Looking For A Home? Know The Code

Know the code when looking for a home in Tallahassee ImageI recently received an email from somebody who is planning on moving to Tallahassee in about a year and she was interested in knowing more about the homes for sale in Killearn Estates. She was curious about how much money she should be planning on spending and what her options were.  Although she has just begun looking for a home, her actions are very common for people beginning the home buying process.

What makes this simple occurrence great fodder for a blog article is that it made me realize that not everybody looking for a home "knows the code." If you are looking for a home in a specific neighborhood in Tallahassee, we have created a unique URL (website address) for nearly every Tallahassee subdivision. For example, here is a list of some of the more popular ones that now get literally hundreds of visitors each day:

Popular Tallahassee Neighborhoods



Homes For Sale

Killearn Lakes Killearn Lakes
Killearn Estates Killearn Estates
Southwood Southwood
Killearn Acres Killearn Acres
Piney-Z Piney-Z
Summerbrooke Summerbrooke
Golden Eagle Plantation Golden Eagle Plantation
Woodbriar Woodbriar
Hampton Creek Hampton Creek
Bull Run Bull Run


But what do you do if you are looking for a home in a Tallahassee neighborhood that is not listed in this brief table? First of all, just remember that you can find some of the best Tallahassee real estate information on our website at www.manausa.com. From the navigation menu on our site you can select "neighborhoods" which is literally an alphabetical list of over 1,300 neighborhoods in Tallahassee.

Know The Code When Looking For A Home

But let's say you're looking for a home and in a hurry and want to immediately see a list of all the homes for sale in one particular neighborhood in Tallahassee. If you can remember three short "strings," you will be able to immediately get your list.

  1. manausa.com
  2. tallahassee-mls
  3. neighborhood name

For example, you want to see all the homes for sale in Killearn Lakes in Tallahassee, just point your browser to

  1. manausa.com
  2. tallahassee-mls
  3. killearn lakes

and that is done by typing "/tallahassee-mls/killearn-lakes" into your browser. Notice that everything is in lower-case letters, make sure that you remember to do it that way (it won't work with capitalized letters every time). It's as simple as that for more than 1,300 different subdivisions in Tallahassee. Go ahead, check it out. If you can't find a particular subdivision (out of the 1,300 we have created, just leave a comment on The Tallahassee Real Estate Blog site and we will add it to the list).

*Joe Manausa Real Estate is a brokerage company headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Its unique business model provides specialists to both home sellers and home buyers, and the results speak for themselves. JMRE has significantly more 5-star reviews on google than any other local competitor. Joe Manausa Real Estate is a leader in internet marketing and utilizes search engine optimization, email marketing, social media and data analytics to get their clients’ home sold faster and for more money than any other Tallahassee brokerage firm. For more information, visit www.manausa.com or call us at (850) 366-8917.

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