Foxcroft Listings And Real Estate Report February 2019

Foxcroft is a popular neighborhood in NE Tallahassee that features 3 and 4 bedroom homes on generously sized, maturely landscaped lots.

Foxcroft is a Northeast Tallahassee neighborhood located on the east side of Thomasville Road and the west side of Killearn Estates.

Containing three and four bedroom single-family detached homes on generously sized maturely landscaped lots, buyers are standing in line for the next great deal in this neighborhood.

Homes For Sale In Foxcroft

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Foxcroft Schools

The Leon County schools for which Foxcroft is zoned include:

In the remainder of this report, we have provided graphs to show trends in home prices, home values, and home sizes in Foxcroft, as well as a sortable table of all closed home sales going back to 1991.

For each of the real estate graphs found in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years, but through January in 2019. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Foxcroft).

Foxcroft Home Prices

The average home price in Foxcroft in 2018 was $235K, and it is likely going to be much higher in 2019. Simply put, buyers want what these homeowners have.

The pace of home sales in Foxcroft is very good. Homes listed this way are selling very fast and are seeing multiple offers from buyers.

Currently, there are five homes for sale in Foxcroft, and two are already under contract. If you are thinking of selling your Foxcroft home [Call Me] ... we can get you top dollar today!

Foxcroft Home Values

Foxcroft home values rose nearly 7% in 2018 to an average value of $128 per square foot. While this appreciation rate is more than double the historical average, it would have been much higher without the very low valued sale that closed in September.

I expect to see a new annual high average value posted in Foxcroft in 2019.

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Average Home Sizes

Foxcroft home sizes typically fall in a range from 1,700 to 2,000 square feet, and 2018 was no different.

The 14 homes sold in Foxcroft in 2018 averaged 1,847 square feet.

Foxcroft Home Sales

The following list shows more than 530 home sales in Foxcroft going back to 1991.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
4608 Foxcroft Court$370,000$2312024-06-2019771,599Resale
4514 Foxcroft Drive$347,500$2362024-05-1019851,471Resale
4501 Foxcroft Drive$380,000$1962024-02-2619891,941Resale
2995 Cranbrooke Drive$440,000$2132024-02-2619862,064Resale
4624 Ramsgate Drive$305,000$2292023-11-0319861,334Resale
2970 Foxcroft Drive$330,000$2052023-09-1319801,606Resale
4605 Barclay Lane$374,000$1932023-07-2019811,940Resale
4916 Heathe Drive$350,000$2142023-06-2719931,634Resale
3108 Dowling Drive$380,000$1862023-06-0819752,044Resale
3108 Dowling Dr$380,000$2362023-05-2319751,604Resale
2940 Parrish Drive$375,000$1972023-04-2819771,908Resale
2912 Parrish Drive$394,900$2042023-04-2419811,939Resale
2965 Velda Dairy Road$400,000$1802023-02-2319882,226Resale
4912 Heathe Drive$393,000$1942022-11-2119802,021Resale
3037 Godfrey Place$395,000$1692022-09-0919782,335Resale
2721 Parsons Rest$325,000$1752022-08-1519781,852Resale
4816 Heathe Drive$415,000$2182022-08-0819761,906Resale
3009 Giles Place$300,000$1762022-07-2819791,700Resale
4608 Foxcroft Court$349,900$2182022-06-3019771,602Resale
3146 W Fenwick Court$298,500$2052022-06-2319871,458Resale
3146 Fenwick Ct W$298,500$2042022-06-2219871,458Resale
3139 Dowling Drive$385,000$1872022-06-2119782,054Resale
4901 Heathe Drive$365,000$1492022-06-1719772,452Resale
3032 Godfrey Place$375,000$2272022-06-1619781,652Resale
4800 Heathe$356,000$1982022-06-1319781,798Resale
4604 Foxcroft Court$322,000$2082022-06-0619771,545Resale
4912 Heathe Dr$255,000$1732022-04-2919801,467Resale
4912 Heathe Dr$179,000$1222022-03-3119801,467Resale
2912 Parrish Drive$190,000$1272022-03-3119811,499Resale
3020 Giles Place$240,000$1282022-03-1819771,874Resale
4924 Heathe Drive$375,000$1842022-02-2819792,039Resale
4847 Heathe Drive$341,000$1752022-02-2519781,954Resale
3151 Fenwick Court$355,000$1672022-01-2619872,125Resale
3014 Banks Road$326,000$1472022-01-2019752,218Resale
3012 Godfrey Place$485,000$2042022-01-1119772,382Resale
2809 Heathe Court$267,000$1832022-01-0719781,458Resale
4831 Heathe Drive$350,000$1982022-01-0719761,765Resale
4846 Heathe Drive$280,000$1742021-12-0720021,606Resale
3113 Dowling Drive$285,500$1862021-11-2419761,539Resale
4483 Foxcroft Drive$400,500$1992021-11-1219882,017Resale
3002 E Fenwick Court$320,000$1562021-11-0819852,048Resale
3144 Fenwick Court W$321,000$1512021-11-0319882,127Resale
4600 Godfrey Ct Court$288,000$1692021-10-0619791,700Resale
3152 Fenwick Ct W$420,000$1972021-09-2219892,128Resale
3152 W Fenwick Court$420,000$1892021-09-2219892,226Resale
2946 Foxcroft Drive$340,000$1372021-08-2319772,477Resale
2935 Parrish Drive$426,000$1562021-08-0519752,726Resale
2926 Foxcroft Drive$270,000$1242021-07-2919772,170Resale
2965 Velda Dairy Road$370,000$1662021-07-2719882,226Resale
2805 Heathe Court$377,000$1472021-07-1519772,562Resale
4605 Barclay Lane$250,000$1292021-07-1519811,940Resale
2992 E Fenwick Court$275,000$1632021-06-1119871,685Resale
2992 Fenwick Ct E$275,000$1632021-06-1119871,685Resale
3012 Godfrey Place$290,000$1222021-06-1019772,382Resale
4831 Heathe Dr$218,900$1242021-05-2519761,765Resale
4509 Foxcroft Drive$265,000$1292021-05-1919872,062Resale
3112 Dowling Dr$316,000$1692021-05-0719751,865Resale
3048 Giles Pl$220,000$982021-04-1619762,244Resale
4847 Heathe Drive$316,875$1622021-04-0219781,954Resale
3108 Dowling Drive$327,500$1602021-03-1219752,044Resale
2804 Heathe Court$315,000$1842021-03-1119761,710Resale
2994 Candlestick Drive$260,000$1502021-02-2619881,737Resale
2993 Cranbrook Drive$264,900$1382021-01-2919871,914Resale
2617 Bantry Bay Drive$205,000$1162021-01-0819811,765Resale
2916 Foxcroft Drive$300,000$1302020-12-1019752,307Resale
3013 Godfrey Place$290,000$1242020-11-0219792,333Resale
2724 Parsons Rest$239,000$1642020-10-1419831,461Resale
2704 Parsons Rest$270,000$1632020-09-2519781,654Resale
3115 Dowling Drive$300,000$1662020-09-1719801,806Resale
3024 Giles Place$240,000$1512020-08-2719811,594Resale
3032 Godfrey Place$270,000$1632020-07-1519781,652Resale
3005 Banks Road$287,500$1442020-06-1619771,992Resale
3108 Dowling Drive$140,000$872020-06-0419751,604Resale
4812 Heathe Drive$236,000$1522020-06-0319751,552Resale
4916 Heathe Drive$267,500$1642020-05-0119931,634Resale
2991 E Fenwick Court$182,520$962020-04-1619861,908Resale
2991 Fenwick Ct E$182,600$952020-04-0919861,908Resale
3017 Giles Place$254,050$1522020-03-0519761,671Resale
2949 Foxcroft Drive$254,900$1502020-02-1919871,704Resale
4507 Foxcroft Drive$310,000$1412020-01-2819872,191Resale
2995 Foxcroft Drive$292,300$1352019-12-1219882,164Resale
4604 Foxcroft Ct.$239,000$1442019-11-2119771,665Resale
3001 Godfrey Place$243,500$1322019-10-2219761,838Resale
4847 Heath Drive$196,131$1002019-09-2719781,954Resale
4924 Heathe Drive$290,000$1422019-08-3019792,039Resale
4485 Foxcroft Drive$310,000$1482019-08-0919882,095Resale
4800 Heathe Drive$260,000$1452019-07-2419781,798Resale
3037 Banks Road$200,000$992019-06-2119772,012Resale
4833 Heathe Drive$229,900$1532019-06-2119781,500Resale
4816 Heathe Drive$299,500$1572019-06-0719761,906Resale
2994 Cranbrooke$245,000$1232019-06-0719862,000Resale
4823 Heathe Dr$222,200$1482019-06-0519761,498Resale
2950 Foxcroft Drive$275,000$1442019-05-3119791,913Resale
4498 Foxcroft Dr$220,000$1392019-05-1519871,578Resale
3024 Banks Road$304,000$1692019-04-3019751,800Resale
3032 Banks Road$215,000$1262019-03-2519761,710Resale
4483 Foxcroft Dr$299,900$1512019-03-2519881,982Resale
4920 Heathe Drive$225,000$1162019-02-2719791,938Resale
2993 Cranbrooke Drive$215,000$1122019-02-2519871,914Resale
2987 Foxcroft Drive$255,000$1332018-10-1019891,912Resale
4816 Heathe Dr$120,000$702018-09-2719761,710Resale
3036 Godfrey Pl$248,000$1092018-09-2119782,274Resale
4905 Heathe Dr$206,000$1262018-09-0719761,637Resale
4803 Heathe Drive$235,000$1262018-08-1019771,870Resale
3012 Giles Pl$213,000$1282018-07-2719751,658Resale
3017 Giles Place$234,900$1412018-07-2519761,671Resale
3045 Banks Rd$298,500$1292018-06-2919802,307Resale
2993 Candlestick Dr$255,000$1292018-06-1119871,980Resale
4823 Heathe Drive$222,183$1482018-06-0819761,498Resale
3129 Dowling Drive$250,000$1092018-04-3019782,292Resale
2934 Foxcroft Drive$215,000$1482018-03-3019751,456Resale
2736 Parsons Rest Drive$263,000$1522018-03-2319791,727Resale
4632 Ramsgate Drive$269,000$1432018-02-2019871,876Resale
2950 Foxcroft Drive$265,000$1392017-12-2219791,913Resale
4648 Ramsgate Drive$228,500$1052017-11-2719882,173Resale
4655 Ramsgate Drive$249,900$1422017-09-0119851,756Resale
2809 Heathe Ct$170,000$1172017-09-0119781,458Resale
3020 Banks Road$241,500$1172017-07-2419772,068Resale
2921 Foxcroft Drive$248,500$1082017-07-0719752,311Resale
4520 Foxcroft Drive$235,000$1102017-06-3019882,135Resale
2728 Parsons Rst$195,000$1262017-06-2919791,542Resale
3024 Banks Road$228,800$1272017-06-2719751,800Resale
2954 Foxcroft Dr$260,500$1142017-06-2319772,278Resale
4483 Foxcroft Drive$277,500$1392017-06-0219881,991Resale
2962 Foxcroft Dr$235,000$1072017-05-2619782,187Resale
4505 Foxcroft Dr$192,000$1082017-01-3119861,783Resale
2998 Cranbrooke Drive$188,000$1192017-01-2419861,581Resale
3140 Dowling Dr$270,000$1412016-11-1819761,920Resale
3013 Godfrey Pl$255,000$1092016-11-0919792,333Resale
2928 Parrish Drive$250,000$1112016-08-2619782,243Resale
3044 Godfrey Place$230,000$1272016-08-1219771,806Resale
2993 Fenwick Court$215,000$1252016-07-2819861,725Resale
3016 Giles Pl$188,000$1132016-07-2619771,660Resale
3001 Fenwick Ct E$220,306$1002016-07-2119882,199Resale
2916 Parrish Drive$328,500$1332016-07-0820152,471New
2994 Foxcroft Drive$189,900$1242016-06-3019851,529Resale
3002 Fenwick Court$225,000$1242016-06-2419871,808Resale
2941 Foxcroft Dr$165,000$882016-06-2319751,859Resale
3024 Giles Pl$119,100$742016-06-2019811,594Resale
4807 Heathe Dr$202,000$1222016-06-0119751,650Resale
4904 Heathe Drive$140,040$852016-05-3119791,655Resale
3032 Godfrey Place$208,000$1262016-05-3019781,652Resale
3009 Giles Place$212,000$1252016-05-1119791,700Resale
2957 Velda Dairy Road$186,000$1202016-04-2919891,544Resale
3151 W Fenwick Court$247,000$1162016-04-0119872,125Resale
3151 Fenwick Ct W$247,000$1242016-03-3119871,994Resale
4850 Heathe Dr$220,000$1092016-03-3019792,014Resale
4605 Ramsgate Drive$179,000$1212016-02-1719851,474Resale
3037 Giles Place$179,000$1062016-01-2019771,683Resale
2941 Foxcroft Dr$145,000$782015-12-3119751,859Resale
4632 Ramsgate Drive$215,000$1152015-12-0319871,876Resale
2712 Parsons Rest$168,000$982015-11-1719831,713Resale
4904 Heathe Dr$183,900$1142015-10-2619791,614Resale
2995 Fenwick Ct E$220,000$1252015-09-1519861,749Resale
2995 E Fenwick Court$220,000$1262015-09-1519861,749Resale
4838 Heathe Drive$153,000$902015-09-0219861,700Resale
4608 Barclay Lane$228,900$1322015-08-0919791,736Resale
4801 Heathe Dr.$228,000$1012015-07-2719782,256Resale
3148 Fenwick Court West$221,000$1202015-07-1019881,840Resale
3033 Giles Pl$189,000$872015-06-1919762,158Resale
4831 Heathe Drive$182,000$1032015-06-1019761,765Resale
2996 Foxcroft Drive$240,000$1092015-06-0219892,198Resale
2748 Parsons Rest$160,000$1032015-05-2919761,554Resale
4483 Foxcroft Dr$208,500$1052015-05-2719881,982Resale
4905 Heathe Dr$175,900$1072015-05-0819761,637Resale
2999 Fenwick Court East$217,000$1062015-04-3019882,044Resale
3021 Banks Road$180,000$1032015-03-2019771,740Resale
4655 Ramsgate Dr$101,850$582015-03-1719851,756Resale
2966 Foxcroft$189,900$1122015-03-1319771,694Resale
4632 Ramsgate Dr.$205,000$1092015-03-0619871,876Resale
3139 Dowling Dr$222,500$1082015-03-0219782,054Resale
3025 Banks Rd$174,900$1162015-01-2319771,512Resale
4481 Foxcroft Dr$202,000$1102014-11-1719871,844Resale
4819 Heathe Dr$40,900$212014-09-2919771,939Resale
2925 Foxcroft Dr$192,000$992014-08-0519771,934Resale
2993 Candlestick Dr$234,000$1182014-07-2419871,980Resale
4652 Ramsgate Dr$196,000$972014-06-2619882,025Resale
2801 Heathe Ct$178,000$1062014-06-2019761,684Resale
4651 Ramsgate Dr$170,000$952014-06-0619851,796Resale
4812 Heathe Dr$182,500$1182014-05-1419751,552Resale
2974 Foxcroft Dr$224,000$1142014-05-1219751,971Resale
2946 Foxcroft Dr$249,000$1282014-04-0119771,948Resale
4621 Ramsgate Dr$30,000$192014-03-1019881,594Resale
4620 Barclay Ln$205,000$1182014-03-0719781,744Resale
2953 Velda Dairy Rd$250,000$1162014-01-1019892,154Resale
2940 Parrish Dr$200,000$1052014-01-1019771,908Resale
2946 Foxcroft Dr$115,900$592013-12-0419771,948Resale
2736 Parsons Rst$225,000$1302013-09-1019791,727Resale
4507 Foxcroft Dr$240,000$1102013-08-3019872,186Resale
2916 Parrish Dr$220,000$722013-07-2220143,074New
2970 Foxcroft Dr$153,000$1042013-05-3019801,478Resale
4908 Heathe Dr$155,000$782013-05-2919862,000Resale
4621 Barclay Ln$215,000$1462013-03-2919811,468Resale
4824 Heathe Dr$150,000$962012-12-2719791,556Resale
2991 Candlestick Dr$203,500$1042012-11-3019881,958Resale
2801 Heathe Ct$163,500$972012-11-3019761,684Resale
4604 Ramsgate Dr$205,000$1102012-11-1919871,857Resale
3009 Godfrey Pl$259,000$1202012-11-0519752,154Resale
2998 Cranbrooke Dr$121,000$772012-10-3119861,581Resale
3004 Banks Rd$181,900$1382012-10-2919781,316Resale
2751 Parsons Rst$220,000$952012-09-2519772,320Resale
3037 Giles Pl$161,900$1142012-09-1219771,426Resale
4648 Ramsgate Dr$207,000$992012-09-0719882,097Resale
3044 Godfrey Pl$116,000$642012-09-0519771,806Resale
3014 Banks Rd$190,000$972012-08-3019751,966Resale
2924 Parrish Dr$195,000$1152012-08-1319941,689Resale
2987 Foxcroft Dr$189,300$992012-07-1619891,912Resale
3139 Dowling Dr$170,000$832012-05-2919782,054Resale
2996 Cranbrooke Dr$146,300$792012-05-1819861,848Resale
3112 Dowling Dr$185,000$992012-04-1119751,865Resale
4608 Barclay Ln$199,900$1152012-03-3019791,736Resale
3112 Dowling Dr$185,000$992012-02-1719751,865Resale
2700 Parsons Rst$210,000$1062011-11-3019781,973Resale
2973 Foxcroft Dr$129,000$872011-10-2619831,477Resale
2997 Fenwick Ct E$225,000$1142011-09-1919891,976Resale
3025 Banks Rd$150,000$992011-09-0819771,512Resale
2942 Foxcroft Dr$180,000$1172011-07-1519771,532Resale
2925 Foxcroft Dr$188,000$972011-06-2719771,934Resale
3002 Fenwick Ct E$194,900$1092011-05-2519851,796Resale
3029 Giles Pl$200,000$962011-04-1419752,075Resale
4497 Foxcroft Dr$133,500$752011-03-2519871,781Resale
3036 Giles Pl$17,400$112011-03-0719771,551Resale
3104 Dowling Dr$212,000$1102011-02-2519751,936Resale
2978 Foxcroft Dr$155,000$922010-12-2919781,681Resale
4841 Heathe Dr$119,900$642010-10-2819781,873Resale
4621 Barclay Ln$87,000$602010-09-0319811,452Resale
3144 Fenwick Ct W$230,000$1082010-08-2719882,134Resale
2965 Velda Dairy Rd$150,000$672010-08-1919882,226Resale
3037 Banks Rd$208,500$1042010-07-1419772,012Resale
2928 Parrish Dr$226,000$1062010-06-1519782,137Resale
3033 Godfrey Pl$112,000$472010-04-0219762,362Resale
2908 Foxcroft Dr$200,000$1102010-03-0219771,820Resale
4483 Foxcroft Dr$225,500$1142009-11-2319881,982Resale
2941 Foxcroft Dr$180,000$972009-09-2519751,859Resale
2945 Velda Dairy Rd$193,000$1142009-09-1819961,698Resale
4815 Heathe Dr$199,000$902009-09-1819752,211Resale
4912 Heathe Dr$206,000$1402009-09-0419801,467Resale
4515 Foxcroft Dr$176,000$1172009-08-3119861,508Resale
3129 Dowling Dr$223,500$1092009-08-2719782,052Resale
3148 Fenwick Ct W$215,000$1172009-07-1019881,844Resale
4588 Barclay Ln$175,000$992009-06-0119761,767Resale
4491 Foxcroft Dr$189,900$1152009-05-2219861,650Resale
2999 Fenwick Ct E$200,000$982009-04-0319882,044Resale
2805 Heathe Ct$233,000$1142008-12-1919772,042Resale
2962 Foxcroft Dr$269,500$1202008-11-2519782,250Resale
2908 Parrish Dr$172,000$942008-10-0719811,836Resale
3025 Banks Rd$210,000$1302008-09-3019771,620Resale
2992 Fenwick Ct E$189,000$1112008-06-2519871,703Resale
2995 Cranbrooke Dr$259,900$1262008-06-1819862,064Resale
3017 Giles Pl$237,000$1422008-05-2719761,671Resale
2736 Parsons Rst$251,900$1462008-05-1519791,731Resale
3008 Giles Pl$208,000$992008-05-0619772,110Resale
2950 Foxcroft Dr$210,000$1102008-03-3119791,913Resale
2992 Fenwick Ct E$232,500$1372008-03-2619871,703Resale
4803 Heathe Dr$195,000$1042008-02-2219771,870Resale
4846 Heathe Dr$192,000$1332008-02-1920021,448Resale
3045 Giles Pl$225,000$1222007-10-2619771,848Resale
3049 Banks Rd$215,000$1242007-08-2719781,739Resale
3009 Godfrey Pl$267,000$1242007-08-1019752,154Resale
3017 Godfrey Pl$229,500$1462007-08-0319771,573Resale
3005 Godfrey Pl$224,900$1272007-08-0219771,769Resale
3009 Giles Pl$235,000$1382007-08-0119791,700Resale
4621 Barclay Ln$146,500$1012007-08-0119811,452Resale
4621 Barclay Ln$146,500$1012007-07-3019811,452Resale
3024 Banks Rd$255,000$1432007-07-2619751,780Resale
2973 Foxcroft Dr$18,000$122007-07-2319831,477Resale
2930 Foxcroft Dr$220,000$1212007-07-1919751,821Resale
2736 Parsons Rst$225,000$1302007-07-1219791,731Resale
3146 Fenwick Ct W$217,000$1492007-06-2519871,458Resale
2801 Heathe Ct$251,000$1492007-06-2219761,684Resale
4519 Foxcroft Dr$275,000$1302007-05-1419882,122Resale
3037 Giles Pl$216,000$1512007-05-0419771,426Resale
3032 Godfrey Pl$210,000$1272006-12-1119781,652Resale
2995 Foxcroft Dr$246,500$1182006-11-3019882,090Resale
2720 Parsons Rst$255,000$1682006-10-2719851,522Resale
4660 Ramsgate Dr$268,000$1282006-09-1319872,090Resale
4660 Ramsgate Dr$268,000$1282006-08-0119872,090Resale
4815 Heathe Dr$317,500$1442006-07-2419752,211Resale
4833 Heathe Dr$235,000$1572006-06-1919781,500Resale
2966 Foxcroft Dr$213,900$1262006-05-3019771,694Resale
3025 Banks Rd$208,000$1282006-05-2619771,620Resale
2996 Foxcroft Dr$258,000$1212006-05-1519892,128Resale
3140 Dowling Dr$309,000$1612006-04-2819761,920Resale
4517 Foxcroft Dr$250,000$1362006-04-2519861,843Resale
2957 Velda Dairy Rd$215,000$1402006-04-2119891,535Resale
4846 Heathe Dr$227,000$1572006-03-1020021,448Resale
4833 Heathe Dr$197,500$1322006-02-2819781,500Resale
3045 Giles Pl$240,000$1302006-02-2219771,848Resale
3036 Godfrey Pl$232,500$1302006-02-1719781,790Resale
4501 Foxcroft Dr$270,000$1392005-12-1619891,941Resale
4819 Heathe Dr$246,000$1272005-12-1619771,939Resale
4645 Ramsgate Dr$165,000$822005-10-3119892,004Resale
2995 Candlestick Dr$225,000$1162005-09-2219861,933Resale
2965 Velda Dairy Rd$250,000$1122005-09-1419882,226Resale
2973 Foxcroft Dr$210,000$1422005-09-0719831,477Resale
2912 Parrish Dr$114,400$762005-08-3119811,499Resale
3008 Giles Pl$244,000$1162005-08-2419772,110Resale
2982 Foxcroft Dr$279,000$1062005-08-1619762,628Resale
2997 Cranbrooke Dr$211,500$1192005-07-1319851,780Resale
4621 Barclay Ln$155,000$1072005-07-0119811,452Resale
3001 Fenwick Ct E$236,000$1072005-06-3019882,199Resale
2973 Foxcroft Dr$210,300$1422005-06-2819831,477Resale
3108 Dowling Dr$147,000$922005-06-1719751,604Resale
3041 Godfrey Pl$180,000$1092005-06-0219781,650Resale
4838 Heathe Dr$201,000$1182005-05-3119861,700Resale
4605 Barclay Ln$246,000$1192005-05-1419812,069Resale
2801 Heathe Ct$229,900$1372005-05-0219761,684Resale
4908 Heathe Dr$228,000$1142005-04-1519862,000Resale
4483 Foxcroft Dr$234,500$1182005-03-2819881,982Resale
3115 Dowling Dr$195,000$1332005-03-2119801,468Resale
4800 Heathe Dr$200,000$1112005-03-1819781,798Resale
3041 Banks Rd$160,000$1002005-03-1119751,606Resale
3037 Giles Pl$181,900$1282005-01-0319771,426Resale
2992 Fenwick Ct E$183,900$1082004-12-1719871,703Resale
2933 Foxcroft Dr$178,000$1102004-11-1519751,619Resale
3046 Banks Rd$177,000$1012004-10-0819781,745Resale
2724 Parsons Rst$165,000$1132004-09-2419831,461Resale
3001 Fenwick Ct E$212,000$962004-09-2019882,199Resale
3013 Giles Pl$174,000$782004-09-0719772,232Resale
4496 Foxcroft Dr$209,900$1042004-08-0619892,020Resale
3029 Godfrey Pl$185,900$1152004-08-0519771,616Resale
2961 Foxcroft Dr$200,000$902004-07-3019752,228Resale
2993 Fenwick Ct E$185,500$1232004-07-1619861,505Resale
4600 Ramsgate Dr$265,000$1342004-07-0219881,982Resale
3113 Dowling Dr$153,000$992004-05-2819761,539Resale
2935 Parrish Dr$215,000$1072004-05-2419752,005Resale
2728 Parsons Rst$165,000$1072004-05-2119791,542Resale
3032 Godfrey Pl$165,200$1002004-05-0319781,652Resale
3149 Fenwick Ct W$191,900$932004-04-1519852,069Resale
4624 Ramsgate Dr$149,400$1112004-03-0519861,341Resale
2982 Foxcroft Dr$185,000$702004-02-2619762,628Resale
3112 Dowling Dr$169,900$912003-12-0419751,865Resale
2991 Foxcroft Dr$186,500$902003-11-2519872,066Resale
4628 Ramsgate Dr$162,000$972003-10-2819861,666Resale
3132 Dowling Dr$146,000$972003-10-2419781,500Resale
4505 Foxcroft Dr$175,000$982003-09-2919861,783Resale
3025 Banks Rd$145,000$902003-09-1219771,620Resale
2805 Heathe Ct$186,000$912003-08-2219772,042Resale
2935 Parrish Dr$168,000$842003-07-2919752,005Resale
4514 Foxcroft Dr$139,000$942003-07-0119851,471Resale
4819 Heathe Dr$174,200$902003-06-3019771,939Resale
2929 Foxcroft Dr$160,000$912003-06-2719751,760Resale
2940 Parrish Dr$170,000$892003-06-2019771,908Resale
4815 Heathe Dr$145,000$662003-06-0219752,211Resale
2917 Foxcroft Dr$161,000$802003-05-1619762,022Resale
3037 Banks Rd$169,900$842003-05-0519772,012Resale
3001 Fenwick Ct E$180,000$822003-04-1819882,199Resale
3041 Banks Rd$138,000$862003-02-2519751,606Resale
3033 Godfrey Pl$174,900$742003-01-3119762,362Resale
2920 Parrish Dr$160,000$482003-01-3119763,326Resale
4501 Foxcroft Dr$168,000$872002-12-2719891,941Resale
3132 Dowling Dr$132,000$882002-12-1319781,500Resale
4507 Foxcroft Dr$170,000$782002-12-1219872,186Resale
2913 Foxcroft Dr$163,000$852002-11-2719891,917Resale
4628 Ramsgate Dr$148,500$892002-11-2619861,666Resale
4841 Heathe Dr$169,000$902002-11-0519781,873Resale
4846 Heathe Dr$131,000$882002-10-3119811,492Resale
3002 Fenwick Ct E$149,900$832002-09-2319851,796Resale
3041 Godfrey Pl$139,100$842002-09-1619781,650Resale
2943 Parrish Dr$155,000$822002-09-1219861,899Resale
2958 Foxcroft Dr$134,300$702002-07-1519771,923Resale
2978 Foxcroft Dr$139,000$832002-07-0819781,681Resale
2720 Parsons Rst$139,900$922002-06-2819851,522Resale
4831 Heathe Dr$144,900$822002-06-2819761,765Resale
2999 Fenwick Ct E$164,500$802002-05-3119882,044Resale
4834 Heathe Dr$135,000$822002-05-2819771,650Resale
3044 Godfrey Pl$149,900$832002-05-2419771,806Resale
3009 Giles Pl$145,000$852002-05-2219791,700Resale
4519 Foxcroft Dr$157,900$742002-05-1519882,122Resale
4648 Ramsgate Dr$158,000$752002-04-3019882,097Resale
2957 Foxcroft Dr$118,000$732002-04-3019761,612Resale
4652 Ramsgate Dr$158,000$782002-04-1219882,025Resale
4616 Ramsgate Dr$145,000$732002-03-2819861,975Resale
4588 Barclay Ln$132,900$752001-12-2819761,767Resale
3115 Dowling Dr$143,900$982001-12-1419801,468Resale
4495 Foxcroft Dr$139,900$732001-12-1119861,906Resale
2736 Parsons Rst$140,000$812001-12-1119791,731Resale
2929 Parrish Dr$149,900$762001-10-1619751,964Resale
4636 Ramsgate Dr$165,000$662001-10-0419892,488Resale
3029 Godfrey Place$136,000$842001-10-0319771,616Resale
2736 Parsons Rst$123,000$712001-08-1519791,731Resale
2966 Foxcroft Dr$127,500$752001-08-0219771,694Resale
2924 Parrish Dr$146,000$862001-07-3019941,689Resale
3046 Banks Rd$144,800$832001-07-3019781,745Resale
3120 Dowling Dr$141,500$792001-07-2519771,782Resale
4803 Heathe Dr$135,000$722001-07-2519771,870Resale
2949 Velda Dairy Rd$178,500$792001-06-1319942,247Resale
2995 Foxcroft Dr$149,000$712001-06-1219882,090Resale
3112 Dowling Dr$156,000$842001-06-1119751,865Resale
3119 Dowling Dr$135,500$812001-06-0519791,664Resale
4496 Foxcroft Dr$150,000$742001-05-3119892,020Resale
4908 Heathe Dr$117,000$592001-05-1819862,000Resale
2998 Fenwick Ct E$112,900$742001-05-1019871,518Resale
2996 Cranbrooke Dr$152,000$822001-05-0719861,848Resale
3151 Fenwick Ct W$150,900$762001-04-2719871,994Resale
3049 Banks Rd$154,000$892001-04-2519781,739Resale
2996 Candlestick Dr$125,000$842001-04-1219851,488Resale
3016 Godfrey Pl$100,000$722001-04-0219761,396Resale
3009 Giles Pl$131,000$772001-03-2919791,700Resale
4833 Heathe Dr$135,000$952001-03-2319781,428Resale
2804 Heathe Ct$121,000$712001-02-2819761,710Resale
3045 Godfrey Pl$171,600$622001-02-2819772,758Resale
4801 Heathe Dr$145,500$642001-02-2819772,256Resale
4827 Heathe Dr$127,000$692001-02-2619761,841Resale
4652 Ramsgate Dr$150,500$902001-02-1419881,669Resale
2992 Cranbrooke Dr$129,900$732001-01-1219871,791Resale
2998 Candlestick Dr$135,000$702000-11-3019891,939Resale
2942 Foxcroft Dr$120,000$782000-10-3119771,532Resale
3053 Banks Rd$121,500$652000-10-3119781,883Resale
4924 Heathe Dr$132,000$652000-10-2719792,039Resale
2945 Velda Dairy Rd$142,000$842000-09-2919961,698Resale
2925 Foxcroft Dr$131,000$682000-09-2919771,934Resale
2724 Parsons Rst$115,500$792000-09-2919831,461Resale
4656 Ramsgate Dr$134,000$662000-09-2719882,023Resale
4834 Heathe Dr$103,000$622000-09-2019771,650Resale
4605 Barclay Ln$144,000$702000-08-3019812,069Resale
2994 Candlestick Dr$133,000$772000-08-3019881,737Resale
3045 Godfrey Pl$93,000$342000-08-2819772,758New
3032 Giles Pl$109,900$752000-07-2819751,460Resale
4491 Foxcroft Dr$123,000$752000-07-2719861,650Resale
2946 Foxcroft Dr$150,900$772000-07-2119771,948Resale
2922 Foxcroft Dr$148,000$862000-06-3019771,728Resale
4811 Heathe Dr$130,000$732000-06-3019751,770Resale
3032 Godfrey Pl$134,500$812000-06-3019781,652Resale
2978 Foxcroft Dr$126,000$752000-06-0119781,681Resale
4613 Barclay Ln$128,500$532000-05-1919792,407Resale
2748 Parsons Rst$105,000$682000-05-0419761,554Resale
2996 Foxcroft Dr$140,500$662000-04-2819892,128Resale
2958 Foxcroft Dr$92,000$482000-04-1719771,923Resale
2962 Foxcroft Dr$125,000$562000-03-0119782,250Resale
3020 Giles Pl$133,500$732000-02-2519771,835Resale
4605 Foxcroft Ct$109,000$922000-01-2519771,190Resale
2944 Parrish Dr$130,000$642000-01-1319862,040Resale
2998 Candlestick Dr$113,500$591999-12-3019891,939Resale
2969 Velda Dairy Rd$153,900$661999-12-0819932,342Resale
2721 Parsons Rst$118,000$741999-12-0319781,600Resale
2954 Foxcroft Dr$127,000$691999-09-2919771,832Resale
3105 Dowling Dr$128,000$591999-09-2819752,172Resale
4812 Heathe Dr$15,200$101999-09-2719751,552Resale
3013 Banks Rd$125,000$681999-09-1719781,827Resale
2994 Foxcroft Dr$110,000$731999-09-0919851,501Resale
3120 Dowling Dr$125,300$701999-09-0219771,782Resale
3142 Fenwick Ct W$125,000$661999-08-3119851,885Resale
2991 Fenwick Ct E$58,300$311999-08-2719861,908Resale
2991 Fenwick Ct E$58,300$311999-08-2519861,908Resale
3008 Giles Pl$127,000$601999-08-2419772,110Resale
4616 Ramsgate Dr$134,500$681999-08-2019861,975Resale
2991 Candlestick Dr$108,000$551999-08-1919881,958Resale
2953 Velda Dairy Rd$149,900$691999-07-2319892,172Resale
3104 Dowling Dr$143,000$741999-07-2019751,936Resale
2989 Foxcroft Dr$123,900$551999-07-1919842,234Resale
3008 Giles Pl$89,100$421999-07-1919772,110Resale
4496 Foxcroft Dr$138,500$691999-06-3019892,020Resale
3009 Godfrey Pl$135,000$631999-04-3019752,154Resale
3151 Fenwick Ct W$130,000$651999-04-2819871,994Resale
2937 Foxcroft Dr$124,000$651999-04-2619751,905Resale
4900 Heathe Dr$87,000$591999-02-2519811,477Resale
4621 Barclay Ln$95,000$651999-01-2819811,452Resale
2939 Parrish Dr$124,500$691998-12-2819811,813Resale
4652 Ramsgate Dr$127,400$761998-11-2419881,669Resale
4645 Ramsgate Dr$120,700$601998-11-1719892,004Resale
2945 Velda Dairy Rd$134,900$791998-11-1319961,698Resale
4838 Heathe Dr$106,800$631998-10-2919861,700Resale
4919 Heathe Dr$121,000$761998-10-2619771,596Resale
2935 Parrish Dr$125,300$621998-08-1019752,005Resale
4816 Heathe Dr$123,000$621998-07-2419761,985Resale
4620 Barclay Ln$120,500$691998-06-3019781,744Resale
3033 Giles Pl$115,000$531998-06-3019762,158Resale
2913 Parrish Dr$128,000$641998-06-2919771,990Resale
3020 Giles Pl$130,000$711998-06-2419771,835Resale
4815 Heathe Dr$133,500$601998-05-2819752,211Resale
2966 Foxcroft Dr$115,000$681998-05-2219771,694Resale
3013 Giles Pl$125,800$561998-04-1519772,232Resale
2966 Foxcroft Dr$92,100$541998-03-2719771,694Resale
2930 Foxcroft Dr$113,000$621998-03-2719751,821Resale
2716 Parsons Rst$125,000$711998-03-1319831,766Resale
3016 Giles Pl$102,900$621998-02-2619771,660Resale
4648 Ramsgate Dr$130,900$621998-02-2419882,097Resale
3001 Fenwick Ct E$134,100$691998-01-2119881,935Resale
3140 Dowling Dr$123,400$641998-01-0919761,920Resale
4636 Ramsgate Dr$146,000$591997-10-3119892,488Resale
2925 Foxcroft Dr$122,000$631997-10-0819771,934Resale
2922 Foxcroft Dr$122,000$711997-09-2519771,728Resale
2993 Fenwick Ct E$112,000$741997-08-2619861,505Resale
4608 Foxcroft Ct$90,000$561997-07-3019771,599Resale
2748 Parsons Rst$101,500$651997-07-1819761,554Resale
4624 Ramsgate Dr$113,500$851997-07-0719861,341Resale
3149 Fenwick Ct W$126,000$611997-06-1619852,069Resale
4589 Barclay Ln$133,500$541997-05-2119842,454Resale
3123 Dowling Dr$114,000$601997-05-1919791,894Resale
2942 Foxcroft Dr$111,900$731997-04-2819771,532Resale
3146 Fenwick Ct W$107,000$731997-04-2519871,458Resale
4833 Heathe Dr$122,000$851997-04-2119781,428Resale
4711 Tory Sound Ln$168,500$811997-04-1719902,087Resale
3020 Giles Pl$128,000$701997-04-1519771,835Resale
3009 Giles Pl$114,000$671997-03-2719791,700Resale
3009 Giles Pl$110,000$651997-02-2819791,700Resale
3152 Fenwick Ct W$125,000$591996-12-1919892,128Resale
3017 Godfrey Pl$122,000$781996-12-1719771,573Resale
4834 Heathe Dr$110,900$671996-12-1219771,650Resale
4913 Heathe Dr$101,000$681996-12-1019771,477Resale
4617 Barclay Ln$123,400$681996-12-1019791,814Resale
4628 Ramsgate Dr$117,500$711996-11-2119861,666Resale
2721 Parsons Rst$119,000$741996-10-3019781,600Resale
3046 Banks Rd$118,000$681996-10-1519781,745Resale
2973 Foxcroft Dr$103,500$701996-10-0719831,477Resale
3120 Dowling Dr$118,800$671996-08-2319771,782Resale
3000 Fenwick Ct E$116,900$761996-07-3119851,548Resale
2716 Parsons Rst$117,000$661996-07-2919831,766Resale
4514 Foxcroft Dr$106,900$731996-07-2619851,471Resale
3113 Dowling Dr$92,000$601996-06-2719761,539Resale
3044 Giles Pl$128,800$591996-06-2119832,178Resale
4833 Heathe Dr$120,000$841996-05-3119781,428Resale
4655 Ramsgate Dr$105,500$601996-04-2919851,756Resale
2995 Cranbrooke Dr$123,900$601996-04-2619862,064Resale
4489 Foxcroft Dr$120,000$631996-04-2219871,893Resale
3041 Giles Pl$117,500$711996-03-2719781,655Resale
2945 Foxcroft Dr$121,000$551995-12-2819772,207Resale
2732 Parsons Rst$105,200$631995-10-2719781,682Resale
4514 Foxcroft Dr$94,900$651995-10-2719851,471Resale
2996 Fenwick Ct E$127,500$611995-10-1019892,082Resale
4609 Barclay Ln$158,000$661995-09-1319782,400Resale
4620 Ramsgate Dr$129,900$651995-08-0319881,992Resale
4496 Foxcroft Dr$89,900$451995-08-0219892,020Resale
3012 Godfrey Pl$117,900$611995-07-3119751,920Resale
4613 Barclay Ln$129,900$541995-07-1819792,407Resale
3029 Banks Rd$127,000$611995-06-2819772,093Resale
3105 Dowling Dr$104,000$481995-06-2219752,172Resale
4660 Ramsgate Dr$121,500$581995-06-1519872,090Resale
2996 Candlestick Dr$97,000$651995-05-2519851,488Resale
4509 Foxcroft Dr$110,500$581995-04-2819871,891Resale
4497 Foxcroft Dr$90,600$511995-02-2419871,781Resale
2965 Velda Dairy Rd$100,000$451995-02-1419882,226Resale
3032 Giles Pl$79,000$541994-11-3019751,460Resale
2939 Parrish Dr$100,000$551994-11-2119811,813Resale
3025 Giles Pl$98,000$711994-11-0419761,372Resale
3146 Fenwick Ct W$103,000$711994-10-0519871,458Resale
4481 Foxcroft Dr$118,500$641994-09-2919871,844Resale
2924 Parrish Dr$129,900$771994-09-1619941,689New
2993 Fenwick Ct E$102,000$681994-08-0919861,505Resale
2932 Parrish Dr$112,000$631994-07-2619831,766Resale
3001 Fenwick Ct E$112,500$581994-06-2719881,935Resale
2953 Velda Dairy Rd$130,000$601994-06-0819892,172Resale
4489 Foxcroft Dr$115,000$611994-06-0219871,893Resale
3053 Banks Rd$115,000$611994-05-2619781,883Resale
2929 Parrish Dr$106,000$541994-05-2319751,964Resale
4850 Heathe Dr$74,500$371994-05-1819792,014Resale
4614 Barclay Ln$96,900$561994-04-2819781,721Resale
3140 Dowling Dr$113,000$591994-04-2119761,920Resale
4509 Foxcroft Dr$106,500$561994-04-1119871,891Resale
4823 Heathe Dr$95,500$641994-04-1119761,498Resale
4831 Heathe Dr$98,500$561994-03-2919761,765Resale
3152 Fenwick Ct W$114,000$541994-03-2819892,128Resale
2992 Fenwick Ct E$106,000$621994-02-2519871,703Resale
2990 Candlestick Dr$107,000$671994-01-2419861,601Resale
2970 Foxcroft Dr$93,500$631994-01-0319801,478Resale
2961 Foxcroft Dr$110,000$491993-12-2019752,228Resale
4920 Heathe Dr$119,600$621993-12-0619791,938Resale
2957 Foxcroft Dr$87,500$541993-12-0219761,612Resale
2732 Parsons Rst$95,900$571993-11-2219781,682Resale
4617 Barclay Ln$70,800$391993-10-2619791,814Resale
2993 Fenwick Ct E$100,000$661993-10-2019861,505Resale
4831 Heathe Dr$92,000$521993-10-0519761,765Resale
4656 Ramsgate Dr$106,700$531993-09-2819882,023Resale
3000 Fenwick Ct E$103,800$671993-09-1319851,548Resale
4605 Barclay Ln$125,000$601993-09-0119812,069Resale
3029 Godfrey Place$95,900$591993-08-1919771,616Resale
2969 Velda Dairy Road$107,000$441993-07-2619932,414New
3009 Godfrey Pl$113,800$531993-07-0619752,154Resale
2991 Foxcroft Dr$110,000$531993-07-0219872,066Resale
3140 Dowling Dr$112,000$581993-06-3019761,920Resale
3009 Giles Pl$96,000$561993-06-2819791,700Resale
4834 Heathe Dr$88,500$541993-06-1819771,650Resale
2748 Parsons Rst$101,500$651993-06-0319761,554Resale
3037 Giles Pl$89,000$621993-05-2819771,426Resale
4600 Godfrey Ct$89,900$551993-05-2819791,631Resale
4514 Foxcroft Dr$86,000$581993-05-0719851,471Resale
2987 Foxcroft Dr$94,900$501993-05-0419891,912Resale
2712 Parsons Rst$90,900$531993-05-0319831,713Resale
4508 Foxcroft Dr$86,000$541993-04-3019861,585Resale
4916 Heathe$89,000$451993-04-1219931,977New
4713 Tory Sound Ln$126,000$581993-04-0219882,184Resale
2913 Foxcroft Dr$114,000$591993-03-0219891,917Resale
4608 Foxcroft Ct$85,000$531993-02-2519771,599Resale
2943 Parrish Dr$109,800$581993-02-0819861,899Resale
2996 Cranbrooke Dr$115,000$621992-12-2119861,848Resale
2704 Parsons Rst$104,900$631992-12-0219781,654Resale
4645 Ramsgate Dr$106,500$531992-11-1719892,004Resale
2977 Foxcroft Dr$96,900$541992-10-2819811,794Resale
4920 Heathe Dr$117,300$611992-10-1419791,938Resale
3025 Giles Pl$88,500$651992-10-0619761,372Resale
2953 Velda Dairy Rd$110,800$511992-09-2819892,172Resale
2985 Foxcroft Dr$110,000$531992-09-0319892,085Resale
2996 Candlestick Dr$80,000$541992-07-1619851,488Resale
2998 Candlestick Dr$101,800$531992-07-0819891,939Resale
4491 Foxcroft Dr$93,000$561992-07-0619861,650Resale
2617 Bantry Bay Dr$108,000$611992-06-3019811,765Resale
4660 Ramsgate Dr$102,800$491992-06-0319872,090Resale
4616 Ramsgate Dr$111,000$561992-05-0519861,975Resale
2966 Foxcroft Dr$92,000$541992-03-3119771,694Resale
4515 Foxcroft Dr$82,900$551992-03-1119861,508Resale
4520 Foxcroft Dr$103,000$481992-03-0319882,135Resale
4507 Foxcroft Dr$106,500$491992-03-0319872,186Resale
2946 Foxcroft Dr$115,500$591991-12-1919771,948Resale
2995 Fenwick Ct E$95,000$541991-11-2719861,749Resale
4598 Ramsgate Dr$115,400$541991-11-2619892,136Resale
4640 Ramsgate Dr$105,800$581991-11-2619891,830Resale
3041 Godfrey Pl$96,000$581991-11-1919781,650Resale
4621 Barclay Ln$78,900$541991-11-1519811,452Resale
2937 Foxcroft Dr$103,000$541991-11-1319751,905Resale
4519 Foxcroft Dr$115,500$541991-11-0519882,122Resale
4648 Ramsgate Dr$111,900$531991-11-0419882,097Resale
4823 Heathe Dr$88,000$591991-10-0219761,498Resale
2994 Fenwick Ct E$104,400$521991-08-3019882,021Resale
2712 Parsons Rst$91,500$531991-08-2019831,713Resale
2995 Foxcroft Dr$109,000$521991-08-1219882,090Resale
2992 Candlestick Dr$89,000$541991-08-1219871,646Resale
2943 Parrish Dr$98,000$521991-07-3019861,899Resale
2989 Foxcroft Dr$104,000$471991-07-1519842,234Resale
3135 Dowling Dr$110,000$561991-07-0919781,967Resale
4713 Tory Sound Ln$126,500$581991-07-0119882,184Resale
4628 Ramsgate Dr$102,500$621991-06-0419861,666Resale
2942 Foxcroft Dr$87,400$571991-06-0419771,532Resale
5371 Carisbrooke Ln$280,000$711991-05-1319913,926New
2998 Foxcroft Dr$117,000$531991-05-1019892,196Resale
4480 Foxcroft Dr$106,000$601991-05-0119861,767Resale
3025 Banks Rd$83,000$511991-03-2519771,620Resale
4648 Ramsgate Dr$110,500$531991-03-0119882,097Resale
3136 Dowling Dr$71,000$391991-02-1119781,838Resale
4608 Foxcroft Ct$40,900$261991-01-3019771,599Resale
4608 Foxcroft Ct$40,900$261991-01-3019771,599Resale
2937 Foxcroft Dr$106,000$561991-01-3019751,905Resale

This concludes our February 2019 update on home sales in Foxcroft, please give us a call at (850) 366-8917 or drop us a note if you have questions not covered in this report.

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Video Answers To Your Questions

What are closing costs when buying a home?
What are closing costs when buying a home?
If you are planning to buy a home now, or in the next few months, there are some fees and expenses you’ll need to pay in addition to your down payment that you should know about. Other than your down payment, all money you spend when you buy a home are called “closing costs,” and you should know about them ahead of time. Even experienced buyers can be surprised at all the costs that are associated with buying a home today. This short video will cover what you need to know so that you can (one, be prepared,
What To Offer On A Home In A Sellers Market
What To Offer On A Home In A Sellers Market
We are experiencing the strongest seller's market on record, so you have to be prepared to make the right kind of offer if you want to buy a home today. And it's not all just about how much to offer, there is so much involved when making the "RIGHT" offer in a seller's market. I have shared my experience of selling thousands of homes in a seller's market, both with working for buyers and with working for sellers. I have shared 3 important home buying tips to enlighten you on what matters most to sellers so
What Is A Seller's Market In Real Estate?
What Is A Seller's Market In Real Estate?
You might have heard that we have a huge seller’s market right now in real estate. Do you know what that means? This real estate frequently asked question comes up from time to time when somebody is buying a home or selling a home. They want to know if its a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. Is now a good time to buy a home in the Tallahassee real estate market? I have prepared this short video to demonstrate the conditions that make this a seller’s market, and then we’ll show you the numbers and how we
How Much Margin For Negotiation Should I Include In My Asking Price?
How Much Margin For Negotiation Should I Include In My Asking Price?
I was recently asked "How much margin for negotiation should I include in my asking price?" This is a common question from experienced home sellers. They have sold homes in the past and understand the negotiation process involves a game of give and take, so doesn’t it make good sense to start with a little wiggle room in your price so that you can give it to the buyer to secure a sale? Here's what you should know. I explain EXACTLY how much margin for negotiation you should add to the price of your home t
How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home In 2020?
How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home In 2020?
How long does it take a home to sell in 2020? I've been asked this question a lot recently, and it made me realize a full explanation was in order. Why? Because if you understood how to sell a home for top dollar, you would know that it is a trick question. Trust me on this. Invest the few minutes it takes to watch the video and you'll have a better understanding of selling a home than do most people in the real estate industry (and I'll prove it!).
How Many Times Will A Home Seller Counter Offer?
How Many Times Will A Home Seller Counter Offer?
This real estate frequently asked question is from a recent home buyer. If you are about to buy a home in Tallahassee Florida or beyond and you’re trying to better understand how the real estate negotiation process will work, then understanding how to better control the negotiation is going to keep some of your hard-earned money in your pocket!
What Is A Swimming Pool Worth?
What Is A Swimming Pool Worth?
What Is A Swimming Pool Worth? Recently, a customer buying a home asked me a simple question. She inquired “how much does a pool add to the value of a home?” Pretty simple question, right? Well, by the end of this short video, you’ll know the not-so-simple answer (and why this is so important).
How Digital Has Changed How We Sell A Home Today
How Digital Has Changed How We Sell A Home Today
Time to sell a home? The digital age has had a huge impact on what homeowners must do to get top dollar when selling their home. In this video, Joe Manausa explains why and how things have changed, and then lays out the plan for what home sellers must do.
What Is Pre Marketing In Real Estate When Selling A Home?
What Is Pre Marketing In Real Estate When Selling A Home?
What is pre-marketing in real estate when selling a home? When your home hits the market and it "goes live," how many buyers will be standing in line to get in? Will it look like an Apple store on the day the new iPhone is released? If not, why not? ... it's all in the video ??????
How To Subscribe To The Joe Manausa Real Estate Channel On YouTube
How To Subscribe To The Joe Manausa Real Estate Channel On YouTube
Have you subscribed to the Joe Manausa Real Estate Channel on YouTube? It's a "must" for people who are planning to sell or buy a home in the near future. Just click subscribe to get started, and the bell icon, so that you never miss anything!
Who is responsible for determining the value of the home you want to buy?
Who is responsible for determining the value of the home you want to buy?
If you are planning on buying a home now, or within the next three to six months, you are going to have all sorts of questions pop up for which you’ll want answers. Among the most important of these will have to do with figuring out what a home is worth. As a matter of fact, I was recently asked this question “Who is primarily responsible for determining the market value of the home you want to buy?” Questions about valuation are very common from buyers of all experience levels because nobody wants to overp
Home Selling Tip: Don't Price Your Home On The 9s!
Home Selling Tip: Don't Price Your Home On The 9s!
One of the most important steps in your marketing strategy when selling a home is setting the initial asking price for the home. While I have discussed this in previous videos, today I’m going to discuss a technique that I refer to as pricing on the 9s. It works to reduce the buyer pool for the home seller and reduce’s the seller’s chances of getting top dollar for the home. It is a terrible tactic and works against the seller. If you watch this short video, you’ll understand exactly why it hurts home selle

Video Housing Market Reports

Is The Housing Market Too Hot To Sustain?
Is The Housing Market Too Hot To Sustain?
The real estate market September 2020 continues to be hot, despite no end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic. I was wondering, "is the housing market too hot?" Is the current rate of sales sustainable? Are we seeing 2003 through 2006 conditions happening again? This housing market report starts with a look at the big picture, the US housing market, and then drills down to Tallahassee housing market, and finally to zip code level in the Tallahassee real estate market. Sit back, relax, grab a cold drink, and
Foreclosures 2020: The Coming Coronavirus Foreclosure Crisis
Foreclosures 2020: The Coming Coronavirus Foreclosure Crisis
Is there a foreclosure crisis or is it fake news? I’m seeing a lot of videos and articles about the impending doom of the housing market. A tsunami of foreclosures? Evictions by the millions? Home prices dropping by 40%! There are a lot of doomsayers getting a lot of attention these days. Wouldn’t it be interesting to take a fact-based look at the housing market instead? Sit back, relax, and watch our Housing Market 2020 Forecast, and you'll discover the real deal about the impending foreclosure crisis in
September 2020 Housing Market Report Using Quartiles
September 2020 Housing Market Report Using Quartiles
Our early September 2020 housing market report quartiles home prices in the real estate market through last month. What’s a quartile you say? A quartile housing report is like a median housing report on steroids, it gives you 3 times the information about what people are spending on homes. If you are new to reports using quartiles, stick around to the end of this short video and you’ll see how we glean quality information using the quartile function. Sit back, relax, kick your feet up, and prepare for a dif
The Difference Between New Home Sales And Existing Home Sales
The Difference Between New Home Sales And Existing Home Sales
The Tallahassee real estate market continues to suffer from a decimated inventory that forces multiple buyers into bidding wars over each new listing that hits the market. Hands down, bar none, this is the best time to sell a home that I’ve ever seen in my near 30 years experience selling homes in Tallahassee. There simply are not enough homes for sale for our normal market demand. That’s right. Demand is not the highest I’ve ever seen, but supply is the lowest on record. The reduced supply of homes is due
Housing Market August 2020 Update
Housing Market August 2020 Update
This video provides an analysis of the Tallahassee real estate market in early August of 2020. If you own a home in Tallahassee, this will give you insight into how your largest asset is doing and let you know where you stand if you would like to move now or in the near future. If you do not live in Tallahassee, this report is likely to reveal market conditions very similar to your own, though the price-points might be higher or lower.
The Difference Between New Home Sales And Existing Home Sales
The Difference Between New Home Sales And Existing Home Sales
The Tallahassee real estate market continues to suffer from a decimated inventory that forces multiple buyers into bidding wars over each new listing that hits the market. Hands down, bar none, this is the best time to sell a home that I’ve ever seen in my near 30 years experience selling homes in Tallahassee. There simply are not enough homes for sale for our normal market demand. That’s right. Demand is not the highest I’ve ever seen, but supply is the lowest on record. The reduced supply of homes is due
Pending Home Sales Report August 2020
Pending Home Sales Report August 2020
The Pending Home Sales is a leading indicator for the housing market, based on pending sales of existing homes. A sale is listed as pending when the contract has been signed but the transaction has not closed, though the sale usually is finalized within one or two months of signing. Most housing market analyses identify home sales after they close, but a study of pending home sales give us real estate market information nearly two full months earlier than do closed sales reports. The August pending home sal
Luxury Homes Market Report July 2020
Luxury Homes Market Report July 2020
If you are selling your Tallahassee luxury home in the next 3-6 months, you naturally may be asking yourself if this is a good time to sell due to COVID-19. This is one of the most common questions I’m getting from friends and clients right now. If you’re going to sell, you obviously want to sell for every dollar you can get. So is it possible to sell a luxury home in Tallahassee for top dollar right now?
July 2020 Housing Market Report
July 2020 Housing Market Report
The Housing Market July 2020 Report is a comprehensive analysis of the Tallahassee real estate market at the half-way point in 2020. If you own a home in Tallahassee, this will give you insight into how your largest asset is doing and let you know where you stand if you would like to move now or in the near future. If you do not live in Tallahassee, this report is likely to reveal market conditions very similar to your own, though the price-points might be higher or lower.
3 Market Forces Helping Home Sellers
3 Market Forces Helping Home Sellers
Where Have All The Houses Gone?
Where Have All The Houses Gone?

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