How To Live In Tallahassee UNDER $200K

With Tallahassee home prices soaring, you might wonder how you can live "in town" while keeping your budget below $200,000.

Today we look at 48 townhouses that provide an economical solution for location-driven buyers.

Townhomes For Sale In Tallahassee

The following townhouses are available "in town" and are all priced below $200,000.

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Townhomes For Sale In Tallahassee

Land Costs Drive Attached Dwelling Growth

With land in desirable areas and neighborhoods in Tallahassee pushing higher, townhomes represent a growing share in the real estate market.

Townhouses can be an attractive option for many new homeowners–offering something of a “middle ground” between single family homes and condominiums.  A townhome can give you what feels like a single family home located well inside of what we would all consider "in-town."

Many homeowners who wish to live near the State Capitol Complex, shopping, dining, nightlife, etc., choose townhomes as a balance of affordability and privacy.

A single family home is typically far more expensive and comes with a larger living area and a larger yard. There are still many areas in town where on can find a single family home in-town for under $200K, but we will soon see these go the way of the dinosaur. Urban buyers will be left with the choice of condominiums and townhomes.

Choosing Between A Townhome And A Condominium In Tallahassee

The owner of a condo only truly owns the space from the walls in and is often forced to deal with highly restrictive rules and agreements to be shared with the other condominium owners, whereas we commonly see fewer of these formal relationships with townhouse ownership.

A townhouse typically has a unique front and back entrance, can be multiple stories, and has a shared wall with another townhouse owner (possibly one on each side and/or top and bottom).

When it comes to identifying whether an attached building is a series of condominiums or townhouses, you have to do your research. The true definition of one versus the other is rather murky, so ask your real estate professional to verify the property type. Some townhome complexes have homeowners’ associations (HOAs) similar to condominiums, whereas some are at the other extreme and do not provide adequate enforcement of minimum community standards.

An HOA will likely cover some of the maintenance costs for grounds and other shared areas, but in exchange, you give up some of your control. Even if your townhouse only has one shared wall, you will still have to share some control and cost with the owner next door.

Before you make an offer on a condo or townhome, ensure that you have reviewed the controlling documents to ensure that you will enjoy living among the other residents bound to the same agreements.

A Smarter Way To Buy A Townhome

We have had several thousand people learn a smarter method for buying a townhome, condominium, or single family detached home. They used our "Home Buying For Smart People e-Course" so that they were better prepared when it came time to go through the home-buying process.

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I hope you find the perfect townhouse among the selections above. If you have questions about buying a townhome in Tallahassee, simply drop me a note and we'll be in touch right away.

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