Pilckem Ridge Listings And Home Sales Report March 2024

Pilckem Ridge, a small high-end neighborhood nestled in Midtown Tallahassee, boasts spacious homes, making it an ideal spot for doctors and professionals employed at the city's major hospitals.

Situated north of Centerville Road and east of Betton Road, Pilckem Ridge offers an enviable location for those who prefer residing in the heart of the city. The neighborhood's homes, priced within the top 1% of Tallahassee's real estate market, cater to discerning buyers seeking luxury and convenience.

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Pilckem Ridge Schools

The following Leon County Public Schools serve the homes in Pilckem Ridge:

This report examines average trends in home prices, home values, and home sizes in Pilckem Ridge. Additionally, it includes a list of all closed home sales dating back to 1991.

The real estate graphs below illustrate the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), along with an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

Please note that the narrative below covers sales through the end of each previous year, but only through mid-March for 2024. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future, so remember to bookmark this page for the latest status of homes in Pilckem Ridge.

Pilckem Ridge Home Prices

The average home price in Pilckem Ridge surged nearly 50% higher in 2023 compared to 2022. This significant increase was largely influenced by two preceding years of price declines, which differed from the luxury market across all of Tallahassee.

Home sales activity remains robust in Pilckem Ridge. Sellers utilizing an extended pre-marketing plan can anticipate multiple offers immediately upon listing. Currently, both of the two homes for sale in Pilckem Ridge are already under contract with buyers.

Home Values In Pilckem Ridge

The average home value in Pilckem Ridge surged by nearly 47% in 2023.

The average home value in Pilckem Ridge is $332 per square foot.

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Pilckem Ridge Home Sizes

Homes sold in Pilckem Ridge typically range from 3,800 to 5,800 square feet, and 2023 followed this trend.

In 2023, the average size of the two homes sold in Pilckem Ridge was 4,084 square feet.

Pilckem Ridge Home Sales

Here's a list of home sales in Pilckem Ridge since 2004, the inaugural year of home sales in this area.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
1539 Escadrille Drive$1,120,000$2552024-04-0520054,397Resale
1567 Escadrille Drive$1,355,000$3212023-12-2120054,225Resale
1561 Escadrille Drive$1,352,500$3432023-06-0620123,944Resale
1567 Escadrille Drive$905,000$2262022-03-0120054,010Resale
1500 Escadrille Drive$1,050,000$2402021-06-1520104,371Resale
2045 Cantigny Way$902,500$2302021-01-1420083,928Resale
1549 Escadrille Drive$950,000$2392020-06-1920073,980Resale
1566 Escadrille Drive$1,095,000$2182020-01-1320055,022Resale
2028 Marne Court$950,000$2442019-06-1020153,894Resale
2045 Cantigny Way$950,000$2292019-02-0120084,141Resale
1578 Escadrille Drive$1,100,000$1762018-11-2620076,262Resale
1549 Escadrille Dr$890,000$2282018-08-1020073,903Resale
1555 Escadrille Drive$1,029,000$2642018-07-2020183,900New
2021 Cantigny Way$950,000$1682018-05-1420055,665Resale
2020 Marne Court$840,000$2002018-01-1920104,192Resale
2045 Cantigny Way$882,500$2132017-07-3120084,141Resale
1539 Escadrille Dr$900,000$2562017-02-2720053,518Resale
1515 Escadrille Drive$930,000$2382016-04-2620083,904Resale
2019 Marne Court$820,000$1892016-03-2220114,337Resale
2023 Marne Court$1,098,000$2202015-08-2120055,000Resale
2028 Marne Court$869,000$2352015-02-2820153,703New
1573 Escadrille Dr$725,000$1342014-10-2720145,419New
1515 Escadrille Dr$910,000$2332014-09-3020083,904Resale
2023 Marne Ct$1,000,000$2102014-09-1520054,761Resale
1527 Escadrille Dr$300,000$962014-07-2820083,136New
2027 Marne Ct$920,000$2122014-05-3020094,344Resale
2028 Marne Ct$478,000$952014-01-2020135,048New
1572 Escadrille Dr$793,863$1192013-12-2320136,650New
1566 Escadrille Dr$1,000,000$2012013-11-2120054,973Resale
1579 Escadrille Dr$300,000$782012-12-1720123,853New
1527 Escadrille Dr$780,000$1972012-07-2620083,958Resale
2019 Marne Ct$740,000$1822012-07-1320114,058Resale
1538 Escadrille Dr$775,000--2011-02-252010--New
1522 Escadrille Dr$800,000$1512010-01-1120095,308New
1500 Escadrille Dr$400,000$892009-09-2820104,470New
1566 Escadrille Dr$950,000$1912008-03-1820054,973Resale
1515 Escadrille Dr$500,000$972008-02-1120085,149New
2069 Cantigny Way$900,000$1762008-02-0420075,128New
2027 Marne Ct$735,138$1252008-01-2820095,868New
1578 Escadrille Dr$1,130,000--2008-01-11----Resale
2045 Cantigny Way$350,000$582007-12-0320076,056New
1510 Escadrille Dr$1,200,000--2007-10-192007--New
1578 Escadrille Dr$1,310,000--2007-07-022007--New
2028 Marne Ct$252,500$502007-03-0720075,048New
1549 Escardrille Dr$500,000$972006-10-1020065,132New
2077 Cantigny Way$800,000$1192006-03-2220076,695New
2021 Cantigny Way$1,150,000$2562005-09-0920054,498New
1539 Escadrille Dr$900,000$2562005-05-0520053,518New
1539 Escadrille Dr$790,000$2252005-01-2520053,518New
2077 Cantigny Way$217,000$422004-11-1620075,118Resale
1527 Escadrille Dr$215,000$692004-11-0520083,136New
1549 Escadrille Dr$195,000$502004-10-0520073,903New
2023 Marne Ct$850,000$1382004-03-1020056,160New
2077 Cantigny Way$160,000$312003-11-1220075,118New
1510 Escadrille Dr$160,000--2003-10-312003--New
1515 Escadrille Dr$150,000$382003-10-2420083,904New
1527 Escadrille Dr$145,000$462003-10-2420083,136New
1533 Escadrille Dr$145,000--2003-10-242003--New
2037 Cantigny Way$160,000--2003-10-232003--New
2061 Cantigny Way$160,000--2003-09-262003--New
1521 Escadrille Dr$145,000--2003-09-262003--New

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