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Real Estate Twitter Feed ImageThree separate things happened yesterday that left me in awe about the still-growing twitter network. As a mid 40 something-ish person, twitter is not a system that came natural to me, I had to spend quite a bit of time understanding its use and relevancy in my real estate business. But yesterday proved to me again that having a twitter feed for real estate can help drive traffic to my listings of homes for sale in Tallahassee.

First of all, Liz Nutt wrote an article on her highly trafficked blog site titled 70 Best Twitter Feeds for Following Real Estate News and she identified my twitter profile @HousingReporter, as the top real estate feed on twitter! Wow, not bad for little 'ol Tallahassee Real Estate! This is just a great example of how the internet allows us to grow well beyond the geographical boundaries of traditional business circles and market to the entire world. With my reach on Twitter, we have been able to sell several of our listings to service people overseas who were heading back to Tallahassee.

Secondly, I saw a string of tweets (on twitter of course :)) recommending that people follow my twitter feed for housing reports and updates on real estate information. @HomeBuyerHelp tweeted this just 14 hours ago!

real estate feed on Twitter Image

Finally, I was was interviewed by Ryan Covino, a real estate agent consultant who is putting together a string of audio and video training courses to help real estate agents move their business to the internet. He had found both my real estate feed on twitter, as well as my new book site which provides a guide for brick and mortar businesses that want to transition from traditional business methods to ones that utilize the vast resources of the internet.

I look forward to the interview being published, and I think a lot of real estate agents are going to find Ryan's work to be very helpful. I will publish a link to his work in the future when it has been completed.

So, a pretty amazing day for me and my real estate feed on Twitter. I guess the lesson here is that there are some amazing tools on the internet that help drive traffic to home listings, and I would suggest that people thinking about selling a home do their homework before they just hire the first real estate agent with whom they meet. Find out what methods they are using to promote a property, and make sure that you can find them all over the internet, from Google to Twitter to Facebook and beyond!

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