laura Speake at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

This house doesn't show well if the current photos are accurate. It is very dated looking and not well staged. The owners would do well to paint, remove wallpaper and paneling and the awful sconces over the fireplace, then have the home staged with more contemporary furnishings.

Having a slightly larger home in sought after area in the Atlanta metro area (major differences - 1 less BR and not on a lake), this home is currently priced significantly higher than what I could get for my home. I think it will sell for $540,000.

#42 By Graziella Bruner at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I believe it will sell at $475,000 - Great view, - I just think that those who are going to spend 1/2 Million dollars are not looking for something they want to upgrade.

#43 By Heather Chasteen at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

The wallpaper is hideous, there is no yard to add a pool if they wanted it and the price is pretty high.

#44 By Marshall Griffiss at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I believe it will sell for $429,999. I believe the price to bring everything up to date us causing the problems with it.

#45 By Jan Anderson at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I think this house hasn't sold because:

1. Curb appeal is at a minimum.

2. The house has dated features.

3. The house has 6 bedrooms. Who needs 6 bedrooms? A simplistic reason for this house not selling is that I believe people don't find value in 6 bedrooms. It's akin to having two pools.

4. The house is one of the larger, more expensive homes in Golden Eagle. I don't think people find value in a house that has an overabundance of square footage. Why buy a 4800 square foot home when a 3800 square foot home will still be more than adequate at a much lower cost.

These deficiencies and drawbacks can be fixed, though!

Start with "curb appeal" by removing the front shrubbery and opening up the front with some new plants and "wrap-around" landscaping. Also, add something to the front porch...paint the front door a brighter color and add something to grab the eye.

Updating the house could start by painting the interior a neutral color. Other great ways to update this house have been mentioned in previous e-mails, but I am assuming that the owner doesn't want to invest money into updating (house has been on the market for years and they haven't even done the minimum painting update).

I don't think not staging the house will keep it from selling. The exception with staging is if one or two bedrooms could be staged or marketed as a home office, craft room, exercise room etc....

Ramping up the curb appeal, affordable updating (painting), and moderate staging and aggressive marketing (like I have read about in the Century 21 Manausa Blog), I predict will open this house up for a selling price of $484,000. The only way I think the house will sell above $500,000 is if the owner invests the money and/or time to update the home...regardless of the curb appeal or any staging or marketing.

Happy Holidays :)

Jan Anderson

#46 By Chip Williams at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Biggest concern for my buyers that walked this house 1 year ago was:

1) land next door was theirs verse HOA and could they put a fence up b/c kids

2) the smell (what is hiding behind the walls)

3) the dated aspect of the house. $100k or not when u get to this price point the buyers will be wanting to get at least 20% back on their ROI, they want a deal.

$500k sales price

My suggestion is for the sellers To find an inventor who will provide the funds to update the house and completely update the house to "buyers mind set completed" (granite, wood) and negotiate with the sellers an ROI that would provide a finish sales price that meets both parties expectations. .

#47 By Christine Laubach at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

This beautiful home was a Southern Living showhouse when it was originally

built. I fell in love with it. All it needs is staged properly, paint the rooms, remove

the wallpaper and for goodness sake get rid of the ugly sofa in the photos.

Show the Southern living pictures to show this home's potential. I predict it will sell for $475,000.

Thanks for the chance to win an ipad. Merry Christmas.

#48 By Ken Stevenson at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

SMELL! And its obviously haunted.


#49 By Susan Haughton at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

You have gotten a lot of great, substantive comments already. Issues I saw from the photos: the house is dated and will require a good deal of updating. Every single room needs something; while it's one thing to update a kitchen or a master bath, this house is just one hit after another.

Not everyone has the time or motivation to make the updates - and many people don't even want to fool with the multitude of decisions to be made, regardless of the price of the home or the expense of the updates. So, that eliminates a portion of your potential buyer pool.

Flood insurance is in the headlines these days and while we are all hoping for legislative relief soon, the potential increase in premiums is scaring away a certain number of buyers, reducing the buyer pool a little more.

Buyers are very sophisticated about days on market - it can be a killer.

At the end of the day, of course, it all comes down to price to compensate for all of these issues.

#50 By Graziella Bruner at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

This is my 2nd Comment -

I'm wishing you the best and pray that the right buyer comes along so you can sell this home. Please keep us updated.

#51 By Jeff at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

The house is built on two separate parcels.


#52 By Keith Van Dyke at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Where do I start? Flood insurance. Insect control. Mold control. No backyard. No pool for that price range. No dock. No front yard. Mismatched driveway brickwork. Double columns on front porch. House next door incredibly close. Flow seems out of sync (outside feels like a front to back flow, but interior doesn't feel that way). Garage orientation makes for odd look. Narrow rooms made up to look big. Kitchen cabinets with loads of wasted air space. Stovetop, and sink, incorrectly located. And who picked the colors / wallpaper throughout? Gaaa! Total mismatch!

If you want to move it fast you'll need to take your own advice: undercut every other house in the immediate area. Final sale price - $425,000.

#53 By Greg at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Looking at your data, average home prices in Golden eagle were approximately $90-$100/sq. foot in 2003-2004. Most people associate this time frame as the start of when home prices really began to take off as part of the housing bubble which was ultimately proven to be unsustainable. Looking at the sales history of the property on the property appraiser's website one can see how this homes sales prices were in line with the housing bubble trend. This leads to the perception that sale prices during the housing bubble were overinflated. Therefor people feel that current pricing should reflect a correction factor from those previous overinflated prices, otherwise they wont feel that they are getting "a good deal". Reading the post of those that have apparently visited the property very few updates appear to have been made to the house. One would question why they would pay more than what the house was worth prior to the housing bubble beginning when no recent improvements have been made. The property sold for $460k in 1998( prior to housing bubble) and $635k in 2004 (during housing bubble and perceived as overinflated). Considering no recent upgrades, the price should be somewhere in between those numbers. I believe that this house will sell at approximately $100/sq ft or $485,000.

#54 By Mark T at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

The biggest thing is curb appeal. I say spend about $5000.00 to cover decent landscaping plan especially around front island area at driveway.

If this is truly in a flood zone then that alone is enough to scare away buyers especially depending on what financing institutions will require in order to finance.

Smell would definitely be another issue to tackle and definitely drive away potential clients.

Lastly it appears a new roof is needed and would most likely be required depending on the inspection report. A roof for a home this size could easily be $25,000 - $30,000.00.

to recap or address main issues:

1.replace roof

2.heavily landscape

3.address smell issue

Afterwards conduct an open house to be ready by March and I'm thinking it sells for $550,000.00 with concession of giving buyer $15,000.00 at closing for updates or put towards their closing costs.

#55 By Penny H. at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

As I recall when this house was built as the Southern Living house, it sat on the market a really long time even with all the exposure it received from being the Southern Living house. Since it did not sell right away even when brand new, there were obviously other issues such as the floor plan, curb appeal, and lot configuration, that caused it to sit on the market. A home that has issues such as these that you can not change, is always going to take longer to sell and will therefore sell for much less than other homes in the same neighborhood. When you add on top of floor plan, curb appeal and lot issues, the need to spend a lot of money to update the home, you then have to drop the price even lower. Once a home sits on the market over many years, it gets stigmatized which devalues it even more. One would presume if the sellers were willing to make updates, they would have done so already. Therefore it needs to be priced in the condition it is in. I have noticed that several of the distressed homes in Golden Eagle have gone below $100 a sq foot and given the time on the market, other issues this home has, along with the larger size of this home, I would not be surprised if this home sells for somewhere between $445,00 and $465,000. If I had to put a number on it presuming no updates were made, I would say $460,000.

#56 By Holly at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

I don't think there is just one reason this house has not yet sold, but the primary reason is the same one others have stated: the price is too high for the number of updates that need to be completed to make this home attractive. The cabinetry, color schemes, and fixtures scream early 90's, and I have no words for the wallpaper. The owners would be much better off just scraping it all and painting the papered rooms a neutral color. The furniture also does no service to the room layouts. Although it can be expensive, the owner should consider moving out most of the furniture and staging the home with more modern furnishings. Classic leather sofas and larger wood tables would warm the space and could optimize the space in the rooms.

Maintenance costs are another major issue. Taxes are over $9,000 a year, and adding a homestead exemption won't drastically change that number. Flood insurance in this high risk zone are likely to be several thousand dollars or more annually, plus the cost of home insurance. Since most buyers will probably be financing this home, add the cost of private mortgage insurance to your monthly mortgage payment, too, unless you've got over $100K to put down.

Finally, I would assume that someone who purchases a home on a lake has some hopes to spend time outdoors. The barren weathered deck and lack of attractive landscaping/hardscaping are not conducive to this. Others have mentioned a pool, which may or may not be a viable option on this lot, but it is considered almost standard with homes in this price range. At the very least, the front hedges need some TLC, and some color wouldn't be amiss.

Considering that the owner purchased this home for $780K in 2005, I can definitely see the reluctance to sink any more money into this property, but I honestly think that the wallpaper removal and interior paint job alone would breathe some more modern life into the home and, in my opinion, could add as much as $20K to the sale price. Assuming that the owner does not make ANY changes to the interior or landscaping, though, I think this home would sell for $465K.

#57 By Benjamin W. Latham at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Most of the comments above have to do with dressing up the house in one way or another. I will try and take a different approach. To me, the issue is that it hasn't found it's target market. It's trying to be many things to many types of buyers, and guess what? It isn't working. But to me, once the target buyer(s) for the house are identified, it can be better staged for that type of buyer and they will soon be found. Will the likely buyer be a young couple planning a family, a family with young children, a middle aged couple with middle school or high school age children, an older couple with time to renovate on their hands, a semi or professional investor or investment company, etc.? The problem here is currently the many features of the property are not well coordinated to speak to a single type of buyer. They are out of sync. For example, I would rule out the couple planning the family and the family with younger children, as they would tend to view the lake as a drowning hazard and struggle with the higher taxes and flood possibility and insurance, with the latter being a factor because they would probably be there at least 20 years. Further, these type of buyers would want a pool. A family with older kids might be interested, but by the time they do the fix-ups, their kids might be gone and they would definitely want the pool. For an older couple, there is a lot of space. However, they don't necessarily need a pool and might actually use the lake for sunset rows or canoeing, especially if the access to the lake were improved and a dock was constructed, with even an inexpensive canoe or rowboat parked next to it, to complete the vision for potential buyers. This type of buyer would have more time to do the fix-ups, and cheaper if they are handy. They might also be able to use the extra space with a couple guest rooms for kids and grandkids, plus extra rooms they could use as offices, art studio, sewing room, library or music room, etc. An older couple with their own business(es), who don't have to commute to town daily from Golden Eagle, who enjoy peace and quiet, a little boating and golf and have some kids and grandkids who visit for holidays, etc. These are the buyers I would target, in or out of town, and the house should be staged accordingly. This should not cost much, relative to the price of the house. No major updates but definitely stage each room of the house targeting this type of buyer, making simple improvements to accessing the lake by constructing a walkway and small dock, tie a rowboat or small canoe to the dock, probably all done for less than $3k. Then advertise the house as an investment property for the type of target buyer(s) indicated above--the couple with grown kids or an investor or investment company, who think they are getting a deal and can make some money by doing even a few simple things, like pressure washing, taking down wallpaper, painting some rooms or woodwork, replacing a few brass fixtures with nickel or silver, etc--whatever updates they think will enhance the value. Impress upon them they are buying while prices are still low and will be able to sell when high, if and when they choose to. I think a really odd price sometimes differentiates a house. I would do the things mentioned above, knock another $12k plus change off the house, so it can be said to be $152k under market, pricing it at $555,999. I would keep this price sticky at least through October. Thanks and Good Luck!

#58 By lichun zhao at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

1) The price of more than $500K house still dropping now and later.

2) The family with boat should have children and not old, they like new style house, like high ceiling, no wall paper.

3) Internal look cheap, not like $500K house.

4) Yard is not good for play, for example football, soccer.

5) If remodel, need 150K cash, too much money and time.

6) Need replace roof soon.

7) No swimming pool.

8) Zestimate only $565,836

Compare to 9150 Shoal Creek Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32312

I give it $480K-5%=460K

#59 By lichun zhao at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

it looks some price is 460K, 465K and 46.9K, I change my price to 459K

#60 By Frank Doolan at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Hey Joe! I am not interested in the iPod but I do like the challenge of the question. I have recently remodeled two homes neither of which is on the scope or scale of the Shoal Creek home . Surprisingly they had many of the same issues that Shoal Creek seem to have. I looked at the property and can say what I would have like to have addressed before I would buy it.

1. Get rid of the wallpaper it is horrible

2.Get a neutral color paint on ALL the walls. The folks who lived there seemed to want to try a little of every color from the palette.

3. Address the smell issue. If it smells because of water issues from the lake I don't envy you one bit.( Fortunately that was not a problem I faced.) I had to have the ducting in one of the houses cleaned and installed some new ducting to better move the air through the house. If the dehumidifier is there because its expensive to keep the thermostat on a set temperature set the HVAC sytem to run during the day and be off at night. People fear mold like the plague. Perhaps have the carpets cleaned, again if its been a while.

4. The trees need lifted and thinned and yard need trimmed and cleaned up. They look a bit overgrown and it is distracting.

5. Get rid of the furniture. What is shown in the photos does nothing to enhance the interior. I prefer to picture my own furniture in the space when I am looking to buy.

6. Set up one of the bedrooms as a dedicated office space/ computer/media room and advertise it with one less bedroom and one more office.

7. What advantage is the Lake? Is it a lake for fishing duck hunting, canoeing/ kayaking, can you ski or sail on it?? Would you need dock access to the lake for any of these reasons or is it just there to look pretty ? In which case maybe a dock with a gazebo for entertaining and watching the sun set might be worth the cost.

I am sure I have likely added nothing to the conversation but I enjoyed the mental exercise.

Good luck !!


#61 By SD at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

All comments good....needs upgrading all over, in, out and bones(hvac) mold....all bad...probably sell for 429,000 as is and needs at least 150k for upgrades. - SD

#62 By Jason at 7/11/2017 3:48 AM

Hard to say exactly why it hasn't sold yet, but I would guess there have been offers and loan approval/inspection issues have cropped up. It will sell, and I say it will sell for $552,500.

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