Preferred Internet Client Program


Welcome to the page on our site where we get to acknowledge your insight and offer you our thanks for being a preferred client. You see, not all real estate customers are built alike. Some of you are knowledgeable about the process and are very comfortable using the tools and reports that we provide on our web site.

When we work with this type of customer, it gives us more time to focus on the needs of the client, rather than on educating the client on the many important aspects of buying a home. We see it as a win-win-win:

  • The Customer - Customers who interact with us through our web site before, during, and after their purchase or sale of a home have more information than typical customers and are thus more confident in the decisions that they make. When dealing with the largest transaction in your life, don't you want to know you are making the correct choices? So do our Preferred Internet Clients, and this is the top reason why they love this program so much.
  • The Real Estate Agent - A real estate agent has to be a "jack of all trades" for most customers. When we work with a well-informed customer, it makes our job of achieving 100% customer satisfaction so much easier. Much of our business is referred to us through past customers, so making sure our current customers are thoroughly pleased is our most important job. A knowledgeable customer allows us to focus our attention to their needs.
  • The Real Estate Company - Most real estate companies spend a fortune on advertising in an effort to draw more customers to their company. Historically, this has been moderately successful but advertising typically delivers a lesser-informed customer than does a great real estate web site loaded with consumer answers. Our budget, both in time and money, has been invested in creating the best internet location for both homebuyers and sellers. The company and working staff have a much better work experience when dealing with informed consumers, and this is important to our maintaining a high caliber staff for our clients.

We are here to help

If at any time, you need some help or have a question with anything, just drop us a note and we'll help you as quickly (immediately during business hours) as we can!

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