Tallahassee MLS Is Just The Beginning In Marketing A Home For Sale

Joe Manausa Real Estate Tallahassee FloridaI read an informative article (interesting for those of us who need to market homes for sale on the internet for a living) by The Phoenix Real Estate Guy (a fellow real estate blogger) which explained the newest changes in policies by the MLS committee of the National Association of REALTORS®. While the purpose of his article was to demystify a significant change in how real estate franchisors were going to gain access to the listings in the MLS, it made me realize that our readers might learn some important points about how the Tallahassee MLS is used to sell a home.

Significant Exposure Occurs From The Tallahassee MLS

When you hire a Realtor to sell a home, information, images, and property tours can be entered into the Tallahassee MLS in order to tell other real estate agents about the home and to offer them financial incentive to sell it. But this is only the entry point in gaining exposure on the internet when trying to sell a home. In fact, two main external tools for the Tallahassee MLS can take the information all over the world.

IDX Feed From The Tallahassee MLS

The IDX Feed (Internet Data Exchange) is the technical process in which the Tallahassee MLS allows certain other websites to use some of the information about the listings of homes for sale in the Tallahassee MLS and publish them on other sites. These websites can be viewed on computers, smart phones, mobile devices, etc. The IDX Feed is the primary method of pushing the information to other sites that want to offer visitors access to MLS listings.

Syndication From The Tallahassee MLS

Since only REALTORS® have access to the Tallahassee MLS and IDX Feed permission, we have to use another method to promote our property listings on other websites. Real estate listing sites like Zillow, Trulia, ActiveRain and others receive property listings through syndication, which is simply a process in which we send listing information about each specific listing to these sites. So where the IDX Feed gives REALTOR® members the ability to pull information from the MLS, syndication allows us to push information on specific properties to other sites.

What Home Sellers Must Understand About Exposing A Home For Sale

Not all REALTORS® and MLS members use all of the features available to maximize the exposure of the homes that they have been hired to sell. Syndication can take a lot of time, and many non-technical agents just do not have the means to syndicate all of their listings. We are fortunate to have Joe Manausa Real Estate help us syndicate every one of our listings to hundreds of locations on the internet, and it is one of the more valuable benefits of being a franchised real estate company.

But exposure to most of these sites is only the tip of the iceberg for a successful real estate marketing plan. Our research has shown that while massive exposure can be gained on these sites, the proximate cause for a sale of a home will not occur because of it. In fact, most of these sites are trafficked by people who are not going to be buying a home in the next few months, so a real estate marketing plan must be geared to expose the property beyond IDX and syndication, its users must know how and where to target the "ready buyers."

I encourage you to view our video overview of the targeted home selling plan that we use to get homes sold. It is short, but it shows the work that goes far beyond what an IDX Feed and syndication plan can deliver. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments section below.

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