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I was reading through this weekend's reader feedback and found a neat message from overseas. Often, it is reader feedback that guides the choice of topics for each day's blog article, and "JL" from France wrote the following message which made me think about where our readers originate:

I work for a Joe Manausa Real Estate in France and I was blown away by how much more you do for your clients.  We do ads and that is it!  The French are just getting into Facebook but on the actual C21 website there is no possibility of sharing the image or ad – you cant even search by reference number!  The French are rather complacent and you would not believe how many people do not even bother to use the internet.  Most of my clients over 45 just dont bother.  It is another world over here. -JL

Well based on what JL shared with us, I began wondering where our visitors from outside of the US were coming. Using Google Analytics, I found that roughly 10% of our visitors over the past three months came from outside of the US, originating from 146 different countries. That really goes to show how important a regional real estate site can be in the marketing of a home.

Tallahassee Real Estate Blog Visitors

Tallahassee Real Estate Blog US Visitors

Of course, now that we know where 10% of our blog traffic originates, how about we check out our stateside blog visitors.

Tallahassee Blog Visitors

Every time we analyze our Tallahassee blog traffic, I am amazed to see that our bordering states of Alabama and Georgia are not the top two originating source States. As a matter of fact, Alabama is number 20 on the list and hardly even registers in our data (we get roughly 6 visitors per day from Alabama).

We get 55% of our stateside traffic from Florida, so our out-of-state traffic is much more significant than our out-of-country traffic to the blog. We have found that in this day and age, the "ready" home buyers are using are using regional web sites to make their home selection, so gaining the outside visitors is our way of maximizing traffic to the properties listed with our Progressive Marketing Plan.

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