Home Sales In The Greens Of Killearn

Every once in a while I run across a neighborhood in Tallahassee that bucks the trend of declining home sales in the Tallahassee real estate market. Today is a little different, though we do see a very recent decline in the number of homes being sold in the Greens of Killearn.

Yesterday's blog about Pebble Creek in Tallahassee was written because of a question that came in from reader "Mary" who wrote:

I’ve been looking at recent home sales in the Pebble Creek and Greens of Killearn subdivisions and I can’t find the sales that support your value indicators.  (Average Sale Price: Pebble Creek - $211,025 & Greens of Killearn - $195,700)

Having given Mary some great detail about the home sales in Pebble Creek yesterday, today's blog will feature the Greens of Killearn to include real estate graphs as well as the chart of data that she requested.

Home Sales In The Greens Of Killearn In Tallahassee

When we look at existing home sales in the Greens of Killearn, we see a Tallahassee subdivision that only has a handful of resales each year. The one exception is in 2007, when ten resale homes were sold. Nevertheless, home sale prices in the Greens of Killearn have followed the same trend as many other Tallahassee neighborhoods on which we have reported.

Greens of Killearn Home Sales In Tallahassee

As we can see in the real estate graph above, the average value of a home in the Greens of Killearn shot up from under $100 per square foot in 2003 to over $160 per square foot by 2007, and has since dropped by about 5%. This is a huge swing in valuations considering that wages surely did not move like this during those years.

Another important point to understand from the graph above is that this information is through June of 2009, yet there are no arms-length existing home sales in 2009. For a community with relatively few sales each year, coming off a year with quite a few sales, this might not mean a whole lot. But if I were a homeowner who wanted to sell, I would be concerned about that lack of activity in 2009 (even though the three sales from 2008 were in the later part of the year).

Recent Arms Length Existing Home Sales In The Greens of Killearn

Parcel Address Price SqFt HC Sale Date
3074 WHITE IBIS WAY 315,000 2227 10/24/2008
4034 SAWGRASS CIR 307,500 1760 9/29/2008
3085 SAWGRASS CIR 325,000 2095 9/3/2008
3094 WHITE IBIS WAY 292,000 1912 12/27/2007
3073 WHITE IBIS WAY 315,000 1801 10/26/2007
3066 SAWGRASS CIR 383,000 2162 9/21/2007
3017 SAWGRASS CIR 365,500 2251 9/13/2007
3033 WHITE IBIS WAY 325,000 1836 8/22/2007
3045 WHITE IBIS WAY 295,000 1872 6/22/2007
3050 SAWGRASS CIR 340,000 2145 5/22/2007
3009 SAWGRASS CIR 348,000 1804 5/10/2007
3034 WHITE IBIS WAY 363,900 2207 2/26/2007
3078 SAWGRASS CIR 345,000 2225 2/20/2007
3077 SAWGRASS CIR 395,000 2710 11/1/2006
3066 SAWGRASS CIR 350,000 2162 5/26/2006
3034 WHITE IBIS WAY 350,000 2207 4/10/2006
3049 WHITE IBIS WAY 361,000 2613 10/17/2005
3053 SAWGRASS CIR 363,000 2295 5/12/2005
3046 WHITE IBIS WAY 335,000 2095 3/4/2005
3074 WHITE IBIS WAY 350,000 2227 12/27/2004
3026 WHITE IBIS WAY 295,000 1818 12/16/2004
3037 SAWGRASS CIR 285,000 2241 4/12/2004
3072 WHITE IBIS WAY 250,000 2237 8/25/2003
3066 SAWGRASS CIR 249,900 2162 6/25/2003
3089 WHITE IBIS WAY 218,300 1788 6/18/2003
3046 SAWGRASS CIR 225,000 1775 5/6/2003
  118,000 3192 3/25/2003
  285,000 3192 2/28/2003
3017 SAWGRASS CIR 258,000 2251 10/1/2002
4042 SAWGRASS CIR 256,000 2106 9/3/2002
3062 SAWGRASS CIR 205,000 1866 7/30/2002
3069 SAWGRASS CIR 275,000 2692 7/24/2002
3037 WHITE IBIS WAY 210,000 2207 3/12/2002
3094 WHITE IBIS WAY 207,000 1912 11/29/2001
3097 WHITE IBIS WAY 247,000 2682 9/21/2001
3057 SAWGRASS CIR 223,000 2162 9/12/2001
3021 SAWGRASS CIR 245,000 2669 9/12/2001
3077 SAWGRASS CIR 245,000 2710 9/10/2001
3026 WHITE IBIS WAY 205,000 1818 4/27/2001
3093 SAWGRASS CIR 171,600 1676 2/14/2001
4042 SAWGRASS CIR 229,000 2106 11/3/2000
3057 WHITE IBIS WAY 218,000 2180 7/20/2000
3077 SAWGRASS CIR 237,000 2710 6/13/2000
3021 SAWGRASS CIR 246,000 2669 2/18/2000
3066 SAWGRASS CIR 192,000 2162 11/2/1999
3062 SAWGRASS CIR 194,500 1866 10/18/1999
3053 SAWGRASS CIR 225,000 2295 5/10/1999
3046 WHITE IBIS WAY 199,500 2095 4/30/1999
3057 SAWGRASS CIR 216,000 2162 12/15/1998
3029 WHITE IBIS WAY 178,000 1788 7/31/1998
3025 SAWGRASS CIR 184,900 1773 7/20/1998
3093 SAWGRASS CIR 175,000 1676 7/15/1998
3057 SAWGRASS CIR 216,000 2162 5/20/1998
3054 WHITE IBIS WAY 192,500 2173 4/15/1996
3054 WHITE IBIS WAY 189,500 2173 4/18/1995


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