Chastain Manor Listings And Sales Report March 2023

Chastain Manor is a small new neighborhood that when complete will contain about 95 homes, some that started construction back in 2015.

Chastain Manor is a quiet and relatively new neighborhood in the north of Tallahassee, specifically just north of Bannerman Road on the east side of Bull Headly Road, in the 32312 zip code. The neighborhood comprises just under 100 single-family detached homes with three, four, and five bedrooms, making it an ideal location for families of different sizes.

The community is known for its smaller lots, well-maintained larger homes, and modern amenities, creating a peaceful and serene environment. The neighborhood is conveniently located near popular shopping and dining destinations like Bannerman Crossing. 

Overall, Chastain Manor is desirable for those seeking a family-friendly neighborhood with a strong sense of community, access to amenities, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Homes For Sale In Chastain Manor

4 Properties

Chastain Manor Schools

Chastain Manor is zoned for the following A-rated Leon County Schools:

    In this report, we will look at average home prices, average home values, and average home sizes in Chastain Manor, as well as provide a complete list of all closed home sales going back to 2020 (the first year of home sales in this popular neighborhood).

    For the real estate graphs in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis) and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

    It is important to note that the narrative below is for sales through December for all previous years but through the middle of March in 2023. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated in the future (meaning, bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Chastain Manor).

    Chastain Manor Home Prices

    The average home price in Chastain Manor in 2022 was $454K, an increase of more than 16% over the average price recorded in the year prior.

    Activity in Chastain Manor remains solid, just as the rest of the homes in the surrounding area in Tallahassee's most popular zip code. Currently, there are three homes for sale in Chastain Manor, and one is already under contract with buyers. Home sellers using an omnichannel pre-marketing plan should expect to sell within days of hitting the market.

    Chastain Manor Home Values

    The average home value in Chastain Manor rose by nearly 12% in 2022.

    The homes sold and closed in Chastain Manor in 2022 had an average value of $200 per square foot.

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    Chastain Manor Home Sizes

    The average size of homes sold in Chastain Manor typically falls between 1,600 and 2,400 square feet, and  2022's sales posted the largest average of any year since the first home sold.

    The 25 homes sold in 2022 were measured at an average size of 2,304 square feet.

    Chastain Manor Home Sales

    The following list shows more than 90 home sales in Chastain Manor going back to 2016 (the year home sales began here).

    AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
    8765 Glen Oak Trail$583,000$2542023-05-1220232,297New
    8763 Greenridge Lane$502,664$1952022-10-1820222,572New
    8761 Greenridge Lane$507,596$1972022-10-0620222,572New
    8759 Greenridge Lane$500,000$1942022-10-0420222,572New
    8770 Greenridge Lane$503,401$1962022-09-2720222,572New
    8768 Greenridge Lane$496,174$1932022-09-0920222,572New
    8766 Greenridge Lane$483,233$2352022-09-0220222,055New
    8764 Greenridge Lane$450,957$2412022-08-2920221,873New
    8760 Greenridge Lane$488,432$1902022-08-2220222,572New
    8760 Greenridge Lane$481,544$2342022-07-2720222,055New
    8701 Glenoak Trail$476,396$1852022-06-0920202,572New
    8736 Glenoak Trail$407,145$2302022-04-0820211,773New
    8753 Greenridge Lane$382,000$2242022-03-3120151,709Resale
    8730 Glenoak Trail$425,080$1942022-03-2120212,195New
    8732 Glenoak Trail$436,201$1702022-03-1620212,572New
    8709 Glenoak Trail$433,940$1982022-03-1620212,195New
    8729 Glenoak Trail$431,705$1972022-03-1520212,195New
    8724 Glenoak Trail$447,515$1742022-03-1420212,572New
    8720 Glenoak Trail$445,864$1732022-03-0420212,572New
    8745 Greenridge Lane$410,000$2392022-03-0120181,717Resale
    8725 Glenoak Trail$408,586$2302022-02-1020211,773New
    8737 Glenoak Trail$453,099$1762022-02-0320212,572New
    8728 Glenoak Trail$417,306$1622022-02-0220212,572New
    8713 Glenoak Trail$446,332$1742022-01-2120212,572New
    8630 Brooklin Place$444,362$1732022-01-1320212,572New
    8773 Greenridge Lane$474,241$2312022-01-0820222,055New
    8613 Brooklin Place$417,850$1622021-12-2220212,572New
    8733 Glenoak Trail$394,798$1802021-12-2220212,195New
    8618 Brooklin Place$443,446$1722021-12-1720212,572New
    8622 Brooklin Place$442,747$1722021-12-1520212,572New
    8705 Glenoak Trail$440,817$1712021-12-0720212,572New
    8605 Brooklin Place$429,780$1672021-11-1720212,572New
    8626 Brooklin Place$402,339$1562021-11-1220212,572New
    8617 Brooklin Place$413,992$1612021-11-0420212,572New
    8760 Glenoak Trail$393,288$1912021-11-0420212,055New
    8625 Brooklin Place$409,557$1592021-11-0220212,572New
    8621 Brooklin Place$408,868$1592021-10-2920212,572New
    8609 Brooklin Place$423,870$1652021-10-2920212,572New
    8601 Brooklin Place$409,810$1592021-10-2220212,572New
    8641 Brooklin Place$407,305$1582021-10-0720212,572New
    8716 Glenoak Trail$357,435$2172021-09-2920211,650New
    8634 Brooklin Place$397,680$1552021-09-1720212,572New
    8721 Glenoak Trail$432,871$1682021-09-1620212,572New
    8646 Brooklin Place$411,417$2002021-09-0820212,055New
    8712 Glenoak Trail$410,833$1602021-09-0320212,572New
    8752 Glenoak Trail$330,210$2092021-09-0320211,580New
    8708 Glenoak Trail$375,086$2122021-08-1720211,773New
    8742 Greenridge Ln$317,000$2022021-07-3020171,567Resale
    8633 Brooklin Place$408,018$1592021-07-1520212,572New
    8606 Brooklin Place$399,337$1552021-06-0720212,572New
    8629 Brooklin Place$417,059$1622021-05-2720212,572New
    8748 Glenoak Trail$367,580$2232021-05-2720211,650New
    8717 Glenoak Trail$391,191$1522021-05-1420212,572New
    8756 Glenoak Trail$371,363$1812021-05-0420202,055New
    8756 Greenridge Lane$350,000$2062021-04-1920181,701Resale
    8642 Brooklin Place$359,304$2182021-04-1920211,650New
    8658 Brooklin Place$425,507$1652021-04-0720212,572New
    8638 Brooklin Place$417,158$1622021-03-3020202,572New
    8645 Brooklin Place$345,719$2102021-03-1620201,650New
    8610 Brooklin Place$371,405$2092021-03-1220201,773New
    8740 Glenoak Trail$377,267$1842021-03-1220212,055New
    8744 Glenoak Trail$311,794$1972021-03-1020201,580New
    8749 Glenoak Trail$379,043$1842021-02-2520202,055New
    8649 Brooklin Place$301,894$1912021-02-1120201,580New
    8761 Glenoak Trail$317,797$2012021-02-1020201,580New
    8637 Brooklin Place$405,168$1582021-01-0820202,572New
    8654 Brooklin Place$422,301$1642021-01-0520202,572New
    8614 Brooklin Place$404,993$1572020-12-1620202,572New
    Xxxxx Glenoak Trail$412,309$1602020-11-1320202,572New
    8650 Brooklin Place$336,948$2042020-11-1220201,650New
    8745 Glenoak Trail$342,146$2072020-10-2020201,650New
    Xxxx Glenoak Trail$302,846$1922020-09-1020201,580New
    8753 Glenoak Trail$324,079$2052020-07-2720201,580New
    8751 Greenridge Lane$310,000$1892020-06-1020171,644Resale
    8747 Greenridge Lane$330,000$1932020-03-0220181,710Resale
    8740 Greenridge Lane$307,900$1792019-10-1420171,717Resale
    8755 Greenridge Lane$302,000$1752019-05-1720151,722Resale
    8758 Greenridge Lane$318,400$1842019-05-0320181,730New
    8756 Greenridge Lane$315,028$1832019-02-2720181,717New
    8749 Greenridge Lane$314,900$1832019-01-3120181,717New
    8754 Greenridge Lane$309,900$1812019-01-3020181,710New
    8752 Greenridge Lane$323,400$1872018-12-1820181,730New
    8745 Greenridge Lane$309,900$1802018-08-3020181,717New
    8743 Greenridge Lane$310,000$1812018-08-2020181,710New
    8747 Greenridge Lane$312,800$1832018-06-0820181,710New
    8742 Greenridge Lane$262,526$1652017-09-2920171,587New
    8744 Greenridge Lane$258,537$1632017-09-2020171,587New
    8751 Greenridge Lane$291,429$1782017-09-1520161,636New
    8740 Greenridge Lane$269,900$1572017-06-2320171,717New
    8746 Greenridge Lane$257,400$1622017-06-0720161,587New
    8750 Greenridge Lane$254,900$1612017-05-2420161,587New
    8748 Greenridge Lane$252,911$1702017-05-1120161,486New
    8755 Greenridge Lane$274,340$1602016-12-0520151,717New
    8757 Greenridge Lane$278,042$1622016-08-0520151,717New
    8753 Greenridge Lane$268,802$1572016-07-2720151,717New

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