5 BR Homes Under $500K

5 Bedroom Homes For Sale In Tallahassee For Under $500KIf you are looking for a big house with a budget among the top 10% of all Tallahassee homebuyers, then today's report might give you a glimpse of the perfect home.

Today we feature all homes with 5 or more bedrooms that are for sale in Tallahassee for under $500K (including this 5 bedroom home with a pool for $350K), and there are not so many to choose from.

5 Bedroom Homes For Sale For Under $500K

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Why Are Five Bedroom Homes Going Like Crazy?

Five bedroom homes offer the type of space required for large families or families that have older children living at home. Once kids hit a certain age, they love to have their own rooms that aren't shared with their siblings.

Homes with 5 bedrooms also a great if you entertain house guests on a regular basis. It's nice when family visits, a 5 BR home often times means they can stay with you in your home rather than having to book expensive rooms at nearby hotels. A five bedroom home can facilitate more visits from out of town guests if that is what you desire.

As I write this report on 5 BR homes for sale in Tallahassee, one-fifth of the 44 homes for sale are already under contract with buyers (including this one we just were hired to sell). The reason they seem to "go like crazy" is that there are so few 5 bedroom homes that hit the market, so you have to be quick when you see one that you like.

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When I look at the 5 bedroom homes for sale listed in the Tallahassee MLS, I see that that the average price is $342K and the median price is $363K, meaning buyers should have no problem finding a good buy on a 5 bedroom home, well under $500K.

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