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Chemonie Crossing Listings And Home Sales Report April 2020

Chemonie Crossing in NE Tallahassee is a sought-after neighborhood offering large homes on acreage plots built over the past thirty or so years.

With a diverse selection of home styles and sizes, residents here enjoy a traditional approach to social distancing without having to change their enviable lifestyles.

Homes For Sale In Chemonie Crossing

Here are all the available homes listed for sale in Chemonie Crossing.

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The list of Leon County public schools that service Chemonie Crossing includes:

Please take the time to explore all the homes for sale in Chemonie Crossing, but also look at home price trends, home value trends, and home size trends and finish up by reviewing the table of all closed home sales going back to 1991. Remember, knowledge is power when it comes time to negotiate your next home sale or purchase.

For the three real estate graphs found below, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years but through the first ten days of April in 2020. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Chemonie Crossing).

Chemonie Crossing Home Prices

The average home price in Chemonie Crossing in 2019 was $378K, and as you'll see below, this is counter to what we're seeing in the rest of the Tallahassee real estate market.

Home sales activity is consistent with what we've seen over the past seven years in Chemonie Crossing, though there has not been a home sold here since the last two closed in August. Three homes here failed to sell last year and are not currently listed for sale, while there is just one active listing in Chemonie Crossing.

Chemonie Crossing Home Values

Average home values in Chemonie Crossing fluctuate somewhat due to low liquidity (relatively few home sales each year). But values are generally rising.

The average value of a home sold in Chemonie Crossing 2019 was $141 per square foot, which was 32% higher than the market bottom in 2012 and 21% below the market peak in 2007.

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Chemonie Crossing Home Sizes

The average size of the homes sold in Chemonie Crossing typically falls in a range of 2,400 to 3,400 square feet, and last year was no different.

The 11 home sales in 2019 were measured at an average size of 2,671 square feet.

Chemonie Crossing Home Sales

The following list shows more than 330 home sales in Chemonie Crossing going back to 1991.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
9093 Old Chemonie Road$450,000$1602020-05-2820032,814Resale
8995 Old Chemonie Rd$355,000$1632020-04-2119972,171Resale
9173 Old Chemonie Road$420,000$1792020-04-1520022,344Resale
7985 Glenarbor Ct$305,000$1372020-03-0619922,215Resale
9020 Old Chemonie Road$483,000$1312019-08-2919963,680Resale
9200 Old Chemonie Road$462,500$1502019-08-2820023,092Resale
8032 Archer Circle$375,000$1462019-07-1719952,569Resale
9100 Old Chemonie Road$420,000$1562019-07-1220012,691Resale
8103 Archer Pass$334,000$1332019-06-0319932,511Resale
8103 Archer Pass$334,000$1332019-05-3119932,511Resale
7994 Grant Court$265,000$1142019-05-2619932,328Resale
7999 Grant Court$318,800$1562019-04-3019952,050Resale
7437 Creekridge Circle$531,000$1512019-02-2120023,520Resale
7991 Grant Court$281,000$1242019-01-2519932,259Resale
8995 Old Chemonie Rd$350,000$1612019-01-1819972,171Resale
7500 Creekridge Circle$876,000$1212018-12-1320067,226Resale
9101 Old Chemonie Road$350,000$1142018-10-1520023,058Resale
9031 Old Chemonie Rd$185,000$772018-10-0219992,396Resale
9061 Old Chemonie Rd$292,000$1582018-05-1819961,845Resale
7250 Wintercreek Lane$405,500$1342018-02-2119983,023Resale
9398 Wintercreek Ct$359,000$1522018-01-2620122,367Resale
7433 Creekridge Cir$390,000$1572017-10-3120012,478Resale
9305 Old Chemonie Road$302,000$1472017-10-1020022,053Resale
8017 Archer Circle$405,000$1552017-10-0219912,609Resale
9531 Starhawk$335,000$1312017-09-0520012,564Resale
9126 Old Chemonie Rd$310,000$1552017-06-3020012,005Resale
7437 Creekridge Cir$535,000$1622017-06-2820023,296Resale
9519 Starhawk Drive$700,000$1352017-06-2320035,187Resale
8054 Jordan Court$359,900$1552017-05-0819942,324Resale
8070 Archer Circle$385,500$1552017-04-1119942,488Resale
8989 Old Chemonie Road$332,300$1032017-03-1319953,220Resale
7269 Wintercreek Ln$374,000$1222017-02-2719993,067Resale
7993 Glenarbor Ct$455,000$1312017-02-2219993,485Resale
9053 Old Chemonie Road$320,000$1502016-12-2019962,128Resale
8022 Archer Cir$420,000$1412016-10-1419972,983Resale
8037 Archer Circle$418,000$1522016-10-0619932,747Resale
7241 Old Chemonie Court$391,200$1492016-10-0320022,631Resale
9093 Old Chemonie Rd$420,000$1492016-09-2720032,814Resale
7241 Old Chemonie Ct$391,400$1722016-09-1420022,275Resale
8045 Archer Circle$319,900$1122016-08-0419942,852Resale
8009 Archer Cir$197,804$1062016-06-1519941,870Resale
7990 Grant Ct$252,000$1092016-05-1319902,315Resale
7262 Wintercreek Lane$332,000$1382016-04-2920012,412Resale
8103 Archer Pass$320,000$1342016-02-2419932,394Resale
9171 Old Chemonie Rd$297,000$1432016-01-2920012,070Resale
9069 Old Chemonie Road$304,000$1252016-01-1119982,434Resale
7251 Winter Creek Lane$520,000$1522015-11-1220013,414Resale
8047 Jordan Ct$302,100$1512015-10-3019931,995Resale
7292 Wintercreek Lane$323,000$1222015-07-2419992,648Resale
7998 Grant Court$330,000$982015-07-1519953,365Resale
9041 Old Chemonie Rd$303,000$1342015-07-1319912,262Resale
9564 Starhawk Drive$420,000$1282015-07-0820053,294Resale
7465 Creekridge Circle$445,000$1242015-06-2620033,580Resale
9065 Old Chemonie Rd.$385,000$1312015-06-0219922,930Resale
9179 Old Chemonie Road$345,000$1012015-05-2220023,400Resale
9013 Old Chemonie Road$269,900$1002015-03-0619992,695Resale
9534 Starhawk Dr$330,000$1132015-02-2020022,928Resale
9150 Old Chemonie Rd$249,900$742014-12-2420033,386Resale
9026 Old Chemonie Rd$285,000$1032014-11-1919992,779Resale
7986 Glenarbor Ct$300,000$1312014-09-2319902,290Resale
9525 Starhawk Dr$430,500$1292014-08-2220043,334Resale
8046 Archer Cir$327,000$1402014-06-2319932,331Resale
9138 Old Chemonie Rd$400,000$1412014-06-1620002,840Resale
9200 Old Chemonie Rd$385,000$1252014-05-2020023,092Resale
9546 Starhawk Dr$285,000$1172014-01-2119972,429Resale
9158 Old Chemonie Rd$365,000$1162014-01-0820033,156Resale
9114 Old Chemonie Rd$400,000$1342013-12-1220032,978Resale
9122 Old Chemonie Rd$355,000$1432013-10-2420002,477Resale
9557 Starkhawk Dr$275,000--2013-10-212013--New
7461 Creekridge Cir$362,000$1532013-10-1820022,362Resale
8093 Archer Cir$310,000$1122013-09-2019932,777Resale
7481 Creekridge Cir$339,000$1662013-08-1220012,042Resale
9170 Old Chemonie Rd$316,000$1492013-07-3120012,124Resale
9578 Starhawk Dr$40,000--2013-05-132013--New
9394 Wintercreek Ct$385,000$1142013-03-2819973,371Resale
7445 Creekridge Cir$300,000$962013-03-1820023,132Resale
8010 Archer Cir$225,000--2012-12-102012--New
7280 Wintercreek Ln$273,000$1302012-10-1819972,102Resale
7994 Grant Ct$270,000$1212012-05-0919932,236Resale
9398 Wintercreek Ct$230,850$712012-04-1620123,251New
7281 Wintercreek Ln$350,000$1432011-11-3020032,450Resale
7466 Creekridge Cir$320,000$1432011-11-1420042,231Resale
9204 Old Chemonie Rd$335,000$1272011-07-2919952,630Resale
7241 Old Chemonie Ct$356,000$1562011-04-2120022,275Resale
7500 Creekridge Cir$486,000$1352011-04-0520063,613Resale
9070 Old Chemonie Rd$315,000$1352011-03-0219972,339Resale
8037 Archer Cir$310,000$1022010-12-2319933,046Resale
9138 Old Chemonie Rd$289,500$1022010-12-1520002,840Resale
8032 Archer Cir$269,000$1222010-06-1819952,212Resale
9089 Old Chemonie Rd$345,000$1082010-06-0320053,199Resale
8054 Jordan Ct$280,000$1262010-05-2819942,230Resale
9122 Old Chemonie Rd$372,500$1502010-05-1920002,477Resale
7305 Wintercreek Ln$305,000$1202010-05-1020042,538Resale
7262 Wintercreek Ln$325,000$1352009-12-2120012,412Resale
9187 Old Chemonie Rd$359,900$1352009-12-0320022,664Resale
8053 Archer Cir$435,000$1422009-11-2319943,065Resale
7465 Creekridge Cir$425,000$1392009-06-1520033,060Resale
9171 Old Chemonie Rd$310,000$1502009-03-2020012,069Resale
9157 Old Chemonie Rd$445,000$1502009-02-0620012,964Resale
7238 Old Chemonie Ct$360,000$1492008-09-2620022,419Resale
7994 Grant Ct$359,900$1612008-04-2819932,236Resale
9026 Old Chemonie Rd$435,000$1582008-03-3119992,756Resale
7247 Wintercreek Ln$465,000$1712007-07-2620022,726Resale
8081 Archer Cir$425,000$1852007-03-3019932,297Resale
7460 Creekridge Cir$387,000--2007-02-132006--New
9162 Old Chemoine Rd$250,000--2007-01-302006--New
7235 Old Chemonie Ct$415,000$1682006-12-2720022,472Resale
9049 Old Chemonie Rd$335,000$1622006-12-2019912,072Resale
9576 Starhawk Dr$475,000$1662006-12-0819992,859Resale
7469 Creekridge Cir$535,000$1712006-12-0120033,124Resale
9570 Starhawk Dr$435,000$1702006-11-1120012,565Resale
8073 Archer Cir$470,000$1682006-10-3020022,804Resale
8005 Archer Cir$483,000$1702006-10-2619952,837Resale
8073 Archer Cir$470,000$1682006-10-0920022,804Resale
7263 Wintercreek Ln$250,000--2006-09-152006--New
9141 Old Chemonie Rd$500,000--2006-07-142006--New
7452 Creekridge Cir$240,000--2006-06-292006--New
9531 Starhawk Dr$435,000$1912006-05-1820012,275Resale
8097 Archer Cir$429,000$1802006-04-0719962,384Resale
7988 Grant Ct$370,000$1632006-02-2819942,265Resale
9200 Old Chemonie Rd$425,000$1372006-02-2820023,092Resale
7998 Grant Ct$499,500$1802006-01-1219952,775Resale
9528 Starhawk Dr$300,000--2005-12-292005--New
8045 Archer Cir$442,000$1632005-12-2119942,712Resale
7500 Creekridge Cir$350,000$972005-12-1520063,613New
8046 Archer Cir$372,500$1602005-11-0419932,331Resale
9200 Old Chemonie Rd$441,500$1432005-10-1820023,092Resale
8022 Archer Cir$470,000$1632005-09-1319972,886Resale
9013 Old Chemonie Rd$420,000$1562005-09-0919992,695Resale
8017 Archer Cir$375,000$1452005-08-2219912,594Resale
9171 Old Chemonie Rd$322,900$1562005-07-2520012,069Resale
7241 Old Chemonie Ct$432,000$1902005-05-1920022,275Resale
7449 Creekridge Cir$240,000--2005-05-022005--New
7304 Wintercreek Ln$225,000--2005-04-042005--New
7481 Creekridge Cir$295,000$1442005-04-0420012,042Resale
9150 Old Chemonie Rd$459,900$1362005-04-0420033,386Resale
9053 Old Chemonie Rd$329,000$1552005-03-3119962,128Resale
8090 Archer Cir$448,000$1302005-03-1519963,445Resale
9158 Old Chemonie Rd$446,000$1412005-02-1020033,156Resale
7433 Dresden$235,000--2005-01-312004--New
9150 Old Chemonie Rd$452,500$1342004-12-2320033,386Resale
7453 Creekridge Cir$399,900$1342004-10-2020042,975Resale
9032 Old Chemonie Rd$307,000$1292004-10-1519942,389Resale
7457 Creekridge Cir$305,000$1412004-09-2420012,165Resale
8009 Archer Cir$245,000$1302004-08-1719941,891Resale
9134 Old Chemonie Rd$333,639--2004-08-032004--New
8057 Archer Cir$338,000$1222004-07-2619912,774Resale
9053 Old Chemonie Rd$270,000$1272004-06-3019962,128Resale
7243 Wintercreek Ln$305,000$1092004-03-1920022,803Resale
7486 Creekridge Cir$243,000--2004-03-012004--New
8085 Archer Cir$350,000$1242004-02-2620032,823Resale
9105 Old Chemonie Rd$328,000--2004-02-252003--New
9126 Old Chemonie Rd$245,000$1222004-01-2920012,005Resale
7453 Creekridge Dr$210,000--2004-01-282003--New
7275 Wintercreek Ln$63,020$142003-10-2720034,608New
9569 Starhawk Dr$371,000--2003-10-272003--New
9516 Starhawk Dr$150,000--2003-09-262003--New
7281 Wintercreek Ln$349,900$1432003-08-1520032,450New
7246 Wintercreek Ln$250,000$712003-08-1320033,536New
7493 Creekridge Cir$242,810$782003-08-0620033,107New
9045 Old Chemonie Rd$217,000$1142003-08-0119921,898Resale
7465 Creekridge Cir$349,900$1142003-07-2120033,060Resale
7305 Wintercreek Ln$217,000$642003-06-1720043,387New
9020 Old Chemonie Rd$337,000$922003-06-0219963,680Resale
9219 Starhawk Dr$10,000$282003-04-242003360New
8085 Archer Cir$250,000$742003-04-1420033,360New
9058 Old Chemonie Rd$272,000$912003-04-1119982,998Resale
7476 Creekridge Cir$214,200$612003-02-1820023,536New
7437 Creekridge Cir$328,000$1172003-02-1320022,796New
9146 Old Chemonie Rd$270,000$682003-02-0620023,992New
7280 Wintercreek Ln$213,900$1022003-01-1019972,102Resale
7250 Wintercreek Ln$235,000$902002-12-1119982,609Resale
9003 Old Chemonie Rd$256,900$1042002-12-0919942,472Resale
8017 Archer Cir$235,000$912002-11-1519912,594Resale
9186 Old Chemonie Rd$142,000$502002-11-0520022,851New
7465 Creekwood Cir$275,000$682002-10-0120024,067New
9192 Old Chemonie Rd$228,377$702002-09-1720023,257New
8046 Archer Cir$232,000$1002002-09-1219932,331Resale
8051 Jordan Ct$230,000$942002-08-3019912,442Resale
8995 Old Chemonie Rd$219,500$1012002-08-2619972,171Resale
7239 Wintercreek Ln$180,370$552002-08-0820023,256New
9069 Old Chemonie Rd$282,000$1182002-08-0119982,388Resale
7497 Creekridge Cir$232,086$672002-07-3120023,463New
7238 Old Chemonie Ct$247,000$1022002-07-1720022,419New
9050 Old Chemonie Rd$180,479$522002-07-1720023,475New
7473 Creekridge Cir$200,000$682002-07-1620022,925New
7247 Wintercreek Ln$272,900$1002002-06-1720022,726New
9093 Old Chemonie Rd$186,400$522002-06-0620023,557New
9166 Old Chemonie Rd$179,115$552002-06-0520023,255New
9175 Old Chemonie Rd$293,500$1032002-05-2220022,855New
7434 Creekridge Cir$203,000$632002-04-0220023,232New
7485 Creekridge Cir$255,000--2002-03-29----Resale
8097 Archer Cir$233,000$982002-03-2919962,384Resale
7441 Creekridge Cir$180,000$432002-03-2720024,190New
9127 Old Chemonie Rd$238,500--2002-03-152002--New
7235 Old Chemonie Ct$215,000$692002-03-1320023,119New
9534 Star Hawk Ln$195,452$552002-02-2720013,527New
7482 Creekridge Cir$210,000$602002-02-2220013,525New
8077 Archer Cir$299,000$612002-02-2020014,900New
9388 Wintercreek Ct$260,000$942002-02-0819972,754Resale
9305 Old Chemonie Rd$130,000$462002-02-0820012,822New
7445 Creekridge Cir$209,000$532002-02-0620023,943New
7241 Old Chemonie Ct$266,000$1172002-01-1820022,275New
8032 Archer Cir$218,500$992001-12-2819952,208Resale
8033 Archer Cir$218,379$602001-10-2320013,665New
7275 Wintercreek Ln$300,000$652001-09-2720014,608New
9187 Chemonie Rd$150,000$462001-09-2620013,295New
9381 Wintercreek Ct$294,900$932001-09-2519973,170Resale
9178 Old Chemonie Rd$175,000$622001-08-3120012,803New
9109 Old Chemonie Rd$196,110$552001-08-3120013,556New
9044 Old Chemonie Rd$170,000$892001-08-2219941,915Resale
7243 Winter Creek Ln$186,300$542001-08-1520013,419New
7461 Creekwood Cir$170,000$462001-08-0720013,672New
9171 Old Chemonie Rd$233,000$922001-07-3020012,532New
9387 Wintercreek Ct$182,995$582001-07-2720013,175New
9157 Old Chemonie Rd$283,500$962001-07-0620012,964New
7287 Wintercreek Ln$170,042$482001-06-2920013,554New
9204 Old Chemonie Rd$235,000$962001-06-1519952,438Resale
9109 Old Chemonie Rd$250,000$632001-06-0620013,938New
8045 Archer Cir$238,000$882001-05-3119942,712Resale
7474 Creekridge Cir$200,000$582001-05-1820013,450New
8983 Old Chemonie Rd$333,000$892001-04-1620013,759New
9540 Starhawk Dr$290,000$812001-04-1020013,581New
7457 Creek Ridge Cir$120,000$412001-04-0420012,952New
7466 Creekridge Cir$245,000$822001-03-0920042,972New
9004 Old Chemonie Rd$191,400$922001-02-2719962,081Resale
9126 Old Chemonie Rd$209,000$1042001-02-1520012,005New
7433 Creekridge Cir$150,000$452001-02-0120003,363New
7262 Wintercreek Ln$138,000$682001-01-3020012,040New
7251 Wintercreek Ln$309,000$622000-11-0920005,000New
7432 Dresden Rd$269,900$952000-09-2819982,837Resale
9558 Starhawk Dr$180,000$432000-09-2120004,182New
9163 Old Chemonie Rd$175,000$402000-09-1120004,374New
8046 Archer Cir$198,500$852000-08-1819932,331Resale
8025 Archer Cir$190,000$882000-07-2519952,152Resale
7444 Creekridge Cir$100,000$312000-07-0620003,182New
8995 Old Chemonie Rd$198,000$912000-06-2819972,171Resale
9510 Starhawk Dr$236,858$552000-06-2620004,314New
7988 Grant Ct$179,900$792000-06-1919942,265Resale
8090 Archer Cir$285,000$832000-05-3019963,445Resale
7996 Grant Ct$145,000$872000-05-2619941,661Resale
8049 Archer Cir$146,500$472000-05-2420003,123New
7239 Old Chemonie Ct$211,500$582000-05-1820003,628New
7293 Wintercreek Ln$249,900$632000-05-0119993,948Resale
8996 Old Chemonie Rd$112,000$472000-03-3120002,358New
7993 Glenarbor Ct$262,300$812000-03-1719993,227Resale
9138 Old Chemonie Rd$186,000$482000-03-0720003,888New
9094 Old Chemonie Rd$180,000$532000-02-2919993,367New
9113 Old Chemonie Rd$200,000$421999-11-3019994,722New
9046 Old Chemonie Rd$162,000$751999-11-0219922,146Resale
7998 Grant Ct$269,000$971999-10-1419952,775Resale
8037 Archer Cir$186,500$611999-09-2319933,046Resale
7997 Grant Ct$165,500$671999-09-1619952,488Resale
8989 Old Chemonie Rd$205,000$731999-08-2519952,820Resale
9053 Old Chemonie Rd$186,700$881999-06-3019962,128Resale
9073 Old Chemonie Rd$150,000$431999-06-1419993,488New
8093 Archer Cir$198,000$711999-06-0419932,777Resale
9074 Old Chemonie Rd$100,000$341999-06-0219992,937New
9015 Old Chemonie Rd$177,000$731999-05-2119902,422Resale
8097 Archer Cir$205,000$861999-05-1319962,384Resale
9576 Starhawk Dr$120,000$341999-04-2619993,527New
9062 Old Chemonie Rd$209,000$661999-04-0919993,175New
8005 Archer Cir$213,000$751999-04-0919952,837Resale
9381 Wintercreek Ct$267,700$841999-04-0119973,170Resale
9003 Old Chemonie Rd$223,000$901999-02-2519942,472Resale
7293 Wintercreek Lane$100,000$251999-02-0119984,051New
8001 Archer Cir$175,200$731998-12-28--2,414Resale
7292 Wintercreek Ln$121,730$351998-12-2219983,478New
9026 Old Chemonie Rd$150,000$431998-12-1719993,498New
9042 Old Chemonie Rd$176,500$821998-12-11--2,158Resale
8089 Archer Cir$185,000$791998-12-10--2,354Resale
7432 Dresden Rd$255,000$901998-11-2519982,837New
9046 Old Chemonie Rd$181,000$841998-11-2019922,146Resale
8989 Old Chemonie Rd$192,700$681998-11-1319952,820Resale
8047 Jordan Ct$179,000$961998-11-12--1,860Resale
7998 Grant Ct$260,000$941998-11-0619952,775Resale
7995 Grant Ct$164,500$731998-10-20--2,266Resale
8090 Archer Cir$258,000$751998-09-1819963,445Resale
9031 Old Chemonie Rd$165,000$521998-09-1519993,171New
9069 Old Chemonie Rd$202,500$851998-08-2019982,388New
7269 Wintercreek Ln$199,000$431998-08-0319984,625New
8046 Archer Cir$180,000$771998-07-1019932,331Resale
7250 Wintercreek Ln$130,000$391998-04-1719983,344New
8051 Jordan Ct$203,000$831998-01-1419912,442Resale
7256 Wintercreek Ln$175,000$541997-09-2619973,233New
9015 Old Chemonie Rd$175,500$721997-09-1919902,422Resale
8057 Archer Cir$204,000$741997-08-1119912,774Resale
8054 Jordan Ct$179,000$801997-07-3119942,230Resale
8101 Archer Cir$232,000$801997-07-29--2,890Resale
7991 Grant Ct$190,000$841997-06-30--2,259Resale
9381 Wintercreek Ct$250,000$501997-06-2019975,000New
8090 Archer Cir$227,000$661997-05-2219963,445Resale
8081 Archer Cir$104,000$381997-04-0919932,768New
9557 Starhawk Dr$200,000$481997-02-2419964,158New
Old Chemonie Rd$100,000--1996-12-231996--New
9546 Starhawk Dr$100,000$171996-08-1319976,048New
9552 Starhawk Dr$250,000$611996-08-0519964,098New
7969 Glenarbor Ct$176,000$771996-07-3119952,290Resale
7274 Wintercreek Ln$100,000$291996-07-0119963,494New
8014 Archer Cir$150,000$741996-06-05--2,016Resale
8022 Archer Cir$150,000$381996-05-3119973,915New
9082 Old Chemonie Rd$147,000$451996-05-1419963,255New
8013 Archer Cir$174,000$701996-03-26--2,487Resale
9042 Old Chemonie Rd$129,000$441996-03-0619962,952New
8103 Archer Pass$191,500$761996-01-12--2,511Resale
8057 Archer Cir$195,000$701995-12-1219912,774Resale
8017 Archer Cir$194,000$751995-10-0519912,594Resale
9054 Old Chemonie Road$100,000$321995-09-2919953,144New
9061 Old Chemonie Rd$110,000$411995-09-1519952,681New
8706 Archer Pass$150,775$481995-01-2019943,153New
8041 Archer Cir$149,900$651994-11-21--2,294Resale
7969 Glenarbor Ct$130,000$411994-10-1719953,134New
8054 Jordan Ct$110,000$381994-09-0719942,880New
7991 Grant Ct$186,900$831994-07-12--2,259Resale
8053 Archer Circle$185,000$481994-06-1619943,845New
7985 Glenarbor Ct$141,500$641994-05-04--2,215Resale
9038 Old Chemonie Rd$156,800$691994-04-2619942,287New
7986 Glenarbor Ct$172,000$751994-04-0419902,290Resale
7995 Grant Ct$105,000$391994-03-2419942,663New
7996 Grant Court$110,000$451993-09-1419932,448New
7993 Grant Ct$150,000$481993-08-2619933,153New
8029 Archer Cir$90,000$321993-04-1519932,815New
8111 Archer Pass$142,500$601993-03-31--2,384Resale
8051 Jordan Ct$175,000$721993-02-0319912,442Resale
7985 Glenarbor Ct$132,000$601992-12-16--2,215Resale
8046 Archer Circle$60,000$211992-11-1719922,891New
8047 Jordan Ct$119,300$481992-11-1619922,460New
8042 Jordan Ct$120,000$411992-11-1619922,922New
8111 Archer Pass$152,000$641992-10-23--2,384Resale
8103 Archer Pass$137,000$551992-07-1319922,511New
8069 Archer Cir$102,500$491992-05-2619922,074New
9045 Old Chemonie Rd$100,000$531992-04-2219921,898New
Wynn Ln$30,000--1991-10-221991--New
9015 Old Chemonie Rd$125,000$521991-04-0319902,422New
9050 Old Chemonie Rd$35,300$101991-04-0119913,475New

Your Local Expert In Tallahassee

When moving to, in, or from Tallahassee, you will fare better if you work with a local expert. We are here to help. If you have further questions on the Tallahassee real estate market, you can leave a comment below, give us a call at (850) 366-8917, or drop us a note and we'll give you the local information needed to ensure a successful, smooth transaction.

As a local born and raised in Tallahassee with a focus on customer service, I promise you'll find great success when working with Joe Manausa Real Estate, just as have our past customers. You can read thousands of their reviews reported on Google, Facebook and Zillow right here: Real Estate Agent Reviews Tallahassee.

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