Home Sellers Have A Role To Play

What a home seller needs to do to get a home soldWhen a home seller hires a real estate company for the job of selling a home, they often feel like their work is done and all they have to do is sit back and let the REALTOR® take over. And as much as we would like to be able to provide this level of service, there are just too many things that fall under the heading of "seller's job" that require the seller to play their role in the sale of a home.

As you might expect, a great real estate company will extensively market the home across the internet. They will drive traffic from the large, national real estate sites to their local real estate site with the intent of featuring the home as uniquely local and a true gem.

Assuming that the real estate company has a modern, progressive marketing plan to sell a home on the internet, then the home is going to receive much more than "its fair share" of traffic from buyers in the local housing market.

The traffic that is viewed online should be routed to a "virtual tour" of the property. For this to be beneficial, the home must be featured in the best light. Why send traffic to a home that says "Don't buy me?" For a home to be given all the advantages to produce a sale, the virtual tour must be done, and done well.

But not all traffic will be online. In fact, many buyers will eliminate properties through the internet, only to jump in a car to evaluate the remaining properties with a "drive by" viewing. If they like what they see, they will want to see more. And this is why the home seller has a role to play!

Home Sellers Must Maintain Home In Ready To Show Condition

  • Most home sellers understand the home must be kept in great condition while it is being marketed. But many of these sellers only think of the interior of the home and they forget that most of the initial viewings will be from the front yard!
  • In order to secure as many interested buyers as possible, sellers should use the following list as a reminder of routine morning and evening responsibilities.
  • Ensure the yard is tidy. Any street garbage and clutter should be policed immediately.
  • Flower gardens should have ample mulch to send the message "we care about our home."
  • The real estate sign should be perfectly installed, with no tilt or lean. Often times kids will mess with the sign and this should be corrected immediately. The seller should do it themselves or call their real estate agent immediately when this occurs. Nobody should lose a drive-by buyer because the phone number on the sign is not visible or if it looks like the real estate company has not been there in a long time.
  • If the home seller is willing to assist buyers with part of the financing, make this known on the sign. This is a huge benefit to many buyers!
  • If the home has a special feature (meaning something few other homes in the neighborhood have), then it should be featured on the sign as well (at least ask the real estate agents opinion on this issue).
  • Garbage Days: Get the cans to the street without creating clutter, and get them back to the house as soon as possible. Also, consider doing the same for the neighbors, as they are part of the "visual" that drive-by home buyers receive.
  • Have a ready action plan should somebody knock on their door as they are passing by. Most likely, personally showing them the house will not produce a sale and could place the seller in a dangerous situation. Home sellers should talk to their real estate professional on how to handle situations such as this.

This is a tough real estate market in most communities around the country, and sellers need to ensure that they embrace each and every opportunity to sell their home. By maintaining the exterior of the home in its finest shape, they will ensure that no buyer will be chased away.

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