The Ravines Neighborhood Real Estate Report June 2016

The Ravines is a Northeast Tallahassee neighborhood situated along the Thomasville Road corridor on the western edge of Killearn Estates.

With just under 90 homes, The Ravines isn't large but it has plenty to offer for today's homebuyers.

Considering that the Ravines sits in the heart of the most prized real estate in Tallahassee, it is a bit surprising that there have only been 3 homes sold here since the beginning of 2014. By anybody's standard, that is very little turnover in a two and a half year period.

We have to be a bit concerned that pent-up supply could start being an issue in The Ravines. While this is not a "boom neighborhood" born during the expansion of the housing market early last decade, we have seen the annual number of home sales decline by more than 50% for better than ten years.

Children in the area attending public schools are zoned for Gilchrist Elementary School, Montford Middle School, and Lincoln High School.

Our home sales report for The Ravines includes graphs of the average home prices, home values, and home sizes, as well as a map of the current listings in the Tallahassee MLS and all past closed home sales going back to 1991.

The Ravines - Northeast Tallahassee Neighborhood Report 

For the real estate graphs found in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis.

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years, and through the fourth week of May in 2016. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in The Ravines).

The Ravines Home Prices

Low liquidity (very few home sales) means that our trend graphs are less valuable today than they were back in the 1990s. You can observe a relative smooth blue trend line for average home prices in the graph below (on the far left side), but the opposite is true on the right. To say that average home prices in The Ravines have risen over the past two years would be invalid, as both years contain merely one home sale each.

Things are definitely heating up in The Ravines in 2016. Joe Manausa Real Estate was hired to market a home for sale last month and we sold it in a matter of days. Currently, there are four homes for sale in The Ravines and two are already under contract. If I had to forecast it now, I would say that this year will see more homes sold in The Ravines than any year prior going back more than 10 years.

The Ravines Home Values

Average home values in The Ravines are (like average home prices shown above) difficult to identify with our trending graph below due to low liquidity. Overall, values will follow similar growth rates as we are seeing in the surrounding neighborhoods (Shannon Forest, Killearn Estates, Foxcroft, Royal Oaks, etc.).

The average value of a home sold in The Ravines in 2016 is better than $130 per square foot.

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Home Sizes In The Ravines

The average home size sold in The Ravines typically falls in a range of 2,100 to 2,700 square feet, and this year is no different. I suspect we'll see just about every listing priced correctly sell here this year, so home size will only be a factor of which homeowners decide to sell.

The 1 home sold thus far in 2016 was 2,340 square feet.

Homes On The Market In The Ravines

The following list of homes are the most recent listings in The Ravines.

The Ravines

1 Property

Homes Sold In The Ravines

The following list contains all home sales in The Ravines going back to 1991.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
2460 Elfinwing Lane$513,000$1972023-10-1119962,610Resale
2487 Papillion Way$487,900$2122023-06-1419942,300Resale
3742 Swallowtail Trace$500,000$2302023-03-3119992,172Resale
2492 Elfinwing Lane$510,000$2382023-01-0620002,146Resale
3748 Swallowtail Trace$480,000$1302022-07-2919933,700Resale
2482 Elfinwing Lane$407,500$1912022-04-2919902,131Resale
2460 Elfinwing Lane$440,000$1692022-03-2419962,610Resale
2471 Dusky Court$459,000$1812021-12-2019902,534Resale
2487 Papillion Way$379,500$1652021-10-1419942,300Resale
2472 Pale Tiger Court$459,000$1662021-07-0919952,760Resale
3726 Daggerwing Court$325,000$1322021-04-1619912,454Resale
2474 Elfinwing Lane$349,900$1682021-03-0819912,088Resale
3753 Swallowtail Trace$525,000$1622021-03-0120003,237Resale
3716 Swallowtail Trace$360,000$1682020-12-1119942,145Resale
2494 Elfinwing Lane$361,500$1552020-12-1120002,325Resale
2472 Pale Tiger Court$375,000$1362020-09-1619952,760Resale
2468 Elfinwing Lane$495,000$1712020-06-3019902,888Resale
3731 Swallowtail Trace$434,000$1822020-02-2720202,380New
2481 Papillion Way$424,900$1282020-02-2119893,319Resale
3713 Swallowtail Trace$347,500$1652019-08-0819922,105Resale
2467 Elfinwing Lane$355,000$922019-08-0719903,874Resale
3715 Swallowtail Trace$365,000$1792019-07-0119982,043Resale
2463 Papillion Way$385,000$1402019-03-2919982,745Resale
2462 Papillion Way$385,000$1402019-03-2919982,745Resale
2487 Papillion Way$325,000$1452019-03-2919942,238Resale
3729 Swallowtail Trace$389,000$1732019-01-1719922,251Resale
2481 Papillion Way$355,000$1112018-11-1619893,202Resale
3753 Swallowtail Trace$450,000$1392018-08-0320003,237Resale
2479 Elfinwing Lane$345,000$1432018-07-3019942,418Resale
2478 Pale Tiger Court$324,000$1332018-07-0619922,442Resale
2479 Elfinwing Ln$345,000$1422018-06-2219942,418Resale
3729 Swallowtail Trce$270,000$1192018-05-1819922,251Resale
3729 Swallowtail Trace$325,000$1442018-03-1619922,251Resale
2487 Papillion Way$305,000$1362018-02-1519942,238Resale
2470 Elfinwing Lane$299,900$1352017-09-1519912,214Resale
2483 Elfinwing Ln$332,500$1342017-08-2819902,484Resale
2474 Elfinwing Lane$279,000$1342017-05-2619912,088Resale
2461 Elfinwing Ln$335,000$1462017-04-2719992,300Resale
2479 Viceroy Ct$315,000$1142016-07-0720042,755Resale
2469 Elfinwing Lane$350,000$1392016-06-2720002,527Resale
2462 Elfinwing Lane$365,000$1222016-05-3119922,989Resale
3717 Swallowtail Trace$323,000$1382016-01-1119902,340Resale
2483 Elfinwing Lane$290,000$1172015-07-1319902,484Resale
2476 Elfinwing Ln$260,100$1062014-09-2519982,447Resale
2466 Elfinwing Ln$265,000$1312013-09-2519952,019Resale
2471 Viceroy Ct$457,000$1472013-08-0520003,099Resale
2470 Elfinwing Ln$254,000$1182013-07-1919912,150Resale
2484 Elfinwing Ln$225,000$942013-05-1319902,387Resale
3726 Daggerwing Ct$262,000$1072013-03-2819912,454Resale
2483 Elfinwing Ln$250,000$1012012-11-3019902,484Resale
2462 Papillion Way$340,000$1242012-09-2819982,745Resale
2494 Elfinwing Ln$285,000$1232012-08-1520002,325Resale
3712 Swallowtail Trce$370,000$1262012-08-0619952,940Resale
2482 Elfinwing Ln$217,800$1022011-07-2019902,138Resale
2479 Elfinwing Ln$240,000$992011-04-0119942,418Resale
2467 Viceroy Ct$309,900$1542011-02-1419962,009Resale
2467 Viceroy Ct$350,000$1742010-12-2019962,009Resale
3745 Swallowtail Trace$345,000$702010-07-2620104,910New
2463 Papillion Way$297,000$1332009-12-2919982,230Resale
3744 Swallowtail Trce$269,900$1152009-08-1919902,340Resale
2481 Elfinwing Ln$400,000$1272009-06-2919903,142Resale
2470 Elfinwing Ln$243,700$1132009-06-2619912,166Resale
2461 Elfinwing Ln$315,000$1512009-06-1719992,092Resale
2488 Elfinwing Ln$259,900$1272009-06-0819922,040Resale
2463 Papillion Way$360,000$1612008-08-1519982,230Resale
3715 Swallowtail Trce$300,000$1472008-05-0219982,043Resale
2466 Elfinwing Ln$345,000$1712008-04-1519952,019Resale
2474 Pale Tiger Ct$317,500$1332008-03-0419922,388Resale
2471 Viceroy Ct$455,000$1472007-12-1120003,099Resale
3753 Swallowtail Trce$490,000$1542007-11-1420003,187Resale
2491 Elfinwing Ln$400,000$1742007-08-3119992,299Resale
3742 Swallowtail Trce$350,000$1612007-06-2619992,172Resale
2472 Pale Tiger Ct$416,000$1552007-05-2519952,690Resale
2463 Papillion Way$300,000$1352006-12-2119982,230Resale
2474 Elfinwing Ln$320,000$1542006-07-2819912,083Resale
2481 Papillion Way$475,000$1652006-06-1419892,880Resale
3743 Swallowtail Trce$370,000$1562006-04-1419962,365Resale
2466 Papillion Way$310,000$1532006-03-1719952,022Resale
2475 Viceroy Ct$402,500$1622005-11-2919982,484Resale
3744 Swallowtail Trce$344,000$1472005-10-2119902,340Resale
2466 Elfinwing Ln$397,100$1972005-08-3119952,019Resale
2485 Papillion Way$400,000$1572005-08-0320002,548Resale
3716 Swallowtail Trce$359,000$1672005-06-2419942,145Resale
2463 Papillion Way$345,000$1552005-06-0319982,230Resale
2414 Radford Farm Rd$340,000$1142005-04-0519702,979Resale
2479 Viceroy Ct$469,000$1702005-03-3120042,755New
2477 Elfinwing Ln$308,000$1502004-09-0219892,047Resale
3717 Swallowtail Trce$329,900$1412004-08-1819902,340Resale
3717 Swallowtail Trce$329,900$1412004-08-1819902,340Resale
3726 Daggerwing Ct$280,000$1142004-03-2419912,454Resale
2474 Elfinwing Ln$229,900$1102003-10-3119912,083Resale
3753 Swallowtail Trce$377,000$1182003-10-0920003,187Resale
2471 Dusky Ct$250,000$992003-08-2919902,534Resale
2476 Elfinwing Ln$291,000$1192003-07-3119982,447Resale
3751 Swallowtail Trce$267,500$1092003-07-3119962,463Resale
2486 Elfinwing Ln$212,000$952003-06-1319902,220Resale
3710 Swallowtail Trce$211,200$1152003-05-1619931,836Resale
2488 Elfinwing Ln$214,900$1052003-04-1519922,040Resale
3717 Swallowtail Trce$265,000$1132003-04-0419902,340Resale
2463 Papillion Way$235,000$1052002-12-3019982,230Resale
3709 Swallowtail Trce$215,400$1042002-12-0419972,067Resale
2464 Papillion Way$262,500$852002-08-2619903,092Resale
2462 Papillion Way$260,000$952002-08-2119982,745Resale
2481 Elfinwing Ln$269,000$862002-07-3119903,142Resale
2469 Elfinwing Ln$220,000$872002-06-0720002,527Resale
3708 Swallowtail Trce$120,000--2002-05-132002--New
2462 Papillion Way$286,000$1042002-04-0819982,745Resale
3726 Daggerwing Ct$249,900$1022002-03-2019912,454Resale
3749 Swallowtail Trace$230,814$602002-02-0520013,846New
3741 Swallowtail Trce$355,000--2002-01-182001--New
2487 Papillion Way$203,000$922001-11-0719942,205Resale
2461 Elfinwing Ln$225,000$1082001-07-2519992,092Resale
2485 Elfinwing Ln$200,000$902001-07-2019902,228Resale
2469 Viceroy Ct$243,500$1192001-07-1919902,040Resale
3739 Swallowtail Trce$275,000$1002001-06-2819992,762Resale
3713 Swallowtail Trce$212,000$1012001-06-2219922,105Resale
2477 Elfinwing Ln$246,000$1202001-05-3119892,047Resale
2488 Elfinwing Ln$185,000$912001-04-0619922,040Resale
2480 Pale Tiger Ct$210,000$902000-10-0519922,344Resale
3712 Swallowtail Trce$255,000$872000-05-3119952,940Resale
3739 Swallowtail Trce$284,800$1032000-04-1919992,762New
2486 Elfinwing Ln$185,000$832000-04-1319902,220Resale
3740 Swallowtail Trace$150,000$442000-04-1120003,388New
2485 Papillion Way$214,489$612000-04-0720003,530New
3710 Swallowtail Trce$176,500$962000-03-2119931,836Resale
2459 Papillion Way$200,000$532000-03-2020003,746New
2481 Papillion Way$266,000$922000-01-0619892,880Resale
2471 Dusky Ct$205,000$811999-11-2919902,534Resale
2489 Elfinwing Ln$150,000$531999-10-2719992,818New
2460 Elfinwing Ln$204,900$791999-10-0119962,610Resale
2490 Elfinwing Ln$191,000$901999-09-2919992,126New
3753 Swallowtail Trace$175,000$421999-08-1019994,140New
3728 Swallowtail Trce$181,000$821999-06-2219942,218Resale
3713 Swallowtail Trce$183,500$871999-06-2119922,105Resale
3742 Swallowtail Trace$133,000$481999-06-0219992,764New
3719 Swallowtail Trace$170,445$561999-05-2819993,052New
2480 Pale Tiger Ct$180,800$771999-05-1319922,344Resale
2480 Elfinwing Ln$202,900$791999-04-3019992,573New
2483 Elfinwing Ln$192,500$771999-03-2519902,484Resale
2483 Elfinwing Ln$192,500$771999-03-2519902,484Resale
2481 Elfinwing Ln$222,000$711999-01-2919903,142Resale
2463 Papillion Way$198,900$891999-01-2919982,230New
2487 Papillion Way$184,900$841998-12-1719942,205Resale
2481 Papillion Way$250,500$871998-11-1219892,880Resale
2476 Elfinwing Ln$199,900$821998-10-3019982,447New
2479 Elfinwing Ln$187,000$771998-10-2319942,418Resale
2487 Papillion Way$188,000$851998-09-0319942,205Resale
3746 Swallowtail Trace$200,000$601998-08-1119983,312New
2466 Papillion Way$165,000$821998-08-0419952,022Resale
2475 Viceroy Ct$216,500$651998-07-2119983,328New
2488 Elfinwing Ln$169,900$831998-06-2619922,040Resale
2414 Radford Farm Rd$270,000$911998-04-3019702,979Resale
2467 Viceroy Ct$180,000$901997-12-2219962,009Resale
2460 Elfinwing Ln$204,800$781997-10-3019962,610New
2483 Elfinwing Ln$207,500$841997-10-1019902,484Resale
2480 Pale Tiger Ct$193,000$821997-09-2619922,344Resale
2462 Papillon Way$225,000$641997-09-1519973,540New
2472 Pale Tiger Ct$194,000$721997-08-0719952,690Resale
2450 Papillion Way$150,000$461997-06-2419983,242New
2466 Papillion Way$155,000$771997-06-0919952,022Resale
3729 Swallowtail Trce$190,000$851996-11-19--2,227Resale
3709 Swallowtail Trace$105,720$421996-09-3019962,494New
3710 Swallowtail Trce$159,500$871996-08-3019931,836Resale
3718 Daggerwing Ct$177,500$761996-08-30--2,343Resale
2466 Elfinwing Ln$168,000$831996-08-2619952,019Resale
2476 Pale Tiger Ct$140,000$441996-08-1619963,194New
3728 Swallowtail Trce$171,500$771996-07-2919942,218Resale
3720 Daggerwing Ct$195,000$611996-04-2419963,190New
2482 Pale Tiger Ct$263,000$771995-11-03--3,396Resale
3710 Swallowtail Trce$147,200$801995-08-1119931,836Resale
2473 Dusky Ct$112,000$411995-05-1919952,748New
2472 Pale Tiger Ct$150,000$461995-05-1619953,270New
3712 Swallow Tail Trace$170,000$511994-10-2519943,340New
2479 Elfinwing Ln$196,600$811994-10-1919942,418New
2466 Papillion Way$148,600$731994-09-0219952,022New
3710 Swallowtail Trce$145,000$791994-06-2819931,836Resale
3718 Daggerwing Ct$156,000$671994-05-2719942,343New
3716 Swallowtail Trace$152,730$551994-02-1519932,776New
2466 Elfinwing Ln$199,000$991993-07-2319952,019Resale
2474 Elfinwing Ln$162,500$781993-06-1819912,083Resale
3717 Swallowtail Trce$226,500$971993-06-1419902,340New
2478 Pale Tiger Ct$161,000$671993-05-0719932,404New
3748 Swallow Tail$96,000$231993-04-2319934,210New
3710 Swallowtail Trace$80,000$341993-01-0719922,357New
2480 Pale Tiger Ct$165,000$701993-01-0519922,344New
3748 Swallowtail Trail$96,000$231992-11-2019924,210New
3744 Swallowtail Trce$154,500$661992-08-2819902,340Resale
3729 Swallowtail Trail$120,000$241992-08-0319924,900New
2474 Pale Tiger Ct$107,000$451992-07-1519922,388New
2468 Elfinwing Ln$195,000$711992-06-22--2,751Resale
2488 Elfinwing Ln$105,000$431992-03-2019922,460New
2484 Elfinwing Ln$157,500$661991-12-1119902,387Resale
2484 Elfinwing Ln$145,000$611991-09-1919902,387New
2470 Pale Tiger Ct$169,000$741991-09-19--2,297Resale
2470 Pale Tiger Ct$169,000$741991-09-19--2,297Resale
2464 Papillion Way$190,000$611991-06-2419903,092Resale
2481 Papillion Way$205,000$711991-05-2019892,880Resale
2482 Elfinwing Ln$162,000$761991-05-0219902,138New
2470 Elfinwing Ln$169,900$781991-03-2919912,166New
2485 Elfinwing Ln$135,000$611991-03-0419902,228New

I hope you enjoyed our June 2016 update on home sales in The Ravines, please feel free to drop me a note if you have questions not covered in this report.

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