Durward Listings And Home Sales Report May 2020

Durward Listings And Home Sales Report May 2020

Durward is a popular North-Midtown neighborhood of roughly 115 homes of various sizes which were mostly built from 1950 through the early 1970s, though one has been built as recently as 2010.

What makes Durward so special is that the location is supreme, the homes are large, and the mature lots are very large too (some are nearly 2 acres!).

Homes For Sale In Durward

3 Properties

Durward Schools

Durward is zoned for the following Leon County public schools:

This Durward neighborhood report includes charts and graphs that display average home prices, home values, and home sizes, as well as a list of the most recent closed home sales in Durward.

For each of the three real estate graphs found in this Tallahassee housing report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years but through the middle of May in 2020. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Durward).

Durward Home Prices

The average price of the homes sold in Durward thus far in 2020 is $415K, which is very close to the all-time-high set a few years ago.

Activity in Durward is good, as the combination of low-inventory and excellent North Midtown location make Durward a very desirable place to live.

Currently, there are three homes for sale in Durward and just one of them is under contract with a buyer (THIS ONE that we were hired to sell).

Home Values In Durward

The average home value in Durward rises and falls each year due to the relatively few homes that sell and the varying age, conditions, and sizes of the properties.

The average home value in Durward in 2020 is $133 per square foot.

Durward Home Sizes

The average size of homes sold in Durward typically falls in a wide range from 2,100 to 2,800 square feet, but due to relatively low sales volume, we occasionally see values fly outside of the high-end of this range.

2020 appears to be one of those atypical years. The three homes sold thus far were measured at an average size of 3,066 square feet, while the three homes for sale measure in at a whopping 3,831 square feet average. It's likely that 2020 will set a new high-end record.

Recent Home Sales In Durward

The following list shows more than 80 home sales in Durward since 2007, the first year that sales began here. Note that you can reorganize the list by simply clicking the column heading for the data you wish to sort by.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
509 South Ride$410,000$2662024-04-0419561,540Resale
904 Parker Drive$400,000$2652023-12-2120101,511Resale
519 Vinnedge Ride$600,000$2472023-12-1519612,423Resale
506 S Ride$495,000$2602023-11-1319561,898Resale
506 South Ride$495,000$2612023-11-1319561,898Resale
402 North Ride$520,000$1972023-03-2219642,643Resale
402 N Ride$520,000$2082023-03-2219642,496Resale
918 North Ride$899,000$3152023-02-1020182,855Resale
406 Vinnedge Ride$800,000$2452022-08-0119663,262Resale
603 South Ride$341,000$2002022-04-2219841,706Resale
408 S Ride$565,000$2502022-02-0819552,258Resale
526 N Ride$775,000$2342022-01-3119663,300Resale
526 North Ride$775,000$1992022-01-3119663,890Resale
605 North Ride$840,000$3392022-01-2819942,475Resale
502 South Ride Drive$534,000$1792021-11-0819562,980Resale
2202 Thomasville Rd$405,000$2192021-10-2919501,842Resale
519 Vinnedge Ride$522,500$2152021-09-2019612,423Resale
426 Vinnedge Ride$799,950$2222021-07-3019613,605Resale
402 S Ride$850,000$2142021-04-3020173,972Resale
418 N Ride$300,000$1582021-04-0519631,891Resale
418 North Ride$300,000$792021-04-0519633,782Resale
408 South Ride$335,000$1482021-03-2619552,258Resale
507 South Ride$563,100$1512021-02-0519973,740Resale
512 South Ride Road$395,000$1552021-01-2919602,551Resale
2100 Thomasville Road$545,000$1352021-01-1919504,040Resale
515 Vinnedge Ride$507,500$2132020-10-0919612,379Resale
628 S Ride$440,000$1592020-09-2319502,763Resale
628 South Ride Drive$440,000$1612020-09-2319502,735Resale
406 Vinnedge Ride$605,000$1862020-08-1719663,253Resale
502 Vinnedge Ride$405,500$1262020-05-1519823,210Resale
526 Vinnedge Ride$550,000$1592020-03-2719663,457Resale
510 North Ride$290,000$1152020-03-2019622,531Resale
510 N Ride$290,000$1142020-03-1119622,531Resale
406 Vinnedge Ride$263,000$812019-11-2619663,253Resale
423 Vinnedge Ride$382,500$1592019-04-2919592,408Resale
403 N Ride$215,000$782018-12-2819662,758Resale
600 N Ride$750,000$1982018-12-0619743,789Resale
600 North Ride$750,000$1982018-12-0619743,789Resale
423 North Ride$300,000$1252018-10-2419782,400Resale
515 Vinnedge Ride$344,500$1582018-10-0919612,179Resale
518 Vinnedge Ride$325,000$1452018-08-2419612,249Resale
2207 Durward Ride$384,300$1582018-07-1619522,432Resale
2223 Ruadh Ride$360,000$1432018-02-0719582,519Resale
402 South Ride$755,346$1902017-06-3019573,976Resale
402 N Ride$379,000$1652017-05-3119642,301Resale
402 North Ride$379,000$1422017-05-3119642,664Resale
509 S Ride$270,000$1752017-05-2319561,540Resale
514 North Ride$349,900$1802016-12-3019621,948Resale
426 North Ride$375,000$1462016-10-2119722,576Resale
700 North Ride$404,000$1442016-09-2319682,802Resale
700 N Ride$404,000$2222016-09-2119681,812Resale
600 N Ride$458,600$1092016-07-2219744,211Resale
515 N Ride$270,000$1212016-07-1819702,240Resale
420 S Ride$245,000$1352016-06-3019551,810Resale
420 South Ride$245,000$752016-06-3019553,249Resale
402 South Ride$105,000$482016-06-0919572,173Resale
2206 Durward Ride$350,000$1022016-01-1419573,436Resale
414 N Ride$450,000$1702015-12-0419652,641Resale
414 North Ride$450,000$1702015-12-0419652,641Resale
2227 Ruadh Ride$442,500$1492015-07-3119592,963Resale
515 S Ride$425,000$1692015-06-3019632,509Resale
515 South Ride$425,000$1632015-06-3019632,605Resale
418 Vinnedge Ride$382,900$1242015-05-0619593,100Resale
515 Vinnedge Ride$269,000$1252015-04-1519612,154Resale
426 Vinnedge Ride$237,500$932014-09-1119612,566Resale
530 N Ride$480,000$1342014-08-1119713,593Resale
502 Vinnedge Ride$335,000$1042014-05-2819823,210Resale
414 N Ride$400,000$1512014-05-1619652,641Resale
403 N Ride$89,600$322014-04-0919662,758Resale
518 Vinnedge Ride$284,000$1262013-12-3019612,249Resale
426 Vinnedge Ride$205,000$802013-12-0319612,566Resale
901 N Ride$175,000$1212013-09-1319501,441Resale
527 N Ride$320,000$1162013-05-1019622,748Resale
506 Vinnedge Ride$229,900$1312013-05-0119661,754Resale
705 N Ride$360,000$1292013-04-1619682,786Resale
426 N Ride$270,000$1092013-04-0219722,480Resale
403 Vinnedge Ride$205,000$622013-02-2219663,283Resale
907 N Ride$175,000$642012-12-2819522,729Resale
628 S Ride$160,000$592012-12-1819502,735Resale
2202 Thomasville Rd$180,000$982012-09-2019501,842Resale
509 S Ride$130,000$752012-07-1619561,728Resale
502 S Ride$174,900$692012-06-1519562,544Resale
407 Vinnedge Ride$234,900$1472012-04-2019601,600Resale
514 N Ride$295,000$1742012-01-1719621,700Resale
616 S Ride$209,500$802011-10-2819522,608Resale
527 Vinnedge Ride$445,000$1622011-06-0319642,744Resale
2223 Ruadh Ride$280,000$1112011-05-0219582,519Resale
510 Vinnedge Ride$250,000$1292011-04-2519601,942Resale
2214 Thomasville Rd$220,000$992011-01-3119622,223Resale
426 N Ride$250,000$1012010-12-3019722,480Resale
702 N Ride$341,000$1402010-09-2019642,432Resale
904 Parker Dr$100,000$572010-06-2120101,748New
710 N Ride$395,000$1422010-06-1119682,789Resale
620 S Ride$267,000$1172009-08-1919502,290Resale
506 S Ride$310,000$1632009-08-1919561,898Resale
427 Vinnedge Ride$335,000$1372009-08-1219592,441Resale
2304 Charles Ct$312,100$1132009-07-0319682,763Resale
423 Vinnedge Ride$285,000$1212009-06-0519592,359Resale
427 Vinnedge Ride$240,000$982008-12-0519592,441Resale
411 Vinnedge Ride$299,900$1992008-09-0519621,508Resale
2227 Ruadh Ride$325,000$1142008-06-2019592,852Resale
411 N Ride$235,000$1432008-03-1319781,642Resale
2306 Charles Ct$345,500$1202007-12-2019662,871Resale
2306 Charles Ct$282,000$982007-10-1219662,871Resale
418 N Ride$350,000$1852007-08-1619631,891Resale
611 N Ride$365,000$1492007-07-3119732,456Resale
407 N Ride$364,000$1512007-06-2719622,412Resale
607 S Ride$310,000$1572007-04-1819551,969Resale
510 Vinnedge Ride$405,000$2092007-02-2819601,942Resale
418 Vinnedge Ride$312,000$1292006-08-3119592,410Resale
402 N Ride$493,400$2142006-07-1419642,301Resale
509 Vinnedge Ride$500,000$972006-06-2320065,140New
506 S Ride$322,500$1702006-03-3119561,898Resale
611 N Ride$350,000$1432006-03-3019732,456Resale
418 Vinnedge Ride$313,500$1302006-01-0919592,410Resale
506 Vinnedge Ride$455,000$2592005-12-0119661,754Resale
426 N Ride$399,900$1612005-07-2719722,480Resale
426 N Ride$399,900$1612005-07-1819722,480Resale
527 Vinnedge Ride$520,000$1902005-06-3019642,744Resale
402 N Ride$279,000$1322005-06-0119642,106Resale
2206 Thomasville Rd$259,900$1472004-11-2919511,773Resale
515 S Ride$389,000$1552004-07-2819632,509Resale
415 Vinnedge Ride$285,000$1152004-07-1219642,479Resale
608 S Ride$1,000,000$1812004-07-0519515,539Resale
415 N Ride$321,000$1632004-06-2919761,965Resale
514 N Ride$216,600$1262004-03-1619621,715Resale
509 S Ride$217,000$1262004-01-2219561,728Resale
414 N Ride$349,000$1322003-11-1819652,641Resale
403 N Ride$280,000$1022003-08-0819662,758Resale
426 N Ride$309,400$1572003-08-0819721,976Resale
409 S Ride$520,000$1252003-05-2319524,160Resale
403 Vinnedge Ride$270,000$822003-04-2919663,283Resale
611 N Ride$225,000$922003-04-2419732,456Resale
427 Vinnedge Ride$270,000$1112003-04-1019592,441Resale
506 Vinnedge Ride$282,000$1612003-03-2119661,754Resale
515 N Ride$195,500$992003-03-1019701,984Resale
600 N Ride$450,000$1072003-01-3119744,207Resale
628 S Ride$219,000$992002-10-2519502,213Resale
712 N Ride$310,000$1112002-08-1219652,793Resale
410 Vinnedge Ride$211,000$752002-08-1219732,808Resale
426 N Ride$125,700$642002-02-1319721,976Resale
426 N Ride$122,500$622002-01-3119721,976Resale
612 S Ride$77,500$552001-10-1519491,400Resale
417 S Ride$369,400$1322001-09-2719532,794Resale
907 N Ride$130,000$582001-08-2819522,231Resale
2218 Thomasville Rd$245,000$1542001-08-2719541,589Resale
502 S Ride$199,000$782001-07-1319562,544Resale
902 N Ride$350,000$1132001-04-3019693,100Resale
518 Vinnedge Ride$240,000$1072001-03-1519612,249Resale
509 S Ride$150,000$872001-02-0519561,728Resale
2210 Thomasville Rd$130,000$1122000-12-1819521,162Resale
515 N Ride$180,900$912000-05-3119701,984Resale
2205 Ruadh Ride$250,000$802000-05-2619563,131Resale
418 N Ride$210,000$1112000-04-1019631,891Resale
509 N Ride$195,000$732000-03-0119612,682Resale
403 S Ride$184,500$731999-06-1519772,515Resale
527 Vinnedge Ride$285,000$1041999-03-2319642,744Resale
527 N Ride$155,900$721998-11-3019622,180Resale
409 S Ride$398,000$961998-11-1719524,160Resale
2100 Thomasville Rd$330,000$841998-09-25--3,928Resale
506 Vinnedge Ride$245,000$1401998-01-2219661,754Resale
2206 Thomasville Rd$125,000$711997-10-1019511,773Resale
518 North Ridge$250,000$391997-03-1119976,332New
2218 Thomasville Rd$135,000$851997-02-0519541,589Resale
507 South Ride$220,000$501996-12-2719964,406New
2205 Ruadh Ride$242,500$771996-11-1519563,131Resale
S Ride$350,000--1996-11-15----Resale
515 Vinnedge Ride$174,000$911996-10-30--1,910Resale
415 Vinnedge Ride$174,500$701996-10-0719642,479Resale
519 S Ride$160,000$741996-09-30--2,175Resale
2308 Charles Ct$425,000$861996-08-1519964,964New
502 N Ride$299,900$951996-06-14--3,170Resale
2100 Thomasville Rd$327,000$831996-06-07--3,928Resale
510 Vinnedge Ride$154,000$791996-04-1219601,942Resale
608 S Ride$635,000$1151996-02-1219515,539Resale
510 N Ride$169,500$671996-02-02--2,531Resale
611 S Ride$158,000$561996-01-31--2,800Resale
S Ride$300,000--1995-11-15----Resale
410 Vinnedge Ride$220,000$781995-10-3119732,808Resale
413 S Ride$300,000$681995-10-02--4,388Resale
910 N Ride$145,000$571995-08-30--2,563Resale
409 S Ride$350,000$841995-05-0319524,160Resale
427 Vinnedge Ride$234,000$961994-10-0419592,441Resale
2100 Thomasville Rd$275,000$701994-09-30--3,928Resale
S Ride$275,000--1994-06-16----Resale
403 N Ride$179,500$651994-05-2719662,758Resale
608 S Ride$349,000$631993-12-2319515,539Resale
706 South Ride$140,000$501993-06-3019932,800New
518 Vinnedge Ride$168,500$751993-06-0719612,249Resale
427 Vinnedge Ride$229,000$941993-06-0219592,441Resale
2214 Thomasville Rd$135,000$611993-04-1919622,223Resale
526 Vinnedge Ride$195,000$641992-12-30--3,036Resale
502 N Ride$285,000$901991-06-28--3,170Resale
918 Thomasville Rd$33,000--1991-05-31----Resale
705 N Ride$205,000$741991-05-2919682,786Resale

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