38 Homes For Sale Hidden In A Tallahassee Gated Community

Do you ever wonder what's going on behind the gates of a controlled access neighborhood?

Well, here are 38 homes for sale that you cannot see from the outside looking in.

Homes For Sale In A Gated Community In Tallahassee

Controlled Access Neighborhoods

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Homes For Sale In A Gated Community In Tallahassee

Tallahassee Gated Communities Are Unique

If you have been to a large city and seen their gated communities, they all share many common features.

First you'll find a common access point staffed by security personnel who monitor the comings and goings of people into the neighborhood.

The upside is that it makes you believe the neighborhood is safer (than those that lacked monitored/controlled access), but the downside is that visitors end up waiting at the gate for a confirmation phone call from the homeowner within.

In Tallahassee, you can find this type of gated community if you visit Golden Eagle Plantation, situated in the heart of Killearn Lakes Plantation. The front gate is staffed by a singular security guard, while the other gates are controlled with state-of-the-art-1980 punch pads that require a visitor to scroll through an ownership list in alphabetical order, page by page.

All the other gated communities either provide a numerical code pad at the entrance, or an open gate.

So what's the point of being a gated community if the gate is always open?

The Benefits of Living In A Gated Community

I lived in Golden Eagle Plantation (behind the gates) for more than ten years and I can tell you that the primary benefit of living there was the limitation of through-traffic and thus the peace and quiet in the streets.

  • Peace & Quiet - While I would need to see some evidence that a gated community provides a safer environment in which to live, I know through experience it does enhance the serenity and enjoyment of your time spent both inside and outside of the home. Because it is not easy to travel through, fewer people are in the neighborhood streets. Fewer people equates to a quieter living environment.
  • Sense Of Security - If all non-residents have to check in at the main gate, then you would assume a gated community would be safer than one with no external security. Since I do not have any numerical evidence to prove or disprove this (just my experience in living both inside of and outside a secure community), I would tend to believe the wall around the neighborhood has no true impact on crime statistics in the neighborhood. Sure, access is moderately controlled, but also true is the wall creates a visible target of opportunity for those with ill intent who live both inside and outside of the community. During my time living in a gated neighborhood, we had all sorts of crime reported, and often times it was residents (and/or their children or guests) that were implicated in the crime.
  • Exclusivity - Whether or not you personally feel this way, many people in Tallahassee see a gated neighborhood as "exclusive." Of course, as with all things exclusive, expect to pay more for a home behind a wall than you would otherwise have to pay.

Selling A Home Behind The Gates

As with any other niche market, an expert is going to help you draw attention to your home within a gated community.

Frankly, due to the limited vehicle traffic, it takes a lot of creativity and a big budget to generate the exposure you need to generate multiple buyers for your home behind the gates.

While your counterparts selling a home without neighborhood controlled access can gain exposure through regular vehicular traffic, you will need an enhanced presence on Facebook and other visibility online to help draw people to your home. For example, this article will generate thousands of viewers to our listings within gated communities, and it will be featured on Facebook as well. I challenge you to find another real estate listing agent that does this for their niche clients.

If you would like to know how we use mass marketing (we spend more on marketing our listings each month than most agents earn in a year) to help our sellers net more money from their home sales, simply drop me a note and we'll schedule a time to demonstrate our top-rated home selling plan.

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