49 Gorgeous Waterfront Homes For Sale Today

f you've never enjoyed the experience of taking your young son or daughter fishing in the backyard, you don't know what you're missingIf you've never enjoyed the experience of taking your young child (or grandchild) fishing from your own backyard, then you don't know what you've been missing.

Today's post takes a look at the homes for sale where this is possible and includes graphs and analysis of the waterfront homes market.

Waterfront Homes For Sale In Tallahassee

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Right now, it appears as if waterfront homes are slightly undervalued in Tallahassee.

waterfront homes are moving up in value fast

The graph above plots the average price per square foot of waterfront homes (in blue) those not on the water (in brown) sold in Tallahassee from 2003 through early March 2021.

Over time, it appears as if the waterfront homes' average value is about 15% higher than those not on the water, yet several times we see the values come together. Like now.

This suggests that we'll see waterfront home values move higher (faster) than will those not on the water, as right now the average values are the same. If you've been thinking about buying a home on the water, now is a good time.

Tallahassee Home Prices

So what do you have to pay for a home on the water?

Home prices both on waterfront and interior

The average price of a home on the water right now is just under $400K, but like all homes in Tallahassee, we're expecting this average to push higher fairly quickly in 2021. The overall supply of homes for sale is far less than the current demand from buyers, so be prepared for a highly competitive purchase.

When you find the right waterfront home, you need to know that other buyers will have found it too. Talk to your real estate buyer's agent about the best offering price you can make to secure the home (and don't be surprised if your offer price needs to be higher than the asking price!).

We are experiencing historically low inventory levels right now, so you should ensure you have your plan of attack ready before you start seriously looking at homes. You'll be glad that you prepared when you find your dream waterfront home.

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