Seriously, Real Estate As A Professional Career?

You bet!

Who is right for a leadership position in real estate?

  • Somebody who is extremely competitive, who hates to lose
  • Somebody with a background filled with successes
  • Somebody who is tired of being "one of the many" in a large, faceless organization
  • Somebody who enjoys being part of a highly specialized, efficient team

Who We Are

Real Estate CareerJMRE is a 2nd-year start-up, created for the purpose of establishing the only salary-based residential real estate brokerage business in the US. The real estate industry is poised for a change, and JMRE is in a position to bring the transformational model that will rewrite the rules for how the business of selling homes is conducted.

Currently, 99%+ of all US home sales are transacted by independent contractors, working at companies that only serve to support real estate agents, rather than to establish a business relationship with the home buying/selling consumer. 95% of these agents earn less money than a fast food worker, yet they conduct more than one half of all home sales in the US. The quality of personnel across the board is low. Finally, agents act as a “business within a business” and are responsible for every aspect of the real estate brokerage operation. This leads to gross inefficiencies that can be exploited by an organized team of highly motivated, well lead people.

The key to the JMRE model is massing better people, with better funding and superior training, working in a team environment.

We have utilized our military network to bring in military veterans to fill the leadership roles, thus this build-up is a very critical stage in the company growth. We are now hiring the future leaders of our company.

The principle of mass leads to an economy of scale that produces profits. We “mass” by working as a unified team, which is contrary to the existing industry model. We “mass” by marketing a singular vision, as opposed to the current model that must market as many visions as there are agents in a company.

As a post-start-up, selecting, educating and training our key leadership group is the most important mission, but once the leadership group is hired, trained, and deployed, it becomes an asset that no real estate company anywhere can match.

It is important to note that by the end of the initial leadership training period, the organization will have the best trained leadership group of any real estate organization in the world. It will be broad enough to multiply the company and move to additional markets, gaining market share, investments, and profitability at a rapid rate.

Want To Know More?

We are currently filling Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader positions for several Central Florida markets. If you think you have the potential to lead a team, then we would like to hear more about you. Simply fill out the form below, and we'll establish contact immediately.

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