Why The Best Property Search Tools Require You To Create An Account

Do you ever wonder why the best property search tools on the internet require you to give your name and contact information?

Well, it's primarily for these two reasons.

2 reasons why you must register to use the best property search tools online
Serious Home Searches Are Saved

People who are serious about finding a home in Tallahassee do not like having to re-enter their criteria each time they go online. Moreover, people who will be buying a home within the next few weeks like to be on top of the specific market for their desired home and want to know immediately when something new hits the market (or when somebody lowers their price and now is available in the buyer's price range).

Well, advanced property search tools offer many special features. Among these, we allow a user to create an account, registered one or more searches, and then "favorite" homes that they like. With more than nine thousand registered users on our website, we have received enough feedback to know that this tool is well received. 

One great benefit for using the "favorite" feature for people not quite-yet ready to buy a home is that they can see how well they understand market value. Here's an example.

You are using the search tool, you put in your criteria, and you find a home that seems like a great value and it is one you would like to see if you were in the market today. So you click on the little heart next to it and that home listing is added to your list of favorites.

Well, our search tool only shows homes that are still available, so if you log into your account a few days later and that favorite is "grayed out," then you know somebody bought the home. This is a very good indication that your valuation instincts were sound.

The opposite would be good to know as well. If you add a home to your favorites and it is still available several weeks later, than it is highly likely that home is over-priced and not a good value at the asking price.

This is just one of the ways to use our advanced property search tool, but it just won't work without you saving your information.

The Best Property Search Tools Are Expensive To Create

The second reason that the best home finding tools online require registration is because they cost money to build and we recover that money by helping people buy homes. Yes, the contact information is so that we can ask you for your business.

We know that many of you are already working with a real estate agent, we just want to be able to see if we can help if you have not yet chosen somebody to help you buy a home. Is it really that big of an invasion to ask you for your business after we have provided you with the most accurate, most up-to-date view of the Tallahassee real estate market?

There are many property search tools available online. If you search homes for sale in Tallahassee, you will be faced with more than ten thousand potential websites that claim to have a property search tool.

Most will not require registration. They will not require you to create an account. Why?

Because most are cheap and sorry, and the data that they contain is outdated. That means the homes you are looking at may or may not actually be for sale, and if they are for sale, it is likely that they are already under contract.

Building a website that allows you to search Tallahassee homes that are actively listed for sale and continuously updated (several times per hour) costs a lot of money, so most of those tens of thousands of websites do not have the search tools that serious homebuyers want to use.

But we do.

And we do require you to create an account.

The feedback that we have received (we have more than 9,000 registered users) is that they love the tool. We have found that there is a large group of people who want to work with the best information available, and they will happily create an account to do so.

If you are planning on buying a home in Tallahassee within the next few years, why not create your account today and start saving your search parameters? You'll be glad you did!

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