Twin Lakes Listings And Home Sales Report August 2018

Twin Lakes Community is located just South of Apalachee Parkway and just East of Southwood Plantation RoadTwin Lakes Community is located just South of Apalachee Parkway and just East of Southwood Plantation Road.

Featuring two and three bedroom homes built mostly in the 1980s, this hidden gem of a neighborhood won't stay a secret much longer. The home prices here are excellent in today's inventory-starved market.

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Twin Lakes Schools

The Leon County public schools that service Twin Lakes Community include:

This Twin Lakes home sales report examines long-term trends of home prices, home values, and home sizes in Twin Lakes, and displays all homes sold going back to 1991.

For each of the three real estate graphs found below, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years, but through the middle of August in 2018. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Twin Lakes).

Average Home Prices In Twin Lakes

Average home prices have skyrocketed in Twin Lakes in 2018. The current average price of $134K is 31% higher than last year's average.

Activity in Twin Lakes is completely in control of home sellers (meaning all properly marketed homes that enter the market in 2018 will sell ... fast!).

Average Home Values

We have been reporting that Twin Lakes homes were seriously under-valued, dropping to as low as $61 per square foot 5 years ago. Those days are gone for good.

Take a look at what a 30% jump in home values looks like! This is just in 7 months, could there be more coming? You bet! Currently, the average value of a home sold in Twin Lakes has been $112 per square foot, but we should see that settle down a little bit by year's end. But the coming years are going to see values continue higher, as this is a limited-supply market.

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Average Home Sizes

The average home size sold in Twin Lakes typically falls in a range of 1,000 to 1,250 square feet, and 2018 has not deviated from this range.

The 7 home solds in 2018 averaged 1,191 square feet.

Twin Lakes Home Sales

The following list shows more than 200 home sales in Twin Lakes going back to 1991.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
1573 Twin Lakes Circle$200,000$1642024-03-2119851,216Resale
1529 Twin Lakes Circle$185,000$1502023-05-2619831,232Resale
1554 Twin Lakes Circle$160,000$1462023-03-2719831,096Resale
1534 Twin Lakes Circle$151,000$1312023-02-2119831,152Resale
1639 Twin Lakes Circle$210,000$1622022-10-1319861,300Resale
1484 Twin Lakes Circle$120,900$1262022-06-071982956Resale
1508 Twin Lakes Circle$140,000$1462022-05-271982956Resale
1519 Twin Lakes Circle$130,000$1192021-11-1919831,096Resale
1468 Twin Lakes Cir$205,000$1662021-10-2919851,228Resale
1641 Twin Lakes Circle$225,000$1792021-10-0619861,259Resale
1498 Twin Lakes Circles$126,000$1282021-09-151982986Resale
1584 Twin Lakes Circle$220,000$1752021-08-1219851,260Resale
1501 Twin Lakes Circle$95,000$992021-06-251982956Resale
1653 Twin Lakes Circle$205,000$1692021-03-3019851,216Resale
1528 Twin Lakes Circle$142,900$1212020-12-1419831,179Resale
1653 Twin Lakes Circle$147,000$1212020-11-0419851,216Resale
1520 Twin Lakes Circle$147,000$1282020-10-0919821,152Resale
1515 Twin Lakes Circle$145,000$1262020-06-1619831,152Resale
1495 Twin Lakes Circle$123,500$1072020-05-1119821,152Resale
1502 Twin Lakes Circle$120,000$1022020-04-3019821,175Resale
1496 Twin Lakes Circle$145,000$1212019-09-3019821,196Resale
1518 Twin Lakes Circle$142,500$1242019-09-1019821,152Resale
1538 Twin Lakes Cir$119,500$1092019-09-0619831,096Resale
1517 Twin Lakes Cir$83,500$722019-09-0519831,152Resale
1492 Twin Lakes Circle$113,000$1182019-07-261982956Resale
1649 Twin Lakes Circle$151,000$1232019-06-2719851,228Resale
1530 Twin Lakes Circle$122,500$1062019-04-2919831,152Resale
1496 Twin Lakes Circle$90,000$782019-03-0519821,160Resale
1569 Twin Lakes Cir$145,000$1182018-08-3119861,228Resale
1554 Twin Lakes Circle$109,500$1002018-07-0619831,096Resale
1669 Twin Lakes Circle$134,900$1072018-06-2919861,260Resale
1546 Twin Lakes Cir$105,500$1042018-05-3019831,016Resale
1472 Twin Lakes Circle$155,000$1242018-05-3019861,248Resale
1582 Twin Lakes Circle$138,000$1132018-04-1719861,216Resale
1616 Twin Lakes Circle$152,000$1222018-02-1219861,248Resale
1641 Twin Lakes Circle$142,000$1132018-02-0219861,259Resale
1498 Twin Lakes Circle$93,000$942017-11-201982986Resale
1513 Twin Lakes Cir.$107,500$832017-11-1619831,291Resale
1505 Twin Lakes Circle$90,000$782017-09-0819821,152Resale
1468 Twin Lakes Cir$140,000$1142017-08-2419851,228Resale
1548 Twin Lakes Cir$34,100$312017-08-0119831,096Resale
1511 Twin Lakes Circle$70,000$612017-07-1219831,152Resale
1661 Twin Lakes Circle$152,000$1252017-05-2619851,216Resale
1470 Twin Lakes Cir$130,000$1062017-04-0719861,228Resale
1534 Twin Lakes Circle$78,000$682016-08-1819831,152Resale
1550 Twin Lakes Circle$85,000$862016-05-261983993Resale
1621 Twin Lakes Circle$111,721$902016-05-0919851,245Resale
1669 Twin Lakes Circle$117,000$932016-04-2919861,260Resale
1502 Twin Lakes Circle$40,000$372016-02-1819821,086Resale
1504 Twin Lakes Circle$34,800$362015-12-181982972Resale
1584 Twin Lakes Circle$132,000$1052015-09-2519851,260Resale
1578 Twin Lakes Cir$82,000$672015-04-2019851,216Resale
1506 Twin Lakes Circle$45,000$472015-04-201982956Resale
1645 Twin Lakes Circle$130,000$1062015-03-2719851,228Resale
1513 Twin Lakes Cir$90,000$782014-04-2519831,152Resale
1530 Twin Lakes Cir$91,500$792014-03-2719831,152Resale
1618 Twin Lakes Cir$75,000$612013-11-0119861,228Resale
1518 Twin Lakes Cir$78,600$682012-04-1919821,152Resale
1573 Twin Lakes Cir$110,000$902011-08-1219851,216Resale
1569 Twin Lakes Cir$113,000$902011-06-2919861,260Resale
1486 Twin Lakes Cir$100,000$882010-05-2819821,140Resale
1515 Twin Lakes Cir$100,000$882010-04-1319831,140Resale
1661 Twin Lakes Cir$142,000$1172010-04-0719851,216Resale
1577 Twin Lakes Cir$139,900$1112009-11-2319861,260Resale
1519 Twin Lakes Cir$105,000$962009-08-2819831,096Resale
1502 Twin Lakes Cir$98,900$1062009-04-301982936Resale
1532 Twin Lakes Cir$101,000$892009-02-0619831,140Resale
1649 Twin Lakes Cir$165,000$1282009-01-2819851,292Resale
1518 Twin Lakes Cir$135,000$1172008-09-2919821,152Resale
1616 Twin Lakes Cir$165,000$1322007-12-2819861,248Resale
1520 Twin Lakes Cir$127,000$1112007-10-3019821,140Resale
1641 Twin Lakes Cir$156,000$1242007-09-2419861,260Resale
1456 Twin Lakes Cir$163,900$1352007-09-1419851,216Resale
1546 Twin Lakes Cir$125,000$1232007-08-2419831,016Resale
1488 Twin Lakes Cir$130,000$1132007-07-3119821,154Resale
1507 Twin Lakes Cir$127,900$1122007-07-1219821,140Resale
1614 Twin Lakes Cir$162,000$1302007-04-2719861,248Resale
1618 Twin Lakes Cir$175,000$1392007-04-2419861,260Resale
1484 Twin Lakes Cir$121,000$1272007-03-131982956Resale
1649 Twin Lakes Cir$163,500$1272006-10-3019851,292Resale
1518 Twin Lakes Cir$133,900$1162006-08-2819821,152Resale
1577 Twin Lakes Cir$159,500$1272006-08-1419861,260Resale
1669 Twin Lakes Cir$162,000$1292006-08-0819861,260Resale
1490 Twin Lakes Cir$97,500$992006-05-241982986Resale
1505 Twin Lakes Cir$106,000$932006-03-3119821,140Resale
1544 Twin Lakes Cir$122,000$1062006-02-2819831,152Resale
1497 Twin Lakes Cir$92,500$812006-02-2719821,140Resale
1534 Twin Lakes Cir$125,000$1072005-10-2819831,164Resale
1476 Twin Lakes Cir$146,000$1322005-10-0619851,104Resale
1584 Twin Lakes Cir$120,000$952005-09-2719851,260Resale
1578 Twin Lakes Cir$164,900$1362005-09-1619851,216Resale
1542 Twin Lakes Cir$104,500$952005-08-3119831,096Resale
1484 Twin Lakes Cir$93,000$972005-06-101982956Resale
1544 Twin Lakes Cir$150,000$1302005-06-0219831,152Resale
1649 Twin Lakes Cir$118,000$912005-05-0219851,292Resale
1558 Twin Lakes Cir$113,900$932005-04-0819831,226Resale
1515 Twin Lakes Cir$105,000$922005-03-3119831,140Resale
1454 Twin Lakes Cir$135,000$1242005-03-2519851,088Resale
1578 Twin Lakes Cir$101,600$842005-03-1819851,216Resale
1508 Twin Lakes Cir$94,000$982005-03-151982960Resale
1645 Twin Lakes Cir$145,000$1122005-02-2819851,292Resale
1639 Twin Lakes Cir$125,000$992004-12-0819861,260Resale
1569 Twin Lakes Cir$123,500$982004-11-3019861,260Resale
1499 Twin Lakes Cir$92,000$962004-11-221982956Resale
1521 Twin Lakes Cir$90,000$812004-10-2919831,116Resale
1519 Twin Lakes Cir$96,000$882004-10-1519831,096Resale
1468 Twin Lakes Cir$129,900$1012004-10-0819851,292Resale
1484 Twin Lakes Cir$73,000$762004-09-291982956Resale
1661 Twin Lakes Cir$124,900$1032004-07-3019851,216Resale
1532 Twin Lakes Cir$105,000$922004-07-2319831,140Resale
1506 Twin Lakes Cir$88,400$922004-06-211982960Resale
1511 Twin Lakes Cir$100,500$882004-06-1819831,140Resale
1548 Twin Lakes Cir$93,900$862004-06-1819831,096Resale
1476 Twin Lakes Cir$123,000$1112004-05-2819851,104Resale
1497 Twin Lakes Cir$78,300$692004-04-2119821,140Resale
1573 Twin Lakes Cir$118,600$982004-04-1619851,216Resale
1456 Twin Lakes Cir$117,000$962004-01-2819851,216Resale
1494 Twin Lakes Cir$69,500$612003-11-1819821,140Resale
1520 Twin Lakes Cir$92,500$812003-11-0619821,140Resale
1508 Twin Lakes Cir$77,900$812003-09-261982960Resale
1506 Twin Lakes Cir$79,900$832003-09-121982960Resale
1464 Twin Lakes Cir$125,900$782003-09-1119851,616Resale
1637 Twin Lakes Cir$110,000$902003-08-2619851,216Resale
1538 Twin Lakes Cir$91,000$832003-06-2719831,096Resale
1532 Twin Lakes Cir$83,500$732003-04-2519831,140Resale
1582 Twin Lakes Cir$108,000$872003-01-0819861,248Resale
1573 Twin Lakes Cir$43,600$362002-12-3119851,216Resale
1577 Twin Lakes Cir$93,000$742002-10-0419861,260Resale
1550 Twin Lakes Cir$79,900$862002-08-301983932Resale
1520 Twin Lakes Cir$83,000$732002-07-3119821,140Resale
1490 Twin Lakes Cir$76,000$772002-07-011982986Resale
1566 Twin Lakes Cir$80,000$732002-06-2719831,096Resale
1484 Twin Lakes Cir$55,000$582002-06-071982956Resale
1456 Twin Lakes Cir$92,000$762002-05-3119851,216Resale
1476 Twin Lakes Cir$88,000$802002-04-2219851,104Resale
1497 Twin Lakes Cir$78,500$692002-04-1019821,140Resale
1526 Twin Lakes Cir$75,500$662002-04-1019831,140Resale
1491 Twin Lakes Cir$78,500$552002-01-2519831,438Resale
1516 Twin Lakes Cir$68,000$692001-11-301982986Resale
1560 Twin Lakes Cir$79,900$732001-11-2119831,096Resale
1492 Twin Lakes Cir$61,000$622001-11-161982986Resale
1508 Twin Lakes Cir$61,000$642001-07-301982960Resale
1504 Twin Lakes Cir$69,500$742001-07-161982936Resale
1478 Twin Lakes Cir$73,000$652001-06-0119831,116Resale
1584 Twin Lakes Cir$73,900$592001-04-0219851,260Resale
1512 Twin Lakes Cir$49,200$532001-01-021982936Resale
1645 Twin Lakes Cir$91,000$702000-09-2919851,292Resale
1577 Twin Lakes Cir$83,500$662000-09-0119861,260Resale
1488 Twin Lakes Cir$77,000$672000-07-1719821,154Resale
1486 Twin Lakes Cir$69,900$612000-07-1019821,140Resale
1546 Twin Lakes Cir$62,000$612000-06-3019831,016Resale
1504 Twin Lakes Cir$59,000$632000-06-151982936Resale
1528 Twin Lakes Cir$64,500$572000-04-0319831,140Resale
1540 Twin Lakes Cir$59,500$592000-03-3019831,016Resale
1513 Twin Lakes Cir$65,000$572000-03-2919831,140Resale
1616 Twin Lakes Cir$85,900$691999-12-2919861,248Resale
1538 Twin Lakes Cir$62,000$571999-11-2919831,096Resale
1482 Twin Lakes Cir$57,900$611999-09-281982956Resale
1456 Twin Lakes Cir$82,500$681999-08-2019851,216Resale
1490 Twin Lakes Cir$48,000$491999-08-121982986Resale
1558 Twin Lakes Cir$68,000$621999-07-1519831,096Resale
1454 Twin Lakes Cir$80,000$741999-05-1419851,088Resale
1552 Twin Lakes Cir$65,000$591999-05-0619831,096Resale
1573 Twin Lakes Cir$80,500$661999-04-2919851,216Resale
1577 Twin Lakes Cir$81,000$641999-04-0919861,260Resale
1503 Twin Lakes Cir$59,600$621999-02-271982956Resale
1519 Twin Lakes Cir$62,500$571999-02-2519831,096Resale
1468 Twin Lakes Cir$84,900$661999-02-2419851,292Resale
1520 Twin Lakes Cir$67,800$591998-12-3019821,140Resale
1495 Twin Lakes Cir$60,000$531998-12-29--1,140Resale
1526 Twin Lakes Cir$73,000$641998-12-0419831,140Resale
1480 Twin Lakes Cir$62,000$561998-10-3019831,116Resale
1578 Twin Lakes Cir$79,900$661998-10-2919851,216Resale
1527 Twin Lakes Cir$74,900$601998-08-14--1,244Resale
1581 Twin Lakes Cir$81,300$671998-06-11--1,216Resale
1496 Twin Lakes Cir$66,300$551998-03-13--1,216Resale
1529 Twin Lakes Cir$69,900$571997-12-1519831,232Resale
1569 Twin Lakes Cir$75,000$601997-10-2419861,260Resale
1584 Twin Lakes Cir$72,900$581997-09-2619851,260Resale
1532 Twin Lakes Cir$64,000$561997-09-0419831,140Resale
1503 Twin Lakes Cir$54,900$571997-07-231982956Resale
1582 Twin Lakes Cir$80,000$641997-03-3119861,248Resale
1639 Twin Lakes Cir$73,500$581996-12-1919861,260Resale
1581 Twin Lakes Cir$80,500$661996-11-27--1,216Resale
1472 Twin Lakes Cir$44,000$351996-06-2419861,248Resale
1526 Twin Lakes Cir$62,500$551996-06-2119831,140Resale
1554 Twin Lakes Cir$55,500$511996-05-08--1,096Resale
1502 Twin Lakes Cir$51,500$551996-04-011982936Resale
1502 Twin Lakes Cir$51,500$551996-03-291982936Resale
1503 Twin Lakes Cir$48,400$511996-03-081982956Resale
1530 Twin Lakes Cir$55,500$491995-12-1519831,140Resale
1518 Twin Lakes Cir$52,000$451995-12-1519821,152Resale
1578 Twin Lakes Cir$78,500$651995-11-3019851,216Resale
1550 Twin Lakes Cir$52,000$561995-11-281983932Resale
1649 Twin Lakes Cir$64,000$501995-11-2619851,292Resale
1510 Twin Lakes Cir$60,500$621995-10-12--972Resale
1532 Twin Lakes Cir$56,500$501995-06-0119831,140Resale
1538 Twin Lakes Cir$57,000$521995-01-2319831,096Resale
1508 Twin Lakes Cir$52,400$551994-10-051982960Resale
1482 Twin Lakes Cir$48,800$511994-09-221982956Resale
1566 Twin Lakes Cir$57,000$521994-08-0219831,096Resale
1546 Twin Lakes Cir$47,200$461994-07-2919831,016Resale
1540 Twin Lakes Cir$57,000$561994-07-2919831,016Resale
1669 Twin Lakes Cir$54,500$431994-07-2919861,260Resale
1528 Twin Lakes Cir$57,500$501994-07-2619831,140Resale
1519 Twin Lakes Cir$57,400$521994-07-2119831,096Resale
1519 Twin Lakes Cir$54,000$491994-06-3019831,096Resale
1581 Twin Lakes Cir$71,000$581994-06-13--1,216Resale
1491 Twin Lakes Cir$66,500$461994-05-0319831,438Resale
1560 Twin Lakes Cir$58,500$531994-04-2919831,096Resale
1456 Twin Lakes Cir$70,500$581994-04-2619851,216Resale
1490 Twin Lakes Cir$47,500$481994-03-221982986Resale
1454 Twin Lakes Cir$75,000$691994-03-1519851,088Resale
1521 Twin Lakes Cir$40,600$361994-02-2519831,116Resale
1649 Twin Lakes Cir$65,000$501993-12-1019851,292Resale
1512 Twin Lakes Cir$52,900$571993-12-061982936Resale
1577 Twin Lakes Cir$67,900$541993-11-0319861,260Resale
1639 Twin Lakes Cir$63,900$511993-09-2419861,260Resale
1520 Twin Lakes Cir$49,000$431993-07-2219821,140Resale
1649 Twin Lakes Cir$63,000$491993-03-0419851,292Resale
1560 Twin Lakes Cir$58,500$531993-02-2219831,096Resale
1641 Twin Lakes Cir$63,000$501992-12-0719861,260Resale
1556 Twin Lakes Cir$52,800$481992-10-26--1,096Resale
1499 Twin Lakes Cir$46,500$491992-10-141982956Resale
1526 Twin Lakes Cir$59,900$531992-08-1219831,140Resale
1501 Twin Lakes Cir$43,000$451992-07-30--956Resale
1556 Twin Lakes Cir$53,500$491992-06-29--1,096Resale
1582 Twin Lakes Cir$64,400$521992-06-0319861,248Resale
1584 Twin Lakes Cir$62,500$501992-06-0219851,260Resale
1456 Twin Lakes Cir$69,500$571992-06-0119851,216Resale
1542 Twin Lakes Cir$53,500$491992-05-0719831,096Resale
1542 Twin Lakes Cir$53,500$491992-05-0619831,096Resale
1560 Twin Lakes Cir$54,900$501992-04-1419831,096Resale
1468 Twin Lakes Cir$65,000$501991-11-1919851,292Resale
1519 Twin Lakes Cir$56,000$511991-10-2419831,096Resale
1476 Twin Lakes Cir$62,700$571991-08-1219851,104Resale
1527 Twin Lakes Cir$56,000$451991-07-16--1,244Resale
1556 Twin Lakes Cir$54,300$501991-06-28--1,096Resale
1456 Twin Lakes Cir$62,500$511991-06-2419851,216Resale
1581 Twin Lakes Cir$64,000$531991-03-04--1,216Resale
1552 Twin Lakes Cir$51,000$471991-03-0119831,096Resale
1669 Twin Lakes Cir$60,000$481991-01-2819861,260Resale

This concludes our August 2018 update on home sales in Twin Lakesplease give us a call at (850) 366-8917 or drop us a note if you have questions not covered in this report.

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