Real Estate Video Creates Quite A Chatter

In case you didn't see the new real estate video that we produced yesterday, I've decided to re-post it for all to see. We have received phone calls, emails, blog comments, and text messages that say we definitely touched a nerve (on the funny bone?). So, if you have not yet seen this funny real estate video, here it is again:

Real Estate Video Touches A Nerve

Based upon the high volume of feedback that we received, it is obvious to me that we have touched on a nerve with many people.

The two most frequent points of discussion that are raised after somebody views this real estate video either involved the fact that the video reminded somebody of an agent that they know, or the fact that the video reminds us that so many agents are not in tune with the changes that our now driving the way that we should be working.

Marketing in any industry requires a company to vigilantly monitor the techniques and processes that its consumers are using to purchase the goods and services of that industry. As is the case with many industries, real estate has seen our buyers move online. No longer can we secure them by running picture ads in newspapers and magazines, we have to go where they are. And they are on the internet!

In order to share some of the comments that we received about our new real estate video from across all of our different distribution points, I have included a few below.

Amy Bly, a professional Home Stager wrote:

As a stager, I have met agents just like this! It strikes me as more sad than funny, honestly. I'm always amazed how many sellers I meet who hire "the top agent(s)" just because they do a lot of newspaper/postcard advertising! The more $$ you spend, the better an agent you are? From personal experience, I don't think so!

Nicholas Caron, a professional REALTOR wrote:

That video is awesome.  I recently did business with an agent who touts themselves as the number one agent in their area.   It was one of the toughest deals to work with.  I literally had to leave the room while watching that video.

Christine Donovan, a real estate attorney wrote:

Oh this is too funny. And, unfortunately too many may not understand how important this is.

So, even with professionals chiming in, it is obvious that there is some truth to the real estate video. So, give it a go, give it a "thumbs up" on youtube if you like it, and send it to your friends and colleagues and see if we can make it go viral!

Real Estate Video Distribution

Real estate video | Funny real estate videoThank you for all of the comments and support. I am amazed that this real estate video has made the rounds as often as it has, and I appreciate all of you who helped!

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