Deal or No Deal? These 28 Home Owners Just Reduced Their Asking Prices

Sometimes a homeowner hits the market at a price that just doesn't work for buyers. So what do they do?

They lower their asking price. Here's 28 homes with recent price reductions.

Homes For Sale With Recent Price Reductions

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1 Property

Homes For Sale With Recent Price Reductions In Tallahassee, Florida

Just because somebody has lowered the price that they want for their home does not mean the home is a good buy.

But whenever we see a price reduction, we know for sure that the homeowner is acknowledging that the home has been over-priced.

Often times during the sale of a home, the owner does not trust the advice received from the listing real estate agent and it takes the pounding of the market to confirm that the advice on pricing was indeed correct.

It's been said many times before, if the seller of the home does not listen to the market, then he is no seller at all.

So how do we pluck the good values out of the list of homes marketed with "Price Reduced!"?

Knowledgeable Buyers Get The Best Deals

The reality is that reduced-price listings are merely a subset of the overall market. I consider this part of the "hot list" a buyer should track when it comes time to select the next home to buy. So what are the key lists a buyer should look at daily to find the best deals? Here's where I recommend you start:

  • Homes with recent price reductions (find them here, updated 96 times daily)
  • Coming Soon Listings (homes not yet on the market, get rough info on this page)
  • Just Listed (homes that are new to the market, find them here updated every 15 minutes)
  • Back On The Market (homes that were previously under contract with a buyer who failed to close)
  • Distressed Property (foreclosures, short sales, bank owned properties, all on this one page)

This is by no means the only place where great real estate deals can be found, but if you visit each page every day for a few weeks, you will be an expert on home valuations for the type of home that you want to buy. Some of our happiest customers (see what our customers say below) tracked these pages for months and new exactly how to negotiate a great deal when they finally selected a home to buy.

Automated Home Search Delivers Only The Results You Want

Another way to stay informed is to have our automated property search tool deliver the results directly to your email inbox at the frequency that you prefer.

If you plan on buying in a year, get the results monthly and you'll have a good feel for how the market is moving and what you'll likely need to spend when you purchase a home in the future. If you are buying within six months, maybe you'd like to get the results on a weekly basis. And of course, if you are buying in the near future, have our property search tool send you results daily. It's totally up to you.

Just let us know about your dream home below and we'll get the results sent to you on your perfect schedule.

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