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It has been almost four weeks since we launched the new version of the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site and we have received many greatly appreciated compliments, comments, recommendations, and questions. We love the compliments, but the recommendations and questions help guide us in our future modifications and improvements.

Perhaps the most asked question up to this point relates to all of the "free downloads" that we used to offer in our sidebar of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog. Our long-time readers want to know why we got rid of them....

Free downloads on the internetWell, we didn't. We just moved them to a better location so that they could be managed. You see, we were averaging well over 150 downloads per day on the previous blog site, so our "Popular Downloads" were much more popular than we had ever envisioned.

Take a look at the tabs across the top of the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site. The one on the far right (as pictured on the right) is called "Downloads." This is a very cool tool to find the download that you are looking for.

To give you an idea of how quickly these were occurring in the past, I can tell you about Billy Poole's "One Fresh Stir Fry Menu." We posted a copy of our favorite restaurant's menu on our site, and within a few weeks, it had been downloaded over 100 times.

Apparently, many of you are just like me and like to pop open the menu from your office, place a call to  One Fresh, and then show up and have your meal waiting for you.

How To Use The Free Downloads Page

We have now uploaded about 60% of the documents that were available on our previous web site. They have been organized on their own dedicated page (as opposed to our previous method of just listing them in the sidebar), and are sorted by categories. The page looks like this:

Popular DownloadsThe six categories are listed with the number of documents available in parenthesis. For example, there are currently 18 Newsletters available for download. And what is the number to the right of each document? That is a neat measure of popularity.

The number in parenthesis to the right of each document shows how many times that document has been downloaded. Additionally, documents are organized by popularity, so you can see what everybody wanted to download. As I write this blog on January 20th (early in the a.m.), we can see that the One Fresh Stir Fry Menu (138) has been downloaded 138 times.

Popular Real Estate Downloads

Tallahassee Real Estate NewsletterOf course, most people do not come to the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site to find out what's for lunch, and their downloads are usually real estate related. For each category that has more documents that can be shown on this one page, just click on the category title and it will take you to a page dedicated to that category.

For example, say you wanted to see all of the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletters that we have written in the past. Just go to the downloads page and click on the category header which currently says "Newsletter (18) >>" When you do, you will be greeted with a list of all of the published newsletters, initially sorted in alphabetical order.

You can change the sorting by date or by popularity, and then you are free to choose any and all of them that you would like to open.

When you do select one, you will be taken to a page that gives you a summary of the download, the date that is was created or posted on our site, the number of times it has been downloaded, and a download link to initiate the retrieval process. The following picture shows how last week's newsletter displays if you were to select it now:

Most recently edition of the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter

So go ahead and get the downloads going again. If there is something you think we should add, please drop us a comment below. There is no limit to what we can provide here, so don't be shy!

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