Homes For Sale On A Golf Course (From $46,000!)

Currently, there are 37 homes for sale on a golf course in Tallahassee, and you can actually buy one for $52,500!Currently, there are 35 homes for sale on a golf course in Tallahassee, and you can actually buy one for $46,000!

The range in prices for golf course homes goes from several below $100K to one that nearly $5M. Take a look at the current list of homes for sale on Tallahassee golf courses below and you'll get a good feel for what your budget can get you.

Homes For Sale On Golf Courses

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Market Report For Golf Course Homes In Tallahassee

Of the 37 homes for sale on a golf course in Tallahassee, we find that only 6 are under contract. This is a much lower contract to listings ratio than we find for most neighborhoods, which means there might be some great opportunities for buyers who can find the right sellers.

The listings are broken down as follows (sorted by my favorite courses to play):

  • Golden Eagle Golf Course - 10
  • Southwood Golf Course - 9
  • Killearn Golf Course - 11
  • Summerbrooke Golf Course - 5
  • Hilaman Golf Course - 2

For budget planning purposes, it is important to know the following information about golf course homes in Tallahassee:

  • Median List Price: $475K
  • Median Under-Contract Price: $377K
  • Median Sales Price: $425K

Presently, the trend for buyers has been towards the less-expensive golf course homes.

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Thoughts About Living On A Golf Course

Privacy - This is a double-edged sword. You gain privacy by not having to stare into the backyard of a neighbor, but you lose privacy with hundreds of your closest friends always going by the back of the home. For this reason, pay close attention to how a home is situated on the golf course. Do you really want to lay around your pool and have a constant flow of people saying "hello" to you?

Safety - Looking out the back windows of your home and seeing a wide expanse of greenery is great. It's also fun to be able to watch golf (if you like the sport). Living on the course can allow for this. But like we used to say in the Army ... "that can be seen can be hit, and that can be hit can be killed!" While this is a bit extreme, just know that if you have a premium view of the course, golfers have a premium target in your home. Don't buy a home on a golf course and then be surprised that you keep getting hit by balls. Trust me, it won't be Tiger Woods playing out back, rather it will be hacks like me!

Noise - Golf is only a quite sport during Sunday at the Masters. For the rest of the world, there is lots of screams and beer-induced foul language. You cannot avoid it. If you choose a home on a golf course that sits back quite a ways, what you lose in view you will gain in noise control.

Is It Time To Buy A Home On A Golf Course?

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