Fletcher Oaks Listings And Sales Report December 2022

Fletcher Oaks is a small but popular neighborhood in the 32312 zip code Featuring 95 single-family detached homes built since 2015.

Fletcher Oaks is a new construction neighborhood in the 32317 zip code where just over 40 single-family detached homes have been built and sold in the past two years.

Located south of Mahan Drive on the east side of Pedrick Road, Fletcher Oaks offers a unique, 2-story home on very small (easy to maintain) parcels of land.

Homes For Sale In Fletcher Oaks 

5 Properties

Fletcher Oaks Schools

Fletcher Oaks is zoned for the following Leon County public schools:

Fletcher Oaks Home Prices

The average home price in Fletcher Oaks has risen more than 19% in 2022 to $381K.

Currently, there are seven homes for sale in Fletcher Oaks, and three are already under contract with buyers. Nearly all homes for sale here are brand new, but in an interesting twist, there is one used home for sale, and the seller has chosen an asking price far higher than the brand-new homes are going for. Shockingly, it is still available.

Fletcher Oaks Home Values

With new construction neighborhoods, we can substitute the terms "value" and "cost" as they represent the price per square foot the builder requires to make a profit to build and sell new homes.

The cost of Fletcher Oaks homes (like all new homes) has soared this year, up more than 19% from what was recorded last year. It is interesting to note that the builder's asking (value) has come by about 3% over the past few months.

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Fletcher Oaks Home Sizes

The average size of homes sold in Fletcher Oaks is very easy to calculate as all homes built thus far have been the same size (1,804 square feet).

We track the average home size in all neighborhoods in order to identify both acquisition trends (smaller homes selling versus larger homes selling) as well as renovation trends (people buying and making homes larger). We don't expect to see any fluctuation here for many years.

Fletcher Oaks Home Sales

The following list shows home sales in Fletcher Oaks going back to 2020, the year the first home was sold.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
450 Grand Oaks Road$398,962$2212023-08-2120221,804New
454 Grand Oaks Road$391,512$2172023-08-1420221,804New
435 Stately Oaks Place$427,905$2372023-08-0420231,804New
5606 Fletcher Oaks Drive$424,764$2352023-07-2720201,804New
Pedrick Rd$424,400$2492023-07-2720201,702New
458 Grand Oaks Road$391,512$2172023-07-2120231,804New
427 Stately Oaks Place$413,902$2292023-07-1720231,804New
431 Stately Oaks Place$416,157$2312023-07-1420231,804New
462 Grand Oaks Road$393,000$2182023-07-0720221,804New
478 Grand Oaks Road$395,062$2192023-06-1220231,802New
5643 Fletcher Oaks Dr$390,000$2162023-06-0520211,804Resale
5627 Fletcher Oaks Drive$399,512$2212023-05-2420221,804New
459 Grand Oaks Road$413,512$2292023-05-0520231,804New
438 Grand Oaks Road$389,782$2162023-04-1920221,804New
443 Grand Oaks Road$388,512$2152023-04-0320221,804New
474 Grand Oaks Road$393,832$2182023-03-2420221,804New
470 Grand Oaks Road$393,512$2182023-03-2220221,804New
482 Grand Oaks Road$396,012$2202023-03-0320221,804New
5655 Fletcher Oaks Drive$397,900$2212023-02-1620211,804Resale
434 Grand Oaks Road$389,112$2162023-01-3120221,804New
442 Grand Oaks Road$391,562$2172023-01-2320221,804New
5631 Fletcher Oaks Drive$400,807$2222023-01-0420221,804New
430 Grand Oaks Road$409,423$2272022-12-0920221,804New
5610 Fletcher Oaks Drive$350,000$1942022-11-2220201,804Resale
5682 Fletcher Oaks Drive$385,000$2132022-07-0620201,804Resale
471 Grand Oaks Drive$362,288$2012021-12-0820211,804New
5655 Fletcher Oaks Drive$359,000$1992021-11-1620211,804Resale
5639 Fletcher Oaks Drive$333,579$1852021-11-0320211,804New
486 Grand Oaks Road$330,612$1832021-10-2920211,804New
446 Grand Oaks Drive$300,450$1672021-10-2920211,804New
5635 Fletcher Oaks Drive$355,150$1972021-10-2020211,804New
5643 Fletcher Oaks Drive$357,649$1982021-10-1320211,804New
467 Grand Oaks Drive$322,791$1792021-09-2720211,804New
422 Grand Oaks Road$317,687$1762021-09-0820211,804New
406 Grand Oaks Road$341,095$1892021-09-0220211,804New
Xxxx Fletcher Oaks Drive$325,112$1802021-08-2720211,804New
414 Grand Oaks Road$330,190$1832021-08-1720211,804New
418 Grand Oaks Road$309,227$1712021-08-1220211,804New
463 Grand Oaks Road$308,641$1712021-08-1220211,804New
5647 Fletcher Oaks Drive$324,572$1802021-08-0420211,804New
5651 Fletcher Oaks Drive$317,377$1762021-08-0420211,804New
5675 Fletcher Oaks Drive$329,639$1832021-06-2820211,804New
5667 Fletcher Oaks Drive$320,827$1782021-06-1620201,804New
5671 Fletcher Oaks Drive$329,147$1822021-06-0220201,804New
5663 Fletcher Oaks Drive$325,939$1812021-05-0720201,804New
426 Grand Oaks Drive$312,013$1732021-04-2620211,804New
5655 Fletcher Oaks Drive$317,647$1762021-04-2120201,804New
5659 Fletcher Oaks Drive$312,860$1732021-04-2020201,804New
5630 Fletcher Oaks Drive$306,961$1702021-04-0120201,804New
5634 Fletcher Oaks Drive$318,490$1772021-03-2620201,804New
5654 Fletcher Oaks Drive$299,425$1662021-03-0520201,804New
5650 Fletcher Oaks Drive$297,006$1652021-03-0520201,804New
5642 Fletcher Oaks Drive$317,277$1762021-02-1720201,804New
5646 Fletcher Oaks Drive$296,942$1652021-02-0420201,804New
5660 Fletcher Oaks Drive$282,507$1572021-01-2520201,804New
5638 Fletcher Oaks Drive$300,090$1662021-01-2220201,804New
5622 Fletcher Oaks Drive$289,342$1602021-01-1920201,804New
5610 Fletcher Oaks Drive$287,529$1592021-01-1520201,804New
5618 Fletcher Oaks Drive$318,900$1772021-01-1520201,804New
5626 Fletcher Oaks Drive$301,009$1672020-12-2320201,804New
5662 Fletcher Oaks Drive$305,646$1692020-12-0920201,804New
5658 Fletcher Oaks Drive$298,710$1662020-12-0420201,804New
5682 Fletcher Oaks Drive$316,328$1752020-11-2520201,804New
5674 Fletcher Oaks Drive$310,246$1722020-11-2020201,804New
5678 Fletcher Oaks Drive$303,827$1682020-11-1620201,804New
5670 Fletcher Oaks Drive$285,807$1582020-11-1020201,804New
5614 Fletcher Oaks Drive$296,194$1642020-08-0520201,804New
5610 Fletcher Oaks Drive$287,529$1592020-06-3020201,804New

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