1 In 4 Tallahassee Home Sales Occur In These Neighborhoods

Nearly one of every four existing homes sold in Tallahassee occur in these 11 neighborhoods, and buyers today are trolling for the next home to hit the market.

Take a look at what's for sale in the most active subdivisions in Tallahassee, as many of these homes will be gone before you know it. Below the listings you'll find the number of homes sold and average prices in each of the top neighborhoods in Tallahassee.

Where The Most Homes Are Selling In Tallahassee Neighborhoods

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Where The Most Homes Are Selling In Tallahassee

Nearly one of every four homes sold in Tallahassee (22.7% actually) occur in the 11 neighborhoods shown in the graph above.

The blue vertical bars measure the number of homes sold (reported on the left vertical axis), while the green vertical bars measure the average home price in each neighborhood respectively (reported on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that this is for existing home sales only (meaning no new construction sales were included when creating the graph above).

Big 3 Still Dominate Tallahassee

Every time we prepare a report on the most active neighborhoods in Tallahassee, the top 3 always contain Killearn Estates, Killearn Lakes, and Southwood. These top 3 subdivisions occasionally move around in the order, but they continually fill the top 3 positions.

If you are new to the Tallahassee real estate market, these are three good neighborhoods for you to monitor, as you'll be seeing one in every 7 homes sold in Tallahassee.

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