iPhone App For Real Estate: Photosynth Is One Hot Tool

If you want to see a hot new app for the iPhone that will soon be heavily used in the real estate business, you need to check out Photosynth and I bet it will just blow you away. I used the app this morning to create a 360 degree image from the back of a home in Golden Eagle Plantation, and it is truly amazing. Click on the image at the right to see my first attempt (not the best) at taking a 360 from the backyard of the home at sunrise. It took less than 10 minutes to take the picture and upload it to Facebook!

iPhone App Creates 360 Degree Images

This amazing app "stitches" multiple phone photos together to create a 360 view from where you are standing with your phone. My sister-in-law Nikky will be happy to know that we can take shots of any home that she wants to see (Nikky and Bo are relocating back to Tallahassee in the next few months). I can see REALTORS® using Photosynth to get information and property views to out-of-town customers fast.

Facebook Joe ManausaI am not the world's greatest photographer, but Photosynth makes it so easy. You just point the camera in your iPhone at any starting point and it takes the picture automatically. You turn a little, it takes another. Again, you turn, it shoots. In less than a minute, you can acquire all of the pictures that you need for the final 360 degree picture, and then the app stitches them all together. You click 1 button, and it updates your Facebook Profile with the picture.

You can also add the resulting image to Bing Maps. In case you have not checked out Bing, you are missing quite a treat. The image below was captured from Bing Maps and it shows where the photo was taken. You can attach your 360 degree picture right to the Bing Map, and then when others go to the map, they can view the picture. All of this can be done in 10 minutes or less! It's a great way to enhance the marketing of a home, and I suspect you will be seeing a whole lot more of this really soon.

Home For Sale In Golden Eagle

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