Invest In Tallahassee

The key to long-term success in real estate investing is to understand the underlying economy of the area in which you choose to invest. As the great Roy Rogers explained "...figure out where the people are moving, get there first, and then buy the real estate."

Tallahassee is a relatively stable economy. We typically do not get the large "California style" boom markets that will make everybody rich overnight, we also figure to be protected from a bust market that breaks everybody overnight. As home to the State Capital, Tallahassee is fortunate to have a vibrant state and federal government presence which provides a very stable job base. Additionally, with three major universities, Tallahassee provides many jobs in the field of higher education. We like to think that Tallahassee is not the beach, but it is very close!

State Capital

• Jobs
• Inflation Control

Universities (FSU, FAMU, TCC)

• College Town
• Student Housing is A+
• Prepaid College Fund (1.2 Million students have paid and will be attending college in the future)
• 2 Miles from TCC and Just Under 4 miles from FSU
• FAMU Enrollment Rebound (As FAMU rebounds from its 40% drop in enrollment

Not the Beach

• Still Affordable Housing for Workforce Personnel • Canopy Roads and Southern Living

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